tagToys & MasturbationWhen I Think About You...

When I Think About You...


I've been fantasizing about you.

Every time you move through my mind, I feel that tingly heat rush through my body, building the pressure between my thighs. I instantly blush, and have to hide my smile. I don't want them to see it in my eyes, that flash of lust and need, or to notice me involuntarily wet and part my lips, closing my eyes, my breath catching for a moment before I can regain my composure. What would they think if they could see the images in my mind?... I keep recalling the last time I was with you, my dearest love, your words, your touch. Moments of our passion flash through my mind like still-frames, glimpses of you kissing me, lifting me, your lips on my breasts, your hands between my legs, the way you laid me down, gently, before fucking me rough and hard.

By the time I'm home I can barely contain myself. I kick off my heels and release my long tresses of hair, which uncoil down to my waist. As I make my way to the bedroom, I throw my suit jacket aside, unbutton and slip off my silky blouse, unzip and peel away my pinstripe skirt, finally stepping out off my panties, reaching back to undo my bra, leaving a trail of clothes behind me. In my garter belt and stockings, I finally lay back in bed, propped up by a plush pile of soft pillows, close my eyes, and imagine...

you stand before me.... taking my chin in your hand, you tilt my face up, catching me in your gaze... you kiss me, long, deep...

I slide my hands across my breasts, moving across my soft satin skin, delicately playing my fingertips over my nipples, feeling them begin to harden...

you pull me closer... your kisses become urgent... I can feel you against me, feel the hardness growing, pressed against my belly as you move your hands down to my ass and grip me... you move one hand up to grip my hair, tugging my head back so I expose my neck to you... you begin to nip and taste my neck...

I feel my skin's sensitivity heighten, can feel every movement of the air across me, and I pinch my nipples, tug them, breathing growing heavy as I think of you...

you move me against the wall, releasing my hair... you begin to kiss and lick down from my neck, your hot breath sending shivers through me... you pause to suck a nipple into your mouth, flicking your tongue across it, then continue your path down... as you fall to your knees, you lift my leg to your shoulder, and begin to kiss across the inside of my thigh.... "hold still," you whisper, "good girl"...

I slide my hands down my body, part my legs. My eyes flutter open, and I can see myself wide open in the gilt full-length mirror on the wall opposite the foot of the bed, my kitty full and glistening, deep pink and flushed at its juicy center, begging to be touched. I don't hear the front door open as I move my hand down, watching in the mirror as my carefully manicured fingers dip into my silky wetness, drawing it slowly up over my clit...

you let me feel your breath on my pussy, then slowly lick my clit and I cry out.... you dip your tongue into my center and lick up my slit, drinking me, teasing me... I feel you move your tongue across my clit over and over, some long slow licks, soft caresses, some quick hard flicks that take my breath away... I gasp and moan as you suck my clit into your mouth, gently biting, torturing the sensitive nub with your expert tongue...

I stroke my clit in tiny circles, alternately closing my eyes to revel in the fantasy and opening them to watch my hands move in the mirror. I circle around my tiny opening, teasing the delicate flesh, then slide a finger in, breath ragged. I press deeper, stroke in and out, your name a desperate whisper escaping my lips. I don't see you come to the bedroom door, stopping at the sight of me in my garter belt and sheer stockings, working my fingers in my wet pussy, and a storm rises in your eyes as you watch me play. I bring my fingertips back to my clit, rubbing harder now, rapid circles, so close, and then...

I feel a sudden wave move through me and I scream as you start to bring me over the edge... releasing my hands you pull my hips into you with one hand and plunge two fingers deep into me with the other, caressing my g-spot and attacking my clit with your mouth as I cry out your name, pressing my hips forward, gasping at the onslaught of each wave of intense pleasure, my body shaking...

I lay trembling on the bed, bringing my fingertips to my lips, eyes closed. "Tsk Tsk," I hear you say, and I startle, eyes wide. I flush deep crimson at being caught, about to look away in shame when you catch my eyes in your gaze. "You've been very naughty, I see, pleasing yourself without me," you say, moving your eyes over my body as you walk over to the bed, pulling off your shirt, unbuckling your belt, unzipping your jeans...

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