tagErotic CouplingsWhen in Rome

When in Rome


"You're still going to do it with me?" It was half question, half command. "The toga party? Tonight? Our special surprise?"

"Yes Kay, yes, I'm in. I'm just finishing up my toga now and I'll be over in a bit for...the other thing." Vikki laughed as they still wouldn't talk about it, other than whispers to each other.

"Ok Vee, I'm just getting anxious. I want there to be plenty of time." Kay was a bit nervous but giggled thinking about the party and the reactions they were hoping to garner.

"There's plenty of time...we can show up a little late, that's when the party will really be rocking anyway." Hanging up the phone she put the last few touches on her outfit. She put it on and look at her image in the mirror. "Not bad if I do say so myself." A flip of the hem showed off her ass and she laughed, knowing it would mostly likely happen on the dance floor. That or some frat brat would try to yank it up as they walked. Every party has some hazard to it, and frat parties, well frat parties had more than usual.

Vikki got up to Kay's apartment and saw that her partner in crime was already naked. "Let do it!" Vikki dropped her bag and hurried over.


The music was baring as they came up the walk. People were leaning against cars, light poles, all dressed in varying degrees of wrapped sheets. Kay and Vee walked side by side, noticing as heads turned to watch them walk by. Kay's chest made her cotton wrap strain while Vee's legs were accentuated by the short length or her sheet. They could tell who were breast men, leg men, ass men, by who looked where and for how long. Soon enough they were at the front door and walked in.

There were a few people they knew, most were unfamiliar. The pair made their way to the bar to get their drinks and start circulating around the room. Before the bartender could fill their orders, they were approached by an already drunken mess. "hey I wanna fuck you!!" His breath reeked of the various concoctions and beverages he had downed, and slurring his words seemed his natural accent.

"Yeah well, sucks to be you." Vee sneered at his doughy soft round physique. She wondered if he had to lift the roll of fat out of the way when he actually did fuck, or if he had ever been laid at all.

"You dykes are probably muff munchers anyway." he stumbled away as the girl laughed at the feeble attempt. With drinks in hand they began their survey of the party goers, searching out the best of the best men. As was usual when they were out together, they didn't approach the men, the men came to them. "Vale, greetings to you ladies. I am Senator Marcus Eroticus, this is Senator Biggus Dickus" Marcus rolled his eyes in disbelief that his friend chose such a lame fake name."Would you care to dance?"

"Yeah sure" Moving out to the dance floor with the guys, Vee and Kay began the grinding and swaying moves that had a powerful effect. Marcus and Biggus were obviously effected, the togas not hiding the swelling at all. Vee gave Marcus a sexy grin before spinning around and rubbing her ass on his front then spinning back and winking at him. Kay dipped down low her head lowering to near hip level before she rose back up. Both guys had a moment of missteps, and neither seemed to care at all. The thumping and pounding of the bass line was primal, stirring animal hunger in the dancers. Biggus had been drinking and he ran his hand along the edge of Kay's toga, trying to lift it up. She held his hand and pushed it back down as she leaned forward to growl "uhn uhn uhn naughty boy. Thats for later." She sealed the promise of the surprise with a deep long kiss.

Marcus was transfixed, and looked from Kay to Vee. "You two are up to something, I know it." Vee just grinned and rubbed her body up against his. "You have no idea, but it'll be worth the wait." She reached between them to give his cock a quick rub through the cotton. Both men looked at each other then at the girls and went from wry smiles to horny grins. "So when do we get to see the surprises?" Marcus held Vee close as they danced, whispering in her ear loud enough to be heard over the music.

"We picked a song when we got ready. Whenever that song plays, then it comes out." Vee toyed with his hair even as they moved to the music. From the corner of her eye, Vee could see Biggus headed to the DJ's table and she turned to glare at Kay. "Did you tell him?"

"I don't think I can wait any more, Vee. This guy has got me going already." In the dimmed room with flashing lights, the blush on Kay's face was still evident, as were her nipples through the toga. Biggus came back and gave a high five to Marcus.

The next song was not "the song" and they kept dancing, keeping the flirtation and tension climbing. "I need another drink." Kay had a light sheen of sweat on her shoulders and cheeks, and all four moved back toward the bar. The girls were sipping on margaritas as the senators nursed beers. Halfway through, Marcus reached under Vee's hair, lightly rubbing the base of her head at the top of neck, then slid two fingers down her spine to the edge of her hips. The shiver she had was electric and the light moan she made would have been heard were it not for the music blaring. A few seconds later he did it again, then once more as they talked about coming exam schedule. Vee's body was tingling from head to toe and she was taking deeper and deeper drinks of the frozen booze to keep from jumping him right then and there. He did it a fourth time, though he went further this time, along her ass and under the hem of her toga to tickle her thigh. She turned and fixed her eyes on his with a predatory gaze. Just then the opening chords of "Shook me all night long" and Kay grabbed her shoulder "Ok here we go" dragging her back out to the floor.

Both women started dancing, as if trying to arouse the other, and every one else by second hand heat. Then Vee, undid the clasp on Kay's shoulder, and began to peel the garment off of her. Unveiling her to the rhythm, then turning on one heel, to yank it completely away. The lighting made it hard to make out, she looked like she had a toga under her toga, tighter more form fitting. Kay pulled the gather from Vee's shoulder letting the bounce and sway of her dance to shake the toga off of her, exposing a similar spandex toga on her.

Marcus was staring, licking his lips and admiring the way the toga's were so tight. He looked at his fingers and saw a bit of white on the tips where he had rubbed her thigh. Elbow to ribs, Marcus jabbed Biggus, and show him his hand. "Dude, all they are wearing is body paint!" The exclamation was louder than he anticipated, and nearly twenty people turned to look, seeing Kay and Vee in nothing more than paint, dancing for all they were worth. Human nature being what it is, as one group of people stop to look, anyone who can see them stopping, often stops and looks as well. Soon the whole dance floor was watching the two and the cheers and whistles were becoming louder.

Vee noticed they were the center of attention first. She blushed a bit then slapped Kay on the ass. "I think they noticed." Kay kept dancing until the words sunk in. "Oh god.... Vee! We're naked on the dance floor!" The realization hitting her full force and she grabbed Biggus by the hand, pulling him in front of her and using him as a shield to get away. Vee looked around, reveling in the attention a moment then shouted "Lets get this party STARTED!" The music thumped louder and the crowd roared back to life.

Vee coaxed Marcus into dancing, it was really hard. Carefully keeping just enough space to not smudge the body paint, but only barely. Marcus kept trying to hold her close but she would turn and wiggle away, the age old dance of "a man chases a girl until she catches him." As one song ended and the next began, she grabbed his hand lead him to the hallway. "I need a break, and a drink. Get me a tequila."

Marcus shoved up to the bar and demanded the drink urgently. Taking the whole bottle and two glasses, he followed the white, gold and flesh toned figure down the hall way. She kept walking to the very end before slowly turning around and fixing him with a lust filled gaze. "Gimme" she pointed at the bottle.

He handed the bottle over and she took a slug straight from it. A heavy sigh and a shiver then she handed it back, and let her hand fall on Marcus' toga as he took it. "Gimme" Smiling more she squeezed the bulge in the cotton and sank to her knees. He lifted the folds of his robe, exposing his cock, eager and ready for her.

One finger tip, just one fingertip slid from head to base and she traced his balls as well. Then a second finger, and the rest followed as if she were reverently adoring the flesh before performing her art. She bent forward and lightly kissed his tip, then pursed her lips to draw the slit in to just a little. The suction was a constant gentle inhale, as she opened and slid down, engulfing him in a slow deliberate tease. Breath by breath she took him in until his entire length was in her mouth and throat. She retreated more quickly then sank down again. Over and over she would take him in slow then slip him out faster. Just as Marcus was beginning to anticipate the rhythm and his breathing matched her motions, she stopped, holding his head in her lips and pulsing and pursing them on so sensitive skin.

With one hand she slowly stroked the shaft, from his hips to her lips. The other hand she used to massage his balls, rubbing the sack between her thumb and fingers and giving each globe a light squeeze. She slipped the tip out, then fluttered her tongue on his slit, catching the underside glans with her tongue tip. Her grip on the shaft tightened, slightly more firmly, causing the end to double in its sensitivity. From light tan and pink to a warm red tint, she filed it more and teased, making him moan. She felt his knees tremble and she knew he was ready. All at once she swallowed him down, and then bobbed back up, fast hunger sucking and slurping. Her hair would flip forward as she dove down, the tendrils tickling his thighs.

His climax came quickly, filling her mouth. Not a drop was spilled, and she even caught the smaller second wave on her tongue. Marcus leaned back against the wall, breathless and sated. Vee rose to her feet and dabbed at the corner of her lips. Now she was feeling the force of her sexuality. Walking around in a crowd naked was one thing, taking a man just because you can that is another sense altogether. She straightened the hem of Marcus' toga before she walked back up the hallway to the music that played in the distance, wondering whom would be her next treat.

Her next target was obvious, she had seen him around before, mostly near the gym. His toga barely clung to him and the physique beneath could easily be called "greek god". Vee licked her lips, rubbing her hands together and sashayed up to the bodybuilder. "Hey stud. Wanna fuck?" Screw subtly, she wanted cock and she wanted it now. She could feel her pussy begin to pulse and it needed to be filled.

"Oh hell yeah, baby! There's a room upstairs." He looked her up and down once, appreciating the lack of inhibitions before taking her hand. Leading the way, Stud pushed through the crowd and Vee had to merely keep up and walk in the empty space behind him. The room had a bed and a dresser and nothing else. Vee started clawing to get the toga off as fast as possible as Stud lifted her up by her hips. Her legs wrapped around his waist instinctively and as the cotton fell from his frame, his cock sprung up to brush against her pussy lips. The few steps from door to bed took barely a second in the frenzy of need they both shared. He let go but she stayed clinging to him. "Its gonna be hard to fuck you if you don't let go."

"Oh no, beef. I'm fucking you. Lay down there and let this cow-girl ride." She slid her legs down, standing with them shoulder width apart. Her lips was obvious now and he growled as he flopped onto the bed. His body was magnificent as she looked at him, and she climbed on quick. Pulling his cock to point straight up, she stroked it a bit then lifted up to get over it. Once the tip was just inside her, she held herself there, looking down and his chest and arms. The bulk was breath taking and she smiled down. When he took a breath, she pushed down hard, engulfing his shaft suddenly slamming her ass on his thighs. Bucking and thumbing, she bounced up and down on his cock, riding for all she was worth.

Stud reached up, rough hands gripping her tits as she came close enough. His thumbs and knuckles gripped her nipples and her rhythm picked up. the more he mauled and roughly handled her, the more she slammed down. "Oh fuck yes yes yes!" getting closer and closer, her wetness made it easier for her to slide faster and stronger. She scratched at his chest, then bent back, arching her body to push her pussy down hard on him.

"Shit baby! oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" Stud was grabbing her hips, lifting her and pulling her down. She loved the tight hold he had on her and she clenched at his shaft with her inner muscles. He groaned and gripped even tighter.

"Cum, do it Beef CUM!" she howled as she felt the quivering build and her own orgasm began to make her stomach tense. Thighs felt fire as she split open and Stud pushed up making her rock back and forth. "SHIT!" she raked her nails down his chest as she felt it peak and he kept going.

Stud closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, trying to fight back only to ultimately lose control. The splash of warmth sent her into another smaller shiver and then she started to settle and breathe normally if a bit ragged. Patting that massive chest once more she winked "Nice ride, Stud" and she laid on him just enough to give him a long deep kiss. Then swinging off of him she went to find a bathroom. A nice load of cum is one thing, walking around and feeling it run down your leg when you are stalking more cock is just not right though. She found a washroom and spent a few moments cleaning up. Sitting there on the toilet, Vee just breathed, collecting her thoughts and savoring the way Stud fucked. She could stop now, just go home and smile all the way. But she was still horny, she needed more, she needed to be completely fucked, not just satisfied but over indulged.

Her body paint was smeared and smudged, but there was no real way to wash it off here. Her toga was back on the dance floor and she went to go find it. It was hanging from the chandelier, next to Kay's, like flags to the kingdom of daring. "Fuck it" she muttered and just started dancing. A few other girls had stripped down as well, trying to compete, and a couple of guys had gotten into it too. The music was an aphrodisiac, arousing her in deeper and stronger ways. There was a guy behind her, she could see the edges of his frame when she twirled her hair, but could never see him out right; he kept moving to stay behind her. Thrusting her ass back, she ground her ass cheeks on his hips and could feel his cock hard and long beneath his sheet. His hands came to her hips and he pushed harder, the only thing keeping him from ass fucking her right here and now was the cotton cloth and his angle. Whoever it was, this was going to be her next conquest. She turned around fast catching him off guard to look at his face. "Biggus?!?!"

"Yeah, Marcus told me what you did earlier, and I had to come find you." There was a slight blush on his cheek, he was too drunk to be embarrassed but he knew he was taking a chance by being so forward. They stood there, looking at each other. She was debating whether or not to take him on, he was trying to project the confidence that becomes attraction. Vee smiled a bit and reached under his toga, grabbing his cock firmly. Her eyes widened at the thickness, and as she explored more she found the length was just as impressive.

"You weren't kidding were you?" The hunger for one more fuck grew, knowing this was the tool to fix her. "You know how to swing that hammer or is it just for show?" She kept stroking it lightly, weighing it and wondering what it would be like.

"There's only one way to find it, isn't there?" He placed his palm on her breast, squeezing and massaging it the way she was teasing him.

Holding his shaft like a leash, she lead him back to the room she had just left. Odds are the last guy had left and she knew it was far enough away that she could scream and cry out, letting herself go to the moment completely. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it as she looked at Biggus once more. "Come on, get naked."

It took only a shrug to slip out of the toga. He gave her a moment to look, standing there, with the boner she had aroused. With slow deliberate steps she walked forward to him. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard." She slid onto the bed and laid back, opening her legs wide. "Now."

Biggus pounced, getting on top of her and mounting in a single breath. She was wet, and from his first thrust he sank in completely and was shoving and pounding. No foreplay, no seduction, raw pure fucking, this was what she needed. Arching up to him, she clinched her pussy to tighten around him. He growled and picked up the rhythm, pushing even deeper til his balls slapped at her. Her thighs ached to be so wide and he was driving with animal rage. He was splitting her apart, too much cock in so tight a pussy and he was relentless in his actions. Even as she grimaced through the pain she was enveloped by the pleasure and the only thought in her mind was "don't stop". He stopped.

"No! God no! tell me you are not stopping!" She dug her claws into his chest as her eyes opened wide.

"I'm not stopping. I'm changing positions." He slid out slow and easy, rolling her hips until she was face down on the bed. He was forceful, rough, and she loved it. He was taking her, and she couldn't stop him. Lifting her up to her knees, but her shoulders still slumped on the bed as he jammed into her once more, the same fast deep rough fucking, now pummeling the backs of her thighs. Gripping the sheets she rocked and pushed, meeting each of his thrusts with her own. The wet sounds of bodies slapping, mixed with his grunts and her gasps. "More... MORE... MORE!" she felt the tightening of her stomach and mound, the rush to come building like a hurricane.

He reached under, fingering her clit even as he plowed through her pussy. Her scream rang in the room and Biggus doubled his efforts, fucking somehow even harder. Her head pulled back, gasping for air as she yelled "GOD! OH GOD YES!" and she spasmed from head to toe.

He held still, holding her hips as her body was soft and almost limp. He slapped her ass and pulled out. "I'm not done." His finger rubbed her pussy lips, coating them with her wetness and cum. Pulling her cheeks apart, he smeared the slick liquid around her ring, then did it again. She knew he was about to fuck her ass, and normally a cock that big just wouldn't fit. But now, now after the orgasm she just had, after the way she had been pounded and fucked, over and over, she wanted it there, she wanted all of it.

His tip pushed in, the first time he had shown any kind of gentleness. He was waiting, waiting for her to relax and let him in. Vee inhaled and exhaled, slowing her breath then nodded, urging him to go ahead. He pushed, stretching her wide, wider, until he was completely sunk. He paused again, just a mount to let her adjust once more, and she gripped the pillow with white knuckles.

He started, not quite slow but slower than before. Each circuit was a jolt to her, and she drew sharp breaths as he plunged, blowing them out as he retreated. Faster, faster again, once more he was pounding like a machine and she screamed, another orgasm, one that shook her body ravaged every muscle in her frame. There was no warning, no comment of "I'm gonna cum", just one push that was erratic and uncontrolled as he erupted and filled her ass with his cum. He pumped a few more, emptying himself.

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