tagGay MaleWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling


By Tom Collins and Jushorny

*Joel *

Coffee. I adore it. The rich fragrance that fills the air as it brews. The intense, bitter nuttiness of a fresh cup, and the way sweeteners only mellowed it. The cool creaminess as it flows over my tongue, making it tingle ever so slightly. The false, energetic boost as it hits the blood stream, making you feel like it might not be such a bad day after all. There really wasn't anything like it and nothing to dislike about it. I could drink it to the exclusion of all else but I become twitchy if I drink too much, so I'm forced to limit myself to two grande a day. I can't keep it in the house because if it were readily available I'd drink it, so I have to settle for buying a cup every morning on the way to work and a second one on the way home in the afternoon.

I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a connoisseur, but it can be very difficult to find a place that'll let you have your coffee exactly the way you like it if you're an anal son of a bitch like me. I had lucked out when I moved to this neighborhood a couple of months ago, and found a little mom and pop operation right down the block from my apartment building. The first morning I stepped up and asked if I could tell them exactly how I wanted my coffee, or if I had to order from the menu. The owner smiled and pointed to the store's name. Espresso Yourself is now my double stop of the day. After a couple of weeks of ordering the same thing they even began to anticipate my arrival and would begin mixing it up as soon as I stepped through the door.

The coffee isn't the only attraction. Many of the people in my building stop in for a cup of Joe on their way to work, but there was one man who caught my eye from day one. Every time I saw him, my stomach fluttered and my palms got damp. There doesn't seem to be any one thing in particular that I can pin down that attracts me to him. He's easy on the eyes, and looks wonderful in his suits, but it's not that. Perhaps it's the way he moves; it says to me that he's comfortable with himself, and I like that.

He always came in after me, while I 'm getting my coffee and some sort of pastry. Once I have my morning caffeine and sugar fix, I keep my head down and leave the store; but I linger outside, watching. When I would see him coming to the door, I'd hurry the half block to the subway entrance, so he wouldn't become suspicious. All the while, I'd berate myself for not staying and trying to talk to him. I've never been able to strike up a conversation with someone I'm attracted to, and wind up spending most of my time alone. I should be used to it, but I'm not, and don't think I ever will be. I hate being alone, but I can't bring myself to take the first step.


I stood in my closet deciding which suit, shirt and tie to wear for the day. I was feeling more flirtatious than usual, and wanted to choose clothes that would catch a few eyes. It'd been a few months since Cathy and I ended our relationship, and since that time, my real estate career had received my full attention, to the detriment of my social life. Truthfully, I was feeling extremely randy and I already had my target selected. He'd be in for some nice eye candy today, I thought as I made my selections. I didn't normally pursue men; but this particular guy caught my attention. Or, maybe, it was the fact that it appeared that I had caught his attention. I knew he was attracted to me, so the pursuit would be quick and easy, perfect for what I was after.

Zipping up the pants to my recently purchased, solid black suit, I admired the fine tailoring job. The pants showed off both the front and back as well as accentuating my solid thighs, shaped through years of high school and college wrestling. I buttoned the thin white shirt over my sleeveless tee. The fit of well tailored clothing always boosts my self-confidence, making me feel as if I can accomplish anything. After adjusting my tie and sliding on some shoes, I grabbed the suit coat, slung it over my shoulder and headed to the elevator.

The walk to the coffee shop was disappointing at first; disappointing in that I had yet to see my intended target. The glances I was receiving as I made my way cheered me up quite nicely, though. I was pleased to see that my morning's wardrobe choices were meeting with such approval and I was all smiles by the time I hit the door of Espresso Yourself for my morning 'coffee of the day'.

And there he was. True to form, he was already in line for his morning caffeine fix. I spotted his tall frame and the distinctive fedora amidst the other early morning coffee junkies. It was the fedora that had first caught my attention...the style, not many men have the balls to wear one, and not many men can look as good as this guy in one.

When my turn came, I tried to hold back my devilish smirk as I ordered; receiving admiring glances from the lady behind the counter as well as feeling his eyes running over my body. I slung my suit coat over the other shoulder to offer him a nice clear shot of my profile. Giving the lady behind the counter a wink with my thank-you, I turned to see him avert his eyes. He always did that, never making eye contact. Maybe he was afraid I would think he was gay, maybe he was shy or maybe he was too much of a prude to admit he liked to look at me.

I wondered why he had never even said so much as a good morning. Enough time passed and glances traded, it was only natural for one to say something to the other. Not only did we see each other every morning here, but we see each other at the gym on occasion. Of course, I had to admit, I was equally at fault, as I hadn't said a word to him after all this time either. But, I wasn't the one lingering in a coffee shop just to stare at someone.

I headed over to the condiment counter to add cream to my coffee. Knowing his eyes would be taking in my backside, I deliberately slowed myself to give him a longer view than normal. I half shook my head realizing I was going to have to do something about my sad state of affairs – or lack of affairs. This little morning show for my mystery man was arousing me more than it should.

I turned and made my way towards the door, making sure that today I would pass by him before he made his quick escape. Once again, his eyes turned elsewhere as I approached, but I made sure I got close enough that he could smell the hint of cologne I wear. As I brushed by, I heard myself say, "Good morning." I wondered where that came from, as I opened the door to exit, but shrugged it off and headed down the street to the office.

*Joel *

I spent most of the morning at work too distracted to accomplish anything. Every time I would start something, I would suddenly hear his voice speaking to me, saying, "Good morning." I'd smell his musky cologne, and my head would start to swim again, the way it did in the coffee shop when he passed so close. An image of him would flash in my mind and my concentration would go right out the window. As I tried to read my emails, all I could think was that had to be a new suit because I'd never seen it before, and I couldn't believe that he would leave a suit that made him look that good hanging in the closet for two months.

An hour before lunch, my mind began doing more than replaying every move he'd made this morning. I imagined him taking my hand, pulling me along with him, outside and around the side of the building. My mind's eye lingered over the image of him turning me to face the wall of the alley, pushing my slacks over my hips, caressing my cheeks for a moment. I could hear his zipper go down, and the sound of rustling cloth as he exposed himself enough to press his hot, hard cock against my ass.

I actually shuddered in excitement when I imagined him pulling my hips away from the wall so that I had to lean over a little to brace myself against the bricks. He pulled my cheeks apart, his cock slipping into my crack, and my back arched as I pushed back against him, my fingers trying to dig into the mortar in the wall. The head of his dick rubbed in circles over my pucker, making me slick with his pre cum, and I actually felt it quiver and throb at the mere thought of this sexy stranger invading me.

When my secretary came in to ask what she should order for my lunch, I was hard as a rock under my desk, flushed, sweating mildly and nearly panting. She expressed concern, saying that I didn't look at all well. I lied through my teeth, and asked her to tell Howard, my boss, that I was ill and taking the rest of the day off.

I simply couldn't stay at work in this condition. It had been too long since I'd last had a lover and I couldn't stop the train of my thoughts. Not without masturbating, and there was no way I was going to do that at work. I quickly packed my briefcase and used it for a shield to collect my suit jacket and hat from my coat tree. I put on my fedora but draped my jacket over my arm because it was an even more effective shield than the briefcase.

The subway journey home seemed interminable, every stop along the way eating at my nerves and patience a little more than the one before, I was up and standing in front of the door as the train approached my stop. I walked slowly up the block toward my apartment building. Now that I'd actually gotten to my destination, I felt embarrassed and ashamed of my behavior. I'd never taken off work with a feigned illness before and had always done my job to the best of my ability before today. I didn't even bother to stop for a coffee; I went straight home and changed out of my suit and into a comfortable set of sweats and a well-worn t-shirt.

I sat on the couch, trying to watch a movie on HBO, but I kept losing the thread of the story to thoughts of the stocky blond in his perfectly tailored suit, or worse; in his short shorts and muscle shirt, working out in the building's gym. My hands wandered to my reawakened cock, rubbing slowly through the soft material of my sweats. I jacked off while thoughts of rimming the blond tumbled through my head and came fast, barely managing to catch it in a couple of tissues; the second time took longer but wasn't any more satisfying. What I desperately needed was contact with another person and there was only one way I knew that I could get it. I didn't really want to, though; I hated the anonymous sex of the gay clubs. A fast, hard fuck with a stranger wasn't what I needed and wouldn't be much better than my hand.

It was only four o'clock and I knew the gym would be practically, if not totally, deserted at this hour. Standing and adjusting my clothes, I put on my cross trainers and grabbed a towel and my keys then headed downstairs to have a good, hard workout. I was relieved to find the place empty and went right to work, hoping to exhaust myself so I'd be able to sleep tonight.


After such an interesting beginning, the morning progressed uneventfully. My head was more on the coffee shop hunk than on my work, but luckily, my workload was light. Around noon, I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes, imagining him there, kneeling between my legs, rubbing his hand over my bulge. His eyes looking up, begging me for the opportunity to unzip my pants, I nodded my approval and watched his fingers slowly slide the zipper, undoing the belt and snap with his other hand. Stifling a moan, I could feel his hand folding back the flaps of my pants to reach inside my boxers and pull my erection out. I whispered to him to go for it, feeling his tongue quickly lap across the head and down along the length. My fingers would run through his hair, encouraging him to continue, watching as he teasingly sucked me into his warm wet mouth. I nearly fell over in my chair when a colleague, stopping to ask if I wanted to join him for lunch, interrupted my thoughts. I told him it was too nice a day to stay inside, I was going to grab a sandwich and head to the park.

Lunch was a bit more eventful. After picking up a sandwich and ice tea, I sat down on a bench in the local park to eat and relax in the warm sun. I had left my suit jacket back at the office and now took off my tie. Noticing two beautiful women across from me, I loosened a few buttons on my shirt and rolled up the sleeves while my eyes lingered on the shapely legs and full breasts. Knowing I had their attention I stood up to deposit the wrapper and bag in the trash, and felt their eyes trailing me, sending a familiar feeling through my body. On my way back to the bench, I nodded a greeting. The ladies smiled and let their eyes wander along my physique. Enjoying their appreciative looks, I decided to lie down on the bench and soak up a few rays before my lunch hour was over.

The afternoon was busier and I hardly had time to think about my admirers from the park or the black haired coffee man. Once I had caught up on my work, my thoughts returned to my own needs. I was desperate for the touch of another, to feel someone's hands and mouth touching my body. I was hard as a rock by the time five o'clock rolled around. At one moment, I was visualizing myself lying naked in bed with the two lovely ladies from the park pleasuring me simultaneously. The next moment, I was kneeling in the sauna, providing expert oral service to my coffee shop stud. As I sat there rubbing my bulge I decided to head to the gym and take a nice long sweaty run, hoping that would relieve my tension. If that didn't work, I planned on heading to a neighborhood bar and catch some eye candy.

Once at the gym I stripped off my suit and pulled on a pair of loose running shorts, opting to leave the shirt in my locker. Performing my stretching exercises effortlessly in front of a few people who had already arrived, I placed my hands together, stretched out over my head, and twisted my body back and forth. Next, I lifted one leg onto the bench and leaned forward, stretching the back of my legs. I could feel eyes on me and was thankful I'd worn the loose shorts instead of the spandex ones. I'm sure they still had a nice view of my ass but my arousal was better concealed this way.

After completing a few miles around the track, I stopped to wipe the sweat off my forehead and noticed that my body glistened like the ones in advertisements for sports drinks. I took a few laps around the track at a walking pace, letting my heart slow and my body cool down before hitting the shower. I hadn't come across my unknown friend and began to think he wouldn't be here this evening.

Standing in the shower, the hot water ran over my body, rinsing away the sweat, and I shampooed my hair and lathered my body with soap. I realized that I was alone and turned to face the wall, placing my hands against the tile while letting the water rinse the soap away. My thoughts turned to the man at the coffee shop again, mulling over why I'm so interested in him. True, he's a cutie, in a very masculine way, but I couldn't say specifically what intrigued me so much. I closed my eyes and envisioned him. He had a well-toned body and I considered what he would look like naked. I bet he has a hairy body, and wondered if he shaved his balls, whether he was cut or uncut, how long and thick his cock would be when hard.

The vision of him naked, kneeling in front of me, his sexy green eyes looking up as he licked my cock was too much for me. I reached down with one hand and began stroking my already stiff dick, letting the water provide lubrication. I no longer cared if anyone entered the shower; I needed to get off. As I fisted myself, I imagined him teasing me with his tongue, licking along the length of my cock before sucking in my balls. I know I moaned when I imagined him biting gently on my smooth orbs. My hips were thrusting as I fucked my hand, pretending it was his mouth; his lips wrapped tightly around my thickness. I could almost feel his hands grab hold of my ass for balance as I pushed my cock head deeper down his throat. In a matter of minutes, I was grunting and spilling my seed onto the shower floor.

I suddenly felt embarrassed as I turned the water off. True, I love to show my body off, but I had never done anything like that before. I glanced around; making sure no one had been watching me before heading back to my locker.


I was toweling my hair and wiping my face as I walked to the locker room, my clothes and hair were almost completely soaked in sweat and it just kept pouring off my face. I'd managed to do what I wanted, in part. I'd worked out hard for two hours and was exhausted, but my mind had lingered on Java Joe, as I'd taken to thinking of the blonde, but being physically tired seemed to make it harder to keep my thoughts on other things.

I was wiping my face as I came around the wall of lockers set in the middle of the room, and stopped dead in my tracks. The object of my lust stood at an open locker, naked as Adam in the Garden, drying himself with a large, fluffy towel. My sneakers made a harsh squeak on the perpetually damp floor and it echoed comically off the tiled walls, alerting him to my presence. His head turned quickly, catching me staring at his ass. Averting my gaze, I went to my locker and dug out a fresh towel along with my shower kit.

His locker and mine were almost directly across from each other so he was right behind me when he said, "Hey, I was going to head for a couple of drinks, want to join me?" I turned, in surprise, to look at him. He was just pulling up his boxer briefs and I had to keep myself from staring directly at his cock as it caught on the waistband and lifted with it before slipping under. I had an even harder time not looking when he reached into his shorts to adjust himself. Instead, I focused on his face, trying to seem as casual as he was while feeling my own cock swelling. I draped my clean towel over my forearm as he stuck his hand out for a shake, "Name's Devlin, by the way. Devlin Christianson."

I took his hand by pure instinct and tried to make my voice work. I had to clear my throat a couple of times, but I finally managed to introduce myself to him, "Joel O'Shaughnessy."

"Nice to meet you, Joel. So...drinks?" he said, raising a brow in inquiry.

"Drinks? Oh, yeah...ummm...sure, that would be nice. Did you have a place in mind? I don't really know the neighborhood, and don't go out very often in any case."

"Sure, there's a little place around the corner. It's called The Lounge Lizard." He saw the face I made and laughed, "Yeah, I know. It's a terrible name, but it's a nice place and they have a great bartender. He mixes the drinks right instead of making them weak to save money."

"Alright, but I'll need to head back to my place first to change clothes. The only thing I have here is stuff for working out in." I said apologetically, he was putting that terrific suit back on while we talked and would be ready to go right away while I hadn't even showered yet.

"Hey, no problem, I'm going to change my clothes before we go anyway. This suit looks great, but it wouldn't be comfortable for a night out. So, I'll pick you up at your apartment?" He said, grinning and slapping me lightly on the shoulder before pulling his suit coat from his locker.

"Ahh...ok. That'll be fine. I'm in 1921." I replied, slightly stunned by the progression of events. I was trying to figure out how I was going to spend the evening with a man that I was this attracted to without making a complete ass out of myself.

"Ok, see you in a bit then, Joel." I saw him smile again out of the corner of my eye as he patted my bare forearm in a friendly way, giving it a squeeze. The squeeze went straight to my straining cock, making it twitch a little. While I showered and put on clean workout clothes, I tried to decide if Devlin being a touchy guy was a good thing. While in the elevator I concluded that it was good if he was into guys, me in particular, and very bad if he wasn't. Sighing heavily as the doors opened onto my floor, I decided that it was probably going to turn out to be a very bad thing indeed.

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