tagGay MaleWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 02

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 02


By Tom Collins and Jushorny


I pulled Joel against me, grinding our crotches together while running my hands down his back to grab his ass. I was beyond being horny. He squeezed his fingers between us, pressing against my chest, before I took hold and slid them lower, down the center of my body until reaching the bulge in my pants.

"Feel how horny I am, Joel? Feel how hard I am from being with you?"

I let out a soft moan as Joel rubbed and squeezed my cock. My lips were inches from his ear when I whispered that I wanted to feel his hands touch me there and to feel his mouth there too.

We both jumped, startled, not expecting the elevator to arrive at my floor so soon. Joel quickly pulled away and turned, stepping out of the elevator. As my eyes watched his ass, I heard him ask if I was coming. I pushed myself off the elevator wall and led us to my apartment, giving him a view of my backside.

Fumbling with my keys, I mentioned not being the best housekeeper. He reached around to help me insert the key, whispering in my ear that he wasn't here to see how clean I kept my place. I could feel his body heat and his hard cock rub against my hip.

Once inside the apartment I got drinks, vodka for Joel and a beer for myself. I watched as he casually checked my place out before sitting on the sofa. He looked incredibly hot, sitting back, his legs spread wide as if he was inviting me to come and play.

"Sorry, I don't keep scotch around," I apologized after giving him his drink.

"That's ok," he replied, his eyes shifting from me to the drink in his hand. He brought it to his nose and sniffed. "Scotch is my preference, but vodka will do nicely," he continued, with a small smile and took a sip. I headed over to turn some music on, wondering what would be best. I turned to look back at Joel and saw him staring at me. Distracted and unable to decide what type of music he might like, I walked over and sat down next to him, giving his thigh a slap.

"Joel, why don't you pick out the music, something you want to hear?"

While he perused the music, I downed almost half my beer. My hand immediately went to his thigh, squeezing and running back and forth, as Van Morrison's honeyed tones began issuing from my surround speakers singing Into the Mystic. My eyes focused on his bulge as my hand made its way there. I was very drunk, very horny and didn't plan on much foreplay. I rubbed and squeezed his crotch, feeling his cock jerk before my hand wandered up to the buttons on his shirt.

My hand ran over the smooth silk shirt, feeling his chest until I reached the highest button and slowly, one by one, undid them all. I pulled the shirt open, licking my lips at the view before allowing my hand to touch him. My fingers ran down the center all the way to his pants before returning upwards. I squeezed him and toyed with a nipple, feeling it get hard. I didn't say a word, didn't know what to say. My hand continued down over his abs, fingers following the trail his hair provided. I leaned in and licked the nipple closest to me. Joel moaned as he felt the rough texture of my tongue. We both moaned when I bit down on the nub, although I was moaning at the squeeze my cock just received. I felt my legs open as I licked my way to his other nipple. He continued rubbing and squeezing until it was too much for me.

I pulled my mouth off his chest, sitting back with my legs spread. I asked Joel if he wanted to see it, to feel it. I placed an arm around his shoulder and arched my hips, grinding myself against his hand. His hand began undoing my belt, then the snap and zipper of my jeans. I moaned at the anticipation of him about to touch me.

"C'mon, Joel, go ahead, I need to feel your hand wrap around my cock."


I had Devlin's jeans open, the flaps of the fly laid back, and could see the ridge of his hard-on inside his underwear. I'd seen him putting these same boxer briefs on earlier in the locker room so I knew what his cock looked like soft; now I'd get to see it hard. He encouraged me to take him in my hand, his tone somewhere between demanding and pleading. I wanted a lot more than that and intended to have it. I kicked off my Birkenstocks and pushed the coffee table further away from the couch before rolling partially on top of him and sliding to the floor to kneel between his spread legs.

Sliding my hands up his thighs, from his knees to his hips, made my palms tingle, but I kept my eyes focused on my goal. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of both his pants and his shorts and started pulling. He lifted his hips to help and I looked up into his eyes while pulling both down his legs. It took a second to rid him of his shoes and another to remove his lower garments. He pulled his own shirt off before I could even reach for it.

Placing my hands on his knees, I spread them wide open and, leaning down, I ran my palms up the insides of his thighs. As I nuzzled my face under his sack, I heard him suck in a sharp breath. I inhaled deeply, taking in his intensely masculine scent, before snaking my tongue out. The tip slipped just inside his crack and, dragging my tongue upward, I took his left nut in my mouth. Sucking and rolling it around, squeezing it gently between the roof of my mouth and my tongue, I heard him groan, "Oh, fuck yeah! Suck my nuts, Joel!" as he combed his fingers through my hair. Sucking hard, I rocked my body back, adding even more suction, and let it pop out of my mouth. Leaning the other way, I let his right nut drop into my mouth and gave it the same treatment.

He'd spread his legs about as far as they'd go and his muscles quivered slightly with an inborn need to thrust his hips. The sounds he was making, the feel of his hands in my hair, the smell of his heat and cologne were all sending flashes of burning need into my groin, making my cock throb achingly and leak like a faucet. Looking along the length of his body, I watched the pleasure on his face and wanted, more than anything at that moment, to fuck him long and slow but I knew there was no way in hell he'd let that happen. In fact, I had a good idea that I'd be leaving here with the same hard-on that I'd come in with and would wind up jacking off once I got home but I'd have the memory of this blowjob to do it by instead of just a fantasy. Sure, he'd said he was bi while we were downstairs but he was incredibly drunk and horny. I know men, being one myself, and most men will say just about anything if it'll get someone to help them bust a nut.

Raising my torso up a little higher, I slid my hands across his hips and onto his stomach to either side of his cock. I stopped, burning his image into my mind's eye. He sprawled on the couch, his chest heaving, his eyes glazed with need. His cock was an angry purple at the head, fading to a light pink at the base, and drooling copiously, adding to the sheen of sweat on abs. Taking him into my hand and lifting his dick off his stomach, I leaned down and I ran the flat of my tongue from the base to the tip. While spiraling in and up the crown to the piss slit, I reached down and began massaging his sack, rolling his balls between my fingers and giving them the occasional squeeze.

I tongued the slit for a second before taking the entire head into my mouth. Sucking and flicking my tongue against the seam, I gathered as much of his pre-cum as I could, his flavor spreading through my mouth and making me crave more of him. He was groaning loudly and looking up at him, I saw he was biting his lip hard, his eyes nearly closed, as he watched what I was doing through his lashes. Keeping my eyes on his, I slowly slid my hot, wet mouth down his length until the head was in the back of my throat and my nose touched his pubic bone. "Jesus...fuck, Joel!" he moaned, dragging out the vowels, as his hands clutched my head and his hips thrust up jerkily.


My body was sweating, my cock was leaking, and my hands were fighting the urge to grab his ears and fuck his mouth hard. My ass was on the edge of the sofa, my legs spread wide to give Joel as much access as he wanted. His eyes were filled with lust as knelt before me, licking and sucking on my engorged cock.

"Jesus...fuck, Joel," I moaned when he sucked me in completely, the head of my cock at his throat, his nose pressing against my skin. I don't remember anyone taking me in so completely and it felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I held his head and thrust my hips up, unable to stop their natural reflexive motion.

His hands never rested while his mouth continued working its magic. One hand fondled my balls as the other rubbed my chest, pinching a nipple before sliding down the side of my body. Just watching Joel, with my half-open eyes, was enough to make me come. I had never seen anyone look like they enjoyed themselves so much while sucking a cock. I toyed with the idea of thrusting and fucking his mouth until my cream splattered his throat, caring more about my own pleasure than anything else. Yet in the back of my mind I wanted to slow this down, wanting to make this last longer. Somewhat reluctantly, I pulled him off my cock.

"Joel, stand up, I want you naked while you suck me."

My cock glistened with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva as I sat up, watching Joel stand between my spread legs. He tossed his shirt to the floor as my hands began to wander over his stomach and up his chest. His bulge was inches from my face; a small wet spot had formed on his pants. My hands ran around to his back and slid down to his ass. I could feel how well formed it was as I squeezed and played.

I looked up at him and saw he was watching my every move. I licked his navel while undoing his belt and tugging at the zipper. His pants slid down his thighs and I went back to cupping his round globes through his shorts, as he kicked his slacks out of the way. Seeing his shorts stuffed full with his cock, the wet spot larger than I expected, only served to urge me on. I opened my lips and mouthed him through his shorts while my fingers pressed into the crack of his ass. His hips ground against me and his hand rubbed my head.

I looked up again, smiling and winking this time, as my hands took hold of his hips, turning him around. My fingers slid into the waistband and teasingly pulled his shorts to expose his delectable ass. My tongue licked along the crack from the top down until I reached his shorts, my hand squeezing his cock, stroking it through the material.

My mouth was kissing and sucking on the soft flesh of his ass, making my way around to the side of his hips. Now I could watch his cock spring free as I lowered his shorts until they were on the floor. My hand roamed up his inner thigh, from his knee to his balls. I went back to lick more of the ass I wanted to fuck, licking down the crack as my hand wrapped around his cock, just now realizing how thick he really was. My hand stroked him back and forth while I took a bite or two before turning him back to face me.

Not only did I find him gorgeous, but he also offered me another treat, my first chance to see, feel, and taste an uncut cock. Sure, I had seen other men that were uncircumcised like him in the locker room, but never one up close, never one hard. I pulled the foreskin back watching as his head made an appearance.

I rubbed a finger over the glistening head of his cock, bringing the finger to my lips to taste him. His moan directed my eyes upward to see his eyes blazing with lust. My tongue stabbed against his smooth balls as his cock rubbed against my cheeks leaving a trail of pre-cum. My tongue traveled the length of his cock and swirled over the head. I had one hand sliding and pressing into his crack with the other hand holding his dick.

Taking the head into my mouth, I sucked all the juice he offered before pulling off to look back up at him. It was easy to see he didn't want me to stop, his face urging me to continue. I took hold of his hips and pulled him back down to his knees. My tongue licked a path up his body, sucking on his neck, biting his ear.

"Suck me more, Joel. Get me off and I'll do the same for you."


What Devlin was doing to me just about drove me crazy. My knees kept going weak or my body would twitch and jerk at his unexpected caresses. He touched me like a lover, like someone who truly did enjoy men. There was still the possibility that it was the alcohol and a long denied curiosity. I couldn't discount that and wouldn't be able to accept that he actually was bi until I heard it while he was sober. I kept wondering how he'd known I would be interested and wondering if I was so obviously gay, but the sensations he provided kept overriding my thoughts and driving them out. He pulled me back down to my knees, telling me that he'd finish me off if I did him. I couldn't let myself believe that he really meant it, but it didn't matter because I wanted him to cum in my mouth regardless.

I leaned on his chest so that my face was right in front of his and placed small, pecking kisses over his chin, switching to a string of open-mouthed kisses down his throat, licking and blowing on his moistened skin. I dipped my tongue into the hollow at the base of his throat, grazing my teeth over the edges, while taking his cock into my hand. I held it, smoothing the pad of my thumb over the head every now and then as I nipped and licked my way down his body. Groaning against his chest and rocking my hips into his just a fraction, I slowly swirled my tongue around the outside of his left areola, my free hand tenderly stroking up and down his ribs. His nipple contracted to a peak and his body rocked under me in time with his groans, while his palms pushed down on my shoulders.

I slid further down at his encouragement, trailing my tongue along the contours of his muscles, pausing here and there to nip or suck when the impulse took me. Stopping at his navel, I sealed my lips over it, sucking hard and scraping my teeth around the rim. Lapping my tongue in and out with quick motions, I coaxed out all of the slick, saltiness of his pre-cum. I was deliberately marking him, making sure that, even if tonight were all he ever gave me, he'd be unable to deny that it'd happened until the ring shaped hickey faded to nothingness. The fingers of my free hand stroked and pinched his nipples, keeping them painfully aroused.

His body quivered and he panted as if he'd been running a marathon. His hips kept trying to thrust his dick at me, but I had it pulled out of the way. His hands would alternately try to push my head toward his throbbing cock and grip it hard to keep me where I was. His words came in gasps, frenzied babbles of desperation imploring me to give him the orgasm for which he so urgently yearned. My mouth pulling away from his tempting flesh made a quiet, sucking sound as I looked up at him. His cheeks, neck and chest were flushed a deep red and his ocean blue eyes pleaded for me to end the teasing. I wondered if he'd ever been so aroused before. It fed my ego to no end to think that he hadn't, to think that no one else had ever taken him so high.

I smiled slowly, hooding my eyes seductively and felt his cock twitch under my hand. Turning my head, I saw that the purple had crept further down his shaft and his balls had hardened, pulling up against his body. He was on the verge of orgasm, and I could probably push him over the precipice without stimulating his cock at all. I'd only have to use my hands and mouth on his other erogenous zones and he'd come for me, but I wanted him in my mouth when his seed erupted.

I ran the head of his cock over my lips and felt him shudder and thrust against my teeth. I hooded my teeth with my pre-cum-slicked lips and took him into my mouth just as Maroon 5 started playing on the stereo. I quickly sucked my way down his shaft, his hips rocking up and pushing him into the tropical moisture of my mouth all the faster. Groaning wordlessly, he fisted his hands in the longer hair at the top of my head. He was so close to coming that every exhalation he made came out as a moan, his well-defined muscles stood out in bas-relief, his body motionless save for the trembling I could feel under my caressing hands.

I bobbed my head back up his length, squeezing his shaft hard between my lip-sheathed teeth and felt his cock swell and throb, at the same time that I saw his balls draw up to either side of his shaft. I forcibly untangled his fingers from my hair, losing several strands in the process, just as the first, powerful jet ricocheted off the roof of my mouth. Lacing my fingers with his gave him something other than my head to grip. He clutched my hands, grunting deep in his throat, as his hips rolled in the uncontrollable rhythms of ecstasy. When his fingers slackened and his pelvis only gave the occasional twitch, I reclaimed my hands and gently held his still hard cock while I spent a little time carefully removing every trace of his seed with my lips and tongue. I savored his salty tang for as long as I could, wishing for more.


It was different with Joel, different than it had been with any other person before. Normally I would have taken control. With other men, I would've had their head pinned to the sofa while my hips thrust my hard dick down their throat. Typically, I'd be using their mouth to get myself off, not caring about anything else. It wasn't like me to allow him to continue to tease and torture.

"Ah...fuck, Joel...you're driving me crazy."

His mouth sucked around my navel so hard my ass literally pulled off the sofa. He had my nipples so hard and sensitive they felt like they were burning with desire. I used all the persuasion I could to get his mouth around my cock, my hands trying to force his face to me, my body swiveling, squirming in efforts to slip my cock inside his warmth. He ignored me and did as he pleased with my body.

My body was a quivering mass of emotions and sensations. I felt as if he'd teased and tortured me for hours. It seemed like he'd brought me to the edge and then backed off, prolonging the inevitable. His mouth continued to work its magic, his hands never laying still, continuously caressing, pinching, and moving over my heated skin.

"C'mon, Joel...don't make me beg, man. Ohhh...shit...I need to come...please, Joel, suck me."

For the first time in my life, I heard myself begging. I wasn't restrained in any way, my hands weren't tied down, my body was free to move, and yet, I lay there unable to take control, begging for him to give me what I wanted. I watched as he took my cock and rubbed the head over his lips, my hips squirming in an attempt to push myself into his eager mouth. My entire body centered on what he was doing to me.

His lips opened slowly and my dick became surrounded by hot moisture. I tried to encourage him but all I could manage was deep guttural moans. This was it; I was over the edge, oblivious to everything but his mouth and my cock. His suction pulled my balls up as his hands pulled mine from his hair. I gripped tightly as my body tensed. I felt my cream surging through my dick with a force I rarely felt. My hips ground against him and my ass clenched tight as my seed splattered his mouth. A grunt accompanied every shot of cream as he milked my balls empty.

My ass fell back on the sofa and my fingers went back to softly running through his hair. My heart was still pounding as he began cleaning off my cock, looking as if he truly relished the taste. My body was relaxing slowly and my breathing returning to normal.

"Fucking 'A', Joel...that was intense."

I could feel his cock still hard and leaking as it rubbed against my leg. A strange nervousness churned in my stomach. I knew how to suck cock but was unsure if I could do it with his same intensity. This had to be good if I expected Joel to want more, if I expected him to stick around tonight.

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