When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 03


Giving his ripe ass a squeeze I said, "Good, hop on and we'll go." As he slid on behind me and adjusted his helmet, I told him, "Being a passenger is easy. All you have to do is relax, hang on and let your body move with mine. Don't fight me when I'm maneuvering or cornering and don't tense up."

"Sure, Joel, don't worry, I'm fine."

I ran my palms back along the outsides of his thighs to his hips, leaned back into him and looked over my shoulder at him. "You're way better than fine, Muffin," I said with a smile and slipped on my Ray-Bans. I made a brief stop along the way to fill the tank, using the moments when I didn't need both hands to slide along his jean-clad thighs. The attendant, in his little, bulletproof booth eyed us, but I couldn't have cared less. I didn't know him from Adam and his opinion meant nothing to me.

When we got to Devlin's friends' house, I pulled us up into the driveway along side a couple cars, and gunned the engine a couple times, enjoying the macho roaring rumble of it. The nearby gate through the privacy fence swung open and a man looked out at us. He walked over, clearly recognizing my passenger, followed by a stream of other people. My eyes widened behind my sunglasses. It hadn't occurred to me there would be so many of them. Killing the engine and kicking the stand down, I swallowed hard and took a deep breath, trying to prepare myself.


"I hadn't planned on being out in public when I threw these shorts on, Joel, it'll only take a minute for me to change." I pulled the olive green jeans and tan polo shirt from my closet, dismissing his seductive invitation to join him, as nicely as I could. I pulled my jeans on and slipped the shirt over my head, checking my hair in the mirror. I paused to check the fit of the polo shirt across my shoulders and caught a glimpse in the mirror of Joel sprawled across my bed, watching me intently. "Okay, let's go, before I change my mind and hold you prisoner in my bedroom."

It didn't take long for Joel to calm my worries about riding on his Harley. A few blocks from our building he started playing with me, gunning the engine when he safely could do so, and taking the curves fast if traffic allowed. When at a stoplight, his hands would automatically reach to rub my calves and thighs, making my nerves tingle. The vibration of the ride, Joel's hands and the closeness of him had me very aroused. While stopping for gas, he continued to tease my legs; I gave his bulge a squeeze and told him how horny he made me, pushing myself against the small of his back while the station attendant watched in disgust. His hand slid back between us, feeling me up as if he didn't believe me. I moaned into his ear wishing we had somewhere private to take this. He laughed and told me to cool my jets before taking off back onto the road.

He made a point of revving the engine in Brian's driveway, announcing our arrival. I squeezed his sides playfully before swinging my leg over the bike and taking the helmet off my head. Several of my friends were already heading towards us, and I'm sure they were wondering who in hell was pulling up with a bike like this.

I should have expected Robbie would be the first out to greet us.

"Oh...my...God! Super butch Devlin is riding bitch on the back of a bike. I'm so glad that I was here to see it!" Robbie exclaimed, snapping his fingers in the air dramatically before placing his hands on his cocked hips in a girlish way.

Everyone else became silent; I stared at him showing my displeasure with his comment, and toyed with the idea of punching him in the face. Meanwhile, Joel carefully took off his helmet, set it on the tank in front of him and looked Robbie up and down. He took off his Ray-Bans, looked him in the eyes, and said, "You must be Robbie."

Joel's delivery was so deadpan it was clear Robbie wasn't going to get the best of him. The others began murmuring and snickering as Robbie demanded to know how Joel knew who he was. Joel dismounted his bike and promptly assumed the same pose as Robbie.

"Puhlease," he snapped his fingers in imitation of Robbie, "Your reputation precedes you." Joel said smirking.

Then he shifted back into his normal stance, and looked around at the others as if he was trying to match names with faces.

"Dev's talked about most of you actually."

"Everyone, meet a new friend of mine, Joel. He thinks I like him for his sense of humor, but really it's for his bike."

I tried my best to mask my anger with both Robbie's comment and Joel's equally flaming response. I saw Jeff and Mike in the back of the crowd, both with new girlfriends, whispering back and forth. Disgusted, I'm sure, by the outbreak of gayness. I don't know why I cared what they thought, but I did.

Joel had stepped over to Robbie, shaking his hand while Brian made his way to me, whispering for me to chill and giving my shoulder a friendly squeeze. We've had many conversations regarding my feelings and Brian knew the type of man I was attracted to had to act all-man. I nodded my head and was about to say something when Deb reached up, putting her arms around me and giving me her usual innocent hello kiss, asking me where I found the hot biker guy and asking why they hadn't met him before. Deb could always calm my anger and bring a smile to my face.

Eventually everyone wandered into the backyard, mingling on the expansive, wood deck. Joel placed a hand on my back as I was bending over the cooler to grab a beer. His touch felt familiar, warm and caring, and he asked if everything was all right.

"Everything is just great, Joel, except, they don't have any of that old man's drink you like, no scotch. I bet you're not really a beer man either. Can I get you something else? Wait; don't tell me," I glanced over the variety of beverages available on the table, "Chardonnay?" My question came out more sarcastically than I had intended, but to make sure he realized how I felt, I gave him my best puppy dog look. "Sorry, that didn't come out right." I was still irritated about his interaction with Robbie, but I knew deep down I was just being foolish. He didn't seem to buy my lame attempt at an apology. Bending over, he grabbed a bottle and walked away. Great, I thought to myself, I'm going to have to explain my sudden rudeness to him later and figure out a way to make it up to him.

As the afternoon progressed, I cooled down and enjoyed the company of my friends, keeping an eye on Joel when he wasn't next to me. Cathy, my ex- girlfriend had not shown up, which gave me some comfort, knowing a confrontation with her would be more than I could handle right now. For someone who came across shy, Joel seemed quite comfortable with my friends. We would sneak glances at each other and when we were close we would give each other knowing squeezes, not being able to leave the other alone. I was feeling good by the time we had all eaten, knowing my friends were accepting Joel into our circle.

Feeling a need to show Joel I was sorry for my earlier attitude, I took his hand and pulled him with me. His confused look made me grin as I pushed him against the wall of the garage, out of sight from the others. Slowly, I licked his neck until my tongue reached his ear, "I needed to touch you, babe." I placed my arms against the brick wall and ground my crotch against his. Our lips touched briefly, before he opened and let my tongue sink in. Way too soon I heard our names being called and reluctantly pulled away. I took his hand and felt myself blush slightly as others noticed where we had been. "I, uh, was showing Joel the rest of the backyard."

Later in the afternoon, Mike came up to me while I was grabbing another beer. "So, you going back to men?" he questioned. Somewhat surprised he was being so direct, I had to stop and think before answering. "Mike, you should know by now, you and I see things differently. I don't restrict my affections based on gender. If I find someone attractive and interesting I'll go after them, get to know them, if it leads to more, so be it. However, since you asked, I'd be willing to bet Joel sucks cock better than that blonde you got on your arm today." Ok, now I've made yet another rude remark, I really need to keep myself in check here, I told myself as I stepped away from Mike and headed towards Joel.

Deb eventually cornered me, pulling me away from the others, and wanted to know how I met the dark haired man, how long I'd known him, and if it was serious or just a fling. I chuckled and explained how we had been eyeing each other for a couple of months, but had just gotten together. She could see the happiness in my eyes, but she still warned me to take it slow, that I was falling too fast for this hunk. I told her she knew me too well and not to scare Joel away with her big sister act.

I was about to expound more about Joel when Brian walked up and asked if I'd bedded the guy yet. I slapped his back, and laughed, reminding him, "I don't kiss and tell, that's why Deb will never find out the truth about us," giving him a peck on his cheek. It was a standing joke between the three of us.

Not much later, Deb had Joel over by the pond, deep in conversation. I continued joking with the guys, but in truth, my focus was on Joel and Deb, trying to read their lips, their facial expressions. When they both glanced my way, I averted my eyes, not wanting them to know I was watching. Of course, I was assuming the worst, that Deb was giving away all my secrets, and by the end of the day, Joel would decide our new friendship was not worth pursuing.

Later, Joel and I were helping Deb carry in some of the leftover food. I looked his way, seeing the profile of his face, his thick black hair, his cheekbones, a glimpse of the green of his eye. I could feel a stirring, an urge to touch him again. As Joel placed a platter down on the counter, I moved in behind him, giving the back of his neck a lick and squeezing his crotch before taking his hand to lead him down the hallway and into the bathroom. Our lips pressed together as my tongue pushed into his mouth, hungry to taste him. He pulled back, his eyes showing concern rather than the 'get me naked' twinkle.

"You ok, Dev?"

I pushed him back against the counter, grinding my crotch against his, my hand running through his hair. "I'm fine now, Babe, but I didn't bring you in here to talk. I need some creamy dessert before we excuse ourselves from this party." I said, sliding down his body to kneel in front of him.

Wasting no time, I undid his jeans, sliding them and his underwear down to his ankles. His cock was already thickening when my tongue snaked over it. Joel moaned softly, his dick jerking against my tongue as he asked me to stop, not to do this here, not now. I shook my head no, squeezing his balls tightly to let him know I was serious about this, and sucked him into my mouth. The power I had over him became clear as he stiffened in my mouth, my tongue rolling his foreskin back, exposing the head. Letting him plop out of my mouth just long enough to let him know what I wanted.

"Babe, I'm not stopping until I get my dessert."

I was sucking him back in, while his fingers ran through my hair, when suddenly there was a loud knock on the door scaring the hell out of both of us. I heard Joel say in a voice that was husky and filled with lust that the room was occupied. However, the person on the other side was persistent and once I heard Robbie's voice I knew it was no use to continue. I stood up, licking Joel's neck while whispering that we'd pick this up when we got home. I pulled his pants back up, reluctantly zipping them closed. As we opened the door, there stood Robbie, hands on his hips.

"Well, well," Robbie said, giving us the once over, "Looks like I missed a private party."


Devlin was acting rather strangely at first, and I couldn't figure out why he was so snide when he asked if I wanted some wine. I didn't know what he meant for certain, but it felt as if he were implying that I wasn't a real man if I didn't like beer. I began wondering if he was going to treat me differently around his friends.

I'd seen it happen to a close friend in college. The man my friend was dating professed to be completely out, and was very kind and sweet to him when they were private, but any time they were with others he would treat my friend terribly. The problem was that he was out and everyone knew him to be bisexual, but a little part of him was ashamed of it, and so he treated his male lovers like dirt in public because he didn't want anyone to know that he cared about them.

I didn't know what his problem was, and I really didn't like where my train of thought was going. It wasn't easy feeling both angry and hurt at the same time without showing it, and I didn't know how long I'd be able to keep the front up. I accepted his apology without making an issue of anything, not wanting a potentially ugly scene in front of strangers, grabbed a Mike's Hard Lemonade, and excused myself for some mingling.

I wasn't too sure what to make of Devlin's friends. Most of them seemed very nice and accepting, but others were verging on rude. Mike and Jeff kept away from me as if I were a leper. Robbie, who'd initially been quite friendly because he thought my imitation of him was funny, started giving me the evil eye when his lover, Mark, started flirting with me. It turned out that Robbie was a member of this circle of friends because he'd hooked up with Mark, much like my own introduction to them through Devlin. If I read the group dynamic correctly, the core people were Devlin and Brian. They knew each other from elementary school and all of the others joined the circle of friends in ones and twos over the ensuing years.

I honestly didn't know what to think about Devlin. He acted angry with me and yet I could feel his eyes following me any time I wasn't at his side. When we were together, he didn't seem comfortable unless he had at least one hand touching me in some way. I couldn't believe he would wrap his arm around my waist and pull me against him if he wanted them to believe his only interest in me was sexual, and I seriously doubted that he'd kiss me or fondle my ass in front of them if he was ashamed. I wondered if he realized that when he looked at me the expression on his face was possessive. I knew I wasn't imagining it, I could tell that Deb was seeing the same thing by the way she looked so worried every time he glanced my way. She cornered me by the koi pond when I tried to get away from the crowd for a few minutes.

"Joel, could I speak with you for a moment, please?" I knew what was coming, but I thought it would make her feel better if I let her do it her way.

"Yes, of course. Why don't we get comfortable while we talk?" I responded, indicating the wooden bench that sat nearby under a lovely, old elm. We sat, and each of us sipped our drinks, then she took a deep breath and turned to face me.

"I can see that he's falling for you, falling fast. Too fast, if you ask me, considering the short time you've known each other. He seems so confidant and self possessed, and he is," she laid her hand on my knee, to lend greater weight to her emphatically spoken words, "But he's easily wounded, and is still tender from his break up with Cathy several months ago. In fact, I would have told you that he wasn't even considering dating yet, if he hadn't brought you here today.

"Look at him over there, Joel." Both of us turned our gaze to Devlin, and I realized that this was the longest I'd gone without looking his way since we arrived, "He's horsing around with his buddies, telling dirty jokes and drinking beer. He's obviously having a great time, but that's not where his attention is. His awareness has been focused on you since the moment the two of you pulled up on that bike of yours, and that's not like him. Even at the beginning of a relationship." I pulled my eyes away from Devlin and his crowd of friends, looking back at Deb.

"I know you've noticed how he looks at you, and I get the feeling that it scares you a little. I don't know, but I've seen you backing off from him a few times, turning away when you see him looking at you from across the yard. Dev isn't worried for himself right now because he hasn't realized how far you've gotten under his skin. All he knows is that he's having a good time with you, and he's not thinking beyond that."

"I don't mean to be rude, but all of this must be leading somewhere, Deb." I said trying to halt what looked to be a babbling spree in the making.

"Well, yes," she said, looking surprised and amused. "The point I'm trying to make is that when he realizes how he feels about you, when it finally hits him, he's going be scared and he's probably going to try to push you away. If you let him pull away, or refuse to reconcile with him if he does, then both of you will wind up hurt. I'm worried about how fast this is going between you, but the fact that it's happening at all tells me that you two might be right for each other, and I don't want to see that ruined through misunderstanding or fear."

"So, basically, you're placing the responsibility for a relationship, which might not even exist, on my shoulders?" I asked incredulously.

"No, Joel, you've misunderstood. The relationship, and believe me when I say there definitely is one, should be an equal job between you two, but in any partnership there are times when one or the other must pull more of the weight. Should Devlin get scared by how strongly he feels for you, and I'm not saying that he will, simply that he might, you would need to carry a little more weight and pull him through the rough spot."

"Isn't that your job as his best friend?" I asked, curious what she would say.

"Yes, of course it is, and that's why I'm going to give you my cell number so that, if you need me, you can get in touch with me anytime," she said, pulling a scrap of bright pink paper out of the top of her flowery blouse and holding it out to me. I opened the folded paper, which turned out to be a Post-it Note.

Debra Sampson

555 – 9495

Call me if you need me

When I looked back up from the paper, she leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a tight hug. I had to respond, returning the gesture in kind. "Be good to him, Joel. He needs someone as much as I think you do." she said in my ear before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Is there some reason you're pawing my wife?" I heard Brian ask and looked up to see him grinning at us.

"Hey, man, she was coming on to me. I kept telling her that I'm not into girls, but she won't take no for an answer." I exclaimed with mock indignation.

"Bri, you fool, you know I'd not let anyone but you and Dev paw me," she said, giving his ass a playful slap, "Joel and I were just agreeing on what's best for Dev is all."

"And Dev can't do that for himself?" he inquired, clearly amused.

"Precisely. I do believe you're beginning to catch on, Sweetheart." Her voice and expression were completely earnest as she patted his cheek and strutted away. "Well, come on. We need to get the leftovers put away," she called over her shoulder.

While we were putting away the food, Devlin grabbed my hand, dragging me down the hall and into the bathroom. I tried to get him to stop, this being a very bad place for this, but he was having none of it, and I honestly wasn't trying very hard to stop him. Before I knew it, I was hard as a rock and sliding down his throat. I bit my bottom lip and panted through my nose, trying to make as little noise as possible, but it wasn't easy. He was sucking me hard and fast, and it felt incredible. He would be getting his dessert shortly if he kept this up.

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