tagGay MaleWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 04

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 04


Note to readers:

Heyla, all, Tom Collins here.

It’s been a while since chapter three of this story posted, and I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and continued interest in seeing the rest of it. There were some bumps for Jushorny and I that kept us from finishing it and it finally happened that he acquired a new job and wasn’t be able to complete the tale with me. With his go a head, I found someone willing help me finish writing it. That’s where 3113 comes into the picture. She magnanimously agreed to pull my ass out of the crack it was in by taking over Devlin’s POV. Jus and I’d already begun writing this chapter when the lapse started, so poor 3 took up the gauntlet not only in the middle of the story, but also with part of a chapter already written. I think she’s done a marvelous of fitting her own style in with ours, and I hope you all agree.

Let me just finish by saying I’m sorry for the lengthy delay in completing this story, and I most sincerely hope y’all enjoy this chapter and the others that shall be submitted as soon as they come through the editorial process.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Pt.4
By Tom Collins, Jushorny and 3113

After an excruciatingly anxious ride home, massaging Joel’s cock the entire way, I finally had him where I wanted him: spread out naked on my bed. I knew I had some explaining to do about my behavior at my friend’s barbecue, but that could wait.

“Just lay back, Joel, and let me play.”

Raising his arms over his head, I licked his slightly damp pits, tasting his salty skin; smelling his masculine scent. I moaned right along with him, alternating from one armpit to the other, teasing his shaft with my fingers. When I glanced up, Joel peered at me with half closed eyes, and his thick, soft lips seemed to be asking for a kiss. He willingly let me slide my tongue in and along side his.

He sighed as I moved lower to suck the heated skin below his Adam’s apple. I reached back, taking his hand off my head and placing it back over his, shaking my head no. I couldn’t seem to get enough of Joel’s hot, sweaty, squirming body as my thigh ran over his cock while pinching and tweaking his nipples. I knew he wouldn’t last long once my lips wrapped around his shaft. That was exactly how I wanted it to be. I wanted to get him off fast, get him nice and relaxed before I explained my rude behavior and the reasons for it.

I noticed how sharply the thick, dark hair on his legs contrasted to the pale blond fuzz on mine as I shifted to spread his further apart. His cock was pointing up, a string of pre-cum connecting it to his abs. He jerked and squirmed even more as I pressed my tongue against his balls. I felt his hands on my head, attempting to guide me to his cock.

“Joel, either you raise those hands above your head, and let me get you off my way, or the only satisfaction your cock will get will be from your hand.”

I chuckled at how quickly he released his hold. He grumbled unintelligibly, but the tone was clearly pleading with me. Tilting my head, I slowly opened my lips and sucked his hardness into my wet, hungry mouth. I coated him with saliva, continuing to descend until he was completely inside, poking at my throat. The sucking sounds became louder the faster I bobbed my head. His vocalizations grew in frequency as his hips attempted to push in deeper.

No longer did I want to tease and extend his agony. Now it was all about coaxing a deliciously creamy load from his balls. Running my tongue along his cock as it slid in and out of my mouth, I stroked his inner thighs lightly. His ass lifted up off the bed as I worked my magic. The feeling of having control over Joel, of controlling his sexual need and urgency, was intense.

His pubic bone smashed against my nose while he grunted, sending a signal for me to get ready to accept his seed. I sucked down harder, licking his cock as it throbbed and jerked. His howl of ecstasy was perfectly timed with the first gush of semen. I swallowed around his girth eliciting yet another grunt, yet another spurt of cream. I sucked and swallowed until his body began to relax, eventually releasing his softening cock, and moving to lay along side him, kissing his neck. I rested my face on his shoulder, my lips inches from his ear and waited.

I could hear his breathing slow; I sensed his heartbeat softening through the palm of my hand as it lay on his hairy chest. Opening my eyes enough to see his closed, I thought about what I wanted to express to Joel while he rested. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed when I felt his hand run along the side of my body. This time when I looked, his eyes were open, and he was smiling back at me. Now I could begin my apology and attempt to explain my actions, my feelings of earlier in the day.

“Joel,” my voice soft, wanting him to know I was sincere, “I was way out of line at the barbeque. I’m not sure what got into me. I guess it was a combination of things. I wanted you to accept my friends, and I wanted my friends to accept you.”

The deep green of his eyes seemed to beckon me on. All right, Dev, I said to myself, you can be yourself now, just tell this him how you feel.

“I don’t hide my sexuality, but my friends…they’ve never seen me with a guy. Frankly, I’ve never been with a guy I wanted to introduce to my friends. I guess…I guess I was over-eager to show you off.” I could feel my heartbeat speeding up. I wanted to be honest, but I didn’t want to piss him off, either. “And I was hypersensitive about what they’d think. Especially when you mimicked Robbie.”

He was quiet for one long, drawn-out moment. “You don’t think your friends will take you seriously if they believe you’re with a flaming queen,” he finally said. Trust a lawyer to get right to the heart of the argument. His tone didn’t condemn, but neither did it approve of my prejudice.

Shit, fuck, piss. Was that strike one for me…or a strike out?

“Pretty much, yeah. Look, it was a knee-jerk reaction,” I said quickly, “maybe due to my upbringing or just social pressure. Either way, I didn’t like myself acting like that. Truth to tell, I was…kinda surprised.”

“You’ve never really tested how open you are about being bi, have you?”

I winced. Got in it in one. “Not really. I thought I was more out than that, but I guess not. I mean it’s weird. I don’t give a shit what strangers think. But when it comes to my friends…I guess it matters to me.”

Another pause. “Believe it or not, I can understand where you’re coming from. I worry about what others think too, which is why I’m not completely out myself. If I’ve learned anything it’s that I can’t censor myself to please others, not even those I want to please. I’m not like Robbie, but I don’t know that I’ll always act like you want me to. Can you be okay with that?”

There is was: the deal breaker. I’d never had anyone be so upfront with me about it. I could feel his fingers run through my hair and his lips kissing the top of my head, trying to soften the blow.

I wanted to lie, string him out and milk the relationship for all it was worth. With anyone else, I might have, but I couldn’t do that to Joel.

“I…don’t know,” I confessed. “Look, I’ve only been with a few guys, but my first, my college roommate…all we did was fuck around. We didn’t even hang out together. Just studied for exams and screwed and that’s pretty much the way I’ve viewed guys ever since. I figure they want sex like I want sex and that’s all we’re going to have.”

It wasn’t the biggest revelation of my life, but it wasn’t one I’d examined up close either. I was equal opportunity at first glance, guy or girl, if I liked them I wanted to bed them. But with the girls, I also thought about what might happen afterwards. Males didn’t get that consideration. At least, they hadn’t up until now. Up until last night.

I added, with a forced chuckle. “There was this one gorgeous hunk I showed a house to. We exchanged looks in the kitchen, kisses in the bedroom, and blowjobs in the rec room. He didn’t buy the house, but he did say I was the best real estate agent he’d ever met.”

Joel laughed, and I felt a relieved break in the tension. I relaxed at last and concentrated on his body touching mine.

“Girls are the ones I’ve had relationships with and while I haven’t thought much about living happily ever after, I always kinda assumed I’d end up with a woman. Not that the idea of ending up with a guy feels bad or wrong or anything like that…”

“What does it feel like?” he softly asked.

“New and a little strange, like being without a compass. Like today, how do you introduce your sexy new guy to your friends…and let them know that you’re going to be giving that kind of a relationship a try? That you want them to take it seriously?”

I rested my head on Joel’s wonderful pelt of chest hair and listened to his heart. I hoped he understood, because I’d never confessed so much to anyone.

“Well, this is a mess,” he finally sighed.


“You want me to provide a road map for us, but this is almost as new for me as it is for you.” He ruffled my hair. “You’re my first bi-sexual.”

I lay there, feeling the tension that had built up inside of him drain away slower than I would have liked. It was clear that he wasn’t used to introspection and didn’t like it much, especially when it wasn’t a private examination. I wondered what I could say, or do, to put him at ease. It seemed as if a lawyer ought to be able to find just the right words.

“Well, the first one to stick around longer than their erection. I always knew I was gay, and as soon as I could, I cruised that scene. I've had the odd bi-curious guy, but they always wanted a quick fuck. A couple of them wouldn’t even kiss. Said it was too intimate. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see you again after Friday night. I expected you to blow me off the next day even before you came on full force in the elevator.”

I sensed his tension mounting again, and felt that I must be saying something wrong, or maybe the conversation was getting too heavy for him. It seemed it was time to pull out the big guns. Rolling myself in his direction, I straddled his hips and settled my ass firmly on his half-hard cock. The look of surprise on his face made me smile as I covered his chest with my own, pressing us together nipple to nipple, our noses nearly touching.

“So, what I’m babbling on about is that I’m flying as blind as you are. I’ve only had two actual relationships, both with purely gay men, so the problems that we’ll encounter aren’t likely to be ones I’ve dealt with before.”

Sinking my fingers into his hair, I felt his hands gliding up the outsides of my thighs to grip my hips. I enjoyed the sensation of him coming fully erect beneath me as I spoke once more, “We’re just going to have to take it as it comes and figure it out together. For my own part, I’m quite smitten with the part of you that you’ve let me see so far. No, uhh…pun intended.” I’d let my lips butterfly kiss his on the word “smitten”, and ground against his hard on when I said “pun”.

He huffed loudly, nearly grunting, and raised his head to catch my mouth with his own. This was no sweetly tender kiss; it was unadulterated passion. His hips rolled underneath me like the deck of a ship, mirroring the way the raw, animal hunger churned inside of him. I rode the swelling waves of his growing ardor, growling into his mouth when he squeezed my cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart so his hard shaft could slip between them. I was rigid as rebar again, and my body ached with emptiness.

Tearing myself away from his demanding mouth, I said, “There’s only one thing I absolutely have to know before we go any further, Muffinman.”

He groaned loud and long. Letting go of my ass, he looking into my eyes and demanded, “What, Joel, what do you need to know now?” his exasperation came through crystal clear, and I couldn’t keep from grinning.

“What do you have around here that we can use for lube? ‘Cause if you don’t have anything we’re just gonna have to rough it.”

“Oh,” he breathed, throw off stride by my question, “Uh…I’ve got a bottle in the nightstand.”

I moved over to the one he’d looked at, and opened the drawer. Pulling out a good-sized bottle of KY, I scooted back to reclaim my position. Sitting on his thighs, I carefully warmed the slick liquid between my palms before heavily coating his cock. When I reached around to ready myself he stopped me, saying he wanted to do it. I scraped the KY onto his fingers from mine as he sat up and moved in so we pressed against each other again. He pulled one of my cheeks to the side, and I felt the cool gel cover my eager hole. I could tell how anxious he was when he immediately pushed two fingers in instead of starting with one. Grunting, I bit down on his shoulder as I pushed back against his hand, needing more.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, sounding concerned.

“Hell no, it feels incredible. Give me another,” is what I told him, as I mouthed his neck and gripped his back. It burned when he added a third to the first two, but it was the pain of impending pleasure. My dick twitched between us, releasing a heavy trickle of pre-cum onto his stomach. I squirted more lube onto his fingers when he asked for it. He’d only just gotten the second coat of KY in when I decided that I couldn’t wait any more. The thickness of his fingers felt unbelievable, but it wasn’t enough. I needed deep penetration.

Pushing gently on his shoulders I said, “That’s good, Dev, I’m ready,” and slid further into his lap as he lay back. He gripped the tops of my thighs, while I positioned him at my opening. I pushed down slowly and felt him slipping past the ultra sensitive ring of muscle. As soon as I was certain his glans was seated, I moved my hand out of the way and dropped onto him hard, wanting to get any initial discomfort over with. He gasped, grinding his pelvis up to meet my decent. I was holding my breath, but lost it in a gush as a fiery buzz of pleasure burned through me as his crown ran across my prostate. My cock, leaning at a forty-five degree angle, jerked up nearly to my stomach as it drooled more viscous fluid onto Devlin’s abs.

“God…yeah…that’s what I’m talking about!” I ground out huskily through clenched teeth, while bracing myself on Devlin’s pecs and rolling my hips. Covering his chest once more, I assaulted his mouth with my own and rode him fiercely.

He surprised me when he rolled us, taking the control from me. I laughed and said, “Oh, yeah…that’s it, Beautiful. Fuck me like you never would a woman,” as I tucked my heels against the small of his back and pulled his mouth back to mine.

“Your wish is my command,” I said. This is what I’d lusted for all along, Joel on his back, my cock buried deep. But, damn, if my imagination had fallen short. Way short. The heat and tightness of Joel’s ass was incredible, and the way he looked, lying there, moaning, abs rippling. I’d never seen anything so hot. I gripped the back of his thighs pushing them back until they pressed against skin giving me complete access to him. I pulled slowly back, feeling the walls of his ass grasp my cock attempting to pull me back inside.

I tugged at the hair on his chest as I pushed back, the mushroom head rubbing against his prostate. His moan was only one indication that he was enjoying this. He reached up, pulling on my neck until my mouth covered his. The rough texture of his tongue ran across my gums urging me to continue. I could feel his erection pressed tightly between our bodies, each thrust of my hips squeezing more pre-cum out. I pulled off his mouth, my eyes feasting on his body, his expression submissive, as if he wanted to be my little fuck toy.

“Yeah, you like feeling my cock.”

I slammed in until my hips slapped his thighs hard, his head pushed up against the headboard. “Fuck,” I grunted feeling myself bottom out before pulling back nice and slow. Wrapping my hand around his cock, I thumbed the head as I pulled back slowly, watching my lubed cock appear. Looking up, I saw his eyes roll back.

I had him where I wanted him: spread out before me, taking my cock and so very close to begging. I pushed back in, feeling the walls of his ass spread as I bit down on his nipple, pulling back as if I’d never let go. His back bowed and his body squirmed sideways.

“Shit, c’mon, just do it. I can’t take this, fuck, damn…” he said plaintively.

I let go of his nipple and looked up with a devilish grin before pressing my lips against his, shoving my tongue in deep enough to feel the opening of his throat. I braced my body with my arms stretched while my hips continued to roll.

“Oh, I’m gonna take you…I’m making your ass mine. You’ll never want anyone else inside you when I’m through.”

Once again, I gripped his thighs, this time tighter, as my hips began to increase in speed. Sweat ran down my back and chest, the heat of his ass transferring through my body. He stroked his engorged dick in time with my thrusts. I could barely see the deep green of his eyes as his head thrashed side to side. His hips lifted to meet mine, his inner muscles gripping onto me while he fucked his hand furiously.

My balls ached as they slapped his ass, so hard and tight they hurt. Joel’s were just as hard, it wouldn’t be much longer before our orgasm overtook us. I reached down, pinching and pulling his nipples, while encouraging him to come for me.

First, I felt his ass clenching down, then saw his cock jerk, his teeth grind, and his back flex. He spouted out a few more curses before his cock began spewing thick, white cream, shooting with such ferocity it landed on his chest.


I ground against him, rubbing his prostate with my cock as he rode his orgasm for all it was worth. Before he finished emptying his balls, I felt the surge in my own. I pumped fast, feeling him grip me, milking the come from my balls. My orgasm was more intense than anticipated, and my body took over, needing to ride the sensations to their fullest. I jerked and grunted as I shot my cream deep inside him.

Our bodies streamed with sweat, his hole felt slick and slimy with a mixture of lube and come. I let go of his thighs and slumped on top of him, our cheeks touching as we panted into each other’s ears. He brought his arms around me, one across my back, the other resting on my ass.

“Goddamn, you’re a sweet fuck, Joel.”

It was amazing how good I felt lying under him, his weight pressing me into his firm mattress. I enjoyed the sense of closeness until my chest and stomach started itching too much. I suggested we clean up a bit and untangled myself from him to retrieve a couple wet washcloths. After we cleaned up, I tossed the rags onto some of the clothes we’d strewn around the room. We talked about ourselves, playing the question game and telling anecdotes as the room slowly grew darker, until the only light left came from the green, glowing numerals on the bedside clock. That’s the last thing I recall before waking to muted morning light. Then it had read a little after nine p.m. and now it said half past five in the morning.

Devlin lay partially on his stomach, and I covered half of his warm back, my eager morning wood pressed into his glute. With my head pillowed on his shoulder blade, the beat of his heart and breathing sounded strong in my ear. He shifted slightly, his restless legs moving mine too, and I realized that that’s what woke me.

Shifting my own position a bit, I covered more of his back with my chest, nestling my rigid cock against his cleft. Grazing my palm over every bit of skin I could reach, I nibbled along the curve of his shoulder and neck. I heard him draw in a long breath then murmur quietly as he shifted again, rolling up onto his side. The move pushed his ass harder against my cock, making me shudder a little.

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