tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhen It's Quiet...

When It's Quiet...


I come home from work a little after midnight to an empty house. My roommate works overnight, and I've always been a night person, so I'll be up by myself for a couple more hours before I try to sleep. I turn on the computer to go online, and I turn on cartoons or music videos for background noise. The cat is tearing around like she's possessed, so I lock her away in the laundry room until she calms down. I connect to the Internet, check my mail, and go to my usual sites. I decide to surf through some old bookmarks, and I find an erotic story archive.

I scroll through the list of newer stories and click on a few. I'm getting warmer, and my pants are suddenly very constricting. They are now lying on the floor next to me. I pull my hair free of the scrunchi and let it flow over my shoulders. I lean back and read some more. I check out the incest category, just for laughs. Mostly sons and mothers, and I think Freud would have a field day. I find one about sisters, but after a while just switch to the lesbian category. I'm hetero myself, but watching or reading about women turns me on a lot. I read on, many of these are cheesily written, a few are tasteful. My breathing is shallow. I play with one nipple through my shirt as I read, making it push up the fabric. My hand wanders down and into my panties. I am pleasantly surprised by how wet I am.

I lean further back in my chair, one hand on the mouse so I can scroll through the stories, the other slowly massaging my growing clit. My cheeks are flush. I pull my shirt up and unhook my front closing, slightly see through bra. I dip a finger in my wetness and slowly rub my juices into my nipple. I go on to the next story. I prop one leg up on the computer desk. I rub my juices all over my pussy. My clit is huge, and every slippery stroke sends flaming waves of pleasure all through me. I am moaning audibly now. I insert a finger slowly into myself and gasp as I stir it around inside me. I add another finger, and I thrust my pelvis with each stroke. I feel sexy, and I wish I wasn't by myself.

I abandon the computer and lay on the floor. I pull my underwear and shirt completely off, but I leave my bra hanging around my shoulders. I hold my left arm out away from me as my right hand is busy. I think of the stories I'd just read and fantasies I've made up in my head. I turn over, and holding my hand still, I move my hips over my stiff fingers. My breasts are pressed and rubbing against the carpet. I look down past them at my thrusting hips. I moan with each thrust, thoroughly enjoying myself. I envision the neighbors downstairs hearing me, probably figuring I have someone up here with me. I roll onto my back again, spread my legs as wide as they'll go. I try to prolong it, I slow in my strokes so that I don't climax too soon. The draft from the other room feels cool on my soaking wet pussy. I bring my fingers to my mouth and slowly suck off my own juices, and I play with my tits, softly stroking them and kneading them. My fingers dip again into my pussy, then back to my mouth. I rub my clit very slowly.

I could cum at any time, but it feels so good I make a conscious effort not to. I keep on rubbing my clit, sliding my finger past the opening, slipping in and out. I stretch my middle finger further down to tease my anus. I am so wet that it has dripped down, I could slide a finger into my ass if I wanted to. I wish I had a man or a dildo. I roll over onto my stomach again, and now my left hand is working on my pussy, and I reach around behind me to play with my ass. I have lost all track of time, and I don't care how loud I am or who hears me. I am lost in a cloud of pure pleasure. I prop myself up on my knees, push my ass high in the air and try to reach further around me. My fingers can barely reach my pussy from here. I reach back under me and smack my pussy a couple of times before stroking my clit again.

I need to cum. I build myself up slowly but determinedly. I turn over and sit with my knees up and apart, propping myself up with my left hand. I look down past my heaving breasts as I very slowly and very lightly rub my pussy. I gradually increase speed and pressure, and I start to feel my spine turning to liquid. Then suddenly it rushes me, I am gasping for air, and my entire pelvis spasms with delight. I try not to scream.

I collapse flat on the floor with my legs spread, enjoying each pulsating aftershock to its fullest, catching my breath. I lay very still for a long time. I sluggishly turn my head to check the time. It has gotten pretty late, I should try to sleep a little before I have to pick my roommate up from work. My fingers wander back to my pussy. I'm still soaked, and my clit is hyper sensitive. I know it was good, because I want more, but I am exhausted. I fall asleep soundly.

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