tagAnalWhen Lance Was Lanced

When Lance Was Lanced


I had popped into a cafe for a cup of tea to while away the time as I was awaiting the camp bus. It had been a fruitless night, the women had not fell for my ruthless charms, not as they ever did. My mates were forever telling me I would dip out in a Soho Brothel.

'This someone's seat?'

'No, Mate. Help yourself!'

'Obviously you didn't click with a lady-friend? You should have worn your Navy uniform. I honestly do not know why you didn't.' His eyes gazed at me as if taking my measurements, then he continued, ' You are very good-looking. You are from the Navy camp, I take it?'

The guy was about ten years my senior, but clean and obviously worked out a lot.

'Yes and no. Yes I'm Navy and no, about the girls. As for me not clicking, you are telling me the story of my life, Mate.'

'Name is Jeremy. Maybe you are looking for the wrong type of friend.'

'An older woman, you mean? Even they don't look twice at me.'

Smiling at me, he said, 'No, maybe you are looking for masculine company.'

'What are you getting at, Mister? You think I'm gay?'

'Easy Tiger! You never know what you are until you test yourself. Maybe females think you are. They have the knack of knowing these things. Have other guys come onto you?'

The guy was creepy, in a way that was getting under my skin. Under the table my cock started to feel uncomfortable. I was erecting! There was something about the texture of this guys voice. His eyes were large, blue and hypnotic. He smelled and looked as if he had just been to an all-male beauty-parlour. His hair was blue-black and crinkly. I judged him to be taller than my 5.8.

What he was intimating at, bothered me. Was he right? Had he picked me out because he knew more about me than I knew myself? It takes one to know one! Was I effeminate? Did he think I was a shirt lifter? I felt myself shivering on a warm sunny day. It's a terrible thing to doubt your own sexuality.

He looked at me for a while and then asked, 'I have a hotel room nearby. Come to my room with me. Maybe you will find yourself.'

My eyes were on his manicured hands as he made his serviette into a boat. The fingers were slender and nimble. I felt my testicles move in their sack, forcing me to open my legs enough to give them room. It was as if his fingers were already touching them.

Help! I wanted an excuse!

'I have to get back to my ship.'

Which he sank by saying, 'By what time in the morning?'

'0800 hours.'

'I will ask for an early call and run you back to the docks in my car. You did not tell me your name.'


'Mmmmmmm! That's nice, do you have a lance?'

Speak of the devil, I felt it growing down my trouser leg. I had to guide it to give it room. I was in shock because I knew I wanted to go with the guy. No female had had this effect on me and this guy was trying to jump into my boxers with me..

He paid my bill as we left and I felt self conscious as we walked to his hotel. I was mortified that he was going to touch me in the street and was relieved when we entered the hotel foyer. I waited for him to get his key then we went up in the lift to his room.

On the way up he asked, 'Are you nervous?'

Nervous! I was shaking like a sapling in a gale. My mind was full of me being naked and Jeremy putting his cock into a place which was very private to me.

'Yes, I am. I have never done anything like this before, Jeremy.'

'You have done nothing yet. Do not be afraid, nothing will happen to you unless you want it to happen. You will be surprised by all the things you will want to happen.'

'Thank you. It does not stop me feeling like a virgin going to her first gang-bang. I am still thinking of the things what can happen to me.'

'Are they sexual things, Lance?'

'Oh God! I can't believe I am doing this!'

'You are thinking of the ultimate, aren't you? You are thinking of yourself naked taking my cock up your ass. Is that right?'

I came back with a frog in my throat, 'Yes'

His bluntness threw me into a quandary. My mouth was dry and my knees were knocking. I fought with myself to regain control of my speech.

'If I say yes to you doing that to me, that makes me gay, doesn't it?'

He smiled at me and put his arm comfortingly around my shoulders and replied,

'Lance, you can still turn tail and leave and run off home or back to your ship, whichever is nearest.'

'You have read me right, you know I cannot do that. I have to know who I am even if it means you taking my cherry.'

'Thats true.' He said as the lift slowed. 'To my knowledge, Lance. No one has ever died because of being screwed up their ass, whether it be male or female. I assure you, the pleasure you will get will far outstrip any pain you might feel.'

The lift came to a halt and I followed him across the landing to a door which he opened with a slide card. Then, we were inside and the door was shut and bolted. The noise of that bolt was like a clap of thunder to my ears.

'The toilet is through there. Take a shower if you want too. Give me a shout if you want me to come in and wash your back. What do you like to drink? I have lager, bitter and whisky.

I will be on the bed, naked, when you come out.

I will be ready, waiting for you. Keep it in mind that I have bought you here for one purpose and that is to have sex with you. Lance, my Darling. I want your asshole. I want too fuck you.'

Inside the bathroom. I dropped my trousers and boxers and sat on the loo, feeling quite faint. I did not have the strength in my legs to stand up to pee into the closet.

My mind was in turmoil! I was with a guy who was going to fuck me. The fact that I was here in his rooms meant that I wanted it to happen to me. My bowels started to open, which I had no control of. I looked around and there was a bidet next to me with a hose and syringe attached. It reached the loo and I was able to place it between my legs into the closet. I adjusted the taps to supply warm water then I guided it into my asshole. The feeling of the warm water sluicing out my anal passage was out of this world! I kept filling up my bowels until I was spotless inside and out. The colliwobbles went away and I was quite calm. In fact I was happier as each moment passed. I found some Vaseline in the cupboard and I applied some into my anus, pregreasing my hole. Using a tissue, I wiped the surplus clear. I was ready.

When I stepped back into the bedroom, I got a terrific shock. Jeremy was on the bed. Jeremy was naked as he said he would be. Jeremy was not alone. There was a naked woman laying on his bed with her legs spread wide open and he was tongue- length deep into her very hairy pussy. I could see his big dick and balls hanging down between his legs. I could also see his anal button all puckered and red. It was glistening as if it had been freshly anointed with lube oils.

The woman smiled at me and said to Jeremy, 'Please introduce me to your friend, Darling. He is nice, nice cock too!'

Jeremy disengaged his lingum from her orifice and looked round at me and grinned a bit self-consciously.

'Come in, Lance. I have sprang one on you haven't I Mate? This is my wife, Angela. She loves threesomes with other men. As you are an anal virgin I thought I had better do it this way. You can still leave us if you want to.'

My cock obviously was not abashed at the ladies presence, it was standing out like a barbers pole from my loins. I was proud of it as it was on equal par to Jeremy's cock. Angela was still eyeing it quite avidly, lecherously almost. She had long dark hair, nice shapely tits with bullet-like nipples topping protrusions which looked like cut-in-half brown tennis balls.

Of oriental origin, she was the horniest looking woman that I had ever seen. Amazingly, I was not a bit embarrassed, In fact her presence made the whole thing a lot easier for me, more natural. The room already permeated with a sexual aroma which caused various parts of my body to become more aroused.

I moved over to kiss Angela, 'Hello'. Her tongue stabbed against my lips and her arms pulled me into her succulent frontage. Jeremy kissed me too and I got the taste of Angela's love juices as our tongues entwined. It was my first male to male kiss and it didn't repulse me. just the opposite, in fact. Angela targeted my rampancy while Jeremy moved behind me and spread my ass cheeks and I jumped when I felt his tongue tickle my anal bud. It caused my rectum to spasm quite painfully as if it had already been penetrated. My nerve centres were revolting at something so alien.

I became aware of Angela moving and presenting her cunt to my mouth with her legs splayed wide so that my nostrils were getting a mixture of her joint anal and vaginal odours. Her hands busily guiding my head into position. Her ardent passions were almost vulgar.

'Kiss me. Lick my pussy, Lance.'

When I opened her up with my fingers, copious globules of white juices oozed from her red lipped portals and instinctively I knew that the juices were not all Angela's. I attacked it with relish, slurping it into my mouth and giving my taste buds a treat even better than Turkish Delight. My Mother would have told me off because of the noise I was making with my nasty slurping.

At my other end, Jeremy was having a picnic with his long tongue and delving fingers into my by-now accommodating asshole. He was turning me on to the extent that I was no longer afraid of the pending sodomic invasion into my rectal depths. I was now at the stage of thinking that if he didn't fuck me I would have been terribly disappointed.

Fuck me! Just a few short hours ago, I was a straight, normal guy with no thought what-so-ever that I would be doing this with another guy. The very thought would have made me sick to my stomach. Here I was now, almost desperate to have his hard cock rammed up my ass.

I turned to him and implored him, 'Please, Jeremy, fuck me! Use a lube and be gentle, it is my first time.'

I heard Angela giggling, and almost spluttered the words, 'You heard him, Darling! Fuck the little queer! He wants your rock hard prick up his tight asshole. Give it to him! Fuck his ass off!'

I responded by playfully nipping her overly large horny clitoris which caused her to contract her pussy muscles and a trickle of juices oozed out of her cunt and ran down her crevice and meandered around her rosebud. I quickly arrested it with serpent-like tongue causing her to hump her groin up to my tongue.

'Oh! I do love that Lance! Jeremy has made me very anal. He treats it like an ass-cunt. His prick is more up there than in my pussy, not as I mind, as I said, I love it.'

I lapped her bud like it was a lollipop just as Jeremy started to pressure my asshole with his bulbous knob. My reaction was to take fright and to clench my ass ring to steel-like consistency making the task impossible for Jeremy to take my cherry.

I screamed out in pain as he suddenly slapped my right thigh very hard.

'Wow! That hurt!' It was then his cock struck into my asshole like a meat-cleaver.

Angela giggled again and told me to, 'Relax and I would enjoy being fucked up my ass.'

It was alright for her. It was my ass the guy was stabbing his cock into. It was the most agonising experience in my entire life. It damned-well hurt! He froze but held me firmly. Is cock was in my ass. It felt like a battering-ram. People enjoyed this happening to them? it was like a poop solidifying and being rammed back into my anal-orifice. Jeremy remained still and I began to relax, but with the sentries out on the battlement. In two minds whether to get them to fix bayonets or not.

Angela was stroking my head and Jeremy my thighs and my poop-chute started to flex around his cock involuntarily. It didn't feel too bad, I was telling myself. Forever the optimist. I moved my ass onto him experimentally and felt his cock as if it had been suddenly inflated and was on the move again and inward bound like a tired badger wanting rest and warmth. Trouble was, it was my stomach he was trying to enter via my colon. He had eight inches and as far as I knew its was about seven inches up to my belly button. It worried me to think that some guys have as much as fourteen inches. I had little faith in the people who tell you to bend over, you can take it! I am more attracted by the colour of a guys eyes than the size of the bulge in his pants.

Mean while, back inside my asshole, the excruciating pain was turning me into a blubbering coward. And verocious Angela was bucking against me as if she was being neglected. I was uncomfortable there too because I had one of her pubic hairs in my mouth strangulating my tonsils. As lovely as Angela's pussy juices tasted, I was being put off by her straying pubic forestry. I made a solemn vow that from that time on I was only going down on hairless individuals, even if I had to take a razor to them myself first.

Jeremy decided he wanted to be an internal-combustible-engine within my sensitive bowel structure and it dawned on me I was now cherryless and was being fucked for the very first time. As he slammed and grunted his hard cock into my guts he was driving my face into his good woman's orifice of reproduction. Angela was happy about it because she was using my ears as reins and goading me into further action by digging her heels into my rib cage. Her cry of,' Darling Lance I am coming!' didn't surprise me in the least, although I was glad as my tongue and jaws were getting sore. The words, Tally-Hoe! did cross my mind.

After extricating the offending hair from my mouth and realising that I was thoroughly enjoying being fucked by Jeremy I decided to join his endeavours by heartily fucking him back. The pain had gone and in its place came a distinct feeling of being forcibly possessed. I was getting pleasure from his flesh on my flesh, that he was using me. I was happy about being possessed. Not truly knowing how women feel about feeling a horny prick using their orifices as spunk receptacles, Jeremy was giving me a good idea.. It made me aware that I loved what Jeremy, the man, was doing to me. In my mind I preferred it to be man-to-man sex on the count that I did not want to be a female. The question of my sexuality was not foremost in my mind, only the pleasure that I was receiving and when Jeremy filled my colonic portal with his very personal spermatozoon. I was elated beyond comprehension. I knew, after, when I was by myself I would hold a stewards enquiry. All-in-all; I knew it was an experience which I would yearn to repeat.

I could carry on with this story and relate to you how I screwed both Angela and Jeremy during the course of the long evening, but that was not the reason I wrote this story. I wanted to say how easy it is to relinquish doctrines which formerly one holds sacred. Yielding to temptation can be far easier than remaining in control. If you want to know if I have yielded again? The short answer is - yes - I have! Do I regret losing my anal cherry? The answer is - no - I don't regret it. If you are male or female, if you desire anal, then go for it. If you are married, it could save your marriage. If you are single and undecided which way is for you? Like me, it could make you a very happy person.

Anal sex, could be quite natural if people did not name-brand it and consequently enjoy stigmentation against it much more than the actual act. The reason for anal diseases, as in vaginal diseases, they are caused simply by the lack of hygiene, and nowadays, the use of contraception. People should make anal and vaginal douching as a part of love-play and instead of turning over to go to sleep should share a shower with their partner as well as a joint douching ceremony. Quite often this rejuvenates and leads into more exciting sexual fun.

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