tagBDSMWhen Matthew Plays Ch. 01

When Matthew Plays Ch. 01


She had undressed, as he had requested, while he watched her. He was naked too, sitting in his favorite chair, his cock hard and erect in his lap, untouched. They did not engage in bondage, sexual torture and submission as a rule but both of them loved to play and experiment.

Matthew stared at her body. It is not as if this were the first or even the tenth time he had seen her naked, but God help him, it felt just like the first time.

His eyes lingered on her strong, shapely legs, brushed over the generous curve of her hips, the pinch of her waist and followed the elegant line upwards towards those breasts.

These were not the breasts of a teenager, set too high and pert with no weight to them, or those of a mature woman, sagging and formless, no… these were breasts as God had intended them to be: large, full, firm, low slung with dark pink areolas encircling erect, brushed pink nipples. Her breasts were more than a handful, much more than a mouthful, just as she was more than just a woman.

Today she was his sex toy, his fuck toy, his little cum slut, his living, breathing, warm blooded, command obeying sex doll.

He stared deeply into her green eyes, already a little glazed with lust and suddenly he knew that she would love his new game.

"Turn around please."

Her back, smooth and graceful like a dancer's, slightly broader in the shoulders than in the hips almost hypnotized him with its translucent alabaster quality. So much exquisite skin, begging to be touched.

He focused his stare on her ass and groaned. "Oh Christ…" the twin cheeks of her ass were firm round and delicious. Underneath their downward curve, right in the center where her legs met, he could see the glistening, swollen lips of her pussy peeking out at him. She was at least as turned on as he was.

Matthew knew he couldn't look at her much longer without acting and he fought the urge to grab his aching cock and stroke hard. His own mind was becoming clouded with desire and he needed to remain in control for his plan to work.

"Take the pins from your hair" he said softly as he got to his feet. He groaned loudly as her hair tumbled over her shoulders, down her back and finally came to rest on the twin mounds of her ass.

The fragrance of moonflowers rose up from the loose, golden blonde curls when she lifted her arms, weaved her fingers through her hair and shook it out. He could see the bouncing curves of her breasts through the moving curtain of hair.

"You're a little slut, aren't you?" he asked as he pulled her roughly into him, his cock twitching against her back.

"Yes, yes…" she whispered.

"Whose slut are you?"

"Yours… Only yours." She could barely speak.

He cupped her breasts in his palms, felt the weight of them, marveled at their size. His cock throbbed painfully, deliciously, between them.

"Say my name." He said and just as she opened her mouth to speak his thumbs brushed her nipples simultaneously.

"Ma…Matthew" she gasped.

Jesus he wanted to fuck her. Making love just won't satisfy either of them today, he knew. Today they had a lust to deal with that was deep and urgent and couldn't be ignored any longer.

He fought for control again.

He brushed the hair off her shoulder and became transfixed by the generous sprinkling of freckles on her pale skin. "Fairy kisses" she called them. The ones across her nose and on her cheeks made her look no older than twelve but no twelve year old ever had the sort of expression in her eyes that he knew he would find in hers right now.

He kissed her neck while his hand stroked down her body to her pussy. Her pussy lips were crowned with trimmed, dark golden curls, just the way he liked it. He gently tugged on the curls.

She squirmed against him, trapping his cock between their bodies, rubbing the sensitive underside inadvertently.

He inhaled sharply: "Stay still now Babygirl. Don't move Baby."

"Please…" she whispered.

"Soon" he breathed soothingly as his middle finger entered her, carefully avoiding her sensitive clit. She was burning hot and wet, just as he knew she would be, and so tight around his finger, her pussy muscles contracting, trying to take him in deeper. He twisted his hand slowly, turning his finger inside her.

He licked down her neck to her shoulder and back up again. At the exact point where her neck met her shoulder he paused, whispering: "What do you want?"

"I want you inside me, please, please… please."

He bit down firmly and cried out with her as hot fluid gushed over and around his finger and tightened his grip on her as he felt her knees buckle. One more touch would be all that was needed for both of them.

"Do you want to cum Baby?"

"God yes, please!" Her answer was more a sob than a word.

"Then cum" he said as his thumb pressed down on her clit and rubbed furiously in small, tight circles as his finger pumped hard into her.

She screamed as her back arched and pulled her legs up to her stomach. She was impaled on his finger and thumb and nothing else mattered except the seemingly endless waves of intense pleasure burning in her pussy, throbbing through her body.

He came as she did, marveling in the deep twisting pleasure of the most difficult orgasm of them all, the one with no direct stimulation.

He didn't stop stimulating her sensitive clit or driving into her with his finger until her breathing started to return to normal and she could stand on her own feet again.

"My God Matthew, I love your new game" she said as she leaned back against him.

"That is exactly what I wanted to hear," he said as he kissed her hair, "because this game is not over yet, and won't be over for a long, long time."

He picked her up and carried her to the dining room table, sitting her down on the edge of the dark mahogany.

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