tagErotic HorrorWhen Moonlight Shines

When Moonlight Shines


Garrett could feel the unset of the rather bad headache that he got from studying too long. Looking up he could see why, it was nearly 9pm, he'd been at this paper since noon without a break. He leaned back in his chair, running his hands through his hair. He though he'd made decent progress but this wasn't a short paper and he probably has another few weeks before it's done.

"9 Hours is good enough I guess, time for a burger run." He said as he got up and grabbed his coat not bothering to shut his computer off. He'd be back before long to look over his work, maybe check out some porn. Locking the door behind him, he headed down the street loving the feeling of independence he had. He'd been at this small house since the beginning of last semester, and it had officially replaced his parents' house as his home.

He may not go out as much as he did last year when he lived in the dorms but he had just as much fun living alone. He hadn't dated for a few weeks and planned on going back on the hunt after he finished the pile of assignments he had. He did have the greatest job on the planet though, he thought to himself as he walked. He worked at a small electronics store, one that dealt mostly in refurbished stuff but had awesome deals. It was really small and it only took one person to cover it most days. Sure around Christmas they usually had 3 people or more working but since then he'd been the only one working when he went in. He'd outfitted his house with some pretty cool little toys from there as well.

Garret suddenly felt like he was being watched, but when he looked around he couldn't see anyone else. He shrugged and took a left into his favourite short cut. His house was near enough to campus that he could walk, but only because he cut through a park shortening his walk by a good 30 minutes. He turned again when he thought he heard someone walking behind him, but again nobody. He had seen a lot of horror movies lately and might be a bit jumpy but he wasn't one to take his feelings for granted and picked up his pace.

When he reached his destination of choice he took another look around before going in and ordering. He usually got it to go but decided to eat out, partly to get out of the house but partly to give his mind some time to relax. Studying wasn't the most relaxing activity after all. He had barely been seated when a girl about his age entered. She was a little pale, short brown hair with blonde highlights and a black jacket and jeans on.

"Hmmm, desert." He thought to himself, smiling before he unwrapped his burger. After a couple of bits he was lost in his newly found hunger and devoured his burger and fries. He checked his pocket for another 5 before heading up and ordering another.

While he was waiting he looked around and saw the brunette eating in the corner, completely oblivious to everything but her drink. He grabbed his burger to go this time and headed home. He barely got two steps from the restaurant before he gave in and opened his burger and started eating it as he walked. He was done it before he got to his short cut and pocketed the wrapper. He suddenly heard footsteps and nearly turned towards them before stopping himself. He calmed himself and concentrated on the footsteps, making sure they were actually there this time.

Not only were they definitely there, but they sounded like heels. He turned to see the pale girl about 10 feet behind him. He smiled at her before heading into the park, noting as he went that her footsteps went right by him and continued down the sidewalk. He turned around after the sound of her footsteps disappeared, to find himself alone in the park. A couple minutes later he felt like he was being watched again and just broke out in a run until he was on the other side of the park. He stopped to take a breathe before looking up to see the pale brunette cross the street behind him, seemingly coming from the park.

He smiled to himself before looking up again, his mind racing. He looked over and caught her staring right at him, before she turned and walked down the street away from him. He watched her walk away for a minute before turning and running home. He nearly broke his key trying to open his door and slammed it behind him when he went in. He leaned against his door, trying to catch his breath. After a few minutes he looked outside, seeing nothing he went into his bathroom for a shower.

"Fuck me, running scared from a chick." He said to himself out loud as he showered.

"Speaking of chicks and fuck..." He started stroking his cock, thinking of all the fine ass he encountered day in and day out at college. Especially Kendra; this gorgeous, strawberry blonde who shared a few of his classes. She had a spectacular rack, they didn't seem really big, definitely no bigger than a C cup but she knew what to wear to accentuate her cleavage. She also had the nicest ass, and a great set of legs that she showed off as much as possible, even in winter. Garrett doubted that she had been with a guy longer than two months in her life, as she always seemed to have a new guy. Even her friend Chelsea was a knockout, tall and thin with long brown hair and great legs. Chelsea was one of the few girls in school with a nicer ass than Kendra. . He'd been on a hair trigger since his last girlfriend and it didn't wasn't long before he shot a huge load.

It rained the next few days, so Garrett made an executive decision to skip class for Thursday and Friday so he could get some work done. By the time Friday night rolled around he was tired of homework and was glad to go to work. It was same old, same old, as he got 3 customers and spent most of his time playing around with the various gadgets that were lying around. He looked up for some reason and caught a glimpse of a pale, brunette with blonde streaks looking in at him from outside. He blinked and she was gone, he looked for a few seconds before shaking his head.

He was working hard on his report Saturday evening when his buddy called him.

"What's going on buddy?" Greg asked him.

"Just homework my man, you?" Garrett replied, leaning back in his computer chair, closing his eyes for a few seconds.

"Going on a girl run, you down?" Garrett laughed; he hadn't been clubbing for weeks and needed a break so he agreed.

20 Minutes, Garrett was showered and dressed, waiting for Greg on his front porch when he heard something behind him. He turned around and looked up on his roof and thought he saw something move out of his line of sight. Was it a bit of coat or some piece of cloth being carried around by the wind? Greg picked him up a few minutes and they were off to the club.

Typical night, Greg got carded, while Garrett just went right in without a word from either bouncer. It was early, only about 10pm but they club was already half full, and the alcohol was flowing.

"Who you liking bud?" Greg asked him after they grabbed a drink.

"Your mom, she's over they're doing body shots." Garrett responded with a smile. It had been a while since they had been out, buddying it up over drinks and girls. Greg had been his closest friend last year and they had gone out to drink at least once a week. Garrett remember many nights when he had to all but carry Greg home or woke up on Greg's couch with a huge hangover.

"MMM, Le Belle Brune, staring you down for like 20 man, you gonna pounce?" Garrett smiled at the colourfull language of his friend and experienced wingman.

"How long she been hanging?" Garrett responded as he checked his watch, 12:40am.

"About 20, maybe 30 minutes. She's at 5 O'clock if u interested" Greg responded as he fondled up a tipsy red head he'd been flirting with for the past hour.

"Huh?" Garrett responded as he turned to check her out, how could he have not noticed her for like half an hour. She blended right in, black top, fitted tight against her chest, while hanging loose around her midriff. Black skirt to match, rather short too, and black high heels. Her semi-Goth outfit showed a lot of pale skin, and he light brown hair, hung just past her shoulders. After a second he noticed that her hair had blonde highlights and piecing brown eyes that were lazily watching him as she danced. He took a step back as he changed his mind, they was no laziness in those eyes, they were far too intense.

"Umm buddy," Garrett began, taking a sip of his brew to wet his suddenly dry mouth. "Would it freak you out if I said this chick followed me home a few nights ago, and might have been watching me at work last night?"

"What?" Greg asked as he turned to take a closer look at the girl, who seemed to suddenly disappear. "Wait, where'd she go? Fuck, umm she looked like a pretty hot stalker, so I'd say don't worry about her."

"Yeah, right. It wouldn't be as bad if she didn't keep vanishing."

"Better watch yourself," Greg's lady friend said to Garrett, slurring her words a little, "Some Goth's can get a little too obsessed." Greg looked Garrett in the eye and nodded his agreement.

"Anyways, Greg you too drunk to drive me to your place?" She asked wrapping her arms around Greg's shoulders.

"Yeah, umm Garrett you want a ride?"

"Umm you can drop me off at Centennial, it's a short walk for me."

"Nahh man I'm good with..." Greg stopped the red-head grabbed his crotch, "Yeah Centennial is on my way, no prob man." Garrett smiled to himself as he turned to leave.

"Dude," Greg whispered in Garrett's ear as they headed to his car, "You know me all to well and if she has a friend you'll be the first to know."

"Don't worry about it, go home, hook up just don't forget to use protection. And a bit of advice, don't try to drink her up any more at your place, she's set to go."

"Yeah man." Greg said grabbing red's ass before unlocking his car.

Garrett pulled his coat closer around himself after he left the warmth of Greg's car. He had hardly started walking when he heard heels. He looked around nervously, but didn't see anyone behind, in front or across the street from him. Shivering, he started home, trying his best to ignore the sound of footsteps that seemed to echo around him. One minute they were beside him, the next distantly behind him, then just in front of him. After about 20 minutes it was getting old and Garrett decided he'd just rather get it over with.

"Alright, What the fuck!" He yelled, walking out into the middle of the empty road for emphasis. "There's no fucking way you're this shy so either get your heeled ass out here or just go the hell."

"Alright." Some sultry voice said from everywhere at once, before he heard footsteps behind him. Turning he saw the brunette, striding out into the middle of the street with a smile on her face. Seeing her up close he saw that she wore little make-up but still looked pretty gorgeous. She walked with grace and she seemed to have an air of confidence about her that few women ever really attained. It was almost regal, yet her eyes were smoldering.

"I'm not shy sweetie, just a little hesitant. You know, I had to make sure you were a pompous ass or something like that."

"It's called asking, not stalking." Garrett replied looking her right at her.

"Actually it's more like, hunting." She replied, her eyes flashing as she talked.

"Ahhh, so you either a psycho, really eccentric or some super-Goth. Doesn't matter I think I'll pass, anyone who likes to climb on people's roof's to watch them is a little to out there for me."

"Roof's are nice, you can see a lot from them, and you'd be surprised how few people actually look up when they're being followed." She responded as he started walking away.

"Wait," He said turning around to find her less than five feet from him, "You've been following me on the rooftops? What are you Catwoman?"

"Haha, More like...Vampirella." She responded, curling her lip so he could see her extremely sharp canines. Garrett swallowed hard; again he had been watching horror movies and those did look like vampire fangs. They had the same texture as he other teeth, and were just as white and shiny. Either expensive fakes or he was fucked. Looking at her and he quickly accepted the later and slowly walked away from her, down the middle of the road.

His vision blurred as she came at him like lightening. One second he was in the road, the next he was on his ass on a sidewalk as an SUV flew past them. She was standing in front of him, looking at the SUV as it headed down the road, fangs barred.

"You might want to watch yourself Garrett." She said turning back to him as he got to his feet, trying to not throw up. "Assholes like that don't like to get their rides dented in but like slowing down even less."

"Thanks.... ummm..." Garrett tried to think, but his mind was reeling.

"Paige." His vampire savior said smiling at him.

"Thanks Paige but you might want to watch you back, because he's coming back." Paige turned to look down the empty street, as Garrett took the opportunity to break out running down the sidewalk. He was no track star but he wasn't a couch potato either, and fear was as good a motivator than any. He heard Paige laughing but that was all he heard until he got home and unlocked his front door. He looked around, trying to peer up on people's roofs and watch the ground at the same time, as he went inside and locked his door behind him. He barely got into his bathroom, in front of his toilet before puking his guts out. He sat on his bathroom floor shaking for what seemed like hours before crawling into bed and passing out.

Garrett woke up with a dull pain in his head. He laid in his bed trying to remember the previous night as he listened to his alarm beep. He turned and shut it off when he remembered that he went to the club with Greg. Greg dropped him off and a car nearly hit him, because he was talking to a hot brunette. The brunette was a fucking vampire who had decided to not stalk him, but "Hunt" him. Right he was delirious for sure. He got up and showered laughing at his over-active imagination. He had probably gotten drunk and met a girl before heading home and watching some late-night horror movie.

The second the water hit his back, it started burning. Garrett opened the curtain to look in the bathroom mirror at the mass of redness and scrapes that covered his back. Had he fallen? No way that could be from a fall, unless he was shoved on the ground.... away from a speeding...car.... by a vamp...ire.

"Fuck me." He said aloud before slumping down in the shower, putting his head in his hands. On the one hand she was hot, on the other she drank blood. And wouldn't having sex with her be considered necrophilia? He thought before scolding himself, she wanted to kill him, not fuck him. Or did she? She did save him from a car, and she was watching him, making sure he wasn't an asshole. No. Fucking. Way. She's playing with my head, that's it. I need to get some help, tell someone or...

"Fuck I should just commit myself to a mental hospital." Garrett said sourly. Maybe I can fight her; I mean I am a bit of a horror movie buff. With nerves of steel, and wooden stakes to spare ...Fuck. I do have a cross, which should be enough to tell me whether the old school tricks will work against her. Wait I'm almost an Atheist, a cross isn't going to do shit for me. I'll just get Greg to take me by the church; I'll pick up some holy water. I'll also grab a little mirror to carry around with me, and maybe one of my nice silver knives. Better than nothing.

"Hey man, how was you night?" Garrett said into his cell.

"Damn fine, AND Jane does have a friend if you're down."

"Maybe some other time, can you take me over the you're church this afternoon."

"Why?" Greg asked confused.

"I just want some holy water."

"What, for protection against vampires?" Greg asked, laughing.

"Just come pick me up, I wouldn't bother you if I didn't really need it."

"That's true, I'll be over in a few."

"So," Greg asked him as they headed over to the church. "A vampire? Like seriously?"

"Looks like it." Garrett responded.

"I mean did she turn into a bat or anything?"

"She called herself a vampire, she had fangs, she was on my roof yesterday, I only see her at night and she moved faster than a speeding car. SO like I said, it looks like she's a vampire."

"Are you sure you weren't completely smashed last night?"

"I have the scrapes and bruises where my back hit the pavement to prove it."


They sat there quiet the rest of way to and from the church. Greg hardly said anything when he dropped him off back at home, which he hardly noticed.

"Here ya go buddy, you sure you weren't drunk? This could all just be in your head."

"Dude, I'm not sure what's going on and if it is in my head then I'll be happy as can be. If it isn't, however, then I'll be giving here your address."

Garrett slept a little bit during the day, and then checked a few pages on the Internet before having a quick dinner. He was planning on chilling at home before he remembered that he had work at 7pm. He'd skip it but he needed the money and if he left early he could get there and maybe the vampire wouldn't know where he was. Maybe.

His plan worked, he was locking up at 11pm and still no sign of vampire girl. The only probably was that he was locking up at 11pm; he now had to go home at night. He was debating just going somewhere for the night, maybe Greg's or a hotel, when he bent down to close up the register.

"Busy night?" Garrett jumped at the sudden sound and nearly smashed his head off the desk. There she was, in all her gothic glory, standing in front of him with a satisfied smile on her face. He hadn't even heard the door open or her heels on the tile floor.

"No...." He tried to sound calm as he grabbed the flask of holy water out of his pocket. He smiled at her, to which she arched her eyebrows, before uncorking it and spraying her with it. It landed mostly on her face and a little on her chest but had no effect what so ever.

"I'm guessing that wasn't because there was something on my face?" She asked looking at him.

"Umm... The power of Christ compels you?" He just responded with a smile. He had a good run, 21 years was a good life he figured.

"No Garrett it doesn't. Nor does a cross-worn by a true believer, or garlic for that matter. Although its smell is amplified by our senses and it is an extremely obnoxious smell. Can't tell you whether a stake would work, but I can say silver and sunlight hurt a bit but neither are really fatal. I just really can't take a whole day out in the sun, hurts like a really bad burn."

"No coffin filled with dirt from your homeland I'm guessing?"

"No Garrett, no coffin, no dirt. So how was your day?" She finished her sentence with an amused smile as Garrett was about ready to throw up again.

"Ummm...ok. Nothing really happened I was just...."

"Getting holy water and reading up on vampires? You left your computer on."

"You were in my house?"

"Briefly." She replied nonchalantly, as she walked around the desk to examine the glass cabinet beside Garrett. "Any of these laptops any good? I'm in the market for a small one to carry around on my travels."

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" Garrett asked, summoning up all the courage he had left. If he was going to die, he was going to face it on his feet.

"Food?" Paige asked, turning to him with an amused look one her face, "You think your food?"

"Yeah I'm not stupid, all this chatter a psychological trick before you bite me."

"Garrett, Garrett, Garrett. You must watch a lot of horror movies my dear. But no you aren't food and I was asking you about a laptop." She emphasized the word "laptop" as she turned back to look at them.

"I'm going to buy one so your boss doesn't get made at you for flirting with a strange girl after hours. Now which do you suggest?"

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