tagErotic HorrorWhen Moonlight Shines Ch. 02

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 02


This is the second part of my story, if you haven't read the first I suggest you do.

Thanks for your comments; I'd love to hear more of them actually. Sorry about the spelling mistakes in the last part. I've been editing this a little longer than the last one so hopefully it'll be better. Enjoy.

"Thank god it's a day off" Garrett said aloud as he rolled out of bed, looking at his clock which read 5:29pm. At least he'd gotten his 8 hours, but then again, it was nearly night time. He grabbed his robe and headed to the bathroom to grab a shower but stopped when he turned on the bathroom light. Hadn't vamp-girl walked into his room during a wet dream? What if she walked in on him showering or what if she joined him sans clothes? He suddenly regretted not having a lock on the door as he splashed some water on his face and went back to his room. He flipped on the light and was about to take his pants off when he saw her sitting on his bed.

"Sleep well?" Paige asked him, smiling sweetly.

"Once I actually got to sleep." He responded standing his ground. She could probably smell his fear so he tried to remain as calm as possible. It would have been easier had she not been showing off he fangs as she sat there watching him.

"You know what always helps me get to sleep?" She asked him.

"A warm glass of blood?"

"No that actually keeps me up. What really puts me to sleep is a good, long fuck; you could have asked and I would have assisted you."

"If I asked you to go grab me a pizza..."

"I'd tell you to pick up a fucking phone." She responded staring him down.

"A nice walk wouldn't hurt you, a little exercise always helps."

"Oh am I too fat for you? Or are you acting like a dick to get rid of me?"

"You're so not fat and I should have thought about being a dick. Hmmm Bitch?" Garrett finished with a smile to which Paige got up and walked towards him.

"If I worked out a bit more, slimmed down you know." Paige said when she was right in front of him, a smile returning to her face. "These wouldn't be as nice and suck able." She finished grabbing her breasts and giving them a little squeeze for emphasis.

"True..." Garrett said, slowly backing away from her until he was in the hallway with his back nearly against the wall.

Paige just continued smiling at him before looking away and heading towards his kitchen.

"What ya got for food?"

"Not much, which is why you should go grab a pizza." Garrett said with a smile.

"Hmmm...." Paige purred. "So you want pizza and I want some sex." She finished turning to look at Garrett with a playful smile.

"I'd rather starve." Garrett said, walking past her into his study. He heard her laugh and head into the bathroom at which point he put his head down and sighed. His head popped up when he heard the shower turn on. His other head popped up as well at the thought of Paige naked, with water running down her body. He turned his computer monitor and got back to work on his paper trying his hardest to ignore the sound of the shower running. After a couple of minutes it worked and he was completely focused on his paper, oblivious to the world.

Garrett was so focused he didn't notice the water turn off or Paige enter the room a few minutes later to see what he was doing. He didn't her heels walk down the hallway or the front door close behind her. The house was quiet for the next hour; the only sound was that of Garrett's fingers on the keys as he slowly worked on his paper. He leaned back and rubbed his hair when he noticed the time and how hungry he was. He was about to wonder where Paige was when he heard the front door open and close, followed by her telltale heels on his hallway floor.

"When did she leave?" He asked himself out loud as she walked into the room carrying a pizza and two cokes.

"You looked so adorable sitting there concentrating, that I couldn't bring myself to disrupt you. I hope Coke is ok." She said before heading into his living room. Garrett sat there and was about to leap up after her, but then he remembered what she said earlier. Maybe he could pretend he had a late class and run off after. Or he could have fun with her...

"What no garlic?" He asked as Paige handed him a slice of cheese pizza.

"Garlic on pizza and you say I have disgusting eating habits." She responded sitting back on his couch. On which she looked really comfortable, a little too comfortable. He thought about commenting about it but once he took a bite of pizza he was overcome by hunger. 20 minutes, and 7 slices later Garrett leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, a big, satisfied smile on his face.

"You're welcome." Paige said as she opened up her laptop and turned it on, looking at Garrett.

"Wait, that's my line." He said opening his eyes to find her staring at him with her devious, almost predatory smile. He tried laughing off his sudden feeling of dread, but stopped when she arched an eyebrow at him. A damn fine eyebrow too, he thought to himself before he realized. He then realized that in order to keep her from getting him in bed, he needed to try to control himself. Tough task, he was young, horny and single. She's cold and clammy; just keep remembering that, he said to himself, hoping to slow the blood that had begun to race towards his penis.

"So...I take it you know that you owe me for the pizza." She said breaking Garrett's line of thought.

"Yeah, what was it 20 bucks?" He said smiling.

"Nope, just one fuck." She responded, emphasizing the last word. "So either go get ready in your bedroom or come and take me right here, right now." She said, placing her laptop on the table beside the couch.

"Just because you're a vampire doesn't mean you can..."

"Yes, yes it does. You're my plaything Garrett, enjoy it." Watching her sit there, Garrett really felt like a mouse stuck under a cat's paw. He really didn't like the way she said plaything, like he was a dildo with arms and legs. Come on he was a resourceful guy, he should be able to get out of this, all he had to do was think. Too bad he had a paper due Friday and a hot vampire chick in front of him.

"So bedroom or couch?"

"How about the roof." Garrett responded taking a sip of coke.

"Nah, its cold and the tiles would scratch you up to much."

"Oh how sweet of you to care about my well being."

"You'd probably cry like a bitch after a few seconds of your bare ass being cut up. You're pathetic enough without bawling like a baby."

"Pathetic? I think I'm offended."

"Oh come on, holy water? Carrying around a silver kitchen knife, that's really pathetic to me. All though the fact that you stand your ground is kind of hot." She looked down as if thinking before returning her gaze to Garrett, her smile widening a bit to show the tips of her fangs.

She really had him and Paige knew it, Garrett couldn't think of any way to talk his way out of this. If she put those fangs, or cleavage, away he might be able to concentrate. Maybe he could delay this battle of wits.

"Look I have a paper due in a few days, can this wait?" He asked, trying to play the pity card.

"You're saying you don't have time for just a quick fuck?" She asked, pouting at him.

"I really want to have it done like tonight so..."

"I guess I can subsist on porn for the time being. But you really owe me, and I won't take no for an answer."

"Fine, whatever." He said heading back into his study.

Working hard for hours; Garrett finished his paper and leaned back for a few seconds.

"Just need to edit it and I'm done." As he went to look it over he started hearing voices.

"She didn't bring people over did she?" He asked himself out loud. "Whatever."

He began working away at it when he heard moaning sounds coming from the living room. It sounded like some dude was getting a blow job.

"She's watching porn." He said looking at the ceiling. "Great, just what I need to concentrate."

He closed his eyes for a second before shaking his head and getting back to work. All he needed was to edit a dozen pages of work and he was done, home free, ready to focus on the problem of having a horny vampire chick follow him. Was it a problem, he could use a good fuck and she seemed like she'd be a great roll in the hay.

"Fuck!" He said, trying to refocus himself. The sounds from the next room stopped abruptly before he heard the telltale sound of heels and Paige appeared at the door, smiling.

"You called?" She asked walking over to him, hips swaying exaggeratedly.

"Actually I didn't..."

"Oh come on, you want me, I'm horny. What's the problem?" She asked, obviously frustrated.

"You're old and undead. I have enough problems with living women whom I fuck." Paige smiled at him before grabbing his chair and pulling him in front of her.

"Tsk Tsk, and here I thought you were just a shy college student. But you have trust issues with women. You also have a lot of pent up sexual energy. I can help you with both." As she finished, she sat on his lap, one leg on either side of him, her thighs squeezing tight, holding him in place like a vice. He swallowed really trying to resist the urge to just reach out and grab her tight ass. He sighed before answering.

"I do not have pent up sexual energy; I believe that would be you." She smiled bringing her lips to his left ear, her hardened nipples rubbing against his chest.

"If I was the only person in here that hasn't gotten any in a while, then you wouldn't have had a sticky accident in your PJ's last night. The sensation of having a girl sit on you would also not be enough to get you to all hot and bothered." She finished by licking his ear quickly and resting her head on his shoulder. She was completely spot on, he was so hard it hurt, he hadn't gotten any in months and the mere feeling of her hair on his cheek was pure torture.

They sat there for a few minutes, as Garrett tried to think, his mind reeling. What was so wrong about being her plaything? She said she wouldn't hurt him too much and it would be really fun. After all she was bendy. How could he trust a bloodsucking creature of the night though? She thought it completely normal to stalk someone and walk around on rooftops. Even worse, what if he fell for her? He didn't need to repeat the experience of falling for someone who wasn't into him that way and who he couldn't have the relationship he wanted to with.

Sophia had left a scar on his mind and his soul, which honestly scared the crap out him. It reminded him of how fast something like that could happen. He couldn't repeat that mistake, he swore he wouldn't. In spite of where he was, he couldn't help but be sucked into his own memories, tainted and twisted by the passage of time. He couldn't see past them to realize that he wasn't worried about Paige being a vampire as much as he was worried about her being a female. He had thrown himself into his schoolwork, gotten a house and a job, not because he had to but because he didn't want to get into another heavy relationship. Garrett could barely hook up with someone casually simply because he was worried what it might lead to. Now here he was, a vampire sitting with her fangs inches from his throat and he hardly noticed out of fear of the past.

He couldn't even realize that his hands were shaking and his breathing was getting ragged as he fought internally to push back the flood of memories. Paige was not in the same trance-like state as him, however, and could tell something was up. She shifted to look at him and saw his eyes were blank, staring off into space, he wasn't even hard. This was an interesting one indeed, she thought to herself, completely unaware of the chaos currently going on in Garrett's mind. Paige just blew in his ear began running the back of her hand along the side of his face.

Garrett broke free from his own memories upon feeling Paige's hand on his cheek, her nails tickling his skin. It felt so relaxing he leaned into it and closed his eyes, completely at ease.

"I take it I hit a nerve?" Paige asked calmly, watching Garrett open his eyes and turn to meet her eyes.

"Yeah...My feet are falling asleep, would you mind moving?" He asked, instinctually changing the subject. Paige cocked her head to the side, deciding if she would press the issue or not. She decided against it before responding.

"Do you really want me to move?" She smiled innocently before grinding herself into Garrett, causing him to harden once again.

"Fine, if you won't move then I will." He tried to push her off him, barely moving her before trying to pull himself to his feet. After failing he just sighed and planted his feet on the ground and spun his chair back towards his computer. He tried to continue editing but Paige just sat there looking back at him with a triumphant smile on her face. He sat and thought for a second before deciding against asking her to move; instead he reached up and put his hands along the back of her neck and head. She arched an eyebrow at him before he pushed her head towards him and to his left, laying it against his shoulder before getting back to editing. Paige let out a small laugh but just closed her eyes and leaned back on him. Her legs wrapped around the back of his and her hands rotated from the back of his head to the side of his face. Her nails made small patterns in the scrabble of his unshaven facial hair as she turned to look at his computer screen.

After the few seconds it took to get used to her, Garrett quickly relaxed and actually really got to like the feeling of Paige's body on his as he worked. He found himself stroking her hair whenever he got stuck, and even leaned his head against hers. Once he was done, Garrett saved his work before turning off his computer and leaning back in his chair. He had his eyes closed when Paige broke the silence.


"Come one." Garrett responded exasperated, before checking the clock, 3am. "I have school in like 7 hours, I need some sleep or I'm done."

"Key word, some. It won't take too long, and then you can just pass out instead of lying there horny." She made it sound so simple and Garrett found it really appealing. No he couldn't think about how good it would be, if he gave in now she'd walk all over him. If he was going to fuck her it would be on his terms not hers. She seemed content to just sit there wrapped around him for a few hours maybe she wasn't as one minded as he thought.

"Stop doing that." Paige said as she lightly slapped Garrett's cheek. "Stop trying to think of a way out of this. Just fuck me and you can sleep. Does that sound so horrible? I know you really want to." Emphasizing her point she began grinding her crotch into his. He suddenly remembered something she had said and just smiled at her.

"I thought you like 'courting' your men? Wouldn't going so fast so soon go completely against that concept?" She looked at him for a second and laughed, stopping her grinding against him. That ought to buy me a few days, he thought to himself happily.

"If that's the way you want to take it sweetie. Hope you know that you just gave me the green light." Garrett opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by her lips meeting his. The sudden sensation took him completely by surprise and he just raised his hands in the air, before pulling her head back lightly so that he could breathe.

"Come on, that was hardly an appetizer." Was all she said before grabbing his head and pulling it forward for another kiss. This time he was slightly more prepared but was soon caught up in the feeling. Her lips weren't cold or clammy; they were soft, moist and warm. However great it felt to have her grind on him, this was infinitely better and he found himself kissing back. Green light indeed.

"See told you, you'd like it." Paige said smiling as she sat there, stroking Garrett's hair. It was common knowledge who now held the reins. Garrett was getting to the point where he just wanted to sit there forever, he wasn't even hard anymore. He was content. He realized what was happening and just dropped his head onto Paige's shoulder in defeat.

"Awww, cheer up Garrett. Just think, if you like kissing me so much, imagine how great fucking me will be."

"Why is it right back to sex with you?" He asked looking up at her.

"Where would you like my mind to be?"

"Just stop with the sex stuff for a bit."

"Why? It's so much fun watching you squirm." Garrett decided he wanted to turn the tables, screw being some Vampires cabana boy; he needed to get at least a finger on the reins. So he decided to forcibly grab the reins and grabbed her ass, momentarily reviling in the feeling. Paige squeaked in surprise giving Garrett the opening he needed to grab her head and pull it towards his. He went for broke and shoved his tongue in her mouth as his hands went back down and squeezed her tight ass cheeks. Paige moaned her approval and matched his tongue in pace and ferocity, her hands grabbing his head, holding it tightly against hers. It felt so natural, he just couldn't stop and they continued making out for the better part of 30 minutes.

Garrett dropped his head onto her chest, a few inches up from her breasts.

"Enjoying the view?" Paige asked him after a few seconds.

"Not enough to fuck you." Garrett responded with a smile and gentle squeeze of her ass.

"Too bad, maybe after another round of tonsil hockey you'll feel differently." She grabbed his head but Garrett stopped her by grabbing her hand.

"I have to go to sleep like 10 minutes ago."

"OH come on! You're a college student; sleep deprivation is what you do."

"Yeah, that's what I have been doing with this stupid paper. I need sleep." He tried pulling her off him but she held him with ease.

"You had like 10 hours of sleep yesterday."

"No, you had 10 hours of sleep. I had 3 hours of good sleep and about 5 of shitty sleep. I'm tired."

"Pussy." Paige said smiling at him.

"You really don't get it, I'm tired. I want to go lie down in my bed and pass out for a few hours before going to class."

"You want. I want to go fuck you for a few hours than sleep and fuck you again when I wake up. We're at an impasse."

"Fine, you want to play hardball. I'm game." Garrett said defiantly.

"Hehe, I'm just stating the facts."

"Whatever, here's the deal. You can come sleep in my bed with me, cuddle, kiss for a bit if you want. CLOTHES ON. Or I'm going to change colleges, towns, countries, whatever it takes to be away from you." He tried to sound angry yet calm but his voice was shaky at best by the end of his speech.

"Awww. You know you'd come crawling back after a month. But sleeping with you sounds good on one condition."


"Shirts off, pants on."

"Really?" Looking at he knew it was this or nothing, "Fine."

"Sounds good, let's go." Paige said, bounding off him suddenly. Garrett stretched out his back, legs and neck before following her to his bedroom.

Paige was way ahead of him and was sitting in bed, covers back, topless. She had turned his side lamp on and it cast just enough light for him to get a clear view of her. Her breasts had absolutely no sag, her pink nipples were hard and Garrett just stopped and stared. He was transfixed, her breasts were so incredible. Her skin wasn't milky white like he thought, it was light pink. Her laughter brought him back to the real world.

"I know, they're just perfect." Paige said pushing her boobs together while she smiled at Garrett. He just nodded his head in agreement before taking his shirt off and sitting down beside her. She gave him an approving nod before throwing the covers over him. As he laid down she turned the light off and rolled over to him. One second she was beside him, the next she was on top of him, pinning his arms back behind his head and smiling down at him. His eyes had yet to adjust to the sudden darkness when he felt her lips on his. When she had grabbed his arms he was sure she would go for the jugular but she was true to her word and was gentle as a kitten. After a few minutes she let his hands go and moved up on him, positioning her right breast just above his lips. He caught her eyes before pulling her breast into his mouth, his tongue going right for her hardened nipple. She sighed as he lightly nibbled on her tit and ran her hands through his hair.

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