tagInterracial LoveWhen My Life Changed

When My Life Changed

byMae Caroline©

I am seven months pregnant with a boy baby who is not my husband's. I know my baby is not my husband's child because my husband, Chuck, had a vasectomy before we were married. I know the baby's a boy, because we've had an ultrasound done and the technician showed me his little boy package.

I also know my baby's black.

I was still just 32 years old in those weeks prior to Halloween, when my husband of nearly two years asked me if I was ready to have a child of our own. I can't tell you how excited I was, because I'd lived with a man for five years during my twenties and I'd never gotten pregnant by him. In fact, I was afraid it was me, and that I'd never ever get pregnant at all.

Chuck told me he'd check with the doctor about the possibility of getting his vasectomy reversed. I was delighted. Later that week he changed the subject to us hosting a visiting army buddy of his in the next few weeks.

I shrugged my shoulders and told him that I didn't see why not. Then he said a funny thing.

"My ex never welcomed Leo into our home."

"Why's that?"

"Because I-I sort of...asked her to sleep with him."

Chuck told me that he'd asked his ex-wife to sleep with his best friend from the army, and her refusal eventually became part of the reason for their divorce. I was surprised as I imagine you could guess.

"Why would you want your wife to sleep with your best friend from the army?" I asked.

"If I tell you, you'll laugh at me," he said.

I told him I wouldn't laugh, and he told me. I didn't laugh.

To make a long story short, there was a riot on one of the army bases stateside when Leo and Chuck were stationed together. It was a terrible riot between black soldiers and white soldiers, and in the process of both men being caught in a place where neither wanted to be, Leo, a black soldier, saved Chuck's life by getting him under a tarpulin and hiding him there until the black rioters left.

"I owe him my life, and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude," he said finally. "The only way I can think of to repay him is to give him--"

"Give him what?"


"Me!" I was shocked.

"He'd take it wrong otherwise," Chuck said. "He's pretty macho and he wouldn't stand for a man propostioning him. But I want to make good on a promise I made a long time ago."

"That's--that is crazy, Chuck."

"Okay, Mae if you promise not to be mad at me, I'll drop the whole thing."

Promise not to be mad at him! How dare he ask me--then I stopped. I never knew about his asking his ex to do that for Leo, but her actions sounded just like her. She'd divorce him before she'd sleep with some n*gg*r. But I also knew that when Chuck had a debt to repay, he'd make sure it was repaid.

He said nothing, and yet, he watched the wheels turn slowly in my head. I relented somewhat.

"If you're really serious about repaying your friend, I suppose I could go back on the pill."

"That a girl," he hugged me tight as he spoke. "I knew I could count on you."

Of course, I've asked myself time and again, why did I procrastinate going back on the pill? I think my conscious mind told me it was because this event was supposed to happen in the distant future--certainly after the holiday season. I was wrong. Later that same week, Chuck told me that he got a call from his buddy, Leo, and that he'd invited him to stay at our place for a day or two while Leo was in town on business.

Little did I know what his business really was.

Chuck is 36 and his friend Leo was 35--and very, very black. Now I'd always known that, but when I met him, I was taken aback by how African black his color he was. I couldn't tell if his family had ever had a drop of white blood in it. But Leo was nothing if not charming and within a few hours we'd all hit it off enormously well. The two of them decided to get me really drunk to loosen me up, but I will tell you right up front that I wasn't nearly as drunk as I pretended to be.

That night the three of us stripped naked and climbed into the same bed together, and my husband watched with wide fascinated eyes as his best friend from the Army clambered over top of me. As soon as I felt that thick strong black cock slither up inside of me, I knew that I'd remember every single second of that fucking for the rest of my life. I mean, the man was so damn black! His kiss was like clamping down against soft wide pillows, and his dick was so thick and hard that even that first quick spurting of sperm a few moments after he first got into my pussy meant absolutely nothing when it came time to continue.

For just a milli-second I thought I was to be disappointed that he'd come so quickly inside me. But he'd just gotten started, so I soon learned that this was totally different from my husband's watery little squirts. I realized as I looked beyond Leo to watch Chuck staring wide-eyed and riveted on the scene in front of him that my husband had never intended to impregnate me himself. I looked back up into Leo's dark brown eyes and said: "Do you have children?"

"Oh, yes," he said.

Chuck leaned over and whispered in my ear. "You know how you always wanted a child of your own, Mae. Well, Leo has five kids at home. Making another one will be a cinch for him."

"But this one will be my first with a white woman."

"And your first child will be strong and healthy, sweetpants," Chuck added, murmuring in my ear.

Holy shit! How could I be so naive? Chuck wanted me bear Leo's baby.

Like I said before, Leo's cum spurted out nothing like the watery squirts I was used to. When his erected dick started spewing those pulsating splashes, I was positive I could feel his liquid warmth splashing against the end of my slick wet cunt to spread out excitedly throughout my womb.

"Tell me, Mae, do you know when your fertile period starts?" Leo asked.

I murmured my answer so low that he could hardly hear me.

"Did you say next week?"

I nodded my head. What made me do that? This was crazy.

Leo turned to Chuck. "Think I'd better stay another couple of days, don't you?"

Naturally Chuck agreed. Later on, Chuck pushed his normal sized dick into my cunt--wallowing in the wet stickiness that Leo left behind. You never heard such gutteral rutting as my husband went through just following the route that his black friend had taken into the inner recesses of his own wife.

After we talked the next morning, I reluctantly agreed as well. Leo stayed with us. My husband's wrought-iron black skinned friend had me for six days in a row, a minimum of three to four times per day. Each episode lasted somewhere short of forever. Chuck had always been fairly okay for a white man, but I'd been stretched both length and width-wise like you couldn't believe.

After the six days we saw Leo off on his plane back home. But things were different. Everything about my body told me that things had changed remarkably.

There's a very expensive test which measures one of the proteins that's produced only when a woman's body starts to prepare the uterus for long term gestation. It's now available at medical specialty stores for something like $60 dollars, but it can predict pregnancy at anywhere from 7 to 10 days after the period is late. A reading of "10" means probably not. "15 to 19" means there's an iffy possibility. And above "20" means probably pregnant. My reading less than ten days after Leo left was "26."

Good Lord, for the first time in my life, I was genuinely pregnant.

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Great story . My wife and I have a very good black friend that lost his job because of a big lay off. So we let him Stay with us awhile. One night we drank a lot and while in the hot tub we ended up takingmore...

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