tagRomanceWhen Nightmares Lead To Love

When Nightmares Lead To Love


Hey guys, here's my first attempt at romantic writing, so I have no idea if I can pull it off without your lovely feedback! There's probably some clichés thrown in along the way, but anyway, I hope you enjoy it, even if it does take a little while to gear up! Keep reading x x x Ps, Sorry if there's any typos, it's late!


The living room was in darkness when I woke up suddenly from a nightmare. As soon as I opened my eyes the thoughts that had woken me evaporated into the air and I was left feeling panicked and disorientated, my eyes straining to adjust to the claustrophobic shadows.

I was on the couch, lying on my front with my face turned right, my right arm hung over the side. A thin line of drool escaped my lips, running down my chin and onto the rust coloured fabric. I looked towards the television, squinting as I tried to make out the time from the little glowing green letters on the VCR. 3:00 am. I turned onto my back and looked up at the ceiling. I couldn't see anything as my eyes refused to focus, so I let them fall shut. But now I was awake, I would never fall back to sleep again. My back was already protesting from lying on the too-old couch for so many hours.

I groaned softly and sat up, still a bit drowsy and rubbed my grey eyes with the heels of my hands. I wasn't covered by a blanket and was still dressed in the clothes I wore the day before. My black vest was rucked up and twisted, making my breasts and back feel itchy. Instead of adjusting it I took it off, letting the cool night air hit me. Standing up, I brushed down my low-slung black combats and walked towards the hallway.

I slowly crept up the stairs, missing the ones I knew would creek, so I wouldn't wake up my housemate, Ben. The hallway was a strange colour of orange and black, illuminated from a streetlamp outside. It made the usual shadows long and disjoined and I felt the familiar stab of fear whenever I felt threatened in the dark. It was a fear I had since childhood, feeling watched and yet alone, it probably stemmed from watching too many horror movies, but it still made me feel frightened.

I began to hurry along the corridor past the bathroom, and laundry cupboard. I stopped as I came up to Ben's bedroom. I could hear muffled music, either from the TV or stereo, it sounded as if Ben was listening to a very heavy metal band in his room. I grinned; memories of the bickering that went on between us whenever the topic of music came up. I preferred Oasis and he preferred Rancid. Arguing what was better provided hours of amusement and good-natured jibes.

His door was slightly ajar, realising I was indeed topless after a stray beam of orange light hit my gold nipple bar, I ducked away from his door, but not before I saw something that made my almond shaped eyes go wide.

Because the music was so loud, Ben hadn't realised his door was part way open, or that I had been moving around outside his room. What made me return my eyes to that slit in the doorway was the fact that Ben was on his bed, his naked body lit up by a small light that was on in the corner of the black-painted room. I watched with morbid fascination as he ran his hands down over his chest, tattooed arms long and sinewy, until he reached his engorged cock. With his eyes squeezed shut, and lips parted as he softly panted while he pumped his hand up and down in a steady rhythm.

My breath caught in my throat. Ben looked like a work of art anyway, thanks to his multitude of tattoos and piercings, but here, in the soft light, his defined body dappled in sweat as he worked himself into a frenzy, he looked more beautiful than any other man I had ever seen. Instinctively I rolled my pierced nipple between my fingers, shivering as goosebumps popped all over my hypersensitive skin. I could feel myself begin to get wet, and I ached to reach inside my combats and rub my clit until the burn went away. But I knew I had to stop, if Ben opened his eyes, and caught me peeking through his door, like some crazy voyeur I would have a lot of explaining to do.

Dropping my hand to my side I continued to walk along the hall until I reached my room. I could feel my heart thudding and my blood racing around my veins. I hadn't felt this turned on in a long time. Walking inside I threw the switch and winced as the harsh light pierced my eyes. Shutting the door with a soft click I walked over to my bed and sat down, kicking off the rest of my clothes until I was naked. I lay back against the cool sheets, Ben's music still muffled but pounding nonetheless ringing through my ears. Closing my eyes and sighing I thought about our relationship.

It had all started when I moved to Washington from England when I was seventeen. I originally went to visit my cousin Mike, who was staying there and who offered me a free place to stay for a few weeks. As soon as I arrived I fell head over heels in love with the East Coast, and knew that I had to stay. I quit college and my part time job and moved to Washington permanently, not knowing that Mike was preparing to come back to England. As soon as he told me, I panicked and realised that moving to some large and foreign country before I was legally an adult, was, even for me, a bit irresponsible. With a week to go before Mike left we went to a concert, where I met a few of his friends, including Ben. And even though he was seven years older than me we clicked right away, and as soon as I told him about my living situation he offered me the spare room in his house, as he had just split up with his girlfriend and needed some company.

I never had any remotely sexual feelings for Ben, and now just one year later I was lying on my bed, running my fingers up and down my moist slit, wondering if Ben had come, and what it would be like to see him do it, not to mention taste it. Reaching up to lightly pinch my throbbing clit I gasped as an orgasm quickly washed over me, my pelvis clenching almost painfully as my muscles worked together until I was sheathed in a light film of sweat. Panting harder, I let my eyelids flutter shut, feeling sleep approach and drag me back into my dreams.

Waking up five hours later, with gloomy October sunlight creeping in through the blinds I stared up at the ceiling. Seeing Ben this morning would be awkward, especially now I thought I liked him in a way that I know would freak him out. In most cases, even though he was a punk, he was incredibly shy around women if he knew they liked him. Living with an eighteen year-old wannabe punk would probably test his fragile heart to the limit.

Looking out into the murky corridor I heard the sounds of Ben making himself breakfast downstairs. I rushed into the bathroom and cleaned my teeth and showered in about twenty minutes. I knew I had to see Ben, and decide if I wanted to take things further than friendship, because if I did living with someone, who you know doesn't want you, can be difficult.

Back in my room I changed into baggy beige dickies and a tight bottle green vest top without a bra. The fabric clung to my well-filled breasts and my left nipple bar was easily seen, as was the few tattoos on my back. I didn't bother putting on much make up, apart from mascara as fiddling around with eye shadow and foundation can be a real pain when you have an eyebrow stud, not to mention a nose and labret ring. My shoulder length hair caused me the most time and effort. In the end I decided to twist it all up into little horns, the bright purple strands underneath contrasting with my natural dark golden blonde on top. After I finished getting ready I looked into the mirror for a few moment. I wasn't tall or short, I wasn't fat or thin. I was pretty much your average kind of a girl, with hair dye, piercings and a few tattoos. It took me from the age of twelve to seventeen to finally become comfortable with body, and myself and now I was expressing it in the only way I knew how.

Finally downstairs I found Ben in the kitchen, back against the counter drinking coffee out of a very old and chipped mug. I faltered as he looked up and smiled. 'Hey'

That was it then, I decided. I did like him that way. I looked into those brown eyes, smudged slightly with black eyeliner and I realised I had lost the power of speech. 'Hey, Ruby, are you ok? You're a little red'

I just nodded back at him and smiled weakly. I could feel myself blushing; oh this was bad, very bad. I turned my back to him and made myself coffee, all the while, I could feel his eyes boring into my back. I drank with my back to him as well; I simply couldn't look at that shock of black hair, or his lip piercings without the realisation that in fact, I had been in love with him for a year, and only after seeing him masturbate had I realised it. It also hit me that this made me one of the shallowest people to grace to the earth, but hey, everyone needs some sort of vision to get them back with the program.

I flinched as I felt his hand touch my shoulder. They were dry and calloused after hours playing the guitar. It made my skin burn all over. He gently turned me around to face him. Warily I looked into his eyes, they were full of concern. He cocked his head to one side; it made him look like an enquiring puppy. I bit my lower lip, the metal brushing my teeth.

'Are you ok? I know it's early, but you're never this quiet'. His hand was still on my shoulder, he rubbed my slightly and I could feel my body begin to purr. 'I'm…' In love with you '…Fine' I smiled broadly. 'Just a bit tired' I finished, breathing deeply. I could smell him, soap and just a hint of pot. It clung to him like tar. He chuckled then, I wanted to reach up and press my lips against his, and suck his tongue into my mouth, but instead I asked, 'What are you laughing at?' He smiled at me again, 'You fell asleep on the couch last night, I was going to wake you, but you looked so cute, you know, drooling and stuff' I playfully cuffed his arm, and he seemed satisfied that I was ok. I watched him walk into the living room, feeling as though my heart was underneath his chucks.

The day passed without much incident, I kept stealing glances at him at every opportunity, wishing I could curl myself into him when we watched TV together, or kiss his neck when he stretched. I wanted to kill the guy that invented unrequited love. It sucked.

As evening began to fall, Ben fell through the front door with a silly grin on his face. 'What?' I asked, looking up from a magazine. 'Wanna watch a video?' He replied, holding up the box he was carrying. 'Sure' I shrugged, 'Whatever' I watched as he fiddled around with the VCR, and sighed inwardly as he came to sit next to me. His side cool from the air outside. I had already drawn the curtains and the room with lit by a single lamp and the TV.

Some movie that I cant remember the title of came on, it was a cheesy action flick that had Ben falling off the couch in barely concealed testosterone driven glee. Meanwhile my mind switched off and instead focused on the warmth that poured onto my flesh from Ben's soft arm. I inched sideways until I could feel the entire side of him pressed up against me. This drew his attention from the TV for a second. He looked at me quizzically; I just looked up at him, my eyes huge and grey, almost innocent, but not quite. He smiled and moved his arm, so it rested against my shoulders. I sighed audibly and leaned against him, one hand on my thigh, the other in the crevice between our legs, my fingers stroking ever so slightly.

Then something strange began to happen. As my cheek rested against his upper chest I heard his heart begin to race. At first I thought it was the high-speed car chase that was beginning to get him worked up. But then I noticed that his hand, once cupping my shoulder had now began to run up and down my upper arm. Making the skin underneath tingle. I smiled, closing my eyes. This was perfect. I became a little bolder and moved my hand right onto his thigh, very lightly. He didn't do anything apart from take a breath, and carried on stroking my arm. I looked up again, and saw Ben looking down at me, his eyes almost black with dilated pupils. My heart started to thud harder, making my throat dry.

Ben's hand gripped me tighter, pulling me closer towards him. I turned my head upwards and tried to focus on his eyes. Everything went in slow motion, like those crappy romantic comedies. Before I knew it Ben's face was directly in front of mine, his head slightly to the left, his lips parted.

This was it.

It was like a force had been unleashed within the two of us, almost as if a rubber band had been pulled to its limit before snapping. I grasped the back of his neck with my hand, feeling his warmth. Our mouths crashed together, lips mashed, the slight metallic sound of lip ring on lip ring. I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, running my tongue along his piercings. I felt him moan deeply, feeling the vibrations through his chest. His arms moved around me, holding me to him in a vice like grip. I could feel his heart crashing, mine was doing a pretty good drum solo itself. Finally, our tongues found each other. They thrashed together, freeing pent up passion and lust, I loved the way his tongue felt against mine, sliding and sucking.

Ben's lips moved along my jaw line, sending shivers of delight along my veins, making my nipples press against the smooth fabric of my top. His lips continued their assault until they reached my neck, where they clasped my warm flesh and sucked. I leaned further back into the couch, dragging Ben with me. His tongue drew patterns on my soft skin. Soft moans escaped my lips, my fingers thrusting into his hair, urging him on.

His hands caressed my sides, moving towards my breasts. We continued to kiss each other breathless, the cool metal of our lip rings soothing the flushed swell of our lips. My head was on the arm of the sofa, my hair standing static, damn man made fibres.

I could feel Ben's strong hands through the fabric of my top. They cupped my breasts, rubbing with feather light touches. I could tell he was apprehensive, I was to. I took my hands from the back of his neck and ran them up and down his brightly coloured arms. He stopped kissing me and met my eyes; he looked at me cautiously, silently asking me if this was okay.

Instead of saying out loud, 'Hey this is fine; take me now on the couch, even though I never realised you wanted me. Or that I wanted you' And completely ruining the moment, I just smiled at him, then reached up and kissed his neck, swiftly flicking out my tongue and drawing small circles before sucking him gently.

He groaned as I pulled away, I kissed his mouth again, our tongues meeting once more, twisting around each other. As much as I was enjoying this, the weight of him was starting to become overwhelming, so I gently rolled him over so we were both on our sides. That is, I thought I rolled him over gently until we both hit the floor with a crash, taking the coffee table with us.

What a mood killer. We rolled away from each other, completely winded. Ben was rubbing his ribs, and because I fell on him I felt like a baby elephant. The tension in the air broke, and we both laughed. I sat up with my back against the couch, watching him as he sat up, knees bent, resting on his hands.

'Wow' was all he said. 'Wow what?' I brushed my hair away from my face; my eyes had begun to itch, my mascara everywhere. I didn't want to dwell on what a fright I must look. 'Wow everything. This is pretty fucking incredible'. I grinned as he crawled towards me. I didn't reply, just watched him some more, I was getting hooked on him already. He sat in front of me and reached out, cupping my face with both hands.

We kissed once more, but it was soft, tender if you will. I loved kissing him, the way his plump lips moved against mine, feeling his piercings drag against my yielding skin. We fitted together perfectly.

'Come upstairs?' He asked, I saw the apprehension in his eyes again. I grinned at him and took his offered hand. We practically skipped upstairs.

Once upstairs in the hallway another problem arose. I went straight past his room, whilst he stopped in front of it. As we were holding hands, I bounced back against him. We turned to each other, a sheepish smile on my face. I could feel a blush creeping its way onto my face.

He lent down next to my ear and whispered 'Next time we can use your room' His warm breath sent shudders through my body. I also had to resist the urge to jump and down screaming 'There's going to be a next time! YES!'

He pushed the door open and for the first time nerves hit me like a punch in the face. I took in the surroundings of where I would finally have sex with the person I now regarded as a soul mate. It was very black, very gothic, and very sexy. Candles were littered on every surface, and I watched, back up against the door as Ben flittered around lighting them. I hit the lights and he jumped, I smirked realising we were just as nervous as each other.

He turned back towards me, walking slowly. I met him half way, at the side of his double bed. I glanced down. Black satin sheets. Kinky.

Our mouths met with a crash, nerves fuelling our desire. As our tongues lashed around each other, I touched the hem of Ben's shirt. I yanked it over his head, breaking the kiss. As the shirt dropped to the floor I ran my hands over his chest, smiling softly at the way his breathing increased, and at the softness of him. I circled my fingers over his tiny nipples, making him moan as he bent my head back and dotted kisses up and down my neck.

With my hands resting on his shoulders it was Ben's turn to take off my top. I sighed as the fabric brushed past my sensitive skin, nipples pushed out as far as they would go, aching for contact. My top found his on the floor.

His broad, guitar calloused hands skimmed my skin as I choked out little whimpers of approval. Finally centring on my breasts he palmed them gently, playing with me as I started to purr. He grinned wickedly as he found my nipple piercing. Rolling the rose bud pink bump and gold stud made me moan louder than normal. He knew what he was doing. My head started to become light, and I knew I couldn't remain standing for much longer. As if reading my mind, Ben pushed me gently back onto the bed, the satin feeling cool and silky against my bare back.

I lay back, watching as Ben poked out a tentative tongue and lightly swirled around my entire breast, making me gasp out, while his hand was busy with the other one, flicking the nipple and alternating hard and soft squeezes. He eyes never left mine and I watched as his lips closed over my left nipple, his lip rings adding to the delicious friction. My stomach muscles had begun to tighten, my body's way of telling me to hurry up and come already.

My moans were becoming louder as Ben switched breasts, his fingers achingly slow as they spread his saliva around on my breast, which he had previously licked. I twisted my fingers in his hair, feeling the strands slip through my fingers. I had to get more contact, this was driving me nuts.

I pushed him away, and he looked up at me, confusion clouding his eyes. He face cracked into an evil grin as he realised what I was up to as we traded places. I lingered over the fly of his trousers, pulling down the zipper so slow the sound started to become comical. I lightly brushed my hands over the hot lump beneath his boxers. He took a breath and sucked his lip ring into his mouth as I pulled his trousers fully off and flung them over my shoulder. Panic hit me as I wondered if I had thrown them onto a candle, then suddenly not caring because I would die happy anyway.

Again with aching slowness I pulled his boxers down, displaying for the first time (For all Ben knew) his six-inch cock. I stared in disbelief at how hard and thick he was close up. I looked up into Ben's eyes, he smirked, the arrogant pig, knowing I was impressed. I pulled his boxers all the way off, but dropped them to the floor softly.

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