tagLoving WivesWhen Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks


Lee, our good friend Bill, and I were just sitting around on the deck at our house. The afternoon sun was filtering through the trees, it was around 80° out and simply pleasant.

Bill is a year or two younger than my 58 years, and like me, in good shape for the age. Unlike me, he is active in several local clubs, and he tries from time to time to get me to join.

The idea of sitting in some meeting a couple times a month never really does it for me, so I always declined or changed the subject.

Lee was looking her usual very nice, as she hopped up from time to time to refill the pitcher of ice water and add a few snacks to the table. I liked watching her firm 49 year old bottom twitch as she walked into the house.

In the course of the conversation, Bill mentioned that he was the entertainment director for an all men's club up near Longview in Washington. He told us that they had 2 new members, and it was initiation night the next evening. I braced myself for the usual plug to get me to join, but he surprised me by asking if I knew of any pretty ladies who might be interesting in doing a "little show".

Bill told me that usually they just hired a professional dancer from one of the agencies, and the club was a little tired of the slick and boring shows they put on. So his job was to come up with a fresh face, who would do a semi-strip down to panties and bra at least. I just listened as he went into detail how the pros would strip to a skimpy G-string, and twirl around a few times, the collect their $250 and be gone.

"Good grief!" I said. "The club pays $250 for THAT? All they need to do is stop at any nightclub and buy a beer and they would do better!"

"Yes, I know", Bill said, "But most of these guys are older, and wouldn't be caught dead in a strip club."

I thought of that a minute, and understood. I wouldn't bother, either. I thought about my students at the Massage Therapy College I teach at, and none popped right up in my mind, besides, I wasn't really sure how to go about even asking one of them.

About that time Lee came back out, and she had caught just a piece of the conversation. Giggling, she asked Bill what that was all about. He blushed a bit but explained what he was looking for. Lee grinned, and did a twirl, and said, "Will I do?"

I laughed at her, and mentioned something about how she might feel a little foolish showing off her 50 year old fanny to a bunch of white haired horney old coots, and she stuck her tongue out at me and turned around and bent over! "Just what is wrong with my 49 year old ass?" she said, giving me a dark look.

Poor Bill turned beet red, he never has gotten completely used to Lee. Bill is mostly a metal detecting and fishing buddy, and that is it.

I told Lee there was nothing wrong with her butt, and reached out to grab her but she skittered away, laughing.

Things returned to small talk, but Lee kept interjecting questions, like "How much does it pay, how many songs, how far does the dancer go, on and on.."

Bill told her the amount, and that the dancer usually went fully nude for just a second as a finale, and that they wanted an amatuer instead of a professional for a change.

I glanced at Lee and noticed her nipples were poking the top of her bikini a bit, and thought, "Oh-oh!"

"I will do it!" Lee suddenly exclaimed. Bill did another one of his blushes, and looked at me with a funny look. I just shrugged. Bill said that there would be about 30 men there all told, plus the two new members. They would all be strangers except for him. Lee just laughed, and told he could just close his eyes during the dance if he wanted.

"Well, it would be different" he said. "Why not?"

I admit I wasn't too sure of this myself, doing a peek-a-boo in public for a second or two was one thing, dancing nearly naked for a roomful of old men was another, but what the hell.

That night, Lee asked me what she should wear, I wasn't much help since I didn't have a clue. Then she asked me how far she should go, I simply told her Bill said they went "all the way", so that was up to her!

The next night I got home a little early, Lee was all ready to go. The club is about 70 miles from our house, so off we went.

Bill met us at the door and ushered us into the back room. Lee went over and peeked into the meeting hall, and came back with a grin. "Boy, you weren't kidding!" she said. "It is a sea of gray hair out there!" I just laughed and told her to not cause any heart attacks.

While we waited for the 10:00 showtime call, Lee fiddled with her makeup, tugged on the hem of her rather modest dress. She looked like a lady ready for an evening on the town. I realized she was wearing a bra, I didn't know she owned one, and no nylons, another surprise. She had carefully applied makeup, Lee is a wonder at that. When she does put on makeup, which is rare, one still has to look very closely to realize she has any on at all.

I had to admit that she was beautiful, her off-black soft dress left one smooth shoulder bare, and fit her lean 112# frame perfectly.

It hit me that it was the same dress she had worn to a Charity Ball in Portland a few years before, and it still fit her just as well.

I have to say I was proud of the way she looked, but I was also nervous since I had no idea at all of what she planned to do.

Just then, Bill knocked softly on the door, and said "showtime!"

My job was to control the music, so I went first and took my post over at the side. The equipment was all set up, there were 10 discs, each one labeled in the order Lee wanted. It hit me that she had put some planning into this! Where I was sitting, I had a clear view of the whole room, as Lee entered and exited, she would pass right by me, so she could cue me to hit the buttons. There was a bank of light switches right by my side, too. I looked over the labels, some marked with colors, one said "strobe", etc.

I was just wishing I had had a couple of minutes to experiment with those when Lee appeared behind the curtain. She glanced out at the room, it was very dark. I could just barely make out the audience sitting in a half circle, with aisles at a 45° angle separating them.

In front of them was a slightly elevated area, obviously a portable stage.

"Turn the lights up!" Lee whispered, just as Bill announced on the speaker, "And here she is, Miss Donna Lee!" Where the hell did THAT come from?" I thought, as I started turning knobs. I got the first song playing, then turned the lights up. I fiddled with the level for a bit until I got it to what I thought was right.

At this point I was more concerned about screwing up the works than what Lee was about to do, but she slipped out across the stage to a wild round of applause.

Lee did some whirls, lifted the hem of her dress here and there, pranced down one aisle, then the other, reaching out at lightly touching the guys as she went by. I noticed that dollar bills were appearing here and there, Lee would pause, make eye contact, collect and be gone. Then she returned to the center of the stage, slipped the tie of her dress, and started doing a full body shimmy as the song neared it's end. Her dress started to slip on it's own, lower and lower, then as she held her arms over her head it slid on down to the floor, leaving her standing there in a white frilly slip, that covered her from the top of her breasts to mid-thigh.

She picked up the dress, and slipped through the curtain, giving me a wicked grin as she went by. The applause was thunderous, and went on for a solid minute!

I took the opportunity to fiddle with the lights, I managed a tint of red, and started the next song.

The next two were repeats of the first dance, she was all over the stage, lifting the hem of her slip to give a glance at white panties, collecting more dollar bills in the process.

By the 6th song, she was down to a shelf bra and the white panties, it hit me as she danced that there was something more underneath, but I couldn't quite make it out, even as she passed by at the end of the song.

Just 3 to go, I thought, feeling a bit proud of myself for not messing up the songs or lights. Just then she appeared from the curtain, and whispered to me, "More lights!" I reached over and hit the strobe, it was aimed right at the stage. She did the entire song in just bra and panties, it was fascinating to watch, so much so I almost missed the cue as she stepped off. I fumbled with the discs for a second, found number 9, and put it in the machine.

This one was a slow, dreamy musical, Lee lay on the carpet and rolled around, lifting her bra, spreading her legs. The whole room was dead silent except for the music, I had softened the volume. They seemed to be leaning forward, just staring. Then Lee reached behind her back and tripped the bra. I realized she had a narrow wrap top underneath, it was completely sheer! Then she slid her panties down, a bit at a time, finally stepping out of them. She had on a pair of matching tiny panties, also completely sheer.

She danced the last few bars with more twirls, and as the song ended, she slipped off the stage.

She was standing behind the curtains just a couple of feet from me, and she told me to add a bit of light about halfway through. "How will I know when?" I asked her. She looked at me with slitted eyes, and said "You will know!". I realized she was hot as a pistol, her nipples were sticking out as erect as they ever get.

I plugged in the last disc, Lee stepped out onto the stage to more applause. As the last slow song started, I turned to look at the light switches. The one on the end was labeled "floor", I looked out at the now fairly bright room and realized that there was at least 6 small floodlights in the steps of the stage.

Lee had the top off by now, and was on her back facing the crowd, legs slightly apart, the sheer thong was coming down. I saw her hesitate, then slip them completely off. She lay there moving only slightly to the music, then she turned her head and looked at me. I reached over and flipped the switch!

WOW! The floor lights came up and it was bright, too bright I thought. I started to reach for the switch when Lee began to part her legs, wider and wider, so I just turned to watch!

She pulled her knees back, then put her feet together. Reaching out with both hands, she grasped her feet and pulled them up! There was almost a moan that passed through the audience, men were leaning over to get a clear view!

Lee rolled over on her knees, then reached back and pulled her cheeks apart.

This bunch wasn't used to this, they were used to getting a glance of two and then gone. Everyone in the room could see her completely bare and spread, I knew by now her clit had grown to it's full half inch. I saw lee's hands reach down and do a single stroke, and she orgasmed right there on the stage in front of at least 30 men!

Almost mercifully, the song ended. I reached over and killed the lights, as Lee got up and exited again. The whole room was stone silent, these guys were in shock. Then they erupted into applause that went on and on. I realized that I was clapping too, as Lee passed me heading for the back. I was right behind her!

I shut the door, she turned to me, saying "Damn, Damn, Damn," reaching for the front of my pants. In seconds they were down, and I was in her, she was grunting and I was grunting, we both went off in just a few strokes. Lee's head went back with a sigh, then she began to calm.

"Damn, you missed your calling!" I told her.

Taking a deep breath, she said, "No I didn't...."

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