tagLoving WivesWhen Opportunity Knocks Ch. 2

When Opportunity Knocks Ch. 2


It was just one of those hot summer evenings. Ted, my husband, Bill and I were just sitting on the deck trying to keep cool.

Bill is a nice looking man who comes by from time to time, he is about 55 and has the sprinklings of grey in his hair to show it.

Usually Ted and Bill plan a fishing trip, or they will head out to one of the local parks with their metal detectors and dig up pennies.

We have met Bill's wife, Brenda, who is a matronly type in her early fifties, too. She is into antiques, and a bit of a pain to be around. No matter the conversation, she will wait for an opening to mention one of her latest purchases. This all drives me nuts, and Bill too, I think. He comes by from time to time to visit, and I have long suspected he does it to get away from Brenda as much as anything.

But he is fun, and good company. I often wondered what he would do if he was to catch me sunbathing nude on the deck, or running around the house in a short skirt and no panties. But he has never seen me in anything less than a bikini, and when he is around, I always wear one that is a bit conservative.

Even my most conservative bare my bottom, at least. Bill never says anything, just blushes.

Anyway, the guys were sitting out on the deck chairs chatting about everything under the sun, so I got up to refill the ice water jug. That and sneak myself a nice cold Bailey's and creme. I was standing by the window, when I heard Bill ask Ted if he knew where he could find a dancer or showgirl. My ears perked up at that, this was quite out of character, or so I thought.

So when I came back out, I pointedly asked what that was all about. Bill did one of his blushes, but I persisted. Finally I manged to dig out of them that one of his "social" men's clubs wanted to hire someone to put on a little show at for the guys during an initiation ceremony.

I jumped up and asked them if I would do, that got a laugh from Ted and another blush from Bill.

But I managed to talk them into it, and suddenly I was booked for the next evening.

The next day, Ted left for the School, and I went to work. I ran off a set of tunes that I thought would do the trick, put them all on discs. Then I dug out some outfits, and practiced for at least 2 hours in front of the mirror. I was actually feeling fairly confident, until Ted came home. I was all dressed, ready to go. I knew I looked as good as I could look, but what if they didn't like me? Then I started to worry.

Ted never noticed, I don't think. I had a case of butterlies all the way up the freeway to the club.

There was no turning back, I knew. I was actually going to do this. I have been naked on a beach, but so was everyone else. I even danced on a table once topless in a moment of sillyness, but that was about it, other than flashing a guy here and there.

This was different, I was the show, I either did good or I got laughed out of the building! For the first time in my life I was wishing for bigger tits, cuter fanny, something.

We got to the club and I took a look, the place was filled with men, and they all looked to be 50 plus. That helped somehow, the last thing I wanted was a roomfull of jeering kids..

Ted gave me a big grin, and went over to set up the music and look at the lights. I stood behind the curtain, shaking like a leaf, when Bill announced me as "Miss Donna Lee!"

"Here we go!" I thought, so I stuck a leg out from behind the curtain, and realizing it was dark as night in the room, I told Ted to turn up the lights..He did, slowly, and as the guys realized they were looking at my bare leg sticking out from behind the curtain, they started to applaud and yell!

That helped a lot, and out I went. I don't really remember much about the first song, I was still frightened, but as the song ended, the whole building erupted in applause, it went on and on. Suddenly I was into it, they liked me!

I danced the next songs, teasing and giving a peek her and there, and suddenly I was down to my shelf bra and panties. I had a semi-sheer set snugged up underneath, tucked in so it wouldn't show.

Being in my underwear in front of a roomfull of appreciative men was starting to give me that feeling in my stomach, I could feel my nipples getting hard. Then it was the last song, I told Ted to hit the lights halfway through.

I was thinking of the strobe, he had turned it on for one song, and I knew it looked fantastic.

I was laying on my back, now fully nude, I turned and looked at Ted, knowing he would know to hit the strobe. Suddenly, the floor lights came on, and I was bathed in light so bright that I couldn't see for a second. I heard a moan run through the men, then I could see them, leaning forward in their chairs.

I opened my legs a bit, then more, then all the way! There were no shadows on that stage, I was completely naked, so I reached down and grasped my feet, and pulled them back and up to my stomach.

Then I flipped over on my belly, I did a few grinds, got up on my knees, and reached back.

I wanted them to look, I wanted them to see me, I was now hot as a pistol! I spread my cheeks with my hands, opening wide. There was nothing hidden, and I knew it.

I reached down, I couldn't stop, and dragged my fingers across my pussy, and climaxed right there, just like that.

I lay with my chest on the stage, and I could see some of the men. Their eyes were wide, leaning forwards, mouths hanging open. I felt another small orgasm as I started to get up, I knew I had to get back to the dressing room. At that moment, I would have let any one of them, all of them, come up and screw me right there on the stage, I was all but gone!

I made it to the dressing room, I heard footsteps right behind me, I didn't care who, I needed someone, anyone!

I turned and there was Ted, the look on his face was one of total lust! I was murmering something as I reached for him, I had his pants open and he sprang out, I just leaped on him.

We went at it like animals, just grinding, taking, then he was exploding in me and I went seconds behind him. Totally earthshaking, so much so I went faint for a second..

Ted was holding me, as the room seemed to clear.

"You missed your calling!", was all he said.

With a catch in my voice, I looked at him and said, "No I didn't...."

I dressed and straightened up, and Bill knocked softly on the door. We let him in, he looked at me like a man looks at a woman he wants, there is no hiding that.

"I never realized", he said, handing me an envelope. "I gathered up the tips you piled behind the curtain, too."

"How did I do?" I asked, a bit curious.

"There is over $500 there, I am sure," he told me.

I gave him a quick hug, and told him, "Hey, now I don't have to always wear my suit when you are around!"

So help me, he blushed....

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