tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 01

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 01


Chapter One- Alone Again

Mason walked up to the bar at Mickey's and placed an order for a draft. As he waited he began to look around at all the people wearing crazy hats and things for the New Years Eve party…he thought…why am I here? Another boring party—another shitty year to follow no doubt…

It was early still, around 9 pm and there weren't too many people there yet to see the ball drop. There would be plenty later though when the local group Smash came out to play at 10…that's when the real crowd would begin he thought…a bunch of drunks pushing their way to the bar every five minutes…dancing and singing "Auld Langsyne" off key at the drop of the ball…and everyone kissing…everyone but me that is…spending another New Years Eve alone was a very depressing thought for Mason.

When his draft finally arrived he made his way to the last seat at the bar…all the way to the corner and started to watch the Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve special that played on the bar TV. He looked at all those people dancing, and having fun…what did they all have to be so damn happy about anyway?

He watched as people drifted in and out, saw a few friends from the firm and chatted for a half hour or so, but they were off to a bigger more private party elsewhere. Alone again he thought, as always.

The band arrived, and its groupies as well…the place began to crowd. Before long every stool in the bar was full along with the tables…it was standing room only from 11 pm on.

Mason saw a group of attractive young women come in. They seemed to be without dates, so he watched in curiosity. They were cute, young though. Too young for me he thought…college girls no doubt…probably freshmen at that…

As he waited for his next round he noticed a woman coming up the hallway from the rest rooms. He was intrigued. She had long curly red hair, and a pale complexion. Ruby red lips and nails accentuated the paleness of her skin. As she passed by him he couldn't help but notice that she was quite tall, probably about 5'11" or so, and had a tight round ass to die for. He hoped she hadn't caught him looking, he felt like a total dork for gawking at her. The last thing he wanted or needed tonight was a confrontation with someone. So he turned his eyes, and his mind back to the band…or at least he tried, but it didn't seem to work.

He couldn't help but notice her again when she took the only open table in the room, which just happened to be off to the same little corner of the room as Mason's seat at the bar. As she sat there in her leather skirt and stiletto knee boots, he couldn't help but notice her legs, when she had crossed them he was able to see the definition in her calves…the sleek leather material of the boots bulged there at the calf before shrinking again on its way to the knee.

She must have seen him looking this time…because she began to twirl a strand of fiery red hair around her finger as she listened to the band…a tease Mason thought…that's all I need. Then he knew for sure that the game was on when she made her way across to the bar to order herself a drink. She went to the middle of the bar, so she was halfway between him and the other end…not too close…she was playing it cool and coy…but he could tell she was a real flirt.

As she was leaving the bar with her drink she turned to Mason's direction and then headed back to her table, but before she did she gave him a coy little smile and a sweet little wink…now he was intrigued. He decided he had to know more…maybe this New Years Eve wouldn't be such a bust after all…it looked as if his luck was about to change for the better.

He played it cool for the next few minutes. Getting up and going to the bathroom to hide the ever-growing erection her little wink had created. After reading the newspaper above the urinal for almost five minutes he had calmed down enough to take a piss without spraying uncontrollably…or at least he hoped so. When he was returning to the bar he noticed that she was still sitting alone. She'd been here for more than a half hour alone…she must not be meeting anyone he decided…someone like HER wouldn't wait that long for some dick that was always running behind. Okay so the field is open…time to go in for the play he decided…

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