tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 03

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 03


As they chatted Veronica wiggled her hand over to Mason's leg. She began to stroke his thigh as they talked and drove. Before he knew it Veronica had worked her hand up under his seat belt and begun rubbing the front of his slacks. Mason quickly struggled out of his seat belt to allow her full access.

"Mmm, A big boy too aren't you," Veronica giggled as she felt Mason's cock growing under her hands.

"Veronica, that feels so good, your hands are so strong..." Mason whispered.

Veronica looked at him longingly and went for his zipper. Mason could hardly believe it; here he was on the way home with some chick from a bar on New Year's Eve. Her hand entering his shorts, rolling his balls around, stroking his hot rod up and down.

"God, she's at a furious pace," Mason thought, "and her fingers-so strong..."

The more Mason thought about what was happening and what was going to happen, the more aroused he became. He felt a hot wetness trickle down his cock as pre-cum ran into Veronica's fist.

"Mmm, my, my, what a juicy boy you are. I think I might just have to catch some of that..." Veronica moaned as she slid down in the seat and engulfed Mason's hard cock in one sweet gulp.

Mason looked over at the window on Veronica's side of the car-watching Veronica's head bob up and down as she licked and sucked and slurped him down completely, over and over again. He could see her round ass in the skirt reflected there as well, it was one of the first "assets" he'd noticed about her.

"Oh, God, you are so good at that." Mason moaned.

Veronica responded by grabbing his balls tight in her hand and squeezing and rolling them, while bringing her tongue to the top of his cock and running it around the rim. She slowly inserted the tip of her tongue and her tongue ring into the Mason's piss hole making Mason groan out in both pleasure and pain at once. Suddenly she swallowed him whole engulfing half his balls as she sucked him down and twaddle his balls at the same time.

Mason couldn't take anymore, he was so damn deep inside her throat, "Oh, Fuck! That feels so fucking good; I've never been taken in that deep before, Holy Shit! Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum, your making me cum..." Mason screamed out.

While he shot his load of white sticky cream deep inside her throat, and listened as she gulped hard to swallow it all. And she did, she took down every last drop and smiled about it too.

Finally sitting up and smiling at him, Veronica said, "Turn left at the next light, it's 101 Kings way."

As Veronica tried to get the key into her town house's lock, Mason stopped her, and cupping her face in his hands he kissed her deeply.

"I can't wait to get you inside you naughty girl." Mason growled into her ear.

"You have no idea just how naughty I can be, but don't worry you'll find out soon enough and I promise you'll love it." Veronica replied teasingly.

As they made it inside Veronica showed Mason to the living room, and went to get them each a drink. They began to kiss again and she stroked his broad chest with her hands, scratching at him a little with her red nails as she did. Mason started to paw up and down her sides and her chest through her dress.

"You keep that thought going while I slip into something more comfortable, okay? I'll be right back you make yourself at home okay..." Veronica winked as she walked off towards her bedroom.

When she came back Mason was sprawled out across her sofa, cock in hand, stroking himself back to life.

"Mmm, now that's a site I love to see..."

She was wearing a simple black slip dress that set her red curls aglow and illuminated her green eyes with a fury. In the black heels, she had the most muscular calves Mason had ever seen. She sat down next to Mason, Kicking her heels off, she curled her feet up into his lap, and she began to stroke his length with her feet, while they kissed. Mason made his way to her beautifully built chest, she had great tits, perky and round, very long nipples, and he began to lick and chew them while she jacked him with her feet.

"This is like nothing else I've ever done before..." Mason thought.

And he truly had no idea how right he was...

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