tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 04

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 04


Chapter Four- What's in your pants?

Mason and Veronica began to kiss again and as Mason's hands slowly made their way around Veronica's body he made his way to her thighs, running his hands up the outsides of her legs he asked:

"You got a big surprise for me under there?"
"Actually I do," Veronica countered and taking Mason's hand in hers she lead him up the insides of her soft thighs to her crotch, to her cock.

"What the...wow, that's a surprise, holy shit, I've never, done anything like this before..." Mason said in disbelief.

"But you looked so good, earlier, when you were doing it to yourself, you were enjoying it right?" Veronica asked.

"Well, ya, but that's different, I mean..." Mason gasped in surprise.

"No, it isn't close your eyes, and open your mind—give me your hands and let me show you a whole new world. There's no one here but you and me, no reason to freak out or feel as if you're being judged. So just let yourself go, feel what you want to feel."

Silently Mason did as she asked, closing his eyes he laid his head back on the sofa. Veronica took both his hands in hers, placing one under her nighty and the other on her tit. Cupping her hand over his, she began to stroke her own cock through his hand. Slowly sliding it up and down the length of her cock and feeling the red lacey silk as it slid beneath their hands and caused a heated friction against her rod.

As she silently instructed Mason, she let her other hand make it's way back to his cock, and found to her delight that even though he'd been quite shocked, he was even stiffer than he'd been before.

"He's gonna love it, getting a cock inside him for the first time, filling up his mouth and his hot ass—and I'm gonna love being the one to fill it for the first time." Veronica thought to herself.

As Veronica closed her hand around Mason's stiffness once again, she felt his hand leave hers momentarily as he slid his hand beneath the lacey panties and took a complete hold on her cock. And he began to stroke her, to stroke her hot length, while he kissed her and pinched and pulled her nipple with his other hand.

"Your so good at that." Veronica moaned.

"You're so hot—so hard..." Mason replied.

Veronica pulled away and stood, grasping Mason's hand she quietly lead him down the hall and up the stairs to her bedroom.

"I can't believe this is happening, Mason thought to himself, and I'm going to let it..."

When they got to Veronica's room, she and Mason stood by the bed kissing and as the kiss became sweeter and hotter and longer she backed him up to the bed's edge and slowly pushed him onto it until he was sitting with her leaning over him.

She then got to her knee's once again taking him into her hands and lips and sucked and licked and rubbed him to his full potential...as she did Mason gave up, and laid back on the bed. Finally, he submitted, to it, all of it and let nature take control. Veronica got down on all fours and licked his shaven balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time and rolling them with her tongue. She sucked in deep and heard Mason's breath catch and she knew she'd inflicted just the right mix of pleasure and pain.

Veronica made her way up onto the bed and laid herself atop Mason. Then with a final sweet kiss she let her cock push against his ass, Mason moaned and cried out as he they felt the pop and then Veronica's slow, hot slide inside of him.

"Oh, God, fuck that hurts, but it feels so good too. You're so hard and hot inside me. "Oh God, pump me, ride me." Mason screamed.

"It feels so good to be inside you—so hot and tight." Veronica answered.

"I never thought it'd feel like this, this intense." Mason replied.
"You're so fucking hot I can't believe you gave me your cherry, shit you feel so good." Veronica moaned as she stroked in and out of Mason's tight virgin ass.

Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum Veronica screamed out and as Mason felt the first hot squirt of Veronica's sticky, white cum entering his ass he too began to cum. It was so hot and warm and wet inside him, every sense heightened a thousand times more than ever before.

I can't believe how awesome it feels..." Mason thought.

I never thought my New Years Eve would end this way Mason chuckled as veronica flopped down on top his chest, both of them panting and exhausted from their encounter.

"The evening is over, but the New Year's just beginning—and many more firsts await you between now and this new day's end." Veronica replied.

"Well, if this was a dip in the pool—I can't wait to jump in..." Mason replied as they drifted off to sleep.

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