tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 05

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 05


Chapter Five- Mason's First Taste

When Veronica awoke on New Year's Day she was delighted to see that Mason had stayed through the night. In fact she could hear him—what was he up to she wondered— Is that pots and pans I hear—is he—making breakfast?

"Wow this one's a keeper!" Veronica thought.

Not only did he not freak out, he accepted her fully and didn't have second thoughts the morning after.

"Tonight he will get his first touch, his first chance to slide inside and see how it feels to be on the giving end as well." She thought.

Just the memory of Mason's hot wet mouth on her tits and his strong hand's grip on her cock last night got her hard instantly. She stroked her cock as she lay there—eyes half shut fantasizing about what the day and evening would bring. She couldn't wait to feel that hot wet mouth wrapped around her swollen shaft. Couldn't wait to feel that huge cock of Mason's entering her from behind, pounding its way into her hot tight little asshole. As she thought of it all she licked a fingertip and inserted it into the edge of her anus, just a bit—just enough to tease herself while she slowly stroked her cock back and forth circling its wet sticky head every now and again.

Just then she realized that she had an audience standing in the doorway watching.

"Good morning beautiful—breakfast can wait—but I see you can't" Mason chuckled.

"Mmm… come in tiger—you're greatly needed in here." Veronica replied.
Mason climbed up onto the foot of the bed on all fours and crawled his way up between Veronica's hot thighs. He leaned past her cock and her tits and gave her a huge kiss—being always the gentleman first and the tiger second. Then he kissed and licked and teased his way down her neck, to her big beautiful tits nipping her nipples along the way. Then down her stomach to her hard, dripping rod that so desperately waited his arrival.

He didn't give in to her right away—rather he teased her. He brushed his fingers across her cock's head and up her shaft several times making Veronica jump in response to his touch.

"Please Mason, please take me into your hot, wet mouth. I can not wait to feel what it is like to be in your mouth…" Veronica whispered feverishly.

"Mmm, I can't wait to taste you, you naughty girl, can't wait to feel you shoot your hot sticky juice in my mouth."

Mason finally done with his teasing reached down and grabbed Veronica by the base of her cock,

Mamama…mason, take it—take me in your mouth baby." Veronica breathed in anticipation.

Mason smiled a devilish little smile as he slowly took the tip of Veronica's cock into his mouth for the first time—and began to lap, lick and suck at it while he teased her balls with his hands. He sucked her into himself hard and deep and felt her growing within him.

"What an awesome feeling Mason thought, to feel her growing in my mouth and know how excited she is by me…"

"Oh, baby, you are so good at that, are you sure you've never done this before? Veronica teased.

"Never, I swear it, I guess I just have an advantage since I know what makes me feel good." He laughed.

Mason suckled the pre-cum from Veronica's cock head. He slid a finger in his mouth and gently, slowly and teasingly shoved his middle finger deep inside Veronica's hot, waiting ass. Sucking her cock deep inside his throat and pumping it up and down and in and out with one hand while he finger fucked her asshole to oblivion with the other. Leaving her a screaming, writhing, wet mess melting into the sheets. When she was finally ready to cum Mason sucked Veronica's cock down deep and sucked without letting up while he swallowed every sticky lump of her jizz down.

"Oh my God, you taste so good Veronica, so hot and salty-sweet I could swallow you all day, I never felt anyone cum in my mouth that way before…what a sensation…" Mason replied enthusiastically.
Veronica brought him up close to her and kissed him deeply thrusting her tongue into the farthest reaches of his mouth and throat tasting herself on his every breath, every lick.

"You are so sweet…so sexy and powerful…I can't believe we found each other…" Veronica sighed.

"Let's get some of that breakfast I made for you…" Mason said after they'd recovered.

Veronica laughed and said, "That was breakfast!"

Well then, Mason chuckled, I can't wait to see what's in store for lunch and dinner you naughty girl you…

"Oh, just you wait, you still have some firsts left to fit in before the day ends…" Veronica said with a wink and a giggle.

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