tagLoving WivesWhen the Cat is Away

When the Cat is Away


Hi, all! This is my first foray into the Loving Wives category. None of the events in this story actually happen. Any resemblance to something or someone in real life is pure coincidence.

Comments are welcome as long as they're constructive. Hope you enjoy!


The flight had taken it's toll on me, and I crashed as soon as I hit the stiff hotel pillow. I didn't have to be awake for another eight hours, so I took advantage of that time in an attempt to get over the worst of the jet lag from the trip.

I awoke to a buzzing phone, having forgotten that I had set a wake-up call at the front desk. The bathroom was calling my name when I stumbled out of bed, and I groaned when I saw myself in the mirror. A twelve hour flight and then a horrible hotel bed would not be helping me make impressions on the business CEOs at the conference. I took care of business and showered, then dried my hair and ran my straightening iron over it. With my makeup done and a new pantsuit on, I headed down to the desk to see about getting a ride to the conference. Unaccustomed to the procedures, I was informed that if I wished to have a car waiting for me I should have called down to make the arrangements, and that the wait now would be a half an hour before I could get a car. I slumped onto one of the seats and wondered if it would hurt me at the conference if I showed up not-so-fashionably late.

A man walked over to where I was sitting and took the seat next to me. He cleared his throat until I looked up at him from my phone and said, "Hi. I'm Dax, and I couldn't help but overhear your scolding at the desk."

I could feel my face burning as I smiled and took the hand he offered. His accent placed him from somewhere in the northern States, and I almost didn't reply. My Texas drawl always gets worse when I'm confronted with a northerner's own. "I'm Sarah. Yeah," I glared at the desk. "It'll be a miracle if I make it to my conference on time."

"We may be going to the same place," he smiled a bit as I talked and slowed the pace of his own speech. I hated when people did that, but this man was making my body warm in ways it hadn't in quite some time, so I said nothing and let him continue. "The Linker Conference?"

"Yes. Are you a presenter or just a listener like me?"

"Oh, I'm a listener. What I'm getting at though is that you can ride with me if you'd like. My car should be arriving in any minute." Just then, the lady from the front desk who had been so cold toward me walked up to him and bent down, making sure to show him her ample cleavage, and informed him that his car had arrived. He looked at me and shrugged.

"I'd love to ride with you, Dax," his name rolled off my tongue and something in me snapped. I grabbed my purse from the seat and told the woman I wouldn't be needing my car and followed him out into the grey morning.

The car was like any cab in America, I'd imagine, except I hadn't been in any cabs in America. I took my wedding band off and stuck in a pocket of my purse as Dax got in the car ahead of me. The back seat was small and Dax had to sit at an angle to keep his knees from hitting the back of the front seat, putting them right up against my thighs. He smiled an apology at me and shrugged again.

As I had feared, the conference was boring and my mind kept wandering to the stranger I had ridden with. He had stayed near me for part of the conference, but then we were able to walk around and meet the other business owners and we had drifted apart in the crowd. From what I could tell he was interested in the automotive aspects of the conference where I was looking into the tech side of things. Our respective interests lay at opposite ends of the building, so I didn't see him until it was time to leave for the day. I was standing outside looking at a brochure of the local area when I felt a light touch on my elbow.

"Would you like to have a late lunch?"

"I would love to, except it's more like breakfast for me since I haven't eaten yet."

He smiled and took the brochure from me, suggesting a small bar that served food not far from where the conference was held. As we walked, he kept up a light banter about the weather and what we both did for a living. He was single and looking, and I said I was single, too, though I wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because I was out of the country without my husband, or maybe it was because I hadn't had sex with my husband in almost a year that set it off. I didn't know, and in that moment I didn't care. This stranger was good looking and he was nice, only one of which my husband had been lately.

The food was good and hot, and after we were finished he ordered a beer and I ordered wine and we talked about everything and nothing. It wasn't what I would call romantic, more like two strangers in a strange land trying to make sense of things. I was much drunker than I should have been when we finally got up to leave and he hailed a cab. Remembering the scene from the hotel earlier, I thought maybe I should just walk out and try to hail one the next day. Dax had to help me in the cab and I could swear I heard the driver sigh as he pulled away from the curb.

"You have very nice legs," the compliment caught me a little off guard, but I smiled all the same. Yes, it was nice to have a man compliment me every now and then. His hand on my knee made things twist low in my stomach and I gasped. His smile told me he knew exactly what he was doing to me.

After what I thought was a hilarious drunken showdown with the cab driver in which he insulted all Americans as ignorant bastards, we made our way into the hotel lobby and finally the elevator. As soon as the doors slid shut his hands and mouth were on me, and even through the alcoholic haze I could feel his desire for me. I reached out and hit the button for my floor and turned into his arms, kissing him and letting myself be kissed. We reached my floor and I felt around in my purse for the key card as he held onto my hips and continued to kiss my neck while we walked.

It took three fumbling tries before I managed to open the door, but it finally swung into the room and I turned into Dax's advance. He reached to undo the buttons on my jacket and then pushed it off my shoulders. With a path cleared he licked, kissed, and nibbled down my neck to where it connected with my shoulder and continued to my collarbone as he unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it loose from the waistband of my pants. I moaned and held onto his arms as his hands found my breasts and massaged them through the plain nude bra. He stood and caught my mouth with his again as his hands slid slowly around my ribs to unhook my bra. His touch was light as his hands returned to my breasts and slid the bra up and released them to his fingers. My nipples were swollen and aching to be played with and I cried out when he rolled both of them.

I pulled my blouse off and let it fall to the floor with the ugly bra and then reached to remove his tie which had come loose at some point when we were drinking. My fingers fumbled at his shirt buttons and I groaned when I found myself blocked from his skin by an undershirt. He chuckled and pulled both shirts off and then pulled my hips to him and I tilted my head back for another long kiss as my hands ran down his abs to his belt. I stepped back farther into the room and pulled him along with my fingers hooked into the waist of his pants. Getting the hint he pushed me toward the bed and I sat when it hit the back of my knees.

Dax watched me with heat in his eyes as he pulled his belt from its loops and started to unbutton his pants. I smiled and reached out to pull the zipper down and gasped when his erection sprang free almost as soon as the pants were loosened. Reaching out I slid his pants down farther so I could see all of him. His chest was scattered with a light dusting of dark hair that gathered in a line beneath his navel and led to a trimmed but curling nest around his penis. The veins stood out against his velvety skin and the head was shiny with pre-ejaculate.

I bent my head down and ran my tongue lightly over the head of him, loving the salty taste and the softness that belied the rock hard shaft that I wrapped my hand around. He tangled his hands in my hair but didn't make any move to push me down on him. Taking my time, I continued to lick the head and then made my way down his shaft, enjoying the small noises he made and the slight pain as his hands fisted in my hair when I moved up and sucked his head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over him and sucked gently as my hand slid up and down his shaft. His balls filled my other hand and I massaged them gently as I pushed my mouth further down his cock. He filled my mouth and there was no way I was going to be able to take all of his length without choking, but I gave it a good try before I pulled back up to the tip. I looked up to see his head thrown back and it made me moan as I continued to suck and lick his throbbing meat.

His hips started to flex and shove more of his length into my mouth when he suddenly pulled me up and tossed me onto the bed. "You can't have all the fun, baby," he bent to take a nipple into his mouth and I arched against him as he gently bit down, making me cry out. I was gasping when he started to kiss his way down my stomach and nibbled along the waistband of my slacks. He pushed my hands away when I tried to reach down to unhook the little slide button of the pants and his fingers tickled a little as he did it himself and pulled them down my legs. My thong was still on and he sat back on his heels and looked at me before bending down to kiss my thighs. It had been a long time since I had seen that look in a man's eyes, and I arched my hips off the bed as I opened my legs wide for him.

I grabbed the headboard as he ran his teeth over the fabric of the thong right over my hairless slit before moving back to my thighs. He held my hips still as he moved between my legs, making me moan and writhe and he hadn't even really touched me yet. I could feel his tongue, hot and wet, moving over the thin material as he tasted the dampness that had soaked through it long ago. Finally, he moved the string of the thong out of my ass crack and ran his tongue between my cheeks as I moaned and tried to thrust my hips against his mouth. His fingers moved where his tongue had just vacated and I gasped, "Please, just touch me!"

He chuckled and then bit down a little harder than before on my thigh as he started to slide the thong down my legs. His touch tickled along my calves and I shivered as I writhed, finally free of his hands to move and flex my hips. With something near a growl he slid back up between my thighs and blew his hot breath over my mound and watched me arch toward him. I looked down to see his tongue sliding out between his lips to flick almost shyly against my labia and I reached down to hold onto his head. His hair was silky soft against my palms as he took the encouragement and pushed his tongue between my lower lips and found the sensitive bundle of nerves. "Oh, fuck yes!" I arched my hips against him as he sucked and kissed my mound and failed to be as gentle as he had been when I was sucking him, pulling his head against me as I cried out.

I could feel my vagina clenching as his tongue worked over me, sending jolts of electricity up my spine as it dipped into my hole and then ran up the length of my slit. It was enough to start the pressure of a small orgasm building, but not enough to push me over that silver edge into oblivion. He nipped at my swollen outer lips before lifting my hips off the bed and running his tongue over my asshole and crack before moving back to where I wanted him. This time he ran a lone finger over my pussy and watched my reaction. When I started to relax, he kept moving his finger over me in slow circuits until I was lying on the bed looking at him. He smiled and then shoved the finger into my opening with enough force to make me arch and cry out, grabbing at the headboard to keep the room from tilting too much.

"Oh, you're so tight. That's right, baby, ride my finger," his quiet words were almost lost on me as I moved my hips and took his finger into me to the knuckle. He bent his head down and sucked my clit into his mouth as he pushed another finger into my hole. "You like that, baby?" He moved his mouth away from me and pumped his fingers in me so vigorously that my breasts shook and I moaned as I clenched around him. Then he slowed and moved his fingers inside me, twisting his wrist so he could reach my clit with the pad of his thumb. Just as I was about to come, he pulled his hand away from me and rubbed my thigh. "Not yet, baby," he bent and kissed my mound over my clit, making me writhe on the bed before he slid his body along mine and captured a nipple in his mouth.

I held his head against me and watched as he drew my nipple away from my body before releasing it and nibbling at the other one. He abused my breasts, massaging and slapping them, as I ground my pussy against his thigh. I moaned as he moved farther up my body and set his cock between my breasts. He moved my hands to squeeze my breasts over his member as he began to shove himself between them. I sucked the head of him as he reached the end of each thrust, and he reached down to hold my head with one hand and pinch my nipples with the other. "You want that cock, baby?"

"Yes." The head was bumping my chin again and I sucked it hungrily, licking the pre-cum as it dripped out of him onto my chest.

"Tell me you want to suck that cock."

"I want to suck your cock, Dax. I want you to fuck my mouth."

He pulled himself away from my breasts and held his dick by my mouth, smearing the saliva and pre-cum over my cheeks and chin. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of him as I could. At first he thrust slow into my mouth, letting my lick and suck, but then he put his hands on the headboard and shoved into the back of my mouth hard and fast. The angle was wrong for anything too deep, but he pushed my head back into the pillows with the weight of his body and the force of his thrusts. Then he slowed again and I sucked as hard as I could before running my tongue over the head and flicking it around the hole. My arms were under his thighs and I daringly ran a finger up his ass crack moaning as he shuddered and thrust farther into my mouth. The moan made his head fall back and he pulled out of my mouth, his cock sliding over my cheek and his balls heavy and resting on my chest.

After a couple moments, he moved to my side. "Turn over and get on your knees. Put your hands on the wall and open your legs wide." I did as I was told, arching my back to give him a good view of my dripping cunt as I spread my legs as wide as I could. He moved behind me, lifting my hands up the wall so I was stretched out before him. His cock was between my ass cheeks and I could feel it twitching and pulsing. I pushed my hips back against him and he moaned before moving the head down to my opening.

The first powerful thrust had me screaming as his dick filled me. He held himself inside me as my pussy contracted around him, reaching around to pinch my nipples almost painfully before he pulled out of me until just the head was inside. Then he shoved himself in again and my head fell down as I savored the sensations zinging through my body that his dick was causing. It had been so long since I'd had a good fuck, and this was better than I remembered it. I could feel myself stretching and expanding around him as he repeated the slow retreat and the forceful assault several more times. He bit my shoulder and slapped my ass, leaving both stinging and I rolled my hips back against him as the tension in my pussy and low in my belly continued to rise. When he touched my hips and slid a hand around to rub my clit, I cried out, "Fuck me, please! Make me come on your cock! Fuck, just... please!"

He took my hips in his hands and pounded into me, making my breasts swing and shake. No more teasing and pulling out real slow, no more twisted nipples, he was finally fucking me and I was in ecstasy. His cock rammed into my pussy and his hips slapped into my ass as he continued to finger my clit. The tension that had been building slowly broke over me in waves of pleasure that had me clawing at the wall and screaming into the dark room. When the orgasm finally abated and I was able to slump against the wall, he pulled out of me and turned me around with his cock in his hand. It was glistening with my slick juices, and I took it in my mouth again with a sigh of pleasure. "Fuck, baby, I'm already close."

His hands fisted in my hair and I opened my mouth and throat to him. My earlier thoughts of not being able to take all of him in my mouth forgotten, I sucked and licked him until he pulled my head and buried himself in my throat and my lips touched his body. I cupped his balls in my hands, massaging a little less lightly and pinching the tightening skin as he thrust in and out of my mouth. When I felt his scrotum tighten even more, I back my mouth off his cock and sucked the head hard, running my tongue over and under it until the first rope of semen shot into my mouth. I looked up at him, his head thrown back and a long moan escaping his mouth, as I swallowed his come and then sucked his cock back into my mouth a couple times. The head dribbled as he pulled away from me, and I bent to lick it hungrily as we both collapsed onto the bed.

Hours later, we woke and lay on the bed and he traced lazy circles over my breasts and down my stomach, making me moan and arch against his hand. With a chuckle he rolled onto me and nuzzled into the crook of my neck, nibbling my shoulder and collarbone and thrusting his erection along my wet slit. "I bet your husband doesn't fuck you like that, does he baby?"

The question startled me for a moment before I remember he had to have seen my ring before I slipped it into my purse. "No, never like that, and not at all lately."

"Poor baby," he sucked a nipple into his mouth and reached down to massage my mound before sliding a finger into me. "More for me to enjoy then." His capable fingers had me moaning and writhing and dripping wet around them before he pulled them away. I cried out as he bit my nipple a little harder than expected, and then he pulled my knee up and shoved himself into me. "Oh, fuck, I love how tight you are. So wet. Does he make you this wet?"

It took me a moment to remember who he was talking about, his slow fucking making me forget everything but the sensations. "He used to. I don't want to think about him now. Just fuck me."

We fucked slow and lazy this time, taking our time and enjoying the feel of the others body. He hooked his arms under my knees and sat up a bit, spreading me as wide as he could and looking down to watch himself sliding in and out of me. I arched my back and reached down to rub my fingers in circles around my clit while he watched, his thrusts matching the speed of my fingers. Finally, he held my knees up with one hand and moved my hand away from myself, replacing it with his own and flicking my clit hard with the pads of his fingers. My orgasm hit me by surprise, clenching my pussy around his cock and fisting my hands in the sheets as I cried out. Dax thrust faster and harder as I grew wetter, and slapped his fingers down on my clit as I came, making me scream. Then there was nothing but his dick moving in me as I rode the pleasure, and he released my knees and bent over me, fucking me hard and fast as he worked for his own climax. With a cry, he pulled out and came on my stomach and I sat up and took him in my mouth, swallowing the last streams of his hot load as he thrust between my lips.

When we caught our breaths we ordered room service and Dax met the waiter in nothing but a sheet. We discussed the conference, and what would happen when we left. "I'll go home. You'll go home. We'll probably never see each other again."

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