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When The Cat's Away


Leucoderma is a disease of change in skin pigmentation, which is basically harmless but creates a lot of mental stress and agony to those, who gets infected by this disease. There was a white spot on my left forearm that came to my notice quite some time back. Being white in color, it was in contrast with my body color, but I never gave much thought of the spot. I am a hairy person and the spot goes inside the sleeve of the shirt. However, although I never mentioned my wife eventually noticed it.

She made it an issue out of it and on her insistence the spot was inspected by my grown up kids and all of them had the same opinion that I must have a consultation with a skin specialist immediately. Who knows, it could be cancerous!

Now I was alarmed. It sure does not take much of an effort to consult a good skin specialist and I decided to fix an appointment with Dr.Rubina Khatun, a well-known dermatologist of the locality where I resided. The only problem was that she could be consulted in a private hospital only. I was allotted a time slot at 6 PM on Friday evening. It certainly jeopardized my plans for the weekend, but the consultation, I thought was too important to miss out.

When I went to the hospital for Out Patient Department registration, the concerned clerk had already left. However, I was advised by the security personnel to go to the OPD Room No.14 and meet the receptionist there and explain about appointment. Fees would be collected by her, I was told. I went to the door of the room 14 where I found that it was the corner room at the end of the corridor. There were three patients waiting in the visitor chairs. I did not know when my turn would come, so I went to ask the receptionist, a plump lady of about forty years. She was visibly annoyed on my approach as she appeared to be busy talking on her cell phone.

After about two minutes she hung up and then I politely asked her," Madam, could you please tell me when I am likely to be called?"

She did not allow me to finish my sentence and looked at me with a stern look in her face. Clearly she did not like the timing of my query and replied in an aggressive loud voice, "Sir, your name will be announced when your turn will come. Please don't disturb the peaceful ambiance of a hospital for the sake of other serious ailing patients."

While I was sulking, not being able to explain my position, a buzzer went off and she rushed inside the consultation room completely ignoring me. What transpired inside the room I did not know, but when she came out, she was still glaring at me, but remained silent.

I was perplexed. I had simply made a query in a low tone and I was sure that my query was legitimate, but her outburst came simply out of the blue. However, I thought it better to ignore her stern response for now. Later I would explain the doctor about my failure to register for consultation and I tried to relax.

I now looked at the other patients. An old man who was being escorted by a middle aged person was the first in queue. The second patient was a pregnant woman and the third patient beside whom I was sitting, was a young lady in her early thirties along with a gentleman who appeared to be her husband. I had to sit beside her as there was no other vacant seat.

Now, I found that this patient was constantly randomly scratching at locations of her body and she was doing it continuously. She was certainly uncomfortable, but I was curious about her itches. She was clandestinely scratching various intimate parts of the body also, while her bored husband looked at the matronly attendant presumably with some carnal desire.

When I gathered enough courage to look at the underside area of the receptionist's table which had open leg space, I found that she was a hairy lady and probably did not have either the time or inclination to remove her body hairs. Although I liked hairy women, but I anticipated more trouble if I stared at her and got caught. I thought it safe to steal a glance once in a while, on her displayed hairy assets when she was looking elsewhere.

In the meantime the old gentleman came out of the consultation room and the pregnant lady went in. The opposite chairs being vacant, I went and took up a vacant seat there. When I sat there I found that I was not in direct eye contact with the lady attendant, but I could see her legs. The scratching lady was now even more agitated and had put a hand inside her blouse and brought out the brown nipple, lightly scratching the nipple with singular attention.

I observed her activities while her husband was busy in ogling the legs of the attendant. There was a faint smile in the face of the receptionist, I surreptitiously noted. She was enjoying the attention. However, I decided to concentrate on the right and left nipples of the lady to ascertain if there was any sizable difference in size and shape of the two specimens, but later on gave up since the conclusion required a closer inspection of the subjects, which my current position did not give me enough privilege to do so.

Ten minutes later, the lady with the itch left for the consultation and I was now next in line. The attendant was now looking at me with some interest. I too reciprocated and found she was well stacked in mammary department and a couple of undone buttons of her shirt were giving me a good idea of her endowment.

While I kept on appreciating the whole package, the buzzer sounded and then a young lady in a white apron came out along with the last patient. Now, I was asked by the receptionist to wait and then she went inside. After a couple of minutes she came out and indicated me to go in.

When I went in, the doctor was seated. I found Dr.Rubina an extremely beautiful tall, fair and slim lady in her late thirties. Traditional dress worn by her had accentuated her attributes, I observed. I went on to sit on the patient's stool beside her. I could smell a beautiful fragrance emanating out of her. With a frown on her face she asked me curtly, "Were you creating nuisance in the waiting hall?"

I replied, "No, Madam, I was just asking the lady attendant how long it would take to consult you. I was not able to register for consultation and wanted to inform you".

-The receptionist has got a call from the security about you and she has informed me. But I am sure you understand that certain protocols are required to be maintained in a hospital premises. You must not disobey the rules, else we will have to take action for unruly behavior."

-Sorry Madam, I assure you that it will not be repeated.

-OK, now tell me about your problem.

I opened the button of my shirt's left sleeve and showed her the white patch on my upper forearm. She took out a magnifying glass, switched on the table lamp and checked the spot carefully for some time and then asked me, "Do you have a similar spot in any other part of your body?"

- I have not really checked and can't tell you for sure.

- Then there is a problem. I need to get your body checked thoroughly. But my assistant has already left.

-It would have been convenient for me if I could get it over with. I would rather request you to please finish this check up, as I am worried about this white patch.

-That is the problem with people like you. You don't take no for an answer. We need to check your whole body. OK, I am calling my receptionist to do the job.I don't think there is any other patient waiting.

When I thought of the attendant, I did not like the idea of her inspecting my body. I tried to protest, "Is not there a professional assistant available for the body check?"

-"Enough, she is a professional nurse. Since our regular receptionist is on maternity leave, Rita is doubling up as a receptionist. But let us not waste any more time", and then she pushed the buzzer.

When Rita entered, Dr.Rubina said to her, "Can you help me to inspect the patient's body of thoroughly? He has some white patch and I want to be sure he does not have any more white patch in his body. And, while you do it, I shall go to canteen for a cup of tea". If there is any problem, push the buzzer for assistance. Then Dr.Rubina left the room.

"Put off all your clothes and lay down on the patient's bed", she instructed in an authoritative voice.

Reluctantly I opened all my clothes and laid down on the bed on my belly to hide my private parts. She was not happy with my posture and curtly said, "On your back".

Now I immediately complied with my palm on my genital area to salvage some of my lost self-respect. While I was in the bed, she unhurriedly put on her apron. I noted that her breasts were big but quite firm. I rebuked myself for getting a little excited, but sometimes a man's brain and his dick don't agree totally with each other.

She wore a face mask, gloves in her hands and then came near me. Light above the patient bed was switched on which blinded me partially. She started to inspect my body from the top. My bald head was first inspected, my face came next. Her face was very close to my face when I could hear her breathing. She smelled good.

Then she started to check my hairy chest and now she was not very careful while searching for white patch on my chest which resulted in a bit of pain and some hair loss. I kept silent as I did not want to be on her wrong side. Gradually I could sense a soft flesh pushing on my shoulder; I knew only breasts could give this heavenly soft feeling. I sighed as I knew would not be able to control my erection any longer.

Then she went to my feet and gradually she came up to my pubic region. I was stark naked and I realized that I was getting excited again. She was however unperturbed and she continued her exploration activity without showing any visible reaction.

Then she ordered me to be on my belly which I complied and then she carried out her visual inspection of my back side. It is needless to mention here that she spent considerable time to check my asshole and even inserted a jig to access the inner side of the rose bud to check for any white patch there!

And then the door opened and Dr.Rubina came in. She asked, "Rita, have you found any more white spot in the patient's body?"

Rita replied, "No doctor, but there are some elongated warts in the testicles of the patient.

-OK, show me.

Now Rita was holding my half erect penis with her gloved hand while she showed the three warts to Dr.Rubina. For long I had known that I had those three warts in my testicles but I never gave much thought about those outgrowths. She took a lot of time to inspect the warts and I sensed Rita was imperceptibly but systematically pushing and pulling the skin of my half erect penis during the whole time. I was ashamed but highly aroused and erect.

If the doctor noticed my erection, she did no mention of it. She checked the warts for some more time and then came near me. She told me, "You see, that white spot on your forearm is quite harmless. But these moles are needed to be removed as these types of moles sometimes turn cancerous. What you would like to do? If you want, I can burn them with laser now itself. There will be no pain because anesthesia shall be injected locally. The procedure would cost you Rs.3000. If you are having cash or card, I shall ask Rita to deposit the fees in the counter and in the meantime I will start the procedure."

I nodded and then Rita brought my trousers to me and I brought out my debit card from pocket and handed over to her and told her the code. She nodded and left. After the door closed, the doctor informed me, "I shall start the procedure of cleaning the affected area with cleaning and disinfectant solution. If you happen to have any erection during the process, please don't be embarrassed. It is rather normal for a male patient."

I nodded and waited. I was being checked up and touched by a lady in the most intimate parts of my body; my libido seemed to get another lease of life. Here I was lying helpless fully naked and I was an embarrassing erection while I was being washed and cleansed!

I suddenly felt a persistent touch upon my erect manhood while she started cleaning process. It lingered on and with me remaining silent, the fondling continued. When ultimately I felt the impending discharge, I just raised a nasal sound to express my urgency. Immediately she brought a tea a towel, wrapped my manhood and continued her activity and soon I deposited the discharged fluid. I was helpless, aroused and had resigned to my fate.

Now I was looking forward to what would happen next. Rita entered and kept the debit card in my shirt pocket and joined Dr.Rubina. Dr.Rubina whispered something to Rita and she immediately took hold of my manhood which again miraculously started to come to life. Now, a needle was inserted near one of the moles and then laser ray gun switched on. And now I could smell burning smell of flesh.

I did not care because at that time my semi-erect penis was being vigorously fondled. In succession two more needles were pushed and the burning aroma continued. Rita never stopped her activity and after some time I eventually ejaculated. I was cleaned with another tea towel, and Rita asked me to get down from the table.

I looked down and saw the three leucoplast bandages on the affected areas. I said nothing, wore my clothes and came to sit before Dr.Rubina. She gave me ten capsules to be taken for the next five days and assured me that I would not need any further visit. It was over and done with.

In three more days the healing was total. However I decided to pay a visit on the next Friday afternoon just to explore if any further body inspection could be arranged. I really liked the unconventional method of treatment.

This time I got my OPD registration was asked to go to Room No.14. There was nobody waiting outside, so I just knocked and entered when I got the greatest shock of my life. The young lady in apron, whom I had seen to go out with the female patient, was sitting in the chair and the two other ladies who had carried out my operation were standing beside her!

Both of them were shocked and Rita immediately went out, while fake Rubina stood beside Dr.Rubina with a blushing face. I assessed the situation and then told her, "Madam, I had got three moles removed from my testicles, a week ago, in another hospital and now wanted to check up if everything is OK or not."

She asked me, "Moles don't create any problem upon removal. Do you have any pain?"

-No, it is gone now.

-Then everything is OK. If there is any problem, you may come back later. I am little busy today and I am sure everything will be OK.

-"OK, Madam, thanks," I told her and I got up to leave.

Outside I found Rita sitting in the receptionist's chair. When I smiled at her, she told me, "If you want further check-up, come next week at six thirty. Don't enter into the chamber and wait in the visiting chair. We will then finish the check up job".

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