tagLesbian SexWhen the Cat's Away… Ch. 01

When the Cat's Away… Ch. 01


Copyright © June 2018 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work.

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This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author's Notes

Foreword #1: All sexually active characters in this story are over 18.

Foreword #2: This is a story and intended purely for pleasure.

Foreword #3: Thank you so much to a fellow story lover, Renate, for the inspiration behind this tale. I do hope she enjoys it and relates to my interpretation of her ideas.

Foreword #4: Although this story is classified as Lesbian, it does contain heterosexual sex as well, in order to set the contrast between what Claudia has and what she gets herself into.

Foreword #5: As with most of my stories, I have left the ending open. I have ideas on moving this forward into a number of chapters. It will be a matter of whether or not I have time to do so. Either way, I do hope you enjoy this story. I would welcome your opinions so please feel free to leave a comment. As an author it is most beneficial to understand how you as readers interpret the works.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So how does the saying go? When the cat's away, the mice will play. We've all said it of others, but what happens when the subject becomes yourself? If your cat is away, will you play? And, if you do, will there be consequences?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The bathroom filled to the tune of a full-on shower, water cascading down like a thundering waterfall, windows and mirrors now fogging up with the mists emanating from inside the large cubicle. It was my normal wake-me-up approach—a full on power shower before leaving for the day, and today was intended to be no different to any other.

Dropping my white gown to the floor, I glanced in the full-length mirror, admiring the blurred reflection in the steamed-up glass. There was nothing new in this, I was proud of my appearance, and liked to check that I was still as perfect as ever . . . perfect in my own eyes, that was. I peered through the steam, admiring the naked redhead who stared back at me; petite in stature, pale porcelain like skin, tiny firm tits standing to attention and a neatly trimmed almost flame red bush down below. Blowing myself a quick kiss, I watched as the steamy reflection responded in kind. For a thirty-something I looked young for my age, a fact I was sure to appreciate later in life.

As expected, everything was in its rightful place, everything that was except for my clothes. Usually the gown would have been followed by nightshirt and knickers, but not this morning. Steffen—the hunk was still asleep in bed—was going away today. He did this quite often, for weeks at a time and much to my displeasure. Last night was . . . well, suffice to say, the earth moved more than once. God, was he good in bed. Maybe that's why I married him, or maybe that was also partly down to his money. Either way, I loved him. It was just a shame that he spent so long away. This time would be around six weeks, I think somewhere in the US, but I never really asked where or what he was doing. Steffen wasn't one to talk about his work and I wasn't one to pry. Anyway, last night I had ended up falling asleep sporting nothing but my birthday suit and a huge smile.

Opening the large glass door, I slipped away into the mists of my waterfall. It did the trick every time, washing away any cobwebs and setting me up for another slog at the office. Hair first then, lathering up a bar of soap, I gently worked my way from head to toe removing any traces of our night of passion. I was always in a rush, and today was no different, but even so I just had to linger for that extra moment as I massaged the soapy suds into my pert breasts, enjoying the tingle in my sensitive nipples as if it was for the very first time. The same again as I soaped myself down below, savouring the touch and feel of slick fingers across my slender pussy. This morning though I was still a tad sore, no not sore, just uncomfortable. We had gone at it like rabbits the night before and sometimes it just took a little time to recover. I guessed none of us were getting any younger.

Oh, and one other thing, when in the shower I suddenly found that I could sing—Adele would have nothing on me, nothing at all. Or was it the fact that the raging torrent could mask my tone dead voice, giving the impression of a tuneful nightingale. So here I was, singing my heart away, soaping myself up as I gradually awoke to the day ahead. I guess the sound of the shower masks more than just my bad singing—a pair of soft large hands, covering my eyes, being the first indications that I wasn't alone.

"What the fuck, Steffen!" I shrieked, almost jumping out of my skin from the surprise. "I thought you were asleep."

"Well, you see . . . there was such beautiful music that I couldn't resist investigating just where it was coming from."

His hands dropped down to my breasts, cradling them gently, my hardened nipples lodged in between his fingers. A gentle squeeze caused me to gasp, at which point he pulled me backwards and up into his large torso. For all I was petite, at a little over five feet four, Steffen was a beast, standing six three and broad as an oak tree. We were chalk and cheese to look at but it kind of worked. We were happy which was all that mattered, albeit at this time of a morning I could do without his interventions. I felt his lips trace a faint line down my neck and I knew immediately what he had on his mind. Any other time of day I would have been up for it, but early morning wasn't the best as my train wouldn't wait for anyone. I struggled out of his grip and spun around, my eyes giving him a quick once over, running up and down his huge presence as I took in his physique. I couldn't help noticing that he was already a little excited down below.

"Easy tiger, you know I've got a train to catch and we don't have time for . . ."

His lips on mine muffled my words. Again, I writhed around, finally forcing my way out of his grip. I would be late, and he didn't even seem to care. The bar of soap flew across the shower cubicle hitting him flat on the chest. He barely flinched, and it definitely didn't deter him from his advances. I backed off, heading for the door but he had read my move before I even got close.

"Steffen, I mean it!" I retorted vainly. "I'll miss my train!"

Another step back, then another, the cold of the glass screen causing me to gasp as it pressed into my back. I was cornered, nowhere to go, as I watched Steffen bear down over me.

"Not now!" I protested once more. Deep down I knew it was a token gesture, more to convince myself that I had done everything I could not to be late than to really scare him off. I glanced down at his now rampant manhood, my thoughts flicking back to the night before. Yes, for sure that was one of the reasons that I married him, he had the assets and knew just what to do with them. He just wasn't always the best at choosing the right time . . . and now really wasn't it.

"Steffen, I mean . . . "

That was it, once more I was cut off in mid-sentence as his lips locked down on mine, my heart beating fast as he kissed my resolve away. He probed at my closed lips, seeking out the merest opening. Without hesitation I responded, allowing our tongues to writhe together like fervent snakes. An arm behind my neck held me locked into his grip, as his other followed the curves of my petite frame down, across my breasts and over my golden bush. My legs parted, already expecting his destination. I moaned, a muffled moan, as a long finger prised my pussy lips apart, my juices flowing almost immediately with the anticipation of what was to come.

And then he did it, breaking away from his kiss and lowering down at his knees slightly, positioning the head of that huge cock at my opening. I eased my hips forward slightly, to meet his angle, and waited, eyes closed.

"Aghhh," I screamed as he thrust forward, my opening stretching wide as it accepted his swollen head.

Squashed back against the cold glass I held my breath as his length followed the head, Steffen standing up as he impaled himself fully, forcing me onto tiptoes. I breathed deeply, more of a gasp than a breath when, finally, he stopped. I already could anticipate the onslaught which was to come. Another deep breath followed as he slowly pulled out, my walls clamping down on his shaft as it slid downwards.

"Ugh," I moaned as he thrust back inside, lifting me off my feet momentarily then dropping me back to earth as he pulled out once more. Full, long, hard strokes, emptying me gently then ramming back inside, a pile driver forcing louder and louder moans with every stroke.

Steffen was a man possessed, fervently fucking me without any tenderness. This was pure wanton lust. Before long I was breathing quickly, gasping for air as he pulled out, taking as much as I could before he slammed back in, my lungs emptying once more as I moaned out loud. Leaning back against the chill of the glass I lifted my legs, using his body as a counterweight, and wrapped my ankles around his firm buttocks, allowing even deeper access to his rampant manhood. I bit my lip as the first tingling of orgasm seeped through my body. I was trying, as best I could, to hold on for the big one, knowing it wasn't far away.

"Ugh," moaned my beast of a lover as, with each long stroke, he neared his own climax.

By now my back was sliding up and down the glass with each thrust, clearing the mists as it went. Even the torrent of water was now drowned out by my near constant screams of pleasure, the heat down below reaching boiling point. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and hung on for dear life, knowing that I was so close to the edge. Still he banged his cock into my ravaged pussy, still he moaned, yet still he wasn't ready to release.

"Aghhh," I screamed once more as another wave of pleasure flooded my body. "I'm cumming, Steffen I'm cumming!" I was shrieking the words, losing my composure the more he continued this rough fuck.

"Cum for me Claudia, cum on my big cock, let me feel your pussy explode around my manhood."

I needed no more encouragement.

"Aghhhhhhh, Steffffffen!"

I shrieked louder than ever as the big one hit, grasping at his manly torso so as not to fall to the floor as my body quivered on the top of his cock. Still he continued, his moans increasing in line with the power of his thrusts. Then one final, huge thrust and I felt him unload inside of me. He stopped, his cock still deep inside of me, my head now resting languidly on his shoulder as I tried to get my breath back.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two minutes, that's all it was. I missed the train by two measly minutes and all for the sake of a parting fuck before hubby went off on another of his business trips. The next one was in half an hour so for sure I would be late. Was it worth it I pondered to myself—for sure the sex was, but then that would be it for a good few weeks, six to be precise. Then there was work itself. I was still the relative newbie, finding my feet and trying to do as good a job as I could. Being late really wasn't the best of outcomes. I grabbed a coffee and waited, trying to recover my composure after the mad dash to the station. Finally, the train arrived, and my journey resumed once more. If I was lucky, I'd only be ten or twenty minutes late, and maybe nobody would really notice.

A couple of hours later and here I sat, tucked away at a corner desk in the office. I glanced down at the nameplate sitting in front of me, just checking it was really my name that adorned it. Claudia Leber, Accounts Controller read the black letters embossed onto the silver plaque. So yes, it was really me, but it so didn't feel like me, and what's more it wasn't at all what I planned to be doing in my early thirties. My stomach rumbled, not surprising given that breakfast had been skipped after my carnal exploits in the shower. There were still a couple of hours until lunch and the day was dragging on more than most. My mind flitted between two trains of thought; "what was I going to do with myself for the next six weeks now that Steffen was away once more?" mixed in with "actually, what am I doing here in this damn office?"

Looking up from my desk, I glanced around the place. I guess there were thirty or so people in the area where I worked. It was your typical open plan office, and they were your typical open plan office workers. Everything about the place shouted dull and boring—a set of clones were going about their mundane lives as if the world depended upon them. Sure, there were some interesting individuals, but put them into the office environment and it was like their identities suddenly switched off.

Everything was dull, everything was boring.

Here I was, with a degree in economics, managing no more than a set of spreadsheets. It was boring, no challenge at all.

Here I was, dressed in the most dull, predictable business attire you could image; a black skirt, white blouse, black nylons and a matching jacket on the back of my chair. Predictable and boring.

Here was the office, a hive of activity but totally devoid of atmosphere. Thirty or so clones of each other sat at their desks and prodded away at their own spreadsheets. I closed my eyes and imagined them all, dressed in dull grey uniforms and typing in unison. Again, it was boring.

So here I was, gazing into space, pondering my life. Steffen would be at the airport by now, probably in the lounge with a glass of red as he waited for his flight. Compared to this, he was living the high life and I sometimes wondered what it would be like to join him. No sooner though had I pondered his life than I started to consider mine. Why was I here? Why was I doing this? I didn't have an answer. I'd had a variety of jobs and this was just the latest in a long line. It was meant to be a chance to rebuild—my potential in life currently just a missed opportunity—but having joined I wasn't sure it would materialise. That said, it was safe, it was reliable, it was predictable, it was comfortable, and it did pay reasonably.

It was so different to what was promised at the interview. I remember clearly now how inspirational that meeting had been. The talk was of opportunities, of personal development, of the ability to satisfy my dreams. So far none of these had materialised, and I now doubted that they ever would.

Did I fit in? Probably not, so I tended to just keep my head down and get on with things. With Steffen at home it was fine, the day would pass more quickly, always with something to look forward to once I was back at our place. The problem though was that in weeks like this, when Steffen travelled, there wasn't even any incentive outside of work. This was just day one of his latest trip. I glanced at the desk calendar and counted down the six weeks before he returned, not really sure how I would manage the boredom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another night passed, another train ride and another day in this office. Picking up a highlighter, I slowly drew a neon orange line through the relevant square on my calendar. It was week three, day two since Steffen had left. Just over half way and, to be honest, I was now willing him to come home early. I'd pondered many times what it was I was missing and, no matter how much I tried, the answer always pointed at one thing in particular, sex, or more notably the lack of sex.

Without Steffen around I just wasn't getting up to anything, at least not anything exciting. Some time back I'd invested in my own entertainment, in the form of a couple of toys—come on, isn't it normal to need a little stimulation from time to time. There was a discreet bullet vibrator, single speed but small enough to carry in a handbag and then a larger dildo, not quite as large as hubby's cock but not that far off. They were good, and satisfied a need, but they just lacked a little something. I guess it was the same with this job. It was comfortable and satisfied a need, but it just didn't quite hit the mark.

Today showed little promise of being different to any other. At least that was until late afternoon, when a surprise conversation led to an unexpected invitation. What prompted it, I'd never know—maybe my increasingly subdued demeanour, maybe my girlish good looks are maybe just a guilty feeling that they'd been excluding me—whatever the reason I wouldn't know but what happened next was a welcome break. It all started at the photocopier where I was busy duplicating bank statements.

"It's Claude, isn't it?" came a voice from behind.

I was so engrossed in myself and the copier that it took a while to even register he was talking to me. I turned around to see one of the purchasing guys smiling back down at me.

"Claudia," I replied.

"I'm so sorry. I've seen you around, but we haven't really spoken. The name's Jack and I work in purchasing. I just wanted to say hello and see if everything was okay."

I look him in the eye, feeling a bit nervous as to how to answer. It was a strange way of saying hello.

"Yes, of course. It's nice to meet you Jack but everything is fine. Why do you ask?" I almost snapped my reply back at him.

Now it was his turn to feel nervous and I suddenly felt embarrassed. Maybe he was just saying hello and I was reading more into it than I needed to.

"Well . . . I dunno . . . I've been keeping an eye on you and you just seem . . . ermm, well . . . let's say you don't seem to be enjoying work. You seemed a little preoccupied and maybe just a bit sad. I noticed you crossing days off on your calendar. Are you sure everything is fine?"

I smiled back, trying now to make up for my initial reaction. In all the time I'd been here, Jack was the first to really take an interest in me, as a person, and all I'd done was throw it back in his face.

"Oh, it's fine Jack, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap like that. I guess I'm just a little down at the moment. Hubby's away, so I'm on my own for a few weeks. Really, it's nothing to worry about, but thank you so much for asking."

I went back to my copying, the sooner it was complete, the sooner I could get off for the evening. It was a good couple of minutes later when I realised that Jack was still standing there.

"I'm sorry Jack, did you want the copier?"

"Er . . . no," came a hesitant reply.

"Well, was there something else I could help with?"

"Help . . . not really . . . well . . . maybe . . . actually I wondered . . . "

Jack was obviously struggling with whatever he wanted to ask. I looked him up and down. He was a bit older than me, I guessed nudging forty, and very average . . . average height, average build, average length hair . . . yes, that was the word . . . Jack was average. I hoped that what he lost in terms of physical attraction was more than made up for in confidence and charisma, but now I wasn't so sure. I smiled once more, and he seemed to gain some composure.

"Well, you see . . . Claudia . . . me and Pete usually go out for a drink after work on a Friday. You'd be welcome to join us if you want. Nothing serious, just a quick drink before we get back on our way home. What do you say?"

Wow, I never saw that coming. My only doubt was how to reply. Say yes and go out with a couple of almost strangers, having already admitted that I was on my own for a few weeks. For all I knew it was a chat up line with one thing in mind. The alternative was to say no and risk upsetting his feelings once more, when maybe Jack was indeed just being kind.

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