tagLoving WivesWhen the Clock Strikes Twelve

When the Clock Strikes Twelve


Twelve individual envelopes were held fast in her hands as she approached the mailboxes in the orderly room of the barracks. Mrs. Jackson wasn't an out of place sight here considering her husband was a captain in this unit. Many of the men saw her at the different functions or when she would visit to have lunch with him in his office. Sadly, her husband was in the desert this holiday season and wasn't there to watch as she took the lavender envelopes scented with her favorite perfume and slowly shoved them into the boxes of the men her husband selected for her party. To ensure secrecy, each envelope was marked with a different time to call or a different email address to ensure that not even the participants would know who was to be there. Even though he was an officer, the thought of his wife fraternizing with the enlisted men would put any further promotions into jeopardy. Soon, all twelve men had a lavender envelope in their box and she headed back to her house to email her husband to admonish that his will was done.

As she typed out the email to him, she felt herself tense up a bit. He was miles away, but the thought of his arms around her body made her wet with anticipation. She had to pause her attempts to communicate with her husband to spend some time with the special toy he made for her. The feeling of the special rubber phallis he made for her penetrating her lonely lips helped her ease the longing for only a little while. The thought that her fantasy would be accomplished in only a few weeks was driving her closer and closer to orgasm until she climaxed. She told herself that this was only a temporary fix for now.

At nine pm on December 31st, the men assembled at the hotel that was mentioned in the different emails and phone calls. Each one came in five minute intervals, all wearing dress greens, but black ski masks to protect their identities. As they each went up to the penthouse suite her husband reserved for them, they grabbed a glass of wine and attempted to relax. The instructions were simple. They relaxed for an hour, drinking wine and taking the different enhancement medication she provided for them to ensure they were ready and compliant during the final countdown. At ten o clock, the music began and she danced in the center of all of them, wearing her shortest, tightest dress to help ready them for the ritual. It was hard for some of the men to contain their excitement, knowing full well the number of times they desired not only to see Mrs. Jackson's beautiful nude form, but to deposit their seed on it as well.

At 11:30, she played a scene from her favorite gang bang scene just to bring her guests closer to the edge. Each one was finding it more difficult to hold in their collective spunk as she began to strip in front of them, one piece of tight clothing at a time until she was left nude except for the tiniest of black thongs hiding a small part of her privates. Her nipples hardened from the constant teasing. Her pussy wet from the anticipation of what was going to happen.

She took her position on the Roman style chaise lounge in the middle of the room and beckoned the men over to take their positions. As the men came over, their pants were shed to reveal the huge cocks that were eager to climax over this gorgeous woman's body. As each man started to stroke closer to her body, she began to grab one nipple and pull harder moaning her desires out loud so all could hear.

"Cum all over me. Cover me with your spunk. I want to drown in your seed tonight gentlemen. "

The ritual was almost complete. As the clock began to toll twelve times, the men at different rhythms started to shoot their white marks all over her nude form. Some hit her in her chest while others hit her face as some still hit at different points of her legs, her abdomen and her crotch. Almost as soon as it began, it ended as each man slowly put their dress pants on and slowly left the room. All except one.

The last one went to the briefcase he stashed near the door and pulled out his digital camera. As she laid there basking in the afterglow, he took different shots of where each man made their deposit. He was under special instructions to mail her husband the video as well as email the pics. As she took his now flaccid penis into her hands, she began to lick off the residue to bring his tool to life. It was his penis that was aimed at her face and only he was granted permission to pleasure this goddess that night. As he felt her mouth engulf his dick, he thought to himself how wonderful being her husband's best friend was.

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