tagNon-EroticWhen The Darkness Calls

When The Darkness Calls


When her Darkness calls to me, across the land, I hear its cry with my inner ear. I do not know how I know, but I know I need to listen. The calling tells me where to find the one like me, the compliment, the confidant, the one who hears my Darkness calling out to her. I have tried at times to fight the call, I even managed to suppress it deep inside for a while. I buried myself in my work and in my hobbies and in making plans to while away the hours. No matter what I did to occupy my mind however my soul always heard the call.

It wasn't always from the same direction, and it certainly wasn't always from the same person, but when I finally gave up my fight and started listening again for the call a new voice cried out to me, loud and pure and strong in its cry. I was surprised to hear it so clearly when I had spent years doing everything I could think of to stop hearing the call. I thought that when I gave in at last to the calling of my Darkness I would only hear the weak cries I had been working so hard to ignore for oh so long. Much to my amazement however that one pure tone of anguished need cried out to me, long and loud and pure, and it happened within days of my surrender to the Darkness, it did not take weeks, or months, or years, but merely a few short days and there she was.

She was crying out across the land her Darkness, her consuming inner need aching to be satisfied. Even so, she was new to the Darkness, so new she did not even realize that she was calling out, and that she was being called in return. Because she was new and inexperienced I tried to warn her about the call, how it would continue to grow and begin to fill her thoughts day and night if she did not run from it, or just give in to it completely. Fool that I am I tried to ignore her call, and urged her to flee it, but the Darkness will not be ignored. Every time she conversed with me she learned more about my Darkness, and the more she learned about my Darkness the more she became enthralled with it, the stronger the call became to her.

Now we are both stuck in a horrible place, we hear each others call to Darkness loud and pure and sweet as Surrender, but she is afraid, she didn't even know she had this Darkness inside of her six weeks ago and now it seems as if it will Consume her. I have tried to explain to her that when our Darkness' blend together they will be like the finest ingredients ever conceived forming the perfect drink which will slake the Darkness and make it satisfied.

Yet she hesitates, and I certainly can not blame her, after all I have told her of my own Darkness, she is afraid to embrace her inner Darkness and smash it up against mine. Because she believes me when I tell her, that if she does, there will be no turning back. Her Darkness continues to grow, day by day, making itself felt to her stronger and stronger, and yet she fights to contain it.

She wanted no part in this Darkness, and until she met me she knew nothing of it, but my Darkness peered into her inner-space and saw its reflection, and cried out in joy. The cry of my Darkness awoke hers, and has been feeding it day by day, helping it grow and mature into a most beautiful Darkness all her own. One day her Darkness will be so strong it will overwhelm her, though it may take years for it to reach that level I doubt she has more than a few weeks of relative freedom left before she allows herself to give in and feel the pure contentment of a satisfied Darkness which has met its match across the land.

If only she could let go of her fear and allow her Darkness to contend with mine the two would show her such freedom and joy as she has never imagined, the freedom to let herself go completely and revel in the inner space, wantonly consumed in the flame of her inner desires and yet outwardly appearing exactly the same to the world at large which is deaf to the Darkness calling.

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