tagErotic CouplingsWhen the Partner's Away

When the Partner's Away


Carson Bellphrey gazed out the crack in his heavy oak door at a pair of tan calves. He knew that it was insane to lust after your secretary. Which is why he'd fought the feelings stirring in his head—and in his pants—for the past four months. Lately it had been getting harder and harder to tear his eyes away from her. Hell, every time she walked into his office he was painfully aware of the fact that he hadn't had a sexual encounter in over two months.

When he and his partner had hired Dawn over a year ago, it had been as a favor to their retiring secretary Greta who had served them since they'd opened their own practice. There had been other, more qualified applicants, but Greta said her niece needed a break, and assured he and Justin that she was a fast learner. That proved to be true. Only Carson didn't remember Dawn dressing quite so, lord help him, enticingly back then. And unless he was making something out of nothing, it seemed as though Dawn's eyes held some unidentifiable emotion when they were trained on him.

In fact it had been that look he'd been picturing just the night before while he got himself off. Except in that scenario her eyes weren't sparkling from across his large desk. They were staring upwards, her candy apple red lips wrapped around his manhood as she kneeled before him. Carson bit the inside of his cheek to keep from groaning out loud at the mere image.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought him out of his thoughts. "Excuse me, Mr. Bellphrey, sir, a-are you okay?"

Carson gaped for a second, and then managed to regain some composure. "Yes, I'm fine Miss Lawson. Is there something I can do for you?"

"You asked me to come in for a dictation." The way she paused before saying the last word made Carson shudder.

How could someone with a body that caused images of rumpled sheets and long passion-filled nights to pop into his head manage to sound so pure? It was a paradox that did nothing to lessen the pressure in his pants. "You're right, of course. Sometimes I think if I didn't have a secretary I wouldn't ever win a case."

It was his attempt at easing some of the tension that hung in the air between them, but it sounded forced even to his own ears.


Dawn Lawson studied her boss intently. In the past five minutes she'd seen two sides of him that she hadn't been aware he had. First she'd walked into his office to find him reclining in his chair, eyes closed, a vulnerable expression on his face. Being someone who filled a doorway, wore powerful black suits every day, and had a string of successes in the courtroom longer than anyone else in the county, vulnerable wasn't something associated with Carson Bellphrey. And now, he looked nervous.

Ever since she'd been hired at Bellphrey & Parker's Law Office Dawn had walked on her tip-toes. She knew the only reason she had gotten the job was because her aunt put in a good word. Because of that she worked twice as hard as Mary, the other secretary, and feared getting canned at any moment. Only recently had she started to feel more secure with her position. And now she sensed something was wrong. Why else would Mr. Bellphrey be nervous unless he planned on firing her?

Maybe he thinks I'm one of those girls who gets hysterical when being fired. Well, she wouldn't prove his assumption right. She would take any bad news he gave her without sniveling like a baby.

Throughout the hour it took her to take down the message Carson wanted sent to his latest client, Dawn found herself wondering why he wasn't getting to it. He wasn't kidding anyone. He couldn't even hold her gaze for more than a few seconds before looking elsewhere. That meant only one thing—something was up.

Dawn may not be an expert when it came to reading men. In fact she considered herself pretty stupid when it came to anything possessing a Y chromosome. But she could tell when she was about to be fired. That had happened often enough that she'd learned the signs. What she didn't know is when he would drop the bomb. She only hoped it was soon so that she didn't have to see his magnificent broad shoulders—the ones that filled suits perfectly—set rigidly. The shadow covering his face didn't take away from his handsome features, but she'd much rather see him smiling.

Before leaving his office, Dawn turned, responding to the statement he'd made much earlier, "You're a good lawyer, Carson, you could certainly win cases with or without a secretary." Dawn decided to bait him. Try and figure out if her job really was in jeopardy or if she was suffering from paranoia. "At least, you could certainly go on without a secretary like me…"

She waited for him to deny her words. Say that she was an important part of the firm. He didn't say anything close to that. He didn't say anything at all. The temper Dawn's grandmother had always frowned upon started to flare.


Her toned legs seemed to stretch forever. Especially because the skirt she wore was on the short side. Not that Carson minded of course. The only downside to her fantastic legs was that he'd been staring so intently that he completely missed what Dawn had said. So instead of responded, he just sat back and asked if she could bring him a refill on his coffee. And even though she nodded, Carson saw a spark ignite behind her eyes.

Had she caught him burning every inch of her legs into his memory? Carson knew he should care, but he was so disappointed that she appeared to frown upon his appraisal that he didn't. Why did the one woman he was interested in have to be the one he couldn't touch? And damn it if he hadn't been trying to come up with a plan to get around the company policy of not dating employees or clients. The very policy he'd helped create was now destroying his potential sex life.

The way Dawn walked reminded him of a model on a runway. Hips swaying, chin held in a confident manner, and he knew from previous observation that her ass was doing a sexy little dance that could make him hot under the collar.

She handed him the coffee and then asked if there was anything else she could do for him. His mind went into overdrive trying to come up with a reason for her to stay in his office. I must be a masochist at heart, he thought sardonically. "Why don't you go check on Justin and then come back?"

Fists on her hips, Dawn took a completely defensive stance. "Mr. Bellphrey, unless you've forgotten Mr. Parker is out all day today. Remember?"

"Oh…yeah." He felt incompetent and flustered. Never in his life had a woman made him come so unglued. Being very experienced with women, he no longer got too worked up over them. Which meant he should be wary of Dawn. Of the way she could make him go from perfectly-professional to wanting to get down on his knees and beg for it in five seconds.

"Why don't you just do it?"

Unsure of her meaning, Carson met her usually warm blue eyes. The ones that were now hard as granite. "Do what?"

She snorted, "Do you want me to walk out myself? Quit so you don't have to do the dirty work?" He didn't answer. Didn't know what to say. She wasn't making sense. Stalking over to his desk she put her hands flat, leaning down to his eye level. He doubted she was aware of the view she was giving him. "Why don't you just fire me?"

The idea was so absurd that he laughed. Judging by the additional fury that shone in her eyes, it had been the wrong thing to do. But he couldn't help it. "I don't want to fire you, Miss Lawson. I want to fuck you."

Carson immediately went rigid. Had he said that last part out loud? All it took was one look at Dawn and he knew the answer. Someone, he thought, is going to get sexual harassment charges pressed against him. Eyes wider than the Grand Canyon, Dawn didn't move an inch. In fact Carson wasn't sure that she was even breathing.

He stood up cautiously, and moved around the desk, "I-I didn't mean that. I'm terribly sorry. What I said was very unprofessional and completely uncalled for."

She countered every step he took forward by taking two backwards. Only when her back hit his door did she look up at him. The vulnerability in her eyes wasn't something Carson wanted there. With his hand poised above her cheek he fingered a few strands of hair that had escaped her bun. They were luxuriously soft. He wondered what it would feel like grazing his bare chest, but stopped the fantasy before he let out a groan. "I'm not going to hurt you, Dawn. I would never do anything you didn't want to do." When she said nothing he swallowed hard, wanting so bad to kiss her pliant lips, but needing her permission even more. "Do you believe me?"

Seconds dragged on into years until she nodded, slipping her pink tongue out to wet her lower lip. Carson about went cross-eyed. He maneuvered his legs outside hers, allowing him to get closer. Her breasts pressed up nicely against his chest, and he was about to introduce the flat of her stomach to the bulge in his pants when he became aware of her lips. They were moving. "Kiss me, Carson."

As if he needed to be told twice. Pressing his mouth to hers, Carson was going to take it nice and slow until he felt Dawn's lips part, her tongue licking across his lips. Surprised, but completely turned on he let her take the lead. Allowed her tongue to explore his mouth. Enjoyed the way she sucked lightly on his tongue when it followed the retreat of her own.

His hands ran up her lithe body, stopping occasionally to caress the undersides of her breasts, or to trace the column of her throat. Slowly she eased their lips apart, looking up at him—her eyes still have closed with pleasure, "Mary called in sick, you know. We've got the whole office to ourselves…"

If that wasn't an invitation, what was? Still, the last thing Carson wanted was for someone to walk in and find him with his pants down around his ankles, Dawn's long legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He reached down and locked his door, and then pulled the blinds to the window that looked out into the lobby.

Now that there was no way that they would be interrupted Carson planted his hands on her hips, hoisting her up. Her legs went around him just as he'd imagined them doing a hundred times, and he finally—after months of wishing—got to press his erection against her. With her plain gray skirt bunched around her hips, he was staring at hot pink panty, and then groaned when her hips moved against him.

He reclaimed her lips, moving his tongue against hers slowly, he matched the rhythm of their hips. Pretty soon Carson was ready, and guessing by the way she ground herself against him, she was too. Hands cupping her bare ass—God he loved thongs—Carson strode over to the leather couch, thankful that he'd ever thought to get it. Now that he was seated and didn't have to occupy his hands with holding Dawn up, he popped a few buttons of her pink blouse open. A lacy bra encased her breasts, and he bent down, licking at the exposed top of one. Dawn gasped. Carson grinned, unclasping the bra deftly before gluing his mouth to her nipple. He may have been out of the sexual circle for a little while, but the way she was responding, he was glad to see he hadn't lost his touch.

And speaking of touch, there was one place he was dying to get a feel of. Sliding a hand down to Dawn's thigh, he traced a path up under her skirt. Not one to let flimsy material stand in his way, Carson found his way to dewy curls, and soon enough, to her pleasure center. Making circles around it he watched her. Those lovely blue eyes glazed over, and a feminine moan escaped her kiss-swollen lips. "Please Carson. Don't tease me."

Obeying her sexy request, he pushed a finger into her up to the first knuckle. "How's that, babe?"


One syllable made his dick twitch. Easy, buddy, it'll be your turn soon. Pushing deeper, he began rubbing her clitoris with his thumb, and then worked another finger into her. By now Dawn was rocking back and forth on him, her breath coming in short pants. He parted her shirt, leaning down to suck at her breast. When he bit the nipple lightly Dawn's hand raked through his hair. Carson obliged by quickening the pace of his fingers. She tugged his head away from her breast and crushed her mouth to his for a very hot kiss before she pulled back, let out a loud moan, and bucked wildly on his fingers.

He hugged her, caressing her back while her head lay on his shoulder. Her weight was comfortable, and he'd almost managed to forget his throbbing erection. Almost.

Dawn shuddered. What did I just do? She'd come on her boss' fingers. And damn if she hadn't loved every second of it. What woman wouldn't? Carson Bellphrey oozed sexual energy. Standing at a whopping 6'3'' he had sturdy, capable shoulders, a broad chest that led down to narrow hips, and long legs. Not to mention his voice. Dawn imagined she could come just listening to him.

She shifted and bumped into the impressive hard-on Carson was sporting. The thought of him sitting there sexually frustrated made her frown. He'd given her release, and what did she do about it? Curl up with him as if they were long-time lovers and not two people having sex that wouldn't go any farther than being just that—sex; two people getting physical pleasure out of each other.

Sliding a hand down in between them, she ran her hand along his length. Even through his pants she could tell he was bigger than any other man she'd been with. That excited her. She nibbled on the lobe of Carson's ear and he lifted his hips to increase the pressure of her hand. "This little guy seems happy to see me."

Before sliding onto her knees, Dawn loosened Carson's tie and unbuttoned his crisp white shirt. When he went to remove the tie completely she wagged a finger at him, "Nut uh, leave that on, it reminds me that you're my boss." She winked while undoing his trousers, and his Adam's apple bobbed.

He lifted his hips and she slid both his pants and boxers down in one easy motion. His erection sprang free. Dawn couldn't help but gasp. "I'm sorry I called him "little guy" earlier. There's nothing little about it." She tried to wrap her hand all the way around but couldn't. "How long is it, Carson?"

It seemed to be difficult for him to talk while she stroked him, so she paused. He swallowed. "I've never measured it."

"Hmm…" she didn't believe him for a second. "Well then, I guess I'll have to measure it myself…" she paused, "With my lips."

He watched intently as she lowered her head to his erection, and he groaned when her tongue slid out and traced a circle over the tip. She loved how he tasted. He was so hard, and yet so smooth. Almost delicate. As she started to take him deeper Dawn imagined how it would feel when she sank down on him again—only not with her mouth. It was going to be a stretch. She hadn't been sexually active for over a year. And she didn't need a ruler to know he was a good eight inches long. Not to mention plenty thick.

Not long after Carson had begun to move his hips in time with her bobs, he pulled back. When she frowned he gave a cocky smile, "If you keep that up I wont be able to be inside you for a little while. And I think that's already overdue."

Standing, Dawn slipped her thong down her legs, and threw it over her shoulder. That gesture earned her a sexy half-grin from the man seated before her. Big hands settled on her slender hips, and Carson pulled Dawn into his lap. Then, just as their lips met hungrily and Dawn attempted to sink down on him, he stopped her. "Dawn, baby, we you have to get up so I can get a condom…"

With a smile Dawn took the hand that was preventing him from being inside her and brought it to her breast. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill, and I've been tested—I'm safe."

"Me too."

"Good," she smiled seductively, "Then if it's all the same to you I'd like to feel you without anything in the way."

He gave a short nod, and without further ado, she sank down on until the entire head was encased in her silky tunnel. Dawn was starting to feel full after having sunk down on Carson only halfway. That's when he lifted his hips sharply on one of her slow downward strokes, causing them to be joined completely. She let out a startled gasp at the sudden invasion, followed by a low moan.

Carson's eyes flew open, "Shit, I'm sor—"

Dawn didn't want an apology from the man who was making her feel better than anybody who'd been in his position before so she captured his lips with hers and together they began moving in an age-old rhythm. He started off slowly, dragging his length almost all the way out before plunging back in. Her inner muscles gripped his cock tight, half in love with it and half overwhelmed by its size. As their pace increased, Carson bent his head down and caught her nipple between his lips. Dawn moaned softly, raking her fingers through his brown locks, holding him in place just in case he got any big ideas about stopping.

"Sooo tight," Carson murmured against her breast. His grip on her hips tightened, and a few thrusts later he let out a moan that rivaled a pleased growl. "Can't…hold back much longer…"

Dawn's stomach had already began to tighten with the familiar feeling. Even if she hadn't been about to come, however, she would've whispered, "Do it, then. Come deep inside me…please."

Knowing that it was her who made Carson this needy and out of control was pleasure enough. He was always so calm and sensible. Now here he was fucking her—his secretary—on the same couch countless clients had sat on. There was something about the whole situation that made Dawn feel extremely sexy and feminine.

He pulled her down hard one more time, her ass slapping his thighs, and then he began to come in pulsating spurts that warmed Dawn from the inside out. He found her mouth just as she exploded, moans getting lost in their kisses.

As Carson gradually came back to earth he thought about how they must look. His pants and boxers were around his ankles, Dawn's skirt bunched around her waist, both of their shirts unbuttoned but not removed. They could easy pass for a pair of sex-starved teenagers. Unfortunately, he frowned, they weren't immature kids who just happened to have a bout of extremely hot sex on the nearest leather couch.

They were adults who knew full well what they were doing—even if lust did had the amazing ability to make common sense disappear. He was the man who wrote out her paychecks. Her boss. Well, one of her bosses. Just thinking about Justin made him groan. If his partner ever found out about this, Carson was a dead man.

The woman in his arms stiffened before removing herself from him completely. Immediately he missed being inside her. She fixed her clothing hastily, and met his gaze much like she had not too long ago, her eyes hard and unyielding. Nothing like those of the woman who'd been moaning in his lap only seconds ago. "Well," she said with false bravado, "That was an interesting dictation. Now if you don't have any other work for me to do, Mr. Bellphrey, I'll be going."

She turned on her heel and was opening the door by the time Carson was able to pull up his pants and get to her. He placed a hand on the door, halting its motion. "Wait." Their eyes met. "I don't understand…one second we're…" he glanced back at the couch, not sure how exactly to put into words what they'd just done. "Why are you pissed at me?"

"I'm not pissed. I just have to go—it's already past three o'clock—I already okayed this with Mr. Parker last week." She lifted her chin, as though she dared him to argue.

He wouldn't. He wasn't sure what had happened to make her mood change so suddenly, but he certainly wasn't going to force her to open up. There was only one thing he had to make sure she knew. "Okay. But for the record…I didn't force you into anything."

If looks could kill he would've died right there. Obviously not the right thing to say. "Don't worry, your record is safe. If anyone asks I'll even admit to having an orgasm." Then she spun away from him, slamming the door behind her.

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