tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhen Val First Went Without Panties

When Val First Went Without Panties


When I first met Valerie back in 1972, she was a senior in high school. She had turn 18 in January and had only a few months of school left. She loved wearing short dresses and skirts anywhere and everywhere. Many of her dresses just barely covered her ass, but she said she didn't care. It never seemed to bother her when somebody got a flash of her panty covered ass. Just the opposite! She seem to enjoy it but at that time we were just getting to know each other and I think she was afraid to admit to me that she was a bit of an exhibitionist, but I quickly figured that one out and loved her even more for it.

I was over at her house one afternoon and she showed me this one little white dress that she said was so short she had to be careful how high she raised her shoulders. I convinced her to model it for me. She was right! When she raised her arms straight above her head, the bottoms of her pantied ass cheeks were exposed. A few days later, I asked her to wear it out one night. She smiled and said OK.

I took her out for dinner and little dancing. They were playing a slow song and Val had her arms around my neck as I held her close. I could tell she was braless and now I felt her hard nipples pushing against my chest through her dress and my shirt. It was then I noticed in a large mirror on one wall that her panties were showing from the bottom of her dress. I told I could see that her panties where showing and what she said surprised me. She said, "I know, I seen them in the mirror too. But it's too late to worry about that now. Let everybody look if they want too. I'm enjoying myself with you too much to care right now." At that remark, she pulled my head down and kissed me. I surprised her then, I reached down and grabbed both ass cheeks and pulled her to me as I kissed her back. She moaned and kissed even harder.

We left very soon after that and I took her back to my room. She let me undress her and when I removed her panties I noticed they were soaking wet. That's the night she finally told me she found it exciting knowing people were seeing her panties in public places and that she had been afraid to admit it to me because she was falling in love with me. She was also afraid I wouldn't like it and might leave her. She then explained that her last two boyfriends were the jealous types and didn't like her wearing short dresses or skirts and wanted her to stop, and when she refused, they dropped her.

So I gave her a hug and told her that I was falling in love with her too and that whatever she wanted to wear was fine with me. Besides, I liked seeing her panties and though oddly strange, I seemed to enjoy it too knowing other people were seeing her underwear. We kissed some more and she told me she was still a virgin, and that she didn't want to say that way any longer. I granted her wish! We started having sex frequently after that night.

Valerie was a petite girl when we met. She was only 5ft. 4 inches tall and weighed about 110 lbs. And being a 34B, she hardly ever wore a bra, even to school. Her schools' dress code made that possible. She could basically wear anything she wanted as long as it wasn't obscene or indecent. I remember picking her and her friend Becky up from school one afternoon and they both were wearing cut-off jean short-shorts and bikini tops under an unbuttoned blouse.

I also found out that day that Valerie was wearing no underwear under those tight cut-off short-shorts that day. I asked if she when pantyless often and she said she was doing more and more recently since she met me. I asked how come and she said she noticed how I didn't wear them sometime and since she liked it when I didn't she thought she would give it a try and found she liked it. She said that she had gone without underwear on and off a few times the past couple weeks. She said she had done it around the house a lot and to the store a couple times and with me once but didn't tell me. She also told me that today was the first day she went to school without any underwear and being pantyless in public made her feel a bit naughty but it was actually stimulating at the same time. I smiled and said, "Oh! Is that why you seem to be so horny lately, huh?" She punched me in shoulder and said, "Maybe!"

I asked if she was wearing her dresses pantyless also and she told me, "No, no, no! I could never do that. That would be too slutty. Showing my underwear is one thing but letting people see my bare ass is way past the line. I don't think I could ever do that."

I asked if she do it while wearing one of her longer dresses. She paused a bit and said she might be able to that. So I said, "Good. I would like for you to wear "only" that knee length green sun-dress you have tonight when we go put for pizza. She gave me a wicked smile and said, 'I'll think about it."

When I picked Val up at her house, she met me at the door and she was wearing her green sun-dress. I gave her a hug and kiss and grabbed her ass, all I found was smooth ass (no panties!) She smiled and said, "You like?" I kissed her again and said, "Yea, I like!"

Once in my car she opened her purse and pulled out her panties and said, "I brought these along just in case I need to put them on before I come home. Do you think I might need to?"

I gave her a big smile and said, "Maybe you should have brought two pair!" She smiled and said, "Promises, promises."

Well, I knew I had to make this girl mine so I proposed to her that night. She accepted and we were married 4 months later. Valerie often wore her dresses and skirts without panties after that night and she eventfully started wearing her shorter dresses pantyless also.

I failed to mention that I was 21 years of age at this time and in the U. S. Air Force. About once a month I had to pull alert duty, which required me to live in a restricted area on base for a week at a time. I was on duty 24 hours a day and lived with my flight crew in a special building for the entire week. This building had many bedrooms and a couple large restrooms with showers. It also had dining hall, large TV room, recreation room with pool tables, and a small movie theater. Outside the main building was a family center with about a dozen rooms with locks on the inside of the doors only. Val would visit me four or five times a week and we would make us of those locked rooms almost every time. She seemed to always show up with panties in her purse but ended wearing them home.

It was during this time she started wearing her shorter dresses and skirts to meet me. Making sure she spread her legs as she got out of my car to show me she was pantyless. There were a few times all the rooms were full and sometimes she didn't want to wait for one to open up. Most of the times I would get in the passenger seat of my car and she would sit on my lap and ride me. That's when we found out that we both enjoyed daring public sex.

Once we even had sex the main waiting room with people only 20 feet away. The room had four or five rows of large overstuffed chairs. Sitting on my lap facing me in the front row, she said she could barely see the top of the peoples' heads in the back row. What made this so simple was I was wearing my flight suit, which has two zippers, which means I could zip down, neck to crotch or up, crotch to neck. All I had to do up unzip up a few inches and Val could find her favorite play thing. She just lifted her skirt and sat on my lap impaling herself on my dick.

On Labor Day weekend of 1972 I was on duty and asked Val to wear her unlined black lace halter top and short black and red tartan skirt for me. I 'kind of forgot' to tell her there would be a family BBQ at the family center. When she arrived I reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass as I kissed her. I then told her that she might want to put on her panties because we where going to be at the BBQ. She looked at me and said she couldn't, she didn't bring any with her today because she had planned not wear any back home today.

She remained but didn't participate in any of the games. But I know a few guys still saw her ass because when I was in one of the bathroom stalls, I overheard a couple guys talking about the cute girl in the see-thru top and short plaid skirt wearing no panties. I told Val what I had heard and I saw her nipples get hard. She leaned into me and told me she needed to be fucked. The car was closer than the family center so that's where we headed. There was nothing but trees behind my car, so I bent her over the hood of my mustang and gave it to her fast and hard. She had put a towel on my seat ahead of time, I'm glad she did or she would be leaving a big wet stain on my car seat.

The shortest skirt she owned was what was called a sizzler skirt. It was basically a very short tennis skirt with matching panties made of the same material as the skirt. She had 5 or 6 of them; all but one the skirts had built in panty which shared the same elastic waist band with the skirt. One of the sizzlers, the skirt and panty wear separate pieces. It was purple, lavender, black and white tiny checkered random pattern material. She would often wear just plain white bikini panties under it. It just was crotch length and the very bottom of her ass cheeks peeked out. It was so short that when she sat down she couldn't sit on the back of the skirt if she tried.

Once she came to pick me up from the alert center wearing that little skirt with no panties and a very thin, almost sheer, white halter top I had never seen before. I was standing at the entrance with my flight bag and talking to about six guys when she pulled up. I looked in the passenger window when she pulled up and saw the little skirt and noticed her uncovered little bush so I figured she wouldn't get out of the car with all the guys there, so I opened the door and tossed my bag in the back. As I started to get in, I heard the driver's door open and saw Val getting out. She told me to drive; she wanted to relax for the drive back home and tell me a story. She stood beside the car's fender a few seconds, the guy's couldn't see her skirt but they sure could see her tits, the sun was shining directly on them making her top almost transparent. She then slowly walked around the front of the car giving her ass an extra shake as she walked between the car and them. Luckily the door was between Val and those drooling dogs when she sat down or they would have gotten a good look at my wife's pussy.

I asked her if this was the first time she had worn this skirt without panties. She smiled and said not in the daylight before but that she did give it trial run so to speak last night. She said she had worn it around the house all afternoon and that about 9 pm last night she knew I would like to have some "Pepsi' in the house when I got home. Wearing that skirt and knowing it was so short had made her a bit horny, so she drove down to a convenient store and bought a couple six-packs wearing exactly what she had on now.

There were only two male customers in the store and one male clerk behind the counter so she decided to go on in. She said she was nervous as hell but also very excited as she walked into the store. She said she could see the men watching her in the refection off the cooler doors. When she opened the cooler doors, a blast of cold air hit her wet pussy and she almost came right there. She carefully got two six-packs out without bending over and returned to the counter. The men were staring at her, she knew the top was very thin and knew the men were looking at the dark circles her areolas were making. She looked down and noticed the cold air from the cooler also had her nipples hard. They were both sticking out almost a quarter inch as she approached the counter. They backed off giving her room as she approach the counter. She paid for the "Pepsi" and went to the car. She noticed one of the men adjust the bulge in his pants as she went through the door. All three men were looking at her from the doorway when she reached the car and on a whim, flipped up the back of her skirt flashing her ass to them before she got into the car and drove off. She said that it turned her on so much that she played with herself on the way home.

I looked over at her as she told me this and she had her right hand between her legs playing with her pussy as I drove down the road. I reached down and unzipped my flight suit I just had to release my dick it was getting uncomfortably tight inside my suit. She looked over at me and wrapped her left hand around my hard dick, telling me to hurry home. She needed that dick inside her.

We were married about a week later and I questioned her one evening on our honeymoon while we were out, about how she once told me it was too slutty to wear short dresses in public without underwear. She looked at me and said she thought I liked for her to dress a little slutty. I told her I did but did she really like dressing like that? She kissed me and said, "Yes, I enjoy dressing a bit slutty for you, I guess I'm becoming your little slut!"

"Just how much will my little slut be willing to show?" I asked her back in our motel room later that night. She asked what I had in mind. I pulled out her little white dress she wore early in our relationship out of my bag; you know the dress where her underwear easily showed one night. I packed it with my clothes without her knowledge.

Then she surprised me saying, "I wondered where that dress got off to, I couldn't find it. I was going to bring it along and surprise you by wearing it one night. If you want me to wear that dress out without underwear, you've got a big surprise waiting for you, I'll be glad too! Although more than my ass will be showing, people will probably get a good look at my pussy too." We had just had sex before I pull the dress out and when she told me she would be glad to wear that dress for me. My dick was quickly become hard again. Val then said, "I see you like the idea of me showing my bare ass and pussy to strangers. I think I like the idea too!" As she said that she shoved two of her fingers in her pussy. I quickly dropped the dress on the floor and got back into bed.

Val did wear that dress dancing the next night. What can I say? I think every male in that place had a hard-on that night. When she sat down to rest, that dress was so short she could not help but show her pussy when she sat and soon gave up even trying. There were a lot of sexy dresses in there that night and a few tits got exposed. There was no way to expose Val's tits in that dress but was thin enough to notice her hard nipples sticking out. But Val's dress was definitely the shortest dress there that night.

Val was very horny by the time we left the dance club that night. She had my pants unzipped and my cock out before we reached the car. Val lifted the dress to her waist and climbed on my lap in the car in the parking lot before we left. She was not going to be denied a good fucking. I had planned ahead and had Val sitting on a towel when we left the motel. When she finished riding me, she had come three times before I shot my load inside her. She climbed off my lap and walked around the car to the passenger seat, waving to three couples that were watching her. I looked at her and she had a big smile on her face and the dress was still around her waist. I kissed her and told her I loved her. She told me to take her back to the motel and prove it.

About two in the morning after another fun session in bed, she got up and got a towel and wrapped it around her and tossed me one saying, "Let's go for a swim" We went skinny-dipping in the motel pool. The moon was big and bright, it was prefect. She was even able to get me hard again and we had sex in the pool, then we dried off and both walked back naked to our rooms, I carried both towels.

On our way home, Val wore that very thin white halter top and a short jean skirt. A couple hours into our 12 hour trip, she put her head in my lap and laid across the front seat with feet facing the door. I had a 'Plymouth Duster' back then with front and rear beach seats. I calmly placed my hands on her tits and began to play with them though her top. A few minutes later, Val said that if I was going to play with her tits, I might as well play with them right. She reached up and pulled the halter tie from behind her neck and dropped beneath the tits. She then placed my hand back on her bare tit.

I passed many a big truck on the interstate and told her that the drivers could probably look down and see her tits and her pussy since her skirt was almost to her waist and her legs were spread apart. She said I know they can, I've been looking at them as we pass them and since I don't know any of them and will never see them again. Let them look, I'm enjoying it too. She remained like that until we had to take a break for food, gas, and bathroom. She got back into the same position again as soon as we were back on the interstate. Only this time she pulled her skirt higher and proceeded to play with herself as I drove down the road. Luckily I had on only loose gym shorts because I was so hard I had to release it. She reached behind her head with her left hand to play with me as she used her right hand on herself. After she brought herself off as I drove beside a truck, at Val's request, I told her I was about to cum. She spun around with her knees on the seat and bare ass to the passenger window; she took my cock into her sweet mouth and swallowed all I could give her. She kept herself exposed until we got home. We didn't get a chance to unpack the car till the next day.

A few weeks later, Val made her own sexy little dress. It was red halter dress and totally backless down to where you could see about half-an-inch of the top of her ass crack. The front was very deep plunge, only eight inches wide at the widest part and that was where it joined the skirt about six inches below her belly-button. Her breasts were barely covered on either side. From that point it was only about 8 to 10 inches to the bottom of the dress. I bet it wasn't an inch from the bottom of the dress to her crotch. Val's tits and ass were easily exposed in this dress.

She also made a more conservative one which she wore a lot. It was a white gauze halter dress. The back was bare to her waist. It plunged in front to her belly-button but the top was a lot wider than her red halter dress comfortably covering the sides of her breasts. The dress was just above mid-thigh length. But since it was gauze material, you could make out the dark circles from her breast and a faint dark vertical streak from her ass crack at the back of her dress. Sexy yet almost conservatively dressed.

My pretty, sexy wife had become quite an exhibitionist and I loved her for it. For years she always wore the thinnest, tightest, shortest, sexiest clothes she could get away with. She also made many a sexy outfit. In the 70's she couldn't find bikinis small enough for her so she made her own. I remember one of the first ones she made was made from an old pillowcase. It rode so low on her hips, over an inch of ass crack was uncovered on her backside; plus when it got wet, it was transparent. She looked like she was naked. And YES! She did get completely naked in public a few times. She really enjoyed those times. But she has never had sex with any man but ME! I told her I would like to see her with another man but she still refused to, even till this day.

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