When We Were Married Ch. 03D


"You like that, dougie...oh yeah...I see you do. God you're so huge...."

There were more sounds of licking and slurping and then....

"JESUS CHRIST! Kelly? What the- what the fuck are you doing?"

"What does it look like, dougie......just what your big fat beautiful cock needs....you can squirt..."

She could hear sheets and blankets moving and....

"Oh, you meanie...give it back...I want to play with it."

"God damn it, Kelly. Get away."

'It's okay, baby. She's gone. I heard her driving out. We've got plenty of time. Come here..."

"No. What the hell are you doing in here anyway?"

"What does it look like. I'm going to suck your big beautiful dick dry and then you're going to fuck me."

"Go back to your room, right now Kelly. I've got to get dressed and get out of here before your mother gets back. She'll never believe we weren't doing something."

"Doug, you know you want me. I'm not a kid. I've seen the way you look at me when you don't think she's looking and in the pool that day...."

"Look. I look at you when your mom doesn't notice because I'm a guy. You are gorgeous. But that's all it is. And that day in the pool...that was a mistake..I just...it was a mistake. Now please, put some clothes on and get out of here."

"That's so stupid. She's too old for you. Don't you think I'm prettier?"

"Oh fuck. Listen to me Kelly. Please. If anyone finds out what you were just doing, if they thought I was having sex with you, I'll go to prison. You are jailbait, a minor under the age of 18. You are a heart stopper and you will be something else in a few years, but you're not worth going to prison for."

"I'll never tell anyone, Doug. I promise. I really do like you."

"That's not the only reason. I really do care about your mother."

"Oh please, she's old. Her boobs are starting to sag."

"She's not you, but she's not old. And I -- if she'd move with me I'd make it permanent."

"Gag me. Yuck. That's disgusting."

"Put some clothes on."

Both of them jumped as Debbie spoke. Kelly sat nude with her legs folded under her on the edge of the bed. Doug was obviously nude but keeping a bed sheet on him.

"You heard me, Kelly. Get your clothes on and get out of here."


"Do it. I'll be in to talk to you in a minute."

They engaged in a staring contest for a minute and then Kelly got off the bed, picked up her pajamas off the floor and glanced at Doug, then flounced naked out of the room.

Doug waited until she left, then got up nude and started walking toward Debbie.

"Baby, listen, it's not what you think. I swear to God, nothing happened."

"I know. There's a Glock in the wall safe. The fact that you didn't do anything is the only reason I'm not getting it out right now and blowing your brains out."

He reached out to her and she stepped back abruptly.

"No, don't touch me. Get your clothes on."


"Get dressed Doug. Now."

"How long were you out there? Did you hear? I swear to God, I didn't know it wasn't you at first. She got to me while I was asleep. As soon as I woke up I pushed her off."

"I heard enough, Doug. Now put some clothes on. I still need to get to that meeting."

He pulled his pants on and then slipped loafers on and went to grab his shirt out of the bathroom.

"Debbie -"

"Leave, Doug. No, on second thought, look around and grab anything of yours you might have stowed here. I don't want you to have to come back."

He looked at her as if stunned.

"Not coming back? What -- If you heard..."

"We're through Doug. We'll have to work together, but...I hope you'll go ahead and find another job somewhere else."

"I don't believe this. Why are you doing this?"

He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to him. She let him kiss her and let herself enjoy it for a moment. It didn't matter anymore. She felt his cock start to get hard and herself start to get wet. It was just that easy and quick. She pushed him away and despite his strength when she wouldn't stop he backed off.

"Why Debbie? You can't be serious. Why are you doing this?"

"I know you didn't plan this. You had no way of knowing I'd be coming back. If you were going to mess around with her this would be the perfect opportunity. That's the reason why I'm not going to tell Bill about this."

She backed away and tried to hold back tears. She had to be iron. She couldn't give him the slightest hint of encouragement that she might change her mind.

"I'm not going to tell him because I think he might kill you, and I don't want to see his life destroyed. And I don't want you murdered. Bill could do it. He doesn't think I know anything about his life, but he has people that would see that you vanish.

"But I don't want that either. You can't help being who you are. You can't help flirting. You can't help attracting women. I blame you for starting things with Kelly. You didn't have to do that, but expecting you to be any different would be like expecting a pig to fly. It's not in your nature. But we can't keep seeing each other."

He shook his head.

"I'll get out of here. I won't come back and we can see each other at my place. Or we can go on regular dates. Hell, I'll meet you places. As far as Kelly, I won't take her calls and I'll treat her like cancer. No contact. I haven't lied to you. Ever, except not letting you know I planned to get you into bed. And you knew that all along anyway."

He pulled her to him again.

"This is crazy. We have a good thing going. I hate it that this happened, but don't do this."

She pushed him away.

"I'm not going to change my mind, Doug. It's not you. It's me. I shouldn't have started this, not till I was completely through with Bill. Remember, I told you I wanted to wait until we were through. But I didn't. I went to bed with you before I even told him I was divorcing him. I brought you into our -- Bill's bed. I told myself the kids were old enough to accept it. But you can see how well that went. BJ spends less time here than he ever did and Kelly is trying to get you into bed."

She reached out to touch his cheek and she felt more than ever the real gulf between their ages.

"I told you this wasn't going to last, Doug. It just would never have worked out. I've loved our time together, but I can't take the chance of something happening with Kelly. I was 17 once, and a lot wilder than she has ever dreamed of being. She won't stop. She's enamored with you. She probably thinks she loves you. And I'm her mother and I've got you. That's an irresistible challenge to any 17-year-old."

"This just isn't fucking fair, Deb. And you know it."

"I wasn't fair to Bill when I went to bed with you while I was still married to him. I wasn't fair to him when I shaved my pussy for you and lied to him about it. I haven't been fair about a lot of things. Fair doesn't matter. I can't have you in my life anymore, Doug."

"How can you be so fucking cold, Deb? I know you said you didn't love me, but you don't have any feeling for me at all?"

"Because I let myself forget I'm a mother. I was selfish and I was only thinking about that wonderful dick of yours. I put my kids second to you. But, you were never going to be around forever. My kids will be here when you're gone. They'll be here when Bill is out of my life permanently. No matter who I meet in the future, they're what counts."

He looked like he wanted to say something, then just stopped and walked toward the bedroom.

"Have a good life, Deb. If you change your mind, call me."

When she heard him walk out she went to Kelly's room. She had put on short shorts and a low cut blouse. She was pretending to look at something on her laptop.

"I'm not going to give you a lecture because I was 17 once. But, he's almost twice your age. Even if he had sex with you, you're just a kid. You think he's going to be interested in you for anything but sex?"

"That seemed to be more than enough for you, Mother. Or were you going to marry him and let him make an honest woman out of you?"

"I'm not you. I'm a grown woman."

She flung the laptop down on her bed.

"You're an old woman. Old. Your beasts are sagging. You're getting wrinkles. You know that? And you walk around in those damn tight blouses pushing your tits into every man's face that will look at you? You flirt with my boyfriends. Do you know that, you damned bitch? They all call you their favorite MILF. You know what that is? All my girlfriends laugh at you behind your back."

"I can't help the way I look, Kelly. Guys look at my tits. They have since I was younger than you. What am I supposed to do, wear a Burqa or a potato sack? You're going to be the same way. Guys will never look you in the eye. And they're going to be try to grab a feel anytime you turn around. Your teachers and professors in college will be offering you all kind of opportunities for easy grades. You just have to be a little friendly, that's all. I've been there. I don't have to flirt with guys, they do enough of that."

"You make me sick. You do it deliberately. You've been flirting with guys behind Dad's back since I was old enough to realize what you were doing. I'm glad he's left you. You don't deserve him. Yeah, he's stuffy and a wet blanket about a lot of things, but he's never messed around on you. And I don't know how many fathers of my girlfriends that I could say that about."

Debbie stepped back. No matter what, she was going to be late to her meeting. Doug was gone. It was going to be a bad day all around. But this shit still stuck in her craw.

"Stick up for Saint Bill. Why don't you go live with him if you're that crazy about him? Oh, I forgot, he didn't want you, did he? Plenty of time for other people's kids, but never for you and your brother. How many school events has he been to? How many has he missed? I know you love him, Kelly, even if he doesn't. But that's blinded you to the truth about him. If you were in my shoes you would have left him a long time ago."

"He's got a busy life, Mom. But maybe I'll go move in with Doug?"

She smiled.

"I'm going to be 18 in three weeks, Mom. I'll be legal. You can't keep me here. And when I show up at Doug's apartment with something real low cut, showing off my tits -- that don't sag -- you think he's going to throw me out? I don't think so. I'm going to suck that big fat dick that I've heard you moaning about at night. You know you guys have sex so much at times the whole house stinks of it?

"I'm closer to his age than you are. I'd be a much better match for him. I might even go to UNF for a four-year program. I could cut expenses by living with him. I think he'd like that. I think I've got a shot mom. He's young, hot, he's got a great job and he makes decent money. I think he'd be a good dad."

She stepped off the bed, those proud young breasts pointing out ahead of her, the way Debbie remembered hers doing once upon a time. She was almost Debbie's height and so she was staring eye to eye as she said, "I think I can grab him. And if I do give him a baby, I'll be Mrs. Doug Baker and you'll be his mother-in-law. Wouldn't that be sweet?"

She was lashing out before she could stop herself, drawing her stinging right hand back as Kelly almost fell back to the bed. There was a bright red outline of a palm against her cheek.

"You stupid little bitch...."

Kelly rubbed her cheek, and fought back tears.

"Good shot mom. You really are a jealous bitch, aren't you. Did that feel good? Too bad Dad didn't bat you around years ago. You might have stayed married."

She sat back on the bed.

"Why don't you go on to your meeting, Mom. I won't be here when you get back."

"Kelly, don't be stupid. I don't want to have to call the cops.."

"Oh yeah, right, you want the cops coming in to this. I'll just take a picture of this hand mark on my face so Children and Family Services will come in and remove me and BJ. I know that will do your job situation a world of good: UNF Professor investigated for child abuse. I can see the story now. Of course, dad will have to recuse himself if they file charges. Couldn't have him prosecuting his ex-wife.

"Don't talk shit. I'll let you know where I'll be. I'll probably go stay with Grandma and Granddad Bascomb until after I turn 18 and then I'll look for a roommate. I think Dad will probably pay for me to get an apartment. Especially when I tell him that I can't stand living with your slutty ass another minute."

Debbie just stared at her daughter for a long moment. It was amazing how much she sounded like Debbie at 17. Of course, the old saying like mother like daughter had a lot of truth to it. Unfortunately, she did remember what it was like to be 17, stacked and horny. Shit.

As she walked past BJ's bedroom she didn't notice the door open a fraction of an inch and then close.

She drove to UNF, knowing she was late and would be reamed out by her department head, knowing that she'd have to face Doug almost every day, knowing that Kelly would probably be gone when she got home and that Bill would probably know about it as soon as he got back and if he deemed to talk to her at all, would rub it in her face that Kelly couldn't stand living with the Mother of the Year.

She was too old to cry and it would wipe out her makeup, but she felt like it. It didn't help that Bill, that self-righteous prick, was probably enjoying the sea air and fucking some desperate divorcee's brains out. Doug was right. Sometimes life just wasn't fair.

Monday, July 18, 2005 -- 11:30 a.m.

I didn't wake up until 10:30 a.m. when the day was well underway for most passengers. But I hadn't gotten to bed till well after 3:30 a.m. which was way out of my normal routine. I woke up alone in that huge round bed and for a second I couldn't remember where I was. Then I tried to figure out where Debbie had gone to. Had she already left for work? But, we were on a cruise, so she wouldn't be leaving for work.

She's probably gone down to get an early breakfast and let me sleep in. I stretched and felt the muscles in my back and shoulders tense and relax. Damn, that felt good. I tried to remember why I felt so good. (It had been years, a lot of years, since I'd felt my body so intensely, felt the muscles flex and stiffen, then relax.

I closed my eyes and I saw Debbie coming back in in shorts and a tee shirt, which was her usual garb on our cruises. Those immense tits bulged out and bounced despite the bras and I knew a lot of male passengers and staff had gotten whiplash swinging their heads around to watch them as she bounced along on the decks and the restaurant.

Even with a bra, her nipples would be poking out insistently and she'd grin at me as she slipped into the room.

"Teasing the hungry animals?" I'd ask as she came in and deliberately jiggled when she knew I was looking at her.

"Always, baby, but I brought the goodies home to you," she'd say as she slipped the tee shirt and bra off and bounced into bed with me. I'd suck her right breast and then left, milking her as I did and felt the vibrations run through her and I'd know if I slipped a finger down into that pussy that was already creaming I'd feel her wetness running out. More than any other woman I'd ever been with, Debbie's tits were the gateway to her pussy. Suck them and in a minute she'd be ready for action.

"Why are you so wet? Have you been a good girl?" I'd tease her and she would rub those soft tits all over my face, pulling them out of my mouth and dropping to encircle my already stiff cock and begin to rub them up and down.

"Yes. It was exciting, watching all those hot hunky men staring at my titties and my ass. And it got me wet, real real wet, but it just made me want THIS more," she said, dropping down to swallow my cock in one motion and take it down to my balls.

I lay back and let her make love to my dick with her mouth and those incredible breasts. It didn't make any difference if a lot of the heat and the wetness of her pussy came from the excitement of bouncing around in front of strange men.

She'd always been this way. She loved exciting men, and as far as I knew it was the excitement of exhibiting herself that made her wet, not the thought of fucking other men. But she always brought it back home to me and I knew I'd need at least one viagra, if not two, before the day was over because once her motor started running, it was a challenge to keep up with her.

But it was a hell of a fun challenge.

I stretched again and then like a photo coming into focus, the memories fell away and I remembered that had been 1995 -- our last cruise to Hawaii. I rubbed my eyes to get the sleep and the tears out.

What the hell had happened to the sexy, loving woman who couldn't get enough of my cock?

Ten years and the State Attorney's Office and life had happened. As I put away those memories, the memories of what had happened last night rushed in to take their place.

Aline des-Jardins. I still couldn't figure her out. We'd only known each other for little more than a weekend. And our association had started only because it was part of her job. Still, there were those kisses, and the flirting. If there was not a kernel of real feeling there, she was the best damned actress I'd ever seen or heard of.

And she was Philippe Archambault's wife, for God's sake. What were the odds of running into Philippe's wife and getting involved with her. As I lay there I remembered the big Frenchman. It was like the way it had been with Lew Walters, only not as strong. I just liked the guy. He was easy to like. Despite having movie-star good looks and holding a powerful position that probably far outranked me because he was really a cross between a federal and a state prosecutor, he was just a good guy.

He got along with other attorneys, French cops, crooks, barmaids and heiresses. He didn't put on airs. If I hadn't known just how powerful he was, I'd have thought he was just another prosecutor.

And like me, it was the job that counted, the people we fought for that mattered. He had been as doggedly determined to track down the scum that were snatching Muslim girls out of the slums of Paris to force them into prostitution as he was prosecuting kidnappers that had stolen and murdered the nine-month old male heir to one of the world's largest shipping empires headquartered in Marseilles.

I suddenly remembered one of the organized crime thugs that we'd talked to in a Parisian dive trying to get a lead on the Muslim slave trafficking ring. As Philippe had walked to the bar to buy a round for three criminals and three prosecutors and cops, the old man with an impossibly bizarre wig and two gold front teeth and two fingers missing on his left hand leaned over and in broken English said, something about pitying the poor fools who had "le Diable" on their tail.

The Parisian cop who was with us leaned over and laughing, said, "He means, 'The Devil' as you Anglais would put it. Most of the low lives around here do their best to stay in good with Philippe because he didn't get that nickname lightly. The few who disrespected him are serving life sentences or feeding the fish somewhere. He is a hard man, but one who I like having on our side."

There was no doubt that he was a good man professionally. Personally I was sure he was screwing around on this dream of a wife. How could you be a good man and a scumbag at one and the same time?

Probably the same way I could be a good prosecutor and a scumbag that would consider, seriously consider, bedding a friend's wife at the same time.

And yet, and yet, and yet, she'd told me that I knew nothing about her marriage. She wanted to be with me, regardless of whether it was for the job or any other reason. Maybe nothing would happen. Maybe nothing should happen.

But, I looked inside myself and tried to remember the man who had set foot on the Bonne Chance on Friday afternoon. I didn't feel like the same man. When I thought about Debbie, it still hurt. It hurt like hell. But I didn't feel like a walking pile of shit anymore. I felt like a live, breathing, 41 , almost 42-year-old man, and I knew now that 42 wasn't over the hill. I had felt over the hill, and my marriage was over the hill, but I wasn't.

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