When We Were Married Ch. 06A


Then she looked down at the bulge in front of my jeans and licked her lips, saying, "You might want to take care of that before we get to the party. Unless you want to advertise what you've got to the unattached ladies."

Two months ago I could never have imagined joking so easily with anyone who looked like Debbie, but we'd become something like friends.

"It'll go away. Besides, I want to keep my powder dry just in case..."

She just shook her head, saying as she turned to leave, "You keep it too dry and you'll blow some poor girl's head off when you explode."

"But she'll die happy."

She looked back at me and shook her head, saying, "I think you're a nice, sweet, shy guy and every once in a while I wonder if it's just an act."

"It's all an act."

She started out the door, wiggling that ass and I almost reached out to pat it but stopped myself just in time.

CC was Charles Carter Winfield, heir to the Winfield Tobacco Fortune and more money than I'd ever be able to imagine having. Winfield himself was a roly-poly plumper with a really nice personality for a guy who lived a life 99.99 percent of the human race would never enjoy.

But, then he usually had three super hot women in his bed or jousting for a position in his bed. So who wouldn't be jolly?

His off-campus apartment was a three-story compound with eight bedrooms, game room, pool room, theatre room, room room or whatever the hell you wanted to call it. Debbie pulled up in the circular driveway larger than the house and yard I'd grown up in and let one of the attendants take the keys to her restored 64 Cherry Red Mustang and park it.

We found our way through rooms where wine, tequila, scotch and Coors, which was imported as tradition would have it straight from Colorado although it was now on sale nationally, flowed in fountains and bartenders were available with glasses, bottles, snifters and anything else your heart could desire.

Pot in every brand and species I'd ever heard of, as well as every form- bombers and blunts and hookahs were available from smiling waiters.

Just some people hanging out. I guess in Winfield's world that's what this was.

I followed Debbie as she wended her way from room to room with an ease that showed she'd been here before. I hated it, but I wondered if she was one of the hot babes Winfield fucked in tandem with any friends he felt like sharing with at the moment. If she was, so what. Winfield didn't have to force any woman into his bed. They climbed in willingly.

We found Winfield on a long couch in the movie room watching a movie called "Back To The Future." which I knew wasn't going to be released until the next month. I figured I'd have to wangle a chance to see it before we left.

He turned to look at Debbie as we walked in. He had a sheet covering him and a dark complexioned beauty with naked breasts like ripe Macintoshes was obviously jerking him off under the cover. Then she dipped her head under the sheet and the bobbing shape of her head made it clear what she was doing now.

"Deb, give me a kiss," he said and she leaned forward. As he zeroed in on her, she turned her face slightly so he brushed her cheek. He looked at her for a moment and then at me and laughed. It was a good natured laugh.

"So the stories I've heard are true. God damn, I wouldn't have believed it. It's still good to see you, babe. I've missed you and your-"

I couldn't see her face but something flashed across his and he stopped, then added, "that beautiful face of yours. We've all missed you. Ramone, I think, most of all."

She looked back at me and I couldn't read her expression.

"Bill Maitland, this is CC. CC, this is my friend, Bill."

He reached out and took my hand, then squeezed it as he closed his eyes and groaned. I realized he was cumming in the mouth of the head bobbing under the sheet. Debbie just rolled her eyes.

"Um, damn..."

He just took a few deep breaths and then opened his eyes.

"So you're the knight errant that's captured our Debbie's heart."

She reached out to rap him on the nose, hard enough to make him draw back.

"CC, Bill's not familiar with your...warped sense of humor. Ignore him, Bill. He thinks it's funny to play with people's heads. CC, leave Bill alone until he's had time enough to know when you're joking."

Unfortunately I had no idea whether he was joking or not, but he had to be and it was the kind of joke one of the beautiful and rich people would run on a poor kid who was completely out of his element. The way Debbie had reacted told me she didn't appreciate the joke.

"I've heard a lot about you," I told him, "and it looks like it was all true. Who do you have to kill to become your friend?"

He looked at Debbie and said, "I like him," then to me, "Make yourself at home Bill. Things get pretty relaxed around here. Find something, or someone you like and have a good time. With Debbie around, I don't think you'll have a problem finding something fun to do."

She took my hand and said, "Let's go get a drink Bill."

"Later," CC said and sank back onto the couch as the head under the sheet went back to bobbing and a guy I'd just noticed slipped a hard cock into the pussy of the beauty sucking CC and started pumping her vigorously.

I stood there for a moment just watching and realizing I was getting hard until Debbie pulled on my arm.

"Come on, Bill, unless you want to join the orgy."

"This kind of thing go on all the time?"

"You think I know all about it? You think I'm one of the ones that winds up sucking and being fucked. Asshole."

She was stalking away from me and had walked out of the orgy room when I grabbed her arm and spun her around harder than I expected to.


"Asshole - let me go."

I let her go and then grabbed her upper arm again.

"Why are you getting pissed off at me, Debbie? You act like you're a friend of his. I expect this isn't the first time you've ever been here. Why wouldn't you know what goes on here. I didn't say you were fucking or sucking anybody. I do a good enough job of sticking my foot in my mouth without your help."

She jerked her arm away from me but didn't walk away.

"I have been here before, plenty of times. CC is a good guy. There's always plenty of booze, good food, good drugs. And, yes, hot guys. And fun things to do.

"But you see CC having fun and the first thing that pops into your head is that I must be fucking him. Tell me the truth. You saw her sucking him and being fucked and the first thing in your head was me down there doing that. Right?"

"No. Maybe....look you're hotter than hell and I know guys would give their left nut to have you. Why wouldn't you have fun and CC has a reputation for having the best women in his bed? So, yeah, I guess I could see you there. But..."

I stopped because there was a hurt expression on her face that made no sense.

"But why do you care what I think about your sex life? Why would you give a second thought to me? We're – what are we? Friends, I think. I like hanging with you. But we're nothing more than that.

"You and I – you're an eagle and I'm a turtle. We travel in different worlds. I got you out of a tight spot and you saved my ass and kept me in school. I guess you must like me, or you wouldn't keep dragging me to places where I can have a good time. But again, Debbie, why do you care?"

"I – I don't know, Bill. Maybe...maybe because....you saw me at my worst. You saw me at my slutty, stupid worst. I don't give a shit about the others, because they're all shit. But you're different. And every time I see you, I see myself there. And I feel..."

"You remember the first time we met. I told you I thought you didn't want to be around me because I reminded you of what had happened that night. I think I was right, Debbie.

"I like you and I am grateful for what you did for me, but I don't want to keep bringing you down every time we're together. I'll go down and call one of the guys. I can get somebody to give me a ride. You stay and enjoy yourself. Thanks for getting me out of that room, for a little while anyway."

I had made it back almost to the front door when I heard steps coming up behind me.

"Don't go away, Bill. I was being stupid. I didn't..."

I put my hand on the doorknob and sensed people hovering but nobody interfered.

"I don't want you to go, Bill." She put her hand on my shoulder. "You are a friend. You're the only guy I can spend time with and not worry about when you're going to try to grab a boob or get in between my legs."

"Thanks one hell of a lot."

"Don't go all macho masculine on me. You know what I mean. I know you get hard around me, which is sweet, but I think you actually might like me as a person, apart from my tits and there haven't been many guys I've ever known that I could say that about. I like being with you. Don't go off pissed. Stay here and let's get drunk and stoned and have a good time."

"Shit, you can be persuasive when you want to be."

I turned and she hugged me and couldn't help rubbing those sweet yielding mounds against me as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was a sisterly kiss, a friend's kiss.

There is no fucking kiss of death in the world that can compare to a sisterly kiss from a girl you want to be more than a friend to. But what could I do? I was a nice guy, and we all know how that story ends.

So I want back in and we shot pool and took a dip in his heated indoor pool and watched a porno featuring John Holmes and ate caviar on crackers, drank Tequila and shooters until we both puked, and then smoked about a pound of pot while watching a Three Stooges marathon and both laughed until we puked again.

I loved that she loved The Three Stooges. Girls generally didn't get The Stooges. Oh, they say they do, but they don't. How often would I ever meet a girl who got The Stooges and could also honestly say that her boobs were bigger than the starlet in the John Holmes feature.

"Did you ever notice that I have big boobs," she said at some point during the evening.

"Nope, I can honestly say I've never noticed," I said with almost a straight face and then both of us started laughing so hard we nearly strangled.

I came into and out of consciousness and at one point I noticed a big, dark haired Latin type sitting cross legged with us with Debbie's head in his lap. He leaned over to kiss her and I started to say something.

He looked up at me and said, "So you're the hero, huh. You don't look so tough."

Debbie opened her eyes and seemed to see him for the first time and rolled to one side and then sat up.

"He's tough enough, Ramone, tough enough. I don't think you would have done what he did, and you would have had a reason to defend me. He was a stranger."

"He's a nobody, a kid, Cara Mia. You can't possibly –"

"He's a man, Ramone. Being a man is more than having a big dick. You're born with that. You have to become a man and, in that, you don't measure up."

"You're just hurt, Cara. She meant nothing to me. She had just...heard about me and...had to satisfy her curiosity. She caught me in a weak moment."

"I was hurt, but that was then. This is now. Get the hell away from me."


He had grabbed her and was pulling her into his embrace.

It was more of a drunken slap than a punch, but it caught him on the side of the face and in the process of rising it caught him off balance and he went down. An instant later he was up.

God damn, but he was big. He looked down on me from about six and a half feet, all lean muscle and sinew. At that moment I really didn't care.

"You're a little punk," he said, staring down on me with the contempt that big men always have for a little man.

"A little punk who's going to kick your ass."

There were guys in waiters' white uniforms and two black guys even bigger and better put together than Ramone between us and then CC was standing between us.

"Guys, guys, let's not put a damper on the party. No rough stuff."

He smiled up at the glowering Ramone and then over at me and came over and put one chunky arm around my shoulders.

"Hey, I got an idea. Everybody, everybody who's still able to move. Get your asses out to the vans. We're going to fly down to Miami, be there in an hour or two and you can spend all day tomorrow on my dad's yacht in the Bay. You don't even need to bring along clothing if you don't want to. That's right, clothing optional. Come on."

To a chorus of drunken cheers, the crowd was herded out to a fleet of vans in the driveway. I looked over at Debbie. She stared at Ramone with sheer malice in her eyes and then as he watched came over to me and tucked her arm in mine, making sure to rub a big titty all over me as Ramone simmered.

"Let's go, Bill. For once, don't do the right thing. Just come with me and stop thinking about things."

I could have resisted her as easily as I could have flown away under my own power. A few hours later I woke up in the shade of a tent that had been pitched on a gently rolling polished deck. A soft roundness cushioned my head and someone gave me a gentle kiss on the back of my head.

"Back in the land of the living?"

"Maybe. At this moment I'm not really sure."

"Let's get you some coffee and something to eat if you can keep it down."

Within 10 minutes ship's crewmen dressed in starchy whites had given me two cups of the best coffee I'd ever tasted and within a half hour Eggs Benedict, waffles, crisp thick cut bacon, hash browns with mushrooms AND caviar, oysters on the half shell, Oysters Rockefeller, some kind of vaguely Arabic dip with thick cut potato chips and a half dozen more items.

Because I'd grown up respectably poor, I'd never eaten like that before and I'd developed a taste for things I couldn't afford that I didn't think I'd ever shake. I was in heaven.

It didn't hurt that due to some physiological quirk I'd never understand, I didn't' get hangovers no matter how drunk I got the night before.

Over the next few hours the guests and CC did the meet and greet thing, I met some beautiful girls and interesting guys, a few of them very wealthy but not in CC's category.

At some point in the early afternoon, somebody suggested skinny dipping. There was a microsecond of hesitation and then one guy slipped off a pair of tiny blue Speedos and stood proudly in the Miami sunshine. Then the women started stripping and I started getting a hard-on, which grew as first one and then another set of tits and firm asses were bared.

Finally Debbie looked around and as if challenged, stood up and reached down to take my hand. This time I shook my head no. This I wasn't up to, particularly looking at Ramone by the side of the ship. He had a dick that would have given a stallion an inferiority complex and he looked at Debbie with an air of complacent ownership.

She gave me a look I couldn't read and walked toward the railing. She slipped her blouse off, the bra underneath it in one quick motion and stepped out of her shorts and panties. Even the other women stared.

She had a perfect hourglass figure, slender waist and round heart-shaped ass. As she turned to stare at me with another impenetrable glance, her breasts swung on her chest, great teardrop fruit topped by heavy, swollen nipples sticking out more than an inch, the saucer-shaped, plate-sized pink areola puffed out as well. I'd never seen anything so perfectly 'suckable' in my life.

Then she was over the side in one fluid motion, followed by other women and men. Ramone just gave me a nasty smile, swung that dick and then went over the side. In the next few minutes I could hear laughter, shouts, squeals, hoarse grunts. If they weren't fucking they were doing a really good imitation.

"If you're thinking they're fucking, you're right."

I looked up and had to shade my eyes for a moment as the bright Miami sun sent bolts of brilliant lightning into my brain. By the time my vision had cleared, she was sitting beside me on one of the deck chairs that littered the deck.

She was a leggy brunette, hair cropped short to the base of her neck, but, despite the cut, there was no doubt she was female. She wore a pair of shorts cut way beyond THERE. I thought I might have spotted a few curly wisps from her crotch that proved she was a natural brunette. The rest of her, in a light blue tee shirt over what obviously were unencumbered C-cup breasts, was nice. She was pretty as well, not in Debbie's league, but pretty with nice lips and deep brown eyes, kind of a little pug nose. Not beautiful but cute. Perky would probably be the best word.

"I'm sorry?"

She reached out in an old-fashioned handshake, which I took, and said, "You're Debbie's pet. You probably already know this, but she's down there fucking and sucking Ramone, and probably every other guy she can get her hands or mouth or pussy around."

"And you are? And why the fuck should I care who she's fucking and sucking?"

"It's okay, Bill. Don't get pissed. You have to know she's the village pump. She's fucked every guy on this boat, probably most of the crew and maybe some of the caterers. I'm Amy, Amy Sunderland."

She gave me a penetrating look.

"You do know she's the classic definition of a nymphomaniac, don't you? Ramone is bigger than a horse, and he couldn't keep her satisfied by himself. She used to pull trains with four or five guys and nearly work them to death."

I sat back and sipped at a Tequila Sunrise and wondered how a small town boy wound up in a sybaritic dream of a floating orgy while my mom undoubtedly thought I was hitting the books in my lonely little Gainesville apartment.

"Again, Amy, I appreciate the news flash, but I'm just laying here enjoying the sun and a break from classes and wondering why you think I'm keeping tabs on Debbie's activities."

She reached out and laid one slim hand on my leg.

"Don't be so defensive, Bill. Everybody here knows the story. You risked your life to save her from a gangbang she was probably looking forward to, despite her sob story about being drugged and set up. And she's been trotting you out and showing you off to her friends as her newest acquisition. She and her friends have a lot of cars and clothes and jewelry to show off, but nobody else has a genuine hero. You're the flavor of the month."

"But, I wouldn't get used to it," she said. "She goes through guys and cocks faster than condoms, when she feels like using them."

She rubbed my knee a little harder and slid her hand higher. Despite myself, I started to get hard.

"With all this information, you must be one of her good friends," I said tongue in cheek.

She smiled. She had a nice smile.

"We're acquaintances. Debbie doesn't have any friends – male or female. She has girls she uses and guys she fucks. Debbie is all about Debbie."

"Everybody looks out for themselves, Amy. What do you want?"

She smiled and the tip of her tongue darted out as she said, "What do you think?" and ran her hand up to cover and squeeze my already-hard cock. I thought about it for perhaps a fraction of a micro-second, if that.

"Lead on."

Five minutes later we were in a cabin downstairs as spacious as most hotel rooms and I was firmly inside her. She felt good and she smelled good, her lips tasted sweet and her ass was perfectly fine to hold onto while I pumped into her as fast and hard as I could. I thought I was going to cum quickly but I didn't and I was just as happy to settle into a rhythm.

On each downward stroke she gasped and grunted a little and dug her fingernails into the backs of my arms, every once in a while murmuring, "yes...yes...like that..that..."

I pulled her legs over my shoulders, which tended to be my favorite position because it allowed you a full stroke and she moaned a little more often. I happened to glance at her face and noticed her eyes open and a smile on her lips. She was looking at something behind me.

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