tagFetishWhen Wishes Come True

When Wishes Come True


The still night air, soaked in the warm breath of a summer's twilight, caressed the shining jewel of Shorehaven as the city sparkled with its every present life, whether from the hum of the people, the twinkling of the neon lights or gently street lamps, or the sparkle of the clear, blue waters to the west.

Tonight was no different, though most within the City of Taboo Dreams were now sound asleep, well, all of those who did not haunt the night of the great city. Within the houses and streets of the beautiful residential area of Gainborough, most houses and apartments lay dark and silent, their inhabitants sleeping, ready for the next day's work, or as in most cases within the City, play. One of those apartments, though dark as the others, was not so silent. Within the spacious two bedroom apartment, soft moans of pleasure drifted through the still silence from the only room used as a bedroom as Alicia Brookes lay with her long, smooth legs wrapped tightly around her boyfriend's own legs, her nails running softly down Nick Greeves' back as he held himself above her in their bed, slowly pushing his hard, seven inch dick into his girlfriend's tight, hot pussy.

Both of them breathed heavily, their lips touching in a quick, loving kiss as the pair continued to slowly have sex, taking their time to enjoy the feel of each other, occasionally urging each other on to higher pleasure with words designed to stoke the love and lust within the other.

"Tell...umm...tell me...a fantasy baby...umm...one you like...uh...you like me being the queen...and...and you a knight..." Alicia breathed softly as she felt Nick slowly fill her burning pussy with his hard dick. Oh that felt so good.

Nick smiled as he looked down into her eyes, his face obviously red even in the faint light from the street lamps outside.

"How about...uh...we talk about one...of your fantasies...fuck..." Alicia's handsome, and oh so hot, boyfriend replied, still gently working his hard dick in and out of her, slowly building her to an intense orgasm.

"...Me...?...Ummm...I...don't have any baby...umm...only you fucking me...ohh..." Alicia replied softly, her body tingling softly, her large tits heaving as she ran her hands up and down Nick's back.

Nick smiled again above her, but this time his smile had a touch of playfulness about it, as did the glint in his eyes.

"Um...I bet you'd like...a threesome Liss..." He teased, thrusting his dick into her a little harder with the last words.

Alicia smiled playfully in return, purring as the feel of his sudden thrust sent shivers through her body and another soft moan from her soft lips; oh he knew just how to please her!

"Ummm...I think that's your fantasy baby..." Alicia replied, breathing heavier as her nails once again dragged down her boyfriend's back. "You...umm...would love...oh...to see me with another woman..."

Nick's eyes seemed to hold a familiar expression at her words, though what Alicia couldn't make out as he continued to slide his hard dick into her again, all the way to his balls...

"You'd like that...with another woman...?" He asked before he leaned down to gently kiss her for a moment. His tone held that same expression...something Alicia knew but couldn't quite tell...

Running her hands up his back, she pulled him down to her, squashing her large tits against his naked chest.

"Umm...I've never...really liked women...umm...but I know you like that fantasy...of me...ohh...with one..." She breathed heavily, sighing with delight as Nick gently began kissing the side of her neck as he continued sliding his hard dick into her.

"What about...with another man?" Nick asked between kisses that sent shivers down the 21-year-old girlfriend's spine.

"Umm...the only man I want is you baby..." Alicia moaned in reply, the kisses sending flutters through her stomach to her pussy, spurring on her growing orgasm.

"What if...I didn't...mind...?" He asked moving his mouth to the other side of her neck, his voice heated as his lips touched her soft flesh.

Alicia ran her hands through his hair, that beautiful dark brown hair that occasionally flopped down in front of Nick's eyes when he got excited or moved around too much. Laughing lightly, she ran her hands down onto his naked back again and down to his ass, pulling him towards her.

"Like you wouldn't...uh...mind...another man...umm...touching me..." She replied breathily in dismissal, moaning as Nick suddenly thrust into her harder a couple of times.

Suddenly he pushed himself back up again and began to pump his hard, seven inch dick into her with a little more force sending shivers of pleasure through Alicia's hot body. For a moment Alicia closed her eyes, relishing in the feel of her boyfriend's dick pumping in and out of her horny pussy, bringing her closer to her orgasm, until she suddenly realised after a few minutes that he hadn't said anything since she had. Abruptly the earlier expression in his eyes and voice suddenly made sense. He hadn't sounded interested in the idea of her being with another woman, at least not this time, instead he...

Opening her eyes wide, Alicia stared into her loving boyfriend's face as he continued to pump his dick into her a little faster above her.

"That's your fantasy!?" She asked sounding breathy but still incredulous. For a moment she stared into his face, however Nick did nothing but smile a small smile. "...uh...you fantasise about...a threesome...with me and...another man?"

Nick did not say anything, however the sudden hard thrust of his dick into her was answer enough. For another moment Alicia stared at the man she had been going out with for the last year and a half. He had never hinted at any fantasy like this before now, and she had never expected it. She was his girlfriend, just as he was her boyfriend, she didn't want any other guy, yet he...was he serious?

Still holding on to his ass, her legs still laying on his as he continued pumping his entire dick into her harder and faster, Alicia moaned from the heightened force of the sex before she spoke, still sounding unbelieving, though her breathing grew heavier and her orgasm continued to grow.

"Nick...oh...mmm...Nick, you...you're telling me...that you want...umm...me to suck...another man's dick...while you...you fuck me...uh...?" She asked and with each word her boyfriend put a little more effort into pumping his dick into her. The fires stoked higher within her hot body as he began fucking her.

"Don't...uh...you think it'd...be hot...?" He grunted from exertion, his face a mix of pleasure and focus on the effort he was giving.

Alicia stared at him as he slammed his dick into her, her large tits jiggling and rolling around her chest as she clung harder to his ass, trying to pull him deeper into her. Oh this felt so good!

"Fuck...Nick...oh yeah...mmm...oh...would you want him to fuck me too?" She meant it as an honest, disbelieving question, however it seemed to spur Nick on even more and Alicia couldn't help but groan loudly as he began fucking her as hard as he could. Gripping onto him, she decided to see if he was really serious...how could he be...and so she spoke with words that stuttered due to how hard he continued to fuck her. "You think...it's...hot...for...another...guy...to get...his dick...in me...?"

"Fuck!" Nick growled and rammed his entire seven inch dick into her hard bringing a forceful grunt from her as he drove most of the air from her lungs, not to mention sent a shock of fire through her pussy. She was close now.

At the same time Alicia felt the tingling of her approaching orgasm and the need to feel her loving boyfriend fucking her, her mind reeled at the thought that he was actually serious, he actually found it a turn on to think of another guy having sex with her in a threesome.

Suddenly she forgot any thought in her mind as Nick began to fuck her as hard as he could, pushing her ever closer to her own orgasm. Clawing at his back, Alicia panted heatedly, moaning from the pleasure until suddenly she felt the familiar feelings within her body.

"Oh Nick! Nick! Yes! Ohhhh I'm cumming baby! Oh yes! Ohhhhh!" She moaned loudly, gripping onto his back as she groaned from the depths of her being as the world suddenly exploded and ecstasy wracked through her hot body.

At the same time Nick's thrusts began to become more erratic, until suddenly, with a loud groan, he jerked a couple of times and Alicia felt him bury his entire seven inches inside her before his dick exploded, shooting several loads of his hot cum into her waiting pussy, intensifying her own orgasm.

Finally, the two of them slumped limply, both panting heavily as they lay in each other's arms catching their breath. After a few moments, Nick rolled off her and onto his back, his now softening dick slipping from her body, as he lay there breathing heavily.

"That was so fucking good!" He exclaimed breathily, raising his arm to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Alicia couldn't agree more, that had been amazing! However she lay there a moment as her senses slowly returned to her, catching her breath, when suddenly the thoughts of what she had discovered came back to her.

Rolling onto her side, Alicia propped her head up with her hand and rested the other on Nick's chest. Still breathing hard, her naked tits heaved as she watched him a moment.

"That really turned you on didn't it?" She asked as she traced her hand up and down his chest, her eyes never leaving his face however.

Nick glanced out of the corner of his eye at her before he answered.

"You're not mad are you?" He asked, obviously a little wary.

Shaking her head slightly, Alicia gave him a small smile.

"I'm not mad, I just don't get it." She said honestly, "I don't find the idea of you with another woman a turn on, but you find it hot to think of a threesome with another guy? I mean, not just a blowjob either, but full, proper sex?"

Saying it out loud seemed just as confusing as the thought, however Nick didn't seem phased by it at all, not like she was.

"Well, it's not like I'm suggesting you'd be going off with someone else, I'd be there." He said in an attempt to explain. Turning his face to look at her, he gave her the smile that had won her over the first time she had seen him.

"I just don't understand why you think me being with another guy is hot. I love you, I don't want anyone else." She replied, watching him confusedly.

"I know babe, and you know I love you. I guess I just can't explain it, I just think it would be hot." He said as he gently traced a finger down her cheek, before adding with a light laugh, "And if you think that is weird I'd hate to think what you thought of other fantasies I had."

Raising her eyebrows, Alicia eyed him both curiously and with more than a little surprise. What could possibly be more shocking than him wanting a threesome with her and another guy!?

"What do you mean?" She asked, resting her hand on his chest now.

"Oh no, you've been freaked out enough by that one, I'm not having you go off on one about fantasies I have of you." He replied, a smile on his face, though wariness shone in his eyes.

"Oh come on, after what you've told me nothing could be that bad, unless you fantasise about me having sex with my dad or something?" She said with a hint of question.

"What? Oh no, no, nothing like that." Nick replied adamantly and Alicia felt herself relax slightly in relief.

"Well, if it's not that, what else then?" She asked, and as she noticed Nick slipping into his stubbornness, she added in a sterner tone, "Come on, tell me."

Eying her a moment, plainly considering his options, her boyfriend finally gave in and sighed.

"Alright, I'll tell you." He said finally. "I also think it would be hot..." He gave her a look as if he were about to try to make an excuse not to say anything, but one raised eyebrow of hers soon made him carry on. "...well, I just think it would be really hot, more than the threesome, to you know...watch you have sex with another guy."

Blinking, Alicia stared at her boyfriend of a year and a half in stunned silence. Watch her? Alone? With another guy? He meant he thought it would be hot for him to watch...the rest of the thought came out in words.

"You think it would be hot to watch your girlfriend have sex with some other guy!?" She asked in a mix of shock and more than a touch of anger. She was his girlfriend, did he not care for her at all to think...!

"I knew you'd react like that." Nick replied calmly. Calmly!

"What? You tell me you would like to see another guy shove his dick into me and fuck me while you watch and you think I wouldn't mind!?" She said irritably, staring at his calm expression made her more so and so she rolled over with a huff and pulled the blankets up, muttering to herself angrily.

Sighing behind her, Alicia heard Nick mutter to himself...like he had a right to after what he had just said!...as he too rolled over to go to sleep.

For a long time silence stretched in the darkness of the night before Alicia's anger subsided enough for her to give in to the call of sleep. Her dreams were surprisingly pleasant as she slept, a most welcome relaxation filled with thoughts of hot sex like she had just had with her handsome, loving boyfriend, despite the argument, and despite her earlier anger.

The next day, Alicia hardly spoke to Nick, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before he headed out to meet up with a few of his friends for a football match. Nick of course knew what he was meant to have done wrong, though he did not apologise, instead he sighed and walked out on his way to his friends and Alicia folded her arms beneath her breasts muttering to herself.

Throughout the day Alicia kept herself busy, unlike Nick she couldn't go out to meet her friends as she had to wait for an important phone call which of course didn't happen on time. The thoughts of her boyfriend's fantasies continued to irritate the attractive girlfriend and so after she finally received her call she decided to phone one of her friend's to ask their advice, and that was how she found herself talking to Sophie about Nick's strange fantasies a few minutes later.

"He likes the idea of what?" Sophie asked in her usual pleasant manner, though this time she seemed slightly amused.

"He told me while we were having sex last night." Alicia replied as she frowned and wound the phone cord around her finger. "He basically admitted that he wanted to watch another guy have sex with me. I mean, what guy would want to watch someone else fuck their girlfriend?"

Sophie laughed lightly, that sweet sound that matched her natural beauty, before she replied.

"Oh come on Liss, you're ok with him having a fantasy about you and another woman but not about another guy with you?" Her blonde friend asked sounding highly amused this time. Alicia felt her irritation at Nick lighten a touch as he friend seemed to take the whole thing so casually.

"That's different." She replied, a touch of a smile on her own lips a moment. "The threesome thing I can understand, I suppose, but he actually thinks it would be hotter to watch me have sex with another guy without him. I mean, be honest Soph, what would you think if Josh told you that?"

"I doubt he would, but if he did what's wrong with a little fantasy." Sophie answered, her voice now a calm self-assurance.

"But don't you think it's odd, your boyfriend wanting to watch you screw some other guy?" She asked confusedly.

"Honestly, Liss, nope." Sophie replied nonchalantly, "Come on, you're no prude, you know that fantasies are by their nature out there, that's why they're fantasies. Besides, I bet when you were talking about it the sex was hotter than normal?"

Unwinding her finger, Alicia took a large sip of her tropical juice before she answered; reluctantly.

"Well, yeah, it was, but..." She admitted grudgingly, however Sophie interrupted.

"But nothing." Her friend said, her smile obvious even down the phone. "Alicia, fantasies are meant to make the sex different, and from the sounds of it you enjoyed what it did to Nick just as much as he did. That doesn't mean you love each other less. You should loosen up a little, you might enjoy it."

Sighing, Alicia nodded though her friend obviously could not see it. She had half-expected this response, Sophie was a more confident and sexually-outgoing person, not that she was not sexually-outgoing, she and Nick had done their fair share of having sex in public places and such, but with Sophie...there was just an air about her, as if nothing shocked her. She was open-minded about things most people would find odd, to say the least.

"So you think I should encourage him?" She asked, taking another large sip of her tropical juice.

"Totally, and when you do, you watch how hot the sex is." Sophie answered in her bright way. "Just give it a try, fantasies don't hurt."

And that was exactly what Alicia decided to do that night, albeit half-heartedly. When Nick came through the door she began talking to him like nothing had been wrong between the two of them. Sophie had said that it wasn't his fault what he liked and it wasn't exactly harmful anyway. Despite her friend being right, Alicia at first still felt irritation, however she soon focused on how good the sex had been last night, not that it wasn't always good, and soon she found her horniness dulling the other sensation out.

By the time the two of them headed to bed, she was purring like a car that was ready to unleash all of its horsepower in one fell swoop, and so when they both lay down, Alicia didn't wait long before she began kissing her hot boyfriend's neck. It didn't take long before the two of them were naked and Nick had his beautiful dick buried inside her hungry pussy. As he held himself above her, hornily pumping his hard dick into her, Alicia knew it was now or never. It was just a fantasy, and she wanted to please him, and she knew he would please her if she did, and so as Nick continued to work his hard dick in and out of her pussy, sending shrills of electricity through her body, Alicia took one of his hands and looked into his eyes as she began to suck on his finger as if she were giving another dick a blowjob.

"Mmmm." She moaned as she sucked his finger into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks before she pulled it out and looked deep into Nick's eyes, breathing heavier. "You like that baby?"

Nick nodded slightly, though Alicia could tell he didn't understand her full meaning, and so she decided to just follow Sophie's advice.

Licking up and down his finger as he continued to slide his beautiful dick in and out of her, Alicia circled her tongue around his finger, her eyes still locked on his, before she spoke again, this time breathily.

"Mmmm, is this what you want to see your girlfriend do baby, suck a hard cock while you fuck her?" She made herself sound as sultry, yet innocent, as she could. It was not a wasted effort.

The immediate effect on her loving boyfriend was firstly a moment of shock at her words and actions and then as he realised she was playing his game a deep, horny smile spread across his handsome face and he nodded, ramming his hard dick into her with renewed force and vigour.

The sudden increase in effort drove the air from Alicia's lungs and she groaned loudly as Nick began to literally pound his dick into her as hard as he could. For a moment all she could do was moan and grip onto him as he began to screw her as hard as he could. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling his hammering dick into her deeper and pushing the hot, blazing sensations in her pussy higher.

After a moment, Alicia opened her eyes, lust burning hotly within them, as she grabbed hold of her boyfriend's hand again and began sucking on his finger in earnest, moaning loudly around it as he continued to ram his dick into her harder and faster.

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