When Wishes Come True


And so the night went on, and though it was not the night in alone with her boyfriend she had planned, it was still a lot of fun. More stories unfolded, most of them designed to embarrass or jest with one or more of the others, such as the one Nick told about when Aran and Greg had gotten locked in a supply closet for six hours, while others were more of a remembrance at some specific antics or other. The guys also asked Alicia there own fair share of questions and she told them all about her job and answered that she did indeed have some single friends, but that they would have to speak to each other, she never did like setting people up on dates.

And so the time began to pass quite pleasantly. Conversation, jokes, cheers at the on-going game on television, and even the occasional knowing smile from Nick to her. At first it took Alicia a while to understand what Nick was meaning by that smile, however it suddenly came to her when she looked at Greg again that he had been one of the guys from Nick's work that he had 'played' in one of their role-play sex sessions. After that it took her a while before she could look at Greg without blushing deeply, which was silly really as Greg was no doubt oblivious to her and Nick's sex life escapades. That thought finally helped her get over her embarrassment, well, after a good half an hour anyway.

Still, the night went on and the five of them enjoyed the time, deciding to take out Nick's Xbox 360 to play Guitar Hero when the baseball game finally ended which turned out to be a whole lot of fun, not to mention hilarious when it came to watching each person getting into the role of a lead guitarist in a rock band. The game passed a couple more hours and the night began to grow later and later until finally Aran passed the guitar to Nick for his turn and with that said his 'goodnights' and headed off. A little while later, Greg too decided to call it a night as the four of them decided to change the game to something different, one of Alicia's favourites too, and so with the door closing behind him, Alicia found herself holding the controller as the game came on while Nick handed Eric another beer from the refrigerator.

"At last, a decent game." Alicia joked as she glanced at her sweet boyfriend, smiling amusedly as he smirked back at her.

"I thought you liked Guitar Hero?" He asked with that amused smile of his and Alicia concealed her own amusement as she took a small sip from her wine glass.

"I do, I do, but this is more my style." She answered as she leaned back against the bottom of the chair Nick was sitting in, making herself comfortable for when the game began. "Which do you prefer Eric?"

Nick's friend looked away from the television to glance at both Alicia and Nick before he focused on her, smiling a rather charming smile.

"I like both to be honest, depends what mood I'm in." He replied in that strong, yet smooth voice of his.

"You mean whether your in a musical mood or a 'let's beat the crap out of the other guy' mood?" Nick teased with that small, amused smirk of his, and Eric just laughed lightly.

"Depends what kind of day I've had I suppose." He replied with a grin, "If I've got lots of pent up frustration, from a bad day say, then I'd prefer this one. Otherwise, who can resist jamming to some of those songs?"

Nick nodded as Alicia began to flick through the settings of the game, making sure she set it to the hardest setting as she usually played it on.

"Well, Liss must have a whole load of pent up frustration, 'cause this is her favourite and she kicks ass on it totally." Nick said and Alicia looked up at him with a loving smile. She was a badass on this game, even if she did say so herself.

"A load of pent up frustration ah?" Eric replied, his voice as insinuating as the look he gave her and Nick, "Going out with this guy though I'm not surprised."

Nick smirked at the friendly taunt and Alicia couldn't help but laugh lightly also as she looked from her boyfriend to his friend, who gave her a very thorough look. He was obviously joking, however his look had something of an appreciation for what he saw, and he was looking only at Alicia then. Alicia found herself smiling a little shyly, looking away for a moment before she looked back to see Eric still watching her before she turned her attention to the screen.

"It's time to kick some ass." She said trying to focus her mind, and the conversation, on something other than her.

And kick some ass the hot girlfriend did indeed, much to the admiration of Eric and the pride of her caring boyfriend. Alicia knew she was very good at this game, and so she intended to show Nick's friend just how good she was, which she did over the course of the next half an hour, defeating every opponent on the hardest game setting quickly and stylishly.

"Wow, you really are good at this." Eric stated, sounding as impressed as his expression looked. "You really need to find other ways of letting that pent up frustration out."

Riding on her own pride at how good she was at the game, not to mention how obviously impressed Nick's friend was, and surprised, Alicia didn't feel any embarrassment at all at the obvious insinuation. Instead she smiled proudly and took a sip of her wine.

"Nick enjoys it when I take my 'frustration' out on him." She jibed in return as she looked at Eric with a steady gaze. A small smile touched his lips as he looked back at her.

"Obviously Nicky here ain't using all your energies up." Eric replied, his voice as focused on her as his eyes, "There are other ways of using up that surplus, if you can't find someone to help you use them all."

Alicia smiled to herself as she took another sip of her wine, watching Eric over the rim of the glass before she replied calmly.

"Oh yeah?" She asked serenely and watched as Eric nodded before she looked up at Nick who seemed to be watching them both silently, still smiling calmly. "I think your friend thinks he can beat me on here." She said with a slightly amused tone.

Nick's smile brightened amusedly as he reached forward to stroke her long hair behind one ear before he looked over to where his friend sat on the sofa.

"I warn you Eric man, she's a demon on this thing. You sure you're up for the challenge?" He asked as he took a swig of his beer.

Glancing between Nick and Alicia for a moment, Eric swelled up in all his male pride.

"Sure, though don't go crying when I beat you down." He answered and both Nick and Alicia laughed lightly, mostly out of amused-contempt for the boast.

Reaching for the other controller, Alicia handed it to Eric before she once again settled herself and went into the game to set the contest up. When they began, Eric lasted less than twenty seconds before Alicia's character knocked his out with a flurry of blows.

"Wha..?" Eric began, blinking in consternation, however Alicia interrupted him with an amused, and very smug smile.

"Oh, don't go crying now Eric." She teased and smiled deeply at the look that came on his face.

Determination set in as Nick chuckled to himself behind Alicia and Eric set himself for the next round.

"Alright, no holding back now." He said, readying himself.

True to his word, Nick's friend didn't hold back on the next fight, and he managed to get two or three blows in. Focusing more on the fight than her smugness, Alicia concentrated and once again took Eric's character down pretty quickly.

"Damn." Eric exclaimed, focusing once more intently on the screen. "Again."

Smiling smugly to herself Alicia began again. Four more times they fought on the game and although Eric got a little better each time, Alicia still beat him pretty easily on each round.

"How about you and Nick have a go? That way you can try me again later." Alicia said calmly, confidently, and a little proudly, as she reached behind her to hand the controller to her boyfriend, who took it with a smile.

Eric shook his head, surprised by just how good Alicia actually was, before he nodded slightly and Alicia leaned back, smiling proudly to herself as she sipped her wine and watched the boys fight against each other.

At first Nick won most of the matches, however quickly Eric began to even up the odds a little at a time until he began to win more. At that point, Alicia had finished her wine, and so she stood up and headed towards the kitchen, opening the refrigerator to take out the now-almost empty bottle of wine, topping her glass up before she placed the bottle in the bin.

The sudden feel of a pair of hands wrapping around her slim waist caused Alicia to jump and spin around quickly. A soft, amused smile spread her luscious lips as she locked eyes with her handsome boyfriend and placed one arm around his neck, the other hand still holding her now full wine glass.

"Finished your beers already?" She asked amusedly as she looked up into Nick's handsome face.

"Nah, still got most of mine left. I just thought Eric could use a little practice before he took you on again." He answered before he leaned down to gently kiss her nose.

Alicia smiled slightly, and then a wicked thought came to her, her smile taking on a more dirty tone.

"I can't believe you brought Greg here, after the other night." She teased, though the thought was true enough.

Nick smiled a very pleased smile as he patted her tight ass gently.

"You didn't seem to mind." He teased back, pulling her a little closer to him.

Alicia purred lightly as she reached her other arm around his neck, conscious of the fact that if Eric turned around he would catch them being lovey-dovey.

"I bet you enjoyed it, didn't you?" She said in a soft voice, dripping with insinuation and playfulness. "The idea of having him here after our little role-play the other day must have turned you on."

Nick's eyes took on a slight glow that told Alicia she had indeed hit on the truth. Not that she minded, in fact, the thought had sent a shiver through her body also, after she had gotten over her initial embarrassment.

"Hmm, I can't wait till we're alone tonight." She purred softly and once more she felt a shiver run through her, her body tingling at the thought of how good the sex was going to be, it always was the more she teased him and the more she got into the role-play. That was why the next words slipped from her mouth. "When I realised who it was, I thought you had decided on Greg for our little...'get together'."

The words did not surprise Alicia, she had meant what she had said, and with her horniness on a steady simmer she meant it all the more so, however she knew that Nick wouldn't have chosen Greg without consulting her first. They had agreed about their little 'get together', but it was going to be something planned out...at least that's what she thought.

Nick's smile froze as he suddenly stared at her intently, and for a moment, despite the fact that she doubted it, Alicia wondered if she had offended her boyfriend. However, his next words proved the thought false.

"Would you have liked that?" He asked, his eyes telling her that he was sounding her out and not in the least offended.

It was Alicia's turn to sound him out now. Was he serious? He seemed to be. He really was serious. For a moment Alicia's mind reeled, trying to come up with an answer. They had agreed that they would both have to agree on who the guy was for their little 'get together', but for some reason she had expected it to be a slow, careful decision, not a sudden 'how about this guy' choice. Though, as sudden as it was, Alicia couldn't help but feel a little more turned on by the unexpected abruptness and lustfulness of the situation, and so taking a moment, she thought about Nick's question. Greg was a nice guy, and he wasn't bad looking either, though nothing like her gorgeous Nick. He might be worth considering.

The fact that she was here, with her arms around her boyfriend's neck, seriously thinking about whether one of his friends was the right guy for her to have sex with in front of her boyfriend sent a strong, hot, tingling through her body and her heart began to beat faster in her chest as she once more looked into Nick's beautiful eyes, her own shining with the feelings inside her, as she finally answered him.

"Maybe." She replied, her voice steady and teasing despite her heart beating faster. Alicia smiled playfully as she continued. "What about you?"

The feel of a hard bulge against her stomach told Alicia the answer before Nick even spoke.

"I think you already know my answer to that." He replied, his voice a little hoarse with the sudden horniness building within him. "Damn, I'm so fucking hot for you right now thinking about this."

Alicia's smile deepened and her grey eyes sparkled; she could tell just how hot her boyfriend was by the now solid bulge pressing hard against her flat stomach. Fuck! She was just as horny as he was now! Who would have thought it a short time ago?

"Too bad he's not here." She teased softly, her free hand's fingers gently dancing on the back of Nick's neck. "Or you could have watched him screw me tonight."

Those words made Nick's hard bulge somehow grow bigger and more solid at the same time as what felt like lightning shot through Alicia's body, her eyes practically glowing. Oh, tonight they were going to fuck so hard!

Nick growled gently, sounding almost animalistic as his eyes told Alicia that he wanted to rip her clothes off right now.

A sudden cheer followed by triumphant laughter came from across the room, shaking both Nick and Alicia from their heated conversation to look over. Apparently Eric had just beaten his first fight on the game's hardest setting, a non-too easy feat, and was ecstatic, too ecstatic to look over at them as he got ready for the next level.

Turning back to look at her boyfriend, Alicia found him to be once more staring at her intently, his eyes still burning with hunger that reflected in her. Suddenly a small smile spread his lips, growing rapidly as he looked at her.

"What?" She asked, her body still gently simmering as she unwound one of her arms to take a sip from her wine glass.

Nick shook his head as if to say 'nothing' before he looked over to Eric then looked back to her. He did that once more before Alicia asked him again.

"Come on, what are you thinking?" She asked, teasing the back of his neck with her nails again to try to make him tell her.

"You want to know?" He asked her, gentle amusement touching his still hungry eyes. Alicia nodded, smiling slightly at his expression, as he replied. "What do you think of Eric?"

Eyeing him a little confusedly for a brief moment, Alicia glanced over at Nick's friend before she looked back at him and shrugged.

"He seems fun, why?" She asked, sipping her wine and watching Nick with a puzzled expression.

Nick's smile deepened, as did the burning in his eyes; the bulge pressing in to Alicia's stomach was still hard.

"I mean, 'what do you think about him'?." Nick asked, emphasising his words.

For a moment Alicia wondered why her boyfriend had repeated the same question when suddenly his emphasis and his expression were connected in her thoughts and her eyes widened as she understood.

Alicia's heart suddenly began to beat faster in her chest as she realised what Nick was asking her and she quickly turned her head to once more look over at his friend as he continued to play on the game before she looked back at her boyfriend.

"Eric? Are you serious?" She asked in surprise.

Nick smiled and nodded and Alicia once more turned to look over at her boyfriend's friend, her heart beating faster and her mind reeling.

Until now she hadn't really thought of Nick's friend of anything other than that, and it took the hot 21-year-old girlfriend a moment to settle her thoughts on the fact that Nick was serious about this before she actually looked at Eric properly for the first time.

Eric Carlson was slightly taller and more broad shouldered than Nick was. The 21-year-old was muscular and had chiselled features which made him look quite attractive, more so with his short spiked dirty-blonde hair. His football shirt didn't hide, and in fact emphasised his frame, especially around his muscular arms, and with his stonewashed jeans, showed him to be toned and well-built, yet only in proportion to his body and height. In short, Alicia definitely found him attractive, and he was amusing, if a little sure of himself and rather openly flirty and insinuating. Still, all of this was so sudden. Turning back to once more look at her boyfriend, Alicia felt deep consternation at the sudden reality of possibly having sex with another guy in front of Nick, however at the same time her body burned with lust-filled horniness because it was so suddenly real.

Nick's eyes were both caring and considerate towards her while they burned with lust-blazing hunger, a mix of love and pure lust.

"Maybe, I don't know, it's just a bit...sudden." She answered finally before she once more looked over at Eric as he continued playing the game.

He was even more attractive this time when she looked at him, and the sudden thought that Nick was suggesting this guy getting his dick into her while he sat and watched abruptly sent a blazing fire through her body, her pussy suddenly buzzing with horniness as she looked back at her boyfriend, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked, not knowing what else to say right then.

Nick once again nodded; his expression steady. Alicia once more looked over towards Eric, her body feeling alive with electricity as she felt nervous and excited, the growing horniness within her slowly settling the anxious feelings within. She had after all agreed to this, and even after some time come to want it for herself not only to please Nick, and Eric was hot, besides, would she feel any more prepared if they talked about it for weeks? The suddenness of the situation somehow made the feelings seem more heightened.

Breathing a little heavier, Alicia once more looked at Nick.

"Tonight?" She asked, her pussy tingling as Nick nodded and Alicia thought that this might actually happen, really, tonight.

Breathing heavily, heart pounding, she glanced one more time at Nick's friend before settling her eyes on him once more.

"Let's get this straight," She began, glad that Nick was still holding her as her stomach fluttered with the reality of what she was about to say. "You want to watch me have sex with Eric, right here, tonight?"

Nick's smile deepened, mimicking the horniness in his eyes, as he nodded once more. Alicia felt like a butterfly the size of her fist was rampaging inside her stomach as she watched Nick watching her. This was real. The whole thing was so real. And then she nodded.

"Alright." She agreed finally and Nick's eyes brightened and he grinned broadly at the same time as Alicia felt hornier than she ever had before. She could hardly believe that this was actually happening, but fuck, did it make her feel delirious.

"Fuck your hot!" Her loving boyfriend said in a half growl of pure desire, his hands gripping her ass as he pulled her into that solid bulge of his.

That large, hard bulge sent shivers once more through Alicia's body, especially when she thought that tonight that would be Eric pressing his hard, bulging dick against her while Nick watched. Both of these brought a soft purring growl from Alicia's throat, her eyes burning as she took a deeper drink of her wine, hoping to settle her stomach and strengthen her knees, which felt more than a little weak right then.

"So, how do you want to ask him?" She asked as she lowered the glass, still breathing heavier as her heart beat rapidly, trying to pound through her chest.

Nick's smile turned into a smirk.

"I doubt we'll need to ask, from the moment we got here Eric's been checking you out, he'd be up for it I think." He replied, and added before she could speak, "But I've got the perfect idea of how to set it up. Go with me alright?"

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