When Wishes Have Come True


Alicia looked from Eric to Nick as Nick looked to her. It wasn't that she minded having him around, and he was right, she did hardly know him despite the fact he had fucked her and came inside her and she had sucked his dick and swallowed his cum already...well, it would be good to actually know something about him if he was going to be a friend of Nick's. Still, the memories of last night were still vibrant in her mind and that was not going to help her to not be driven mad by the raging horniness pulsing through her.

What made things worse, Eric actually gave her a small impish smile before he looked back to Nick, and Alicia felt her heart skip a beat although she wasn't quite sure why. Nick however didn't notice anything, nor think anything strange about the guy who had banged his girlfriend the night before and had her suck his dick wanting to spend the day alone with her, and so without even a thought or a hint at being concerned, Nick nodded, still smiling, as he finished lacing his boots.

"Sure thing man, though I'd still watch out about challenging her on the games, she'll kick anyone's ass on most of them, she's a right hustler." Her loving boyfriend replied as he looked over to her, grinning broadly.

Alicia smiled weakly in return, though Nick didn't seem to notice. Damn, it was going to be hard enough getting through the day without climbing the walls before, but fuck, now she had to be constantly reminded of what Eric was hiding beneath that towel and all that had happened the night before. Fuck, she was going to tear welts into Nick by tonight!

"You alright with that babe?" Nick asked as both he and Eric looked over to her.

Glancing between the two men Alicia felt her heart beating faster, though she managed to keep herself outwardly perfectly serene, which she was really proud of, as she smiled and nodded.

"Sure, I'm sure I can find something for him to do." She answered, proud of her calm sounding voice despite her heart beating in time with her pussy still, as she placed her brush aside and stood up, pulling the robe's belt tighter. "Though you'll have to find something to do, as I'm going to take a shower now that you're finally out." She added with a jesting smile as she walked over to Nick, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "Don't be late baby."

Nick smiled lovingly back at her and promised he wouldn't before Alicia headed out, leaving the two guys to talk as she headed into the bathroom for her shower, desperately needing one after all the 'exercise' she had gotten last night.

Little did the incredibly hot girlfriend know that her boyfriend's friend would indeed find 'something' to 'do', and little did she know just how the day was going to play out.

Nick watched his beautiful girlfriend sway in her tightly bound robe as she smiled at him and Eric before making her way out and across the hall to the bathroom. Hearing the door close Nick looked to Eric with an amused grin.

"You're one lucky man Nicky boy." His friend said with an admiring nod and Nick simply nodded.

"Too right man, and don't I know it." He said as he made sure he had his keys and wallet. "Listen man, it was good fun last night, I just want to say thanks. I know it must have been kind of odd when I asked you."

Eric shook his head dismissively as he folded his arms.

"You guys took me back at first, but it's all good, I'm glad we all had fun." His friend and co-worker replied with a full smile.

Nick nodded and clapped him on the arm, completely naïve to why his friend had grinned at him or the thoughts in his mind.

"So you're all good about hanging out with me still ah? You don't feel weird or anything?" He asked honestly as if he or Alicia didn't feel odd. Eric might feel like they had just used him, after all, and as if he didn't know where to fit in to the friendship now. That was the last thing Nick wanted, Eric was a good man and a good friend. If only he knew the thoughts in his friend's mind at that time, he may not have been so calm.

"I'm cool, thanks though. But all is good with us as far as I'm concerned." Eric answered confidently, "Though it'll be good to get to know Alicia a little better, I just want to make sure she feels alright around me, you know?"

"Cool. So you're sure you don't want a lift?" He asked again as he considered grabbing his jacket before deciding it was way too warm for that; the car was going to be bad enough.

"I'm good man, just gonna have a relaxing day before heading out tonight or something, maybe meet up with the guys for a drink, if you're up for it later." Eric replied, shaking his head.

Nick laughed lightly at that last before he nodded.

"Sure man, sounds like a plan. Though don't think Liss will go any easier on you on those games, she's really competitive deep down." He said in reply, amused as he made his way passed his friend into the hall. "Oh, and if you're hungry, just grab whatever out of the cupboards."

Eric said he would, still smiling that confident smile.

"Alright, well if you're still here when I get back, I'll try not to pick on you too much for being beaten by a girl all day before we head out." Nick jested before he tapped on the bathroom door; the sound of the shower water running was momentarily drowned out as Alicia called out in response. "I'll be back later babe, Eric's gonna make you some breakfast..." He added with an amused smirk as he glanced back at his friend, deliberately putting him on the spot. "...Try not to kick his ass too much today. I love you."

A soft laughter sounded through the door before Alicia replied, "I love you too baby, miss you lots so come back soon!" Followed by the sound of her blowing kisses before once more the room behind the door was filled with the sound of the water running rapidly, no doubt over his girlfriend's hot, luscious, sexy body.

Shaking his head from his horny thoughts, Nick turned to Eric.

"Alright man, catch you in a few, if not here then out with the guys." He said as he backed up towards the door feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

"Alright, I better get cooking I guess." Eric replied, shaking his head at Nick with an amused smile.

Laughing lightly Nick agreed before he turned to make his way out of the apartment feeling like he was on cloud nine. Here he was, with a great life, a good job, an amazingly gorgeous girlfriend, and he had had his most intense fantasy fulfilled last night too...life just couldn't get any better.

Little did the unsuspecting boyfriend consider that he had left his faithful, yet extremely horny girlfriend alone in the apartment with the guy who she had had sex with in front of him last night...the guy who had every intention of getting his big dick once again buried inside Nick's girlfriend before long, though neither Nick nor Alicia were aware of the fact. The heat of the day had just begun, and it was going to get a whole lot more blazing before long.

Eric smiled as he watched the door close behind his friend. Now he was out of the way it was time to screw his girlfriend again, this time alone, and Eric was sure that this time Alicia wouldn't hold back. He was certain she had been last night, though she clearly enjoyed it, without her boyfriend watching Alicia would totally let herself go...then she would be his. All he had to do now was find a way to get his dick back into her again.

Glancing at the bathroom door, Nick's friend contemplated walking in and joining his friend's girlfriend in the shower, that could work, or it might be too much too quickly. It would be better to take time, he thought to himself as he turned to walk back into the lounge, this had to work just perfect or she would never have sex with him, and that meant he had to gauge her reaction before pulling out the 'big gun'.

Heading into the kitchen to grab a beer, Eric walked around the counter and sat down on the lounge sofa, taking a sip and listening as Alicia Brookes washed her hot body, the image of that water running seductively down her soft skin caused the towel to rise as his dick hardened. Oh, he was going to fuck her brains out today!

The unsuspecting brunette girlfriend stepped out of the shower and began drying herself off with a large fluffy towel, completely unaware of the intentions of her boyfriend's friend as he sat next door. While the shower had helped her feel more clean after all the night's activities, it hadn't subdued the burning ache within her pussy which had only gotten worse when she had thought momentarily of Nick coming in to the shower to give her a real 'goodbye' for the day. When she had tried to push that thought away to stop herself from clawing at the tiles in frustration as she heard Nick leave, the same fantasy came to mind only with Eric entering the bathroom and pushing her against the tiles and fucking her brains out with that huge, thick dick of his that had made her cum so hard last night! Only that made the whole situation worse, what was a girl to do? Squeezing her thighs together, Alicia threw on her robe before opening the door and heading into the bedroom, making sure Eric didn't catch her, though why she should do that after he had not only seen her naked but enjoyed her body inside and out last night, she couldn't quite figure out.

Luckily, Eric must have been in the lounge as Alicia heard the television on as she headed across the hall, pushing the door closed behind her as she walked over to the wardrobe to dry her hair and get some clothes on.

So, it was a few minutes later when Alicia slipped on her lilac strappy heeled sandals and looked at herself in her mirror. She had decided on her white tennis skirt and a light purple short-sleeved top that wasn't exactly tight but still showed her curvy figure well. The top also had several buttons running from the neck to halfway down and Alicia had left a few of the top ones open as it was a hot day; the fact she had opened them enough for a tantalizing view of her impressive cleavage had escaped the horny girlfriend's mind in her sex-hungry state, though there were still a few buttons left closed that would have revealed almost all of her big, juicy 36D tits if they had been open. Underneath she had chosen to wear her black lacy underwear so that when Nick came back she didn't have to bother changing into something sexy, after all, this set of underwear was his favourite, especially the lace bra. Smiling, pleased, at herself, Alicia drew her hair back into a loose ponytail before she turned, leaving the towels on the bed, and headed out into the lounge.

Entering the room, the sexy brunette girlfriend glanced over to the sofa and smiled faintly to herself in amusement. Eric was obviously still in his towel from the fact she could see his bare shoulders as he watched the television, however it was the thought of what she was about to say that made the hot girlfriend smile.

"I thought you were cooking for me, hm?" She teased lightly, smiling amusedly at Eric as he half turned on the sofa to look at her.

Her boyfriend's friend, however, didn't answer straight away like she had expected. Instead with a deep smile that made him seem even more attractive than he already was, Eric Carlson, her boyfriend's co-worker and friend, took his time letting his eyes openly and slowly wander up and down every inch of her body before his gorgeous eyes rested once more on her face. Finally, giving her a most approving nod with the most appraising expression Alicia had ever seen on any guy who had ever looked at her, Eric replied.

"I was waiting for you to come in, didn't want to make something you didn't like, no matter what Nick said." He answered in a calm, self-assured way that sent a flutter through Alicia's stomach for some reason.

"Well I'm here now, so what are you going to make for me?" She asked, feeling his eyes on her made her stomach flutter more...damn she was fucking hot, she would definitely rip Nick's clothes off the moment he opened the door; fuck waiting!

"Well I thought you should take a look and let me know what you would like and I'll make it for you. I'm quite a chef." Her boyfriend's friend replied, and though his words held nothing at all he still seemed to insinuate something she was sure of it, or was that just how horny she was? Fuck!

Giving him a smile, Alicia turned to walk around the kitchen counter, trying to calm herself down as she approached the refrigerator. Opening the door she looked at what was inside before she turned to once more look at Eric intending on making him decide when she saw he had stood up.

Her eyes instantly fell on his chiselled body, his gorgeous face...the same face that had stared down at her as he pummelled her hard with his huge, thick cock last night, driving it so hard, so fast, and oh so fucking deep into her again and again, nailing her into the mattress as he screwed her so fucking good...Alicia felt her stomach flutter, her pussy tingle and her breathing deepen as the memories arose unbidden...and her eyes lowered to where the towel was wrapped around his waist, his strong arms folded, those same arms that had held her naked tits, lifted her effortlessly...shaking herself from her lustful thoughts, Alicia looked up into Eric's eyes, making sure she kept them there, though her face was flushed and her heart was beating fast in her chest.

Fuck! Was she that horny that she was ogling her boyfriend's friend now? She loved Nick and wanted only him...but then it was just looking after all, and not to mention that this guy had had sex with her with her boyfriend's permission...no, his requesting...so it wasn't as if she was thinking of someone he didn't know about. Besides, she was only remembering the incredible events and feelings of last night, and after having his dick inside her Nick couldn't possibly object to her looking at his friend; after all, it had all been his idea, and she had fulfilled his fantasy for him.

Giving Eric a weak smile, Alicia turned back to look into the refrigerator and away from the knowing, self-confident smile that Eric had given her as he watched her look him over in the same way he had looked over her when she had entered the room. Had he known what she was thinking then?

"So, any ideas what you want from me then?" Her boyfriend's friend asked calmly.

Alicia's heart raced as she looked through the shelves, trying to calm herself a little before she spoke, she didn't want to squeak. Damn, she needed Nick now!

"Hmm..." She managed to say, scratching her nails across the refrigerator door as she held it to try to use some of the energy growing within her body.

Glancing at the clock she noticed that Nick wouldn't be back for a few hours. Fuck, how was she going to cope for all that time!? If only he had taken care of her last night as well as himself! UGH!

Closing the refrigerator door, Alicia turned to look over at Eric, folding her arms beneath her large tits and trying to appear as calm as she could; she thought she managed a fair appearance at least.

"Why don't you surprise me?" She asked with a small smile which was maybe a little playful, but then, there was nothing wrong with that, flirting was alright, surely especially with the guy Nick had asked her to sleep with yesterday.

A small, secretive smile crossed Eric's lips before he slowly made his way around the sofa. With every step towards her he made, Alicia felt her heart beat faster for some reason. Maybe it was having a guy's eyes on her that looked so focused and intent, so appreciative of her...so hungry for her...or maybe it was the fact they were the eyes of the guy who had screwed her better than anyone ever had before, on her and Nick's bed, in front of her boyfriend...her chest heaved as she breathed heavily.

"I was thinking of something white and creamy..." Eric said deliberately slowly, his words picked carefully and his eyes never leaving her as he came to stand on the opposite side of the counter from her. "...like maybe a glass of milk? But then I figured you'd already had something like that not long ago."

His insinuating words were not lost on Alicia, and she considered saying that he perhaps shouldn't say things like that to her without Nick there, but then, it was just flirting, and again, Nick had asked this guy to fuck his girlfriend, he couldn't possibly have expected him to not be playful afterwards, and so she smiled playfully in return.

"I was thinking more of something to eat." The hot girlfriend replied, and though she insinuated nothing Eric's eyes lit up and a small smile spread his lips as he slowly began to move around the counter towards her.

Watching him move, Alicia could only think of a predator stalking its prey. For some reason that just made her heart beat faster, or maybe it was the way he was looking at her, either way her pussy pulsed. Fuck, she had never been so horny in her life. Her mind considered as Eric came around the counter that perhaps she should calm down a little, but her heart told her that there was no harm in flirting, it would just make her hotter for Nick later, and he couldn't expect her not to now with this guy he had asked to sleep with her. With her mind settled and her whole mind and body blazing with energy, Alicia turned and leaned against the counter, watching her boyfriend's friend approach slowly.

"Let's take a look shall we?" He asked calmly and confidently as he gestured towards the refrigerator, and Alicia felt her heart pound in her chest as she nodded and turned towards the fridge.

Fuck! She so needed Nick banging her hard right now! Oh fuck, she needed his hard dick so bad!

"Now, let's see." Eric said softly as he reached passed her to open to fridge door.

Alicia took it from him, opening it wide as she felt him move closer behind her, his hot breath teasing her soft neck as she stared into the fridge, her chest heaving as she breathed heavier.

"I've already looked." She said in as steady a voice as she could, her heart pounding as she could feel her boyfriend's friend right behind her.

"How about sausage?" Eric asked, resting one of his strong hands on her waist ever so gently.

Alicia suddenly felt on fire as he touched her. Oh, she needed to be touched so badly. Where was her boyfriend when she needed him?

The stunning girlfriend was about to make a comment that they had none when Eric moved closer behind her and Alicia felt a hard bulge press against her tight ass. Her mind and body both shivered at the thought that that bulge was that huge...hard...thick...dick that Eric had pounded her so good with last night. Biting her bottom lip, Alicia exhaled heavily.

"Uh, that sounds good." She breathed heatedly, her body and mind racing. Fuck she needed to be screwed so badly!

"Or we could just skip straight to dessert?" Her boyfriend's friend said calmly and confidently into her ear, the fingers on the hand not on her waist running down her bare forearm softly.

Alicia felt like the world was spinning she was so horny, everything just seemed so vibrant and alive. Still breathing heavily, she half turned her head to reply.

"What do you have in mind?" She replied questioningly, though with more than a hint of teasing-playfulness.

Alicia's heart beat almost through her chest it pounded so forcefully as she stood there with her boyfriend's friend's hard bulge pressing against her tight ass. Oh, it felt so fucking good...it was just what she so badly needed.

A single thought drifted through her mind as the touch of Eric's hands on her slim waist and smooth arm sent shivers through her pussy and spine; she loved Nick, but oh fuck she was so fucking horny! If she stayed like this any longer things were going to get out of hand, and she loved her boyfriend, so...

All of these thoughts passed through the horny girlfriend's mind in the brief moment it took her to reply to Eric, however before she could think any further about what she should do her boyfriend's friend's grip on her waist suddenly tightened and in one strong, confident move, he twisted her around to face him and Alicia only had a moment to notice that his eyes burned as hotly for her as hers did in general before Eric's hot lips mashed against hers.

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