When Worlds Collide


"Do you think Chad would get nervous if Xena and I went over there for a bite to eat?"

"Probably, but you let me handle my nervous wreck of a husband," Susan said as she tapped Xena on the arm.

Susan whispered to the lovely mermaid what Bolara wanted to do. Xena's eyes shot open wider at the mention of seafood. The two women stood up and headed toward the other side of the club. True to Susan's prediction, Chad looked at his wife in astonishment as Bolara and Xena walked away.

Bolara walked by the drinking customers with a style and grace that rivaled any woman in the club. She noticed how the humans were interacting with each other and wondered why her son in law was so nervous. Everyone was having a good time and laughing. It rather reminded her of the parties in the forest.

Just before they reached the raw bar, Bolara bumped into a muscular young man who was busy searching for someone. As she was jolted to the side, the young man grabbed her arm to keep her from falling.

"I'm sorry about that. I wasn't watching where I was going. I hope you're not hurt," Kevin Dvorska said.

The Crystal of Physis began to glow softly as Kevin held Bolara's elegant arm. She looked into his eyes with confusion. Did her daughter know that a werewolf was in the club?

"I seem to be uninjured young man. It's a pleasant surprise to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as well, but I better get back to my friends before I run someone else over," Kevin replied, then walked quickly back to his table.

Xena watched the encounter and was cautious about the human. No matter how much she wanted to have fun in the human world, the queen's safety was still paramount.

"Are you alright your majesty?"

"Yes Xena I'm fine. Shall we get something to eat now? It should be quite a change for you, eating seafood that you didn't have to catch first," Bolara said with a laugh.


Kevin reached the group and took his seat, but was still scanning the room.

"Did you find something?" Kristine asked.

"No nothing. It's really strange, I could have sworn someone else was here," he replied.

"Excuse me love, were you expecting someone," Jaz asked.

"Um -- no Jaz I was looking to see if the crowd had anymore vampires in it. From what I can see, the costume contest is going to be a good show."

"I don't think they'll think too much of me. My makeup is still a bit smudged, but it's turning out to be a good night anyway."

"Hey Jaz, what's a dark angel anyway?" Carl asked.

"Oh my Carl, you don't get out much do you love. I was kicked out of heaven for having sex," Jaz said with a sly smile.

"I thought you could do anything in heaven and get away with it. Must have been something bad," Adam told her.

"As a matter of fact Adam, it was. It seems giving a hummer to Saint Peter is against the rules," Jaz told him, and then sipped her drink.

Kristine was taking a drink when Jaz said that, and started coughing. Adam quickly patted her on the back, as he thought about her comment. They were all going to have to watch what they said from now on. With her happy attitude, she was likely to have more comments like that on the way.

Kevin was chuckling along with the rest of the group. Suddenly, he heard something like a faint whisper.

"Are you from the forest as well, or do you live in the human world?"

Kevin looked at MizT since she was the closest to him. "I'm sorry, what did you say MizT?"

"I didn't say anything Kevin."

Kevin picked up his beer and took a long drink. He hoped that Mokkelke would be around soon, they were running low on drinks.

"Pardon me young man. I was wondering if you are from the human world. Werewolves are rare and I've never met one."

Kevin looked at everyone at the table. They were all busy with small talk, so he quickly searched the crowd. When Kristine saw his dilemma, she leaned closer.

"Kevin you're acting very strange. What's the problem?"

"Someone keeps talking to me."

"Of course I'm talking to you. I mean you no harm, I assure you. My name is Queen Bolara and I am visiting the human world with my daughter for the evening."

"There it was again. Did you hear it Kristine?" Kevin said in a whisper.

"Don't tell me you're hearing voices Kev."

Jaz looked at Kevin who was searching the crowd wildly. "Kevin you look a fright, I hope everything is alright."

"Huh -- oh, I'm fine it's just some ringing in my ears."

"Have you been a werewolf long young man?"

"I must be losing my mind."

"You're not losing your mind. I'm trying to have a conversation with you. My name is Bolara, and I can hear the thoughts of all animals, just as I am hearing yours."

"What do you want from me lady, and how do you know about me?"

"With the help of the Crystal of Physis, I can converse with creatures like you. I've never met a werewolf before, but I do know they exist. The question is -- do you mean harm to the humans?"

"If this is some kind of a joke lady, I'm not fucking laughing."

"Manners young man. I understand this is your first time at this, but I do not like to be offended."

"Where are you?"

"I am on the other side of the room. You may join us for a moment if you wish, but only if you behave yourself. My Tengu friend would be displeased if you wished to do harm to the Queen."

"How do I find out which one you are?"

"I am the woman you almost knocked down. I am seated with an archer, and something called a naughty nurse."

"Um excuse me everyone, nature calls," Kevin said as he stood up.

As he moved past Jaz and MizT, he bumped into Mark Wolfhorst. Given the women in the club, he chose a fitting costume for the evening, a Chippendale dancer.

"Hey Wolfie, I'll be back in a minute. You can take my seat if you want," Kevin said.

Mark had on the customary tight black pants with a bow tie and matching cuffs. Since he was a SEAL, his trim body and six pack abs accented the outfit exceptionally well. His gel laden dark brown hair and tanned flesh made it look as if he just stepped out of a calendar photo shoot.

"Hey everybody, sorry I'm late. I had some trouble figuring out what to wear."

"Wolfie, what the hell are you supposed to be and how did the bouncer let you in without a shirt?" Adam asked.

"What L-tee? I got a collar and cuffs."

"Oh Adam, let the young boy be. I'm sure you did crazy things when you were young," Kristine said, and then kissed his cheek.

Both Jaz and MizT were scrutinizing his chiseled abs closely, as they devoured his model-like appearance with sighs of approval.

"I'm not sure of anyone else, but I think your costume is truly brilliant!" Jaz said.

"That's kind of a nice touch Wolfie, putting dollar bills in your pants. Is that how you're carrying your wallet these days?" Carl asked.

"Hell, I got this just coming in the damn door. The women groped me so much on the way in, I know now what it's like to be molested."

"Not yet you don't, but give me ten minutes and you will," MizT said under her breath.

"I think I'd like to make a contribution to charity," Jaz said, as she pulled a five-dollar bill out.

"How long do I get for this?"

Mark turned to look at the dark angel. "Whoa, um -- I um -- it's just a costume."

"Pity, I leave for Scotland in the morning, and we don't have -- men -- like you there."

"Oh, well in that case." The young SEAL began doing a bump and grind in front of Jaz.


Kevin looked around for an archer and a nurse. He had no idea what a tengu was supposed to look like. As he came around the bar, he saw a large table with a group of people. One of them was the lovely woman he bumped into by the raw bar.

"I see you found us. Please sit down, we mean you no harm." She was holding some kind of necklace in her hand, which made Kevin nervous.

As he got nearer, a strange looking person with a red beak glared defensively. Then he turned his head towards the older woman and nodded. The man dressed as a baseball player sat up in his seat a little straighter as Kevin reached the table.

"Thank you for coming over. My name is Bolara," the queen said, as she extended her hand.

"Mother, what are you doing? We don't want any attention," Susan said quietly.

"Calm yourself my dear child. I do not believe he will tell a soul about us."

Out of politeness, Kevin shook her hand, as he gazed at the crystal around her neck. He then turned his attention to the red-beaked man. He knew now why his senses had gone off -- he wasn't human. The naughty nurse smelled different, but she sure looked like a human.

"I'm Kevin. How did you..."

"Are you going to stand there and chat with us, or would you like a seat, Kevin?"

Kevin pulled up a chair and looked at Bolara. "How did you know who I am?"

"Bolara, can I speak to you for a moment -- alone please," Chad interrupted.

"Calm down Chad, I think you might find this enlightening."

Bolara leaned forward and looked at the crowd around them. She knew the sounds of the music and conversations would keep their conversation private.

"It's very interesting to find a werewolf here."

Everyone at the table jumped a bit at the revelation about Kevin Dvorska's secret. Bolara settled them down, and reminded Larry that she was in no danger. Feather, on the other hand, had that hungry look in her eyes again as she studied the SEAL.

"I'm sorry if this comes out wrong, but what are you supposed to be?" Kevin asked the winged creature.

Larry looked at Bolara for guidance, and she nodded her approval. When he turned to Chad, he had a look of caution on his face.

"I'm a tengu. We are masters of the martial arts and known for our fighting skills."

"What do they call you?"

"My name is Larry."

"How the hell did you get a name..."

"Um -- Kevin, take my advice and let it drop there, trust me on this one. My name is Chad and this is my wife Susan."

"If you all live in some forest, what are you doing here?" Kevin asked him.

"Not all of us. God, I can't believe I'm about to reveal our secret to a werewolf. My wife is a Forest Nymph Princess. She and I live in the human world but..."

"So what kind of forest creature are you Chad?" Kevin interrupted.

"I'm a hundred percent human. I didn't find out about the others until -- well that's another story. Queen Bolara is her mother, and she wanted to bring some of our friends here for just one night."

Kevin wondered if he looked stupid, as he listened to the unbelievable tale this man was telling him. He studied the others as they like wise studied him.

"This lovely woman dressed as an archer, is really an elf, and next to her is -- now don't freak out -- a mermaid."

Kevin's mouth gaped open, and he quickly looked under the table. Xena saw his head disappear, and with a sly smile, spread her legs and exposed her white panties to him. Kevin saw the human legs, but then caught site of her covered pussy. He got up so quick, that he bumped his head on the edge of the table, almost spilling the drinks.

"Kevin, are you ok?" Bolara asked, but then saw the look on Xena's face.

"Xena, if you can't behave yourself while away from Chad's house, then you can return to the forest."

She looked down apologetically. "I'm sorry your majesty, it won't happen again."

"I don't get it, why do you have legs if you're a mermaid? I'm a sailor and I know what a mermaid is supposed to look like."

"We can go out of the water for brief periods of time, and it helps to walk around if you have legs. You're a werewolf, so where's your fur?"

"It wouldn't be wise to change right here, people would freak."

"Then you have answered your own question, haven't you."

Kevin stared at the group as he tried to take in what they all said, a parallel forest world in existence with the human world. If he hadn't been talking to them personally, he would have never believed it.

"If there is another world, how do you travel back and forth between them? Is there like a secret entrance in a big tree or something?" Kevin asked Bolara.

"Susan, go ahead and show him dear."

"Mother, maybe that's enough information about us, what if..."

Kevin stopped her for a moment. "Susan, since you live in the human world -- wow that sounds weird saying that -- you should know that I'm a Navy SEAL. I know how to keep secrets. I could say the same thing about me. Except for my mother and two other people, no one knows about me, so what happens to me if you let my secret out."

"Point taken," she replied as she reached into her purse.

Kevin watched as she pulled something out that looked like an eight-inch stick. At first, he thought she was going to do the, go fetch doggie joke. When she handed it to him, he studied the strange wood. He could smell something strange, and inhaled deeply.

"Smells like it has dirt on it."

"It's called Tulok root. It only grows in the forest of our world. The reason humans don't have centaurs and other creatures in your world, is that the only ones that can find it are the Elves," Susan said.

"Kevin, may I see the root please," Bolara said.

The Forest Queen broke a small piece of the root off, and handed the smaller section to Kevin. Everyone stared in disbelieve, but they knew better than to argue with her.

"If you would ever like to visit my world, hold this tightly in your hand and close your eyes..."

"Trust me Kevin, you really want to close your eyes," Chad said.

"Clear your mind of all thoughts except of that of a forest, or maybe Mermaid Lake. The root will transport you there instantly. In addition, I trust that as I will keep your secret, you will in return keep ours. If that root should fall into the hands of someone who would do us harm, we would not be pleased."

"I guess I better get back to my friends. Don't worry your majesty, you have my word," Kevin said as he bowed slightly to her.

When he was gone, Susan leaned over to her husband. "Now you can add a werewolf to the list of creatures you've met. Weird couple of worlds huh."

"Life just keeps getting stranger and stranger when I'm around your family."


Kevin reached the table, but found that only Adam and Kristine were present.

"Hey, where'd everyone go, I didn't miss anything did I?"

"Nope, Carl is in the bathroom and Wolfie is -- well -- busy," Adam said, as he pointed to the dance floor.

Kevin turned and laughed to himself. Mark Wolfhorst was in the middle of the dance floor with Jaz behind him. She was grinding her hips into his firm ass and had her arms wrapped around his waist. MizT on the other hand, had her arms around his powerful neck and one leg raised up. She had it resting on top of Jaz's arm, while she crushed her pelvis against his cock mound.

Kevin sat down and took a long drink of his beer. He had no idea how he was going to deal with the idea of another world. As he palmed the strange root in his pocket, he thought about what Bolara had said. He was debating if he should take her up on the offer. Laura wasn't due back for a few days and he could use the time to visit another world. His last thought made him shiver slightly.

Jaz, Wolfie, and MizT returned to the table, interrupting his thoughts. Without sitting down, they all grabbed their drinks and downed them. Jaz and MizT looked as if it was effortless to sandwich his brawny form between them, because Wolfie was the only one sweating.

"Wolfie I was just wondering, why are you sweating so much?" Adam asked.

"Damn L-Tee, it's hot out there on the dance floor."

"That's strange, I don't see these two lovely women sweating," Kevin said.

Jaz leaned over, placed her hands on the table, and brought her face up to Kevin's. The seductive pose made his cock twitch and he had to remind himself that he was with Laura.

"Women like us don't sweat, we glow."

"Oh -- um -- thanks for setting me straight -- um -- um..."

"Jaz, Jaz Cullen -- remember?"

"Oh Kevin you should see your face. Jaz you better leave the poor boy alone, before he has a misfire in his shorts," MizT told her.

Kristine was giggling softly. MizT had beaten her to the very same comment she was going to say. She was enjoying how they tortured the young SEAL.

"I think I need to go powder my nose," MizT announced as she quickly glanced over at Wolfie.

"Hey Adam, order us another round whenever Mokkelke gets back. I'm gonna hit the head for a minute," Mark said, as he used the Navy slang for the bathroom.

Wolfie tossed some money on the table and then followed the glowing MizT to the restrooms. He passed Carl Werner coming back, and his large black friend put a hand on his chest to stop him.

"You might be there a while, there's a line to the men's toilets."

"Oh -- um -- thanks Carl."

Carl walked back to the table and sat down. While he was adjusting his cape, the DJ came over the speakers in the club.

"Ok everyone, the moment we've all dressed up for. If you want to be judged for the costume contest, then head out to the dance floor and line up."

"It's about damn time. Kristine, are you going up?" Jaz asked.

"I'm right behind you dark angel."

As the two women headed for the floor, Kevin saw the large winged tengu head out to the floor also. "This ought to be interesting."

Within moments, the floor became crowded with different costumes of all shapes and sizes. Larry stood next to Jaz and Kristine, and the size difference was immediately noticeable. Jaz tilted her head up and stared at the strange beak on the front of Larry's face.

"What kind of creature are you supposed to be?"

Larry turned to the dark angel and studied her. He knew she was human, but looked very much like a female tengu, without a beak. In her own right, she was quite breathtaking, as he felt his enormous cock start to fill with blood.

"I'm a tengu. I really like your wings," he told her, as he peered at Jaz's back.

Jaz was feeling a little giddy from the champagne. "Oh, I thought you were looking at my little bum."

"Jaz, the contest is starting, pay attention," Kristine told her.

The DJ went around and placed his hand in front of the contestants. Soon he had the field narrowed to just five people, and the ones who didn't make the cut left the floor.

"Ok everyone, round two of the judging. Now remember, your applause decides who gets first place and three hundred dollars. Ok, who has the clown coming in first?"

The crowd clapped loudly and then the DJ moved to Carl, he had his fake teeth in and was posing dramatically for the crowd.

"How about -- what kind of vampire are you?"


"Ok, give it up for -- Blackula."

The crowd was not as impressed with Carl as they were the clown. Then he moved on to Kristine who twirled in her emerald green gown. A large amount of applause came roaring towards the dance floor.

"Sorry there Count. Looks like you may not make the cut."

He then moved in front of Jaz. "Now for our own, extremely lovely, dark angel of the night." The crowd erupted in a roar for Jaz Cullen, as the DJ nodded his approval.

"What's your name there dark angel?"

"Jaz Cullen, I'm Scottish."

"Holy cow lady, I knew we had a following for this contest, but first place won't even cover your plane ticket."

Jaz laughed with the crowd as he moved to the last contestant. He looked Larry up and down, then back at the crowd.

"I've been doing this for a number of years. I can honestly say that I've never seen a costume like that. What's your name?"

"Larry, I'm a tengu."

"Nope, never heard of those, ok everyone -- Larry the Tengu."

Kevin's sensitive ears started to ring at the level of applause Larry got. It then went to ear shattering levels, as Larry began flapping his large white wings. Jaz looked at the crowd and wondered why he was showing off like that. She was not about to be upstaged by a large birdman, so she slowly strutted out to the front of the contestants.

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