When Worlds Collide


"Hold the phone Larry, looks like Jaz wants a re-vote." She slowly turned her shapely backside to the crowd. Jaz Cullen placed her come fuck me pumps about a shoulder width apart, and began a slow, seductive bump and grind.

Kevin cupped his hands over his ears as the crowd came to their feet and screamed. Jaz could just make out the wolf whistles, as the crowd screamed for more. Slowly, she walked back to the group and stood next to Kristine.

The noise was so deafening, Kristine had to scream into Jaz's ear. "Showoff."

"The winner for this year's costume contest -- Miss Jaz Cullen. Coming in second is Larry the tengu for two hundred dollars and third place to the naughty witch in green. Give it up everyone for our top three winners."


Wolfie broke the kiss he was sharing with MizT. She was breathing hard while the two of them made out in the woman's restroom. There were only a few stalls, and she could hear the other women outside whining about having to wait.

"Sounds like they want us to hurry up MizT."

"Fuck those bitches, they're just pissed off because you're in here with me instead of them."

MizT had one hand caressing his six-pack abs. The other held onto his sharply cut powerful arms. Wolfie leaned in again and kissed her hard, his hand cupping her firm breast. MizT slowly moved her hand down inside his Chippendale pants, and wrapped her fingers around his hard cock.

She pulled her head back, staring into Mark Wolfhorst's eyes. The look of a sex starved wild woman filled her face, as she stroked the steel member in her hand. Wolfie moaned his approval as he enjoyed the sensation.

"You can't go back to the table like this you hot stud. Luckily I know just what to do to remedy the situation."

"Oh fuck MizT, just what did you have in mind?" Wolfie asked, as his legs began to tremble.


Larry walked back to his table as the crowd slapped his arm. They all said he had a great costume, but the dark angel had a better ass. When he reached the table, the small group from the forest was clapping for him. Bolara was smiling brightly at the achievement of one of her subjects.

"I'm very proud of you Larry. I think the whole -- wing flapping, was dangerous but no one is any the wiser."

"Thank you your majesty," he replied as he bowed slightly.

"What are you going to do with your two hundred dollars Larry?" Chad asked.

"I have no use for this, you keep it."

"Hey thanks buddy. That will just about cover our bar bill. Bolara, shall we call it an evening and head back to the house? I think we've pushed our luck enough for one night."

"Yes, I agree Chad. It was a very pleasant time, but I think that's enough of the human world."

The group from the forest gathered up their belongings and headed to the front door. As they made their way through the crowd, Bolara grabbed the Crystal of Physis and held it tightly.


Kevin was congratulating Jaz and Kristine on the first and third place finish. Carl was pushing his fake teeth around on the table. He was not happy with the results at all, and Jaz tried to console him.

"It's alright Carl. I did rather cheat there at the end. I still think you have a lovely costume."

"It's ok Jaz. I'd feel a lot better if I could have a dance."

"You have a deal. I'll make it so hot, that every man in the club will want to be you for the evening."

"Speaking of dancing, where the hell did Wolfie and MizT get off to? I haven't seen them since the contest started," Kristine said.

Kevin looked around the club and soon saw Mark and MizT approach the table. He knew the others couldn't smell them, but his keen werewolf sense took in the aroma of a woman that just had sex. He smiled to himself as they reached the group.

"Nice of you to rejoin the party Wolfie, I was about to send out the search and rescue team for you two," Adam said.

"Oh -- um -- I thought it would be a good idea to guard the door to the restroom while MizT was in there."

"Yes, I can see the logic in that Wolfie. You just never know when you'll have to prevent another female from going into the woman's restroom."

As MizT sat down, Kevin saw a strand of Auburn hair hanging loosely out of her long black wig. She looked flushed and overheated, as she checked her dress. Jaz noticed the disheveled look, and leaned closer to her new editor.

"Um -- I don't want to sound too forward dear, but you missed some, just there," Jaz said, as she touched the side of her own mouth.

MizT turned her face away from Jaz, but Kevin could still see the side of her face as she swiped her pink tongue at the droplet of cum. When she turned around to Jaz again, the dark angel smiled, nodding her approval.

Suddenly, Kevin heard a familiar voice in his head.

"Have a lovely evening my new werewolf friend. I must return to my world and see if everyone has behaved themselves."

"Good night your majesty, I might take you up on your offer of a visit."

"I look forward to having you as a guest."

"Hey Kev, you look a little lost there buddy. You're not getting drunk on us are you?" Carl asked.

"No Carl, I was just thinking about how nice it will be to wake up in the morning and take it easy for a change."

"Speaking of the morning, I really must get to those edits for Jaz's story. I want this book on the shelves as soon as I can," MizT said, as she reached into her purse and pulled something out.

She thanked everyone for a lovely evening and told Jaz she'd be in contact soon. As she passed Wolfie, she placed something in his hand and whispered in his ear. She spoke so softly that the group couldn't hear. Everyone there except Kevin Dvorska, who turned his head slightly to pick up the conversation.

"Don't be too long lover boy. Just so you understand, I'm going to do you so hard I'll have to make one of two phone calls in the morning. It will be to either the paramedics -- or the coroner," MizT said, as she placed a spare house key in his hand.

The group watched MizT walk away, as Kevin tried not to smile at Bravo's sniper. He was well known for his way with women, but Kevin had never seen anyone work that fast.

"Well that's it for me everyone, I really should call it a night," Mark Wolfhorst said as he stood up.

"Yeah Wolfie, I can see how this kind of night would wear a Navy SEAL down. Just remember to be alive and well for training on Monday morning," Kevin said.

"Oh -- yeah, I'll be there with bells on little buddy."

The group soon broke up with Jaz thanking everyone and gathering up her contract for 'Fighting the Inevitable'. Kevin gave her a hug goodbye, but she turned her head slightly and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you Kevin for giving me the courage and idea to write Caleb. I don't think I would have pulled it off without that advice in the airport."

"I'll be the first one to buy a copy Jaz. Be careful going home and I'll keep my eye out for your book."

Jaz turned to Carl. He looked jilted at not getting a dance. "I'm sorry Carl. I did promise you a dance didn't I."

"Its fine Jaz, I'm sure I'll get over it in a few years," Carl joked.

"I think a consolation prize is in order."

Jaz Cullen leaned down and kissed him deeply. Carl's afro wig moved around on his head as she held his powerful neck. When she leaned back up, Carl was stunned and breathing heavy.

"Like I told you earlier, I really love your costume."

After Jaz left, Adam paid Mokkelke the rest of the bar bill. The group picked up their personal items, and headed for the exit. Kristine and the three Navy SEALs were all smiles as they passed the patrons seated at various tables. It turned out to be a good night, with new friendships made due to a chance meeting.


Adam and Kristine pulled into their driveway after dropping everyone off. Opening the door and placing his keys on the table, he plopped down on the oversized recliner. It turned out to be a long night, and Adam let out a heavy sigh now that it was over.

Kristine saw her husband start to close his eyes when she walked over to him. She ran her tantalizing fingers up the inside of his thighs with both hands, and then cupped them around the large bulge in his pants.

"Don't you dare think about calling it a night. You're not done with your chores yet Mr. Dawson."

Adam opened his eyes and saw the wanton look on her face. She was even sexier with the tall green hat on, as he groaned softly. There was no use in denying her tonight. She was going to get what she wanted -- one way, or another.

"I suppose telling you I'm beat won't work, will it?"

"I didn't get this dressed up so you could just show me off at the club," she said as she undid his fake holster.

When she pulled it out of the way, Kristine made quick work of his pants and pulled them all the way down. She lovingly stroked his thick cock, as she lowered her lips to the tip. As her tongue took small swipes at the head, she looked up at her lover with smoldering eyes.

"Mmmmm, now this is what I call dessert." Kristine slid her lips to the base in one seductive action.

Adam tossed his head back and moaned, as he felt the tip pass the entrance to her throat. The technique never failed to make his legs quiver. She bobbed her lovely face up and down a few times, and then released him.

Kristine raised her green witch's dress and straddled his waist. When Adam ran his hands up her legs to grab her hips, he found she still had on her pantyhose. She was looking down at him with an evil stare.

"You forgot to take your hose off before you climbed on me."

"You're a Navy SEAL, improvise Lieutenant," she said in a stern tone.

With his powerful hands, he effortlessly ripped the crotch of her pantyhose open. Now that he had access to her thong, he pulled it to the side and rubbed her slick lips.

"That good witch outfit must be driving you nuts, you're soaked."

"Like I told Carl tonight, who the hell said I was a good witch?"

Kristine slammed her body down, engulfing Adam's rock hard cock in velvety tightness. The sudden heat of her pussy made his tool pump out a droplet of pre-cum, which soon mixed with her juice.

"Oh God damn Adam, I've waited all night to have you inside me!"

"I guess -- um -- we could have pulled a MizT."

Kristine rocked her hips back and forth, effectively smashing her pulsating clit against him. As she did, Adam's cock head rubbed the entrance to her cervix. The sensitive tip caused small electric shocks to fire in his heavy balls.

"If we did, I would have never let you and your big cock out of the stall."

Adam pulled his hands free of her hips, and brought them up to the drawstring holding the front of the dress closed. As he undid the shoelace type closure, her heaving breast started to come into view. When he had the string removed, he pulled the dress all the way open.

Adam placed one hand around her back, while the other cupped one of Kristine's ivory soft breasts. He sat up slightly, and quickly absorbed what he could of the tantalizing flesh. Kristine's heightened sexual frenzy was near a boiling point, as she felt Adam's long tongue lash at her nipple.

"Oh you bastard, you're cheating! You know I can't..."

Adam cut her off by moaning loudly around the single tit. The sensations caused her hips to stop, but the quivering motion against her clit remained. Adam tried hard not to cum too soon, but the battle was quickly becoming useless.

Suddenly, Adam lost control of the floodgates holding his hot cum at bay. The volcanic like explosion erupted with force, causing Adam to turn his moans into a violent scream.

The sudden vibrations on her body pushed her over the cliff. As the hot, molten cum splashed inside her, it caused her own climax to take over her bodily functions. Her slick juice joined Adam's cum, as the liquid flowed over his heaving balls and onto the recliner.

Kristine threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream. The scream would have wakened the dead on this Halloween night, but she had no air in her lungs to accomplish this easy task.

Adam fought off the fatigue as he leaned back, forcing the recliner downward. As he pulled his lover forward, she slid to the side a little. He let her softly breathing form fall with him, then, Adam let the darkness take him.

September 1st, Kevin Dvorska's condominium.

Kevin just finished folding the laundry and sat back on the couch. Laura was due to come back tomorrow evening, and he wanted the chores done so she could relax. As he sipped the cold beer, he glanced down at the coffee table. There lay the strange root that Bolara had given him.

He picked it up and studied it further. It looked like just a normal thick stick that you'd find anywhere. The vision of the small group flashed in his mind. The only one that really looked out of place was the birdman named Larry.

"You could possibly make a costume like that around here. A pair of wings, a red beak, and a few bottles of glue would go a long way. Damn, they probably laughed their asses off, thinking they pulled a fast one on me."

Kevin laughed aloud, and then held the root tightly in his hand. "God Dvorska, all the shit you've been through in your life, and you get taken in by a group like that," he said aloud.

"Ok Bolara, or what ever you name really is, I'll play a sucker one more time. What the hell did she say, oh yeah -- Mermaid Lake."

Kevin failed to remember the warning from Chad. The bright white light blinded him as he felt his body torn in every direction. He soon became nauseous, as the world he knew spun out of control, then disappeared.

He landed in a large open field with a large thud, as the light dissipated around him. The young Navy SEAL shook his head, and then lifted his trembling body from the moist ground. When his vision cleared, he looked around at his surroundings.

He was no longer in the comfort and safety of his condominium. Now, he was kneeling by a considerable forest. It was nestled next to a large lake, with some large rocks sticking out in the middle. Kevin turned his head around, searching for danger. What he saw next made him doubt the reality of the situation.

"Those look like -- no, they can't be -- centaurs," he said in amazement.

He quickly stood up and went over his options. He saw the woods and thought about changing into his werewolf form. He could outrun anything with legs, no matter what world he was in now.

The centaurs all carried large bows, and closed in on Kevin's position. "Wait a minute. This is some kind of dream. Why in the hell are you thinking about running?"

Kevin heard a female voice behind him and spun around quickly. He brought his fists up in a protective posture. "Hi there handsome. Kevin, isn't it?"

Kevin looked down to see a topless woman holding herself up at the edge of the water. She had large breasts topped with eraser-like nipples. Her tanned body showed no line marks from a swimsuit.

"What -- who -- where am I?"

"Jesus, I didn't think werewolves had that short of a memory span, but on the other hand, you're the only one I know. Do you remember the naughty nurse from last night? My name is Xena. I'm in charge of all the mermaids."

"This isn't real, I'm just dreaming."

"You remember that guy named Chad that was with us? The first time he came here, he thought the same thing. You'll get over it soon enough Kevin."

One of the centaurs approached Kevin and pulled his bow off his shoulder. He gave the new arrival a fierce look. He was not about to let the forest fall into unwanted hands again.

"Who are..."

"Rest easy Cathion, he means us no harm. Please send word to Queen Bolara that our friend Kevin is here from the human world. She will be pleased that he decided to visit our world." The centaur left at a slow gallop.

"Are you saying this is..."

"Real? Yes Kevin, this isn't a dream. You used the Tulok root and it transported you to my wonderful world."

Kevin looked behind Xena and his breath caught in his throat. There, splashing softly in and out of the water was the largest golden fish tail he'd ever seen. When he looked back to her face, she had a seductive smile. She ran her bright pink tongue around her lips, as she toyed with her blond hair.

"So tell me handsome, since we have a bit of time on our hands before Bolara shows up -- care to go for a swim with a real mermaid?"


Well there it is, I surely hope you enjoyed it and found it fun, it sure sounded like Jaz and MizT had fun. Please remember to vote, they all count in the contest. Leave me a comment and let me know how I did. If you enjoyed the characters and want to know more, please check out the separate stories on my submissions page. Happy Halloween and safe trick or treating.

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