tagNonHumanWhen Worlds Collide Ch. 14

When Worlds Collide Ch. 14


Demetri couldn't get his wife home fast enough. Once the killing had ended and he was sure she was safely healed, all he wanted was to retreat to their home, to finally claim her completely. He had no idea if she had agreed to let him Sire her because she wanted to head off any of the fallout from letting herself get hurt, or whether she genuinely wanted it.

He didn't care what her reasoning was. He couldn't go through another night like the one they'd just been through. He couldn't ever feel the fear he had when he saw Mara lying there on the floor, when he had thought for a moment that she was dead. If she had been dead....he couldn't even contemplate what he would have done if she had died.

He had lost it as it was, barely able to differentiate between who was friend and foe at the compound. If he had lost Mara then his words to Caleb would have taken on a very different meaning. Everyone would have died, Vampire and Were alike, because he would have died inside too. Demetri Bozic would have ceased to exist, leaving behind a rabid vampire that Caleb would have had no choice but to put down to save everyone else.

He shivered slightly, turning his head to watch his woman sleeping in the passenger seat of the Jeep briefly before he turned into the driveway of their home. His own arrogance had almost killed her. He had been treading a tightrope of conflicted, confused emotions since she had entered his life. He had made poor judgement calls and almost lost her because of them. Now he had to start making the right decisions. Decisions which were best for him and Mara and no one else.

She woke up as he picked her up gently, her sleepy brown eyes smiling up at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His breath stilled in his chest for a second as he gazed into her face. He couldn't possibly love her anymore and yet he felt as if he did, as if her near death had somehow managed to make him fall deeper in love with her.

Mara snuggled into his chest as he carried her into the house and up to their bedroom, laying her gently on the bed and standing up to look down at her. He saw a speck of blood on her top and frowned, looking down at his hands. He had thought he had cleaned himself up back at the compound but he obviously still had some of Graves' blood on him. Growling softly, he turned and headed into the bathroom, starting the shower and stripping of his clothes. He wasn't touching his woman with that prick's blood on his hands. He wouldn't defile his Mara that way.

Mara heard the shower start up and sighed softly, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Demetri was so quiet, his expression carefully neutral which signified he was thinking deeply about something he didn't want to share with her. She had expected a lecture of some kind, some long, drawn out rant about just how stupid she had been. His quietness worried her. Lord only knew what was going through her vampire's head. She was sure he was blaming himself for what had happened. He didn't always think very rationally at times. Sighing again, she pulled off her clothes, noting she had some blood on them. Another set of clothes for the trash and probably the reason why her husband suddenly felt the need for a shower. Stretching her weary body, Mara headed into the bathroom.

Demetri was leaning with one hand braced against the shower wall, his head bowed as the hot water cascaded down his sculpted back and ass. Mara swallowed hard as her gaze travelled his naked body. He had the most amazing body, so taut and hard and full of barely restrained passion. His submissive posture frightened her though. She couldn't bear to seem him so vulnerable, of knowing that she was the cause of the vulnerability within him.

She slipped into the shower, knowing he could sense her there but was not reacting to her presence. Her fear increased slightly as she wrapped her arms around his chest resting her cheek against his back, feeling him stiffen at her touch. She expected him to turn around, to hold her and tell her everything was okay but he remained as he was, neither accepting nor rejecting her caress. "Demetri?" she whispered uncertainly, some of her fear leaking into her voice.

Mara's whispered words seeped into Demetri's mind, her fear wrenching at his heart. He turned, groaning loudly and sweeping her into his arms as he picked her up and pressed her hard against the shower wall. He buried his head in the crook of her neck, his body shaking as his tears continued to flow silently down his face. "I almost lost you," he choked out, clutching her so tightly he knew he must be hurting her but unable to ease his grasp on her fragile body.

Mara felt her heart break as his fear and pain washed over her. She clutched him tightly, ignoring the slight discomfort of his hold. She'd felt worse pain already this night. She could withstand a little more. "I'm so sorry, love," she whispered tearfully. "Please forgive me." She pulled his head up, her mouth urgently seeking his as she sought to give him comfort, to ease his suffering.

He kissed her desperately, his mouth hard and insistent, demanding everything from her which she gave willingly. Finally he raised his head, his expression tortured as he stared into her face. "Never again, Mara," he breathed hoarsely. "Never again."

She reached up to cradle his face tenderly, tracing each perfect feature until she smoothed out the look of anguish completely. "Never again," she agreed softly, turning her head and pulling his mouth to her neck. "Take me, love. I'm yours forever."

Demetri groaned loudly as she offered him everything he'd ever hoped for, everything he'd ever desired. His mouth brushed her soft skin, the scent of her blood teasing him mercilessly, the heady pulse beating against his mouth. He shifted her slightly so he could bring his cock in line with her wet heat. "Forever," he groaned thrusting deep into her body the instant his fangs slid into her fragile throat and her sweet essence began to fill his mouth.

Mara cried out in ecstasy as her husband took her with one quick, hard stroke deep within her body. His fangs slid into her neck, his soothing venom easing the slight pain as he began to suck against her with long, hard pulls of his mouth. He thrust deep inside her, spearing her on his cock as he sucked and rode her body in perfect unison, sending shivers of pure bliss throughout her body.

His initial rough touch gentled and he began to rock into her body with long, loving strokes, stretching her open for his invasion, grinding against her clit to draw deep moans of pleasure from her. His mouth was insistent again her neck, drinking down her blood greedily. It was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. It quite literally was making her feel light headed it was so pleasurable.

Demetri drank deeply, sliding his cock into his wife's hot body, loving her as gently and tenderly as he could as he slowly felt her body start to grow weaker as the blood loss took hold. Her moans became softer, her grip on him loosening as she began to slide away into unconsciousness. Her heartbeat faltered, became so weak he could barely hear it. Slowly he retracted his fangs, licking her wound closed, ripping at his neck and pulling her head forward.

"Drink, Mara," he whispered softly, sliding into her body over and over again as she began to suck at his neck. He growled loudly when her sharp teeth pierced his neck and she pulled hard against him. Her hands gripped his hair hard, tilting his head so she could have easier access to his neck. He increased the pace of his thrusts as her feeding sent waves of pleasure crashing through him and she matched his lust with her own as her new vampiric abilities began to strengthen her body.

Mara threw her head back, laughing at the sheer joy of feeling Demetri plunging deep into her pussy, his heartbeat sounding so loud, his scent the most intoxicating thing she had ever smelled. She could hear her own heart beating, each drop of water hitting her skin felt like a downpour of rain from the heavens. Everything smelled so much fresher, everything sounded so much clearer, each thrust of her husband's rigid cock inside her felt so much more intense.

"Demetri," she growled softly, kissing him with wild abandon as they moved together in the most delicious dance of pure love and lust all rolled into one. She could feel her pleasure ready to peak, could feel his own release mere moments away. "Yes," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Harder. Faster."

Her words pushed him over the edge and he took her hard and fast, her pussy pulsing around him as he felt his cock start to expand, knew he was ready to soar with his beautiful wife into the sweet abyss that only she was capable of taking him to. He roared loudly as her pussy clamped hard on his cock as she shattered in his arms, his name a mindless chant of her lips as she reached her climax a second before he did. He joined her, his thick cum pulsing up his shaft to bathe her hot pussy with what felt like gallons of his seed. They ground together wildly, their cries of pleasure echoing in the room as they both achieved that one perfect moment when neither of them knew where one began and the other ended.

Demetri finally stilled, cradling his wife against his hard body as he struggled to get his breathing under control. Finally she was his forever. Finally his stunning woman would be at his side for eternity and he would never have to fear that he would one day have to walk the planet without her in his life. He wanted to weep for joy. Instead he held his Mara tenderly and lovingly kissed her before he slid from her body and lowered her feet to the floor. His eyes raked over her body taking in the subtle differences her change had brought over her. She would always be the most perfect woman in his eyes. Now she was stunningly glorious as her beauty was enhanced with her new abilities.

Mara opened her eyes slowly and sucked in a deep breath at the open adoration on Demetri's face. She felt so amazing and it was hard not to laugh like a child as her eyes could finally see just how beautiful the world around her was. She smiled at her husband rubbing her body sensuously against his as her hunger sparked again and she had the intense need to feel him fill her again. "That was delicious," she sighed softly. "Can I have some more?"

He laughed softly bending to kiss her slowly, cupping her firm breasts in his hands and flicking her nipples lightly. "I should have told you how much better sex was as a vampire," he chuckled. "You would probably have agreed to let me Sire you earlier."

Her hand slid down his body to his already hardening cock. She gripped it lightly, giving it a gentle squeeze as she rubbed her swollen nipples against his chest with a throaty moan. "You could be right," she laughed softly. "Though I think you might need to show me again how good it was before I can truthfully say you are right."

Demetri caught her hand, bringing it to his mouth and kissing her wrist lightly, scraping his fangs teasingly against her pulse. "I'm always right, Mara," he said with a little smile teasing his lips. "But I have no objections to proving it to you."

She laughed loudly as her husband picked her up again and proceeded to prove without a shadow of a doubt, just how erotic and sensual lovemaking as a vampire truly was.


Caleb was quiet on the drive home from the compound. All night long he had been trying to keep two steps ahead of everyone so he could keep his promise to his woman and save her family. Now, finally, there was nothing else to keep his mind occupied and his perfect recall was replaying his first memory of entering the house and seeing his precious woman lying on the floor, blood on her neck and clothes, her face pinched with pain as she sheltered Mara protectively even in the face of her own agony. There was no hiding from it any longer. He had failed his Annie. He had been so intent on protecting everyone else he had failed to protect the most precious thing in his life.

That she had healed wasn't the point. He had allowed her to feed from Nors because he had needed to keep his own strength for the fight. That fact alone tore at his heart almost as badly as allowing her to be hurt did. She should have come first and she hadn't. He had put others before her so he could keep his promise to her. He didn't know how to reconcile the decisions he had made. He didn't know how to forgive himself for failing her so badly.

Rhianna was quiet too as she followed him into the house and waited as he closed and bolted the door. It was only the second time since she had come to live with Caleb that he had ever bolted the door. It was a sign of how upset he was, that he wanted no interruptions from anyone, not even Demetri and Mara.

"They won't come over," she said quietly. "Mara doesn't have a hope in hell of meeting the dawn as a human, Caleb. Thought you would have noticed that yourself. Demetri will Sire her before the night is over and we both know what they'll be up to once that happens." She smiled at the memory of her own change to the life of a vampire. It was a very sexual, intimate experience. One she remembered with many fond memories.

Caleb stared at her with a thoughtful expression on his face before he smiled gently at her. "I suppose you're right," he finally agreed. After nearly losing Mara he doubted Demetri would allow her to remain human a moment longer He wouldn't want to go through that kind of pain again.

His amber eyes travelled over Rhianna's face, looking for any sign of disappointment towards him. He saw sadness for those who had died, a trace of amusement most probably at her thinking about what Mara and Demetri were up to. No condemnation of him though. He should have felt relieved but instead he felt worse. His amazing woman truly would forgive him anything. He didn't deserve to have her love him so unconditionally.

Rhianna met his gaze levelly, watching every flicker of emotion cross his beautiful face and she held in a weary sigh. She could only imagine what stupid thoughts were going through his head. She was just as guilty of having the same stupid thoughts. Rafe was so right though. They couldn't blame themselves for the actions of others. Everyone had done the best they could under very trying circumstances. Things could have turned out so much worse. They had to be grateful for still having each other alive and well.

"Caleb, it's not your fault," she said quietly. "You did the best you could. We all did. Some of us didn't make it and that's incredibly sad but it's also the way life goes. No one lives forever, not even our kind. We can die just the same as everyone else does. We're just lucky that we're a bit more hardy than others."

His expression turned guarded as he closed off from her, ignoring her words. "You're wrong, Annie. It is my fault. I was supposed to protect you and I failed. Did you think I wouldn't hear about what happened in that house? Lacey told Rafe. I heard everything. How easily Sandro almost took your head, how he broke your bones and left you in agony as he stalked Mara and Lacey. If you hadn't unconsciously sent out your mental scream I would have come back and found you dead." His voice broke and he suddenly turned and pulled open the door again, disappearing out into the night as if he could run away from the thought he had just uttered.

Rhianna bit her lip and followed him, knowing he was close by because she could scent him. She stood on the porch, looking up at the dark sky, seeing the first rays of dawn trying to poke through the blackness. "Caleb," she called softly. "Come inside, love. You can't run away from your fear. It just follows you until you have to stand still and deal with it. Please, Caleb." She waited patiently closing her eyes and sighing with relief when he appeared at her side, his arms wrapping around her to hold her close.

"I should have protected you, Annie," he groaned softly, picking her up and cradling her gently in his arms as he brought them both back inside again, moving to sink down onto one of the large leather sofas in the sitting room.

She straddled his lap, framing his face in her small hands as she brushed his cheeks gently with her thumbs. "You did protect me, in so many different ways," she whispered softly. "You came when I needed you and you stopped Sandro. You found the strength to tame your possessiveness to allow Nors to help heal me so I could heal Mara. I know how hard that was for you, love." She brushed his golden brown hair back from his face, smiling softly as she did so.

"You moved heaven and earth to make sure my family was safe," she continued quietly. "Because of you Rafe and Lacey are free to live their lives with no more fear hanging over their heads. Millie and Jared can have their babies together bringing new life to the pack when they desperately need the joy of that to help them heal. You did all that, Caleb because you made me a promise. Don't you know how gladly I would suffer every single moment of the pain I felt all over again just to achieve those same results? I got hurt but I lived. We're the lucky ones. We're still alive. We should be celebrating that life in memory of those who are no longer with us, not dwelling on what may have happened."

He groaned and brought his mouth to hers, rubbing his lips gently across hers as he slid his hands into her hair to tilt her head back. "I've never known a soul as pure as yours, Annie," he breathed softly. "You constantly take my breath away. How I could ever have imagined that you could be seduced into the cold, hard life of a vampire I have no idea. I must have been mad to ever fight against changing you to this life." His lips moved to her neck, whispering softly along her silky skin his body hardening with the need to join with her and do some of that celebrating life stuff she had just been talking about. But he didn't want to spoil this precious moment with her, as he allowed her wise words to soothe away the last of his guilt.

She moaned softly, pressing her aching heat against his rapidly hardening cock, feeling a rush of pleasure course through her as his lips teased her neck with gentle caresses. "Caleb," she whispered on a soft moan, threading her hands in his hair and pulling his head up so their lips could touch again. "Are you going to do something with that?" she groaned wriggling against him and dragging a moan from his lips.

He moved swiftly, flipping her onto her back, pressing between her thighs as his lips hardened against her mouth and his tongue pressed for entry into her moist depths. His breathing was ragged when he finally lifted his head, stroking her red curls from her face, his eyes dark with need as they roamed over her face. "Don't you think you should be resting?" he asked gruffly. "You've had a hard night, Annie, both physically and mentally. I want you, sweet one, so very much but I'd rather just hold you if that's what you need."

A wicked smile danced across her face and she shifted her hips, rubbing against his raging hardness with a long, slow deliberate movement, causing the breath to rasp loudly out of his mouth. "I'd much rather do some celebrating of life," she laughed huskily. "If it's not too much of an imposition on you?"

Her teasing tone had him laughing softly as he stripped her top off and cupped her breasts gently in his large hands. "Making love to you could never be an imposition, my Annie," he groaned huskily, bending his head to take a taut, swollen peak into his mouth, He suckled gently, laving the hard nub with his tongue as his woman moaned softly and held his head to her body. He could never get tired of the taste of her, the feel of her soft skin beneath his eager hands and mouth.

He teased her breasts with soft gentle caresses, laving her nipples with his tongue before closing his hot mouth over her straining peaks and sucking gently until she writhed with pleasure beneath him. He wanted to take away the horror of the night, to show her the beauty and passion and the deep abiding tenderness he felt for her.

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