tagFetishWhen You Gotta Go!

When You Gotta Go!


It all began for Heidi one warm summer's night when she was very drunk and very horny. At the time she was trying to make her inebriated way home after an evening's dancing and drinking with Craig (now ex-boyfriend Craig?) at their favourite club. All had gone well until time to leave when he had pulled her, giggling with mock reluctance and indignation, into a convenient alleyway for a quickie against the wall. There he had fumbled his way into her clothes, fondling her breasts and pussy until she was almost desperate for him to fuck her, and then failed to deliver! At the moment of intended entry, too much alcohol for his libido to properly handle had left him nothing to enter her with, and Heidi was left high and dry (well, perhaps not dry!), with Craig blaming her for his own failure! She was, he said, too fat to turn him on! She had never considered herself as fat, just well built! She figured that at age nineteen her body could carry a little left over puppy fat and still look good. In fact thirty-eight 'D' boobs and a well shaped arse were what had attracted him to her in the first place, along with her blonde hair - or so he had said! Her understandable response had been to tell him to 'fuck off until he grew up' and to stomp off in frustrated and angry disgust. So, still drunk and still randy, she began walking, somewhat unsteadily, the three miles or so to her flat.

It was soon becoming clear, however, even to her befuddled mind, that she was not going to make it home before she needed to pee. In fact the need was rapidly becoming urgent and so she turned off the main road into a park where she knew a grass bank topped by rhododendron bushes that would make an ideal emergency loo!

The bank was quite high, but steep enough for her to be able to use her hands and climb it almost as if on all fours, and she was soon nearly at the top. Then her foot slipped, and she found herself flat on her face on the grass and sliding rapidly back down, eventually coming to rest about ten or twelve feet from the pathway! She was slightly winded but otherwise unhurt and for a minute or so she just lay there gathering her wits and giggling inanely at her own clumsiness, and pleased that no-one had witnessed her mishap.

But then she became aware that the slide had pushed up her skirt and an exquisitely cool breeze was wafting across her buttocks. More than that, it was also playing across the still overheated lips of her pussy and then she realised that Craig was still in possession of her thong! The sudden knowledge that she had 'gone commando' during her walk home, under a skirt that just, and only just, covered the rounded cheeks of her backside gave her an unexpected surge of wicked pleasure and she wriggled deliciously against the grass, pressing her naked pubic mound against it's cool dampness.

Pushing her body against the slope reminded Heidi of her full bladder, but the combined sensations of grass and breeze were so good that she remained prone for the moment, just spreading her legs a little and gyrating her hips gently so as to give her pussy the maximum exposure to the air. Slowly the erotic pleasure overcame the urge to urinate, replacing it instead with another equally basic urge, and Heidi pushed her hand under her stomach to her pussy and began cautiously playing with her clitoris. Soft waves of sensation were soon radiating from her pussy, warming her body and making her tingle with excitement, and Heidi gave herself to her arousal!

Soon reaching underneath herself was not enough, she could hardly reach to touch her clit the way she wanted and in any case her arm was going numb, the discomfort detracting from her enjoyment. So, with her drink fuddled brain forgetting all about where she was, she rolled over, and was startled to find herself promptly slipping downhill once more! Digging her heels in brought her to a rapid stop only three or four feet further down, but in doing so it coincidentally left her in exactly the right position for her needs, legs apart and knees raised. She was, as she told herself through her tipsy grin, 'laid out and ready to be fucked - if only'!

But now she could reach her pussy properly, and so with her right hand between her legs and her left thrust under her top to massage her ample breasts, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on the grass, succumbing entirely to her pleasure. Heidi did not go in for frantic strumming on her clitoris; she was more into slow and sensual, sometimes taking an hour or more to bring herself to her first orgasm. But tonight her need was greater than either her own patience or that of her bladder, and she began to rapidly brush the tip of her rather pronounced clit as it peeped from under its hood, just catching it with the very end of her fingertip. This was her way of getting there more quickly and it soon had her breathing deeply and moaning softly to herself, her hips lifting and gyrating, revealing her body openly to the soft night air. The feel of the gentle breeze against her skin, and especially against her wetness, was very, very erotic and she pushed up her top to allow it to caress her breasts as well, her nipples hardening at their exposure.

With her body now almost naked and her hands busy, Heidi was lost in her own world of eroticism, her mind so fuzzy from drink and her high state of arousal that nothing seemed to exist beyond the sensations radiating from her pussy. Her breath was coming in short gasps, punctuated by little sharp grunts, her hips were moving of their own accord and her orgasm was soon beginning to stir deep within her pelvis. Now was the time for her to 'up the ante'! Her left hand, instead of gently moulding her breast, began to squeeze and pull, grasping tightly and tugging hard upon the soft flesh. At the same time her right hand stopped it's flicking of her clit and began to alternate between firm circular pressure against its head with her forefinger and gripping its tiny shaft between finger and thumb and wanking it - almost like a miniature penis. From long and pleasurable solo experience she knew that these actions would soon bring her to the point of no return and tip her over into orgasm.

As her orgasm built Heidi's movements and actions gradually intensified. Her grip upon her breast became a white knuckled pull, the pain that would normally have generated lost behind sexual pleasure, while the movements of her fingers on her pussy speeded up, holding tighter onto a greatly engorged clitoris against the little reflex twitches and thrusts of her pelvis. Soon she was on the brink, all her muscles tensed, straining against each other to hold her body rigid and motionless, hips raised from the grass, stomach tightened and both mouth and eyes clamped tight. Her groans were now fused together into a continuous low noise once unflatteringly described by a past lover as 'the sound of chronic constipation!' and she had stopped breathing, waiting for the explosive release of her climax.

Then it came, bursting from her clit and coursing through her whole being. Wave of pleasure followed wave of pleasure, breaking like surf over her body, each a little stronger than the last until she thought she could take no more. Her hips spasmed, jerking and shuddering, and her mouth opened to let loose an involuntary shout of "YESSSS!" as all her frustrations and anger from the evening were released on a river of ecstasy.

But as release surged through her and her muscles relaxed their tension Heidi's dam finally burst and pee flooded out, the pressure in her bladder ultimately proving uncontrollable! Urine gushed from her, spraying wherever her thrusting pelvis sent it, over the grass between her legs, across her own calves and feet, or in a high arc to spatter onto the pathway below. Never before had such a thing happened to her, but the feeling was sensational. The powerful pleasure of finally emptying an overfull bladder overlaid with the sheer thrill of sexual orgasm was something else! Never, ever, had Heidi experienced an intensity of enjoyment on that scale and her eyes snapped open from the shock of it!

But that shock was nothing compared to the next, for on the path directly in front of Heidi stood a middle aged and sophisticated looking couple staring at her in astonishment and disbelief, gaping transfixed at her pussy discharging its stream of hot pee at almost their eye level! It is almost impossible to end a pee once underway, and it's totally impossible to stop in mid-orgasm, so there was no way that Heidi was going to stop and cover herself up, even if she had wanted to - which she didn't! She was still busy with her fingers, intent on maintaining what was now her most fantastic orgasm and in doing so she cared not that she was presenting the pair with the most explicit picture of a girl masturbating, not counting the torrent of pee that was gushing from her.

For a moment or so each gazed at the other until Heidi's urine splashed against the woman's legs, directed there by the random movements of her still jolting and jerking pelvis. Then the woman jumped backwards and pulled a tissue from her pocket. She dabbed ineffectually at the wetness on her ankles and hurled venomous remarks at Heidi through curled back lips!

"You dirty little whore, is that what today's youngsters have sunk to? Displaying themselves and urinating in public like animals with no shame! At least dogs know no different!"

With that the woman hauled her man away and they hurried off up the path leaving Heidi shaking and trembling from the encounter and from her slowly subsiding orgasm. It was not until some minutes later when she had gathered her wits and calmed her pounding heart that Heidi understood just what a buzz the episode had given her. Not just because she made herself cum, but also because she had peed herself doing it and been watched as well! In fact, she realised, emptying her bladder at the point of orgasm was so good that maybe she could try it again - in the bath? But she was unsure just how much her audience had added to the thrill. Perhaps she could find that out through more experimentation!

She was a little more sober now and realised that she really ought to make a move in case her unexpected audience had called the police. So on legs, now wobbly as much from exertion as alcohol, she scrambled down the bank to restart her journey home.

All the way Heidi thought about what had happened, trying to get her head around the thrill of it. She knew it wasn't 'normal', but everyone got a kick from doing things they shouldn't didn't they? But, whatever the ethics, by the time she had reached home she had decided that she would definitely try it again, perhaps with someone watching - or maybe even helping, wouldn't that be good? She was now horny again; just thinking about peeing to an audience was turning her back on, and a new thought, that of watching someone else peeing, was arousing her even more. As she turned her key she wondered how she would manage to do that, hanging around a Gent's loo had little appeal and she daren't broach the subject, even to her closest friends, but she knew she'd do it somehow!

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by cjm3rcl1n303/07/18

I want to help her!

I hope to find a girlfriend as ridiculously hot and adventurous as this Heidi! Keep up the great work!

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