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When You Share Your Wife


In continuation of our series about How to Share your Wife, we would like to share a few more experiences that lad us to this erotic lifestyle. My wife has decided to share her personal thoughts as well. In our prior "How To" I shared a few of the games we played that eventually resulted in my wife sleeping with a friend. I'm going to get right in to a few more.

Be prepared:

Once you let it be known that you are turned on about sharing your wife, the men will tell you some things some things you may not have thought about. They feel the liberty to say anything they wish about your wife. It may shock at first a little, but it should become a turn on quickly. That is if you are truly in to them having sex with your wife.

My friend has become bold and frank about what he likes and wants with my wife. He has asked me to shave her pussy smooth for him. He has also sent her home shaved once when she had let a little grow. Rick also likes talking about his meaty dick and Tabi's tight little pussy. He has asked out right if he could come over to fuck Tabi. It's a turn on when he calls and sends texts about his plans with my wife.

Tabi is submissive with Rick. That's part of what she likes about being shared. He can make her be naughty in ways that I could never. He made her let a guy in a coffee house see her panties by pulling her dress up high on her lap. Another time he made her pull her panties down in front of another friend. He pushes the limits sometimes. He tells me what he would like to make her do. Rick gets off on showing her off even though she is my wife. He once told me that he was going to make her let another friend fuck her in front of him. She said she isn't going to do that, but I think she has already done something similar. I know when he made her pull her panties down in front of our friend he also made her let him touch her. Rick got off on that. Rick watched a little then took her to the patio and fucked her where the guy could see my wife being fucked. That was kind of a quickie. After Rick finished in her, he brought her right back in to hang out with him and his friend.

Rick is the one who tells me most of these things. Tabi usually doesn't volunteer much unless I ask. She answers with more detail when she is in the mood. They are short answers when she isn't horny. For example, Rick has texted me saying that he just was with Tabi I get home and ask, "Hey Baby, How was your day?" When he has worn her out and she had good orgasms, she says something like, "Oh, it was pretty good." And she tries to leave it at that. On the other hand, I have asked the same question and her answer is, "Well, Rick had your little wife today." Or "Well, your friend had me today." When she talks like this, I know she is in a naughty mood. She has recently discovered the husband after thing. She will get with me while she is still messy. She is very talky when she does this.

If you are serious about your wife dating your friends and or other men, be prepared. Most wives will enjoy this promiscuity even if you have to lead her there. My wife had no idea. She was even afraid at first. Once she allowed herself in the position to be romanced and seduced, she gave in to her desires. I had to provide assistance by setting up times for it to be convenient for her to cheat if she wanted.

Although my wife is now open about her cheating, she still prefers the cheating alone style over me being there. I wasn't prepared this first time I saw my wife getting it. I was somewhat shocked, but not completely. My friend had told me what he did with her, but it was a few months before I actually saw my wife getting laid. What I saw didn't fit the description of what I had been told. The first time it happened in our house with me here, I looked in from outside the room. She was aware I was there and was kind of tame. It truly appeared as if she was more or less allowing my fried to do it to her. I actually wondered if she was in to it at all, or was she just doing it. Later I was able to watch without her being aware. She was completely different than what I had seen the first time. Without her knowing I was there, she was all in to it even asking for it. Even begging.

I figured it out. She didn't mind me knowing that she was sleeping with my friend, but she was shy about me knowing how much she loved it and what she really enjoyed doing. The next time I saw her being fucked, I arranged again so that she didn't know I was watching. This was a completely different experience. It was much more intense than I had anticipated. It was crazy erotic and gut wrenching at the same time. I now understand why she prefers the privacy.

If you want to watch your wife, especially without her knowing, be prepared. I had to watch my wife as the passion began. I watched her initiate passionate kissing. She was actually the one starting the play. I watched my wife as she undid his pants while she was kissing him. I saw her giggly as she asked him, "How do you want me today?" It was terribly obvious that she was in the mood and wanted to be fucked. It's awakening to see your wife wanting it so much.

Some things she said drove a nail in my stomach until my dick took over the thinking. I had to hear her say things like, "Take my clothes off!" Some of the things I will never forget:

"Please lick me; then take my shoes off."

"What do you want to do to me?"

"Please put it in me."

"Hold my feet open."

And eventually, "Do what you want to do to me; I want it; I want to be your toy."

My wife generally does not curse, but she even let out a few, "FUCK ME!"

Her verbal and her actions painted a different picture. I learned that cheating was her opportunity to have completely uninhibited raw animalistic sex. I had to watch him enter her from behind with her screaming from extasy. He laid her face down across our bed with her legs together. He then straddled her and entered her pussy from behind. She curled her toes as she kicked her little feet while he pounded in to her. I listened to her beg and encourage him as it appeared that he was punishing her with sex. It even sounded like a little crying laced in with the screaming and begging as he drove his manhood into my wife. I had never seen her like this and had no idea she had this in her.

When she felt that he was about to come, she begged, "Don't come out; Don't pull it out of me. Come inside me. I want it in me. Come in me please. I want to keep it in me."

Of course he did. He came inside my wife's little pussy like she was his to come in. When he finished inseminating my wife didn't pull out instantly. After catching her breath, she hopped up to the side of the bed and took him in her mouth. She has never done anything remotely close like this with me. I could see cum on his dick, and she was licking it and swallowing it.

She kissed him down there and told him that he didn't have to leave yet. She clearly wanted more, because she hadn't come yet. She still had a begging tone. I saw cum drip when she pulled up her panties. She pulled over a shirt, but that was all she wore for him as she admitted to wanting more after a short rest. They talked about when they could get together again and about him spending the night with her. She added, "You can take me away overnight if you want."

Soon the talk had reached them both, and he was back in her. She was clearly determined to come this time. She touched herself as he fucked her. Then she got on top of him and did most of the fucking. She lap rode him several minutes. Then she when she was about to cum, she leaned forward on him. She went for a kiss, but she was so out of control of her body that she dripped slobber in his face. Her little body started twitching as it sounded like she was starving for breath. Her toes curled and her feet kicked as she had her orgasm on his dick. He was releasing his sperm in her as she finished her convulsing. They kissed when she caught her breath.

They talked a little. Shortly they were getting dressed. Again, I saw cum drip in to her panties as she pulled them up. She got dressed all except for her shoes, and he dressed to leave.

She looked so hot with her I just got fucked look. I let him get out the door, before I came in. She was a little nervous probably because it was obvious that she had just been fucked. I didn't bring it up as I let her rest maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. That was truly hot. She didn't know that I had watched, but knew that I knew she had just been laid. She didn't resist when I started loving on her. She pulled her panties to the side when she got on me to ride my face. Some cum had dripped in her panties, and some was on her just fucked messy pussy. She wanted her pussy eaten. Cum came out of her as I licked her clit and tongued her pussy. I could smell the sex she had enjoyed with my friend. I tried not to swallow any cum, but some of it got past my tongue. I then pinned her down face down like he had her and fucked her hard as I could. It was like punishment sex and makeup sex all in one. I made her tell me naughty things like how she wanted me to let others fuck her. I reached under her and touched her as I pounded to let her cum. She didn't put on quite the show that I witnessed with her and Rick, but I could feel her pussy contract and flood even more. I came in her when she started making squeaky noises.

We talked about her and Rick a little that afternoon, but she couldn't take any more fucking that day. She had dresses again without cleaning up. I took my wife and her just fucked little body out for pizza. It seemed like everyone was looking at her, because she had that I just got fucked look.

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by Anonymous

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by kiteares07/05/18

How does this have a higher score than the 1st part?

There is a brief run through of the sorts of things Rick is doing with her. Then some varying experiences of watching her. Topped off with cum sucking.

open_minded_curiosity has it correct, this ismore...

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by jharp07/03/18

Wow, your situation with your wife and friend is kinda similar to the one I had with an older neighbor couple. Though in my case I was the one fucking the wife. I was a teen at the time.

I was 16 Imore...

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