tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack Ch. 03

When Zombies Attack Ch. 03


Morning came and Kayla had went with her new friend Steph to get some rest. The zombies had went into the wooded areas to hide from the sun and the people. Police were out investigating the attacks and blood stained homes left by Kayla. Kayla had been asleep about two hours when she woke up and found Steph.

She ran in and saw the twenty three year old red haired woman in her bed room and getting pounded by a zombie. She was crying for help, but no words were coming from her mouth as her pussy was gushing with cum. Kayla turned and ran to her gun. She went to go back and a zombie crashed through the window and tackled her. She was flipped to her back and he grinned at the sight of her tank top and shorts.

They had been ambushed! Kayla looked for her gun as he hit her. She fell to he back dazed for a minute. She felt her shorts get pulled off her and her black thong was revealed. She looked and saw her gun. She kicked him and knocked his jaw off. He fell backwards and she got to her fours and crawled to it. She flipped over as he jumped. Kayla fired as he landed on top of her and tore her top open showing her tits.

She struggled as she felt the head of the cock prod her thong. She tried to aim at he held her arms down. He sucked her firm tit and teased her pussy. Kayla felt herself slowly giving into the teasing. She arched her back and yelled as she kicked. He flew off her and landed into a glass cabinet. She rolled to her belly and aimed at the zombie who was attacking her friend. He was gone. Kayla got up and walked over to Steph. She was covered in zombie slime and Kayla noticed blood behind the red hair.

"Kayla, he attacked me and I fell onto something sharp." She said as she grew weak.

"I'm sorry I didn't know." Kayla said as Steph smiled.

"It's okay...I'm..."Steph closed her brown eyes and didn't move.

Kayla stood up and heard the glass move. She turned and saw the zombie right behind her. She pulled the gun and he punched her in the stomach. Kayla fell to her knees holding her belly. She looked up as he grunted and grabbed her head and shoved his cock between her lips. She gagged as he drove it in deep. She still had her gun but was too concerned about the cock blocking her breathing. She sucked and drank the cum shots as he groaned. She fired and hit his head. He fell backwards dead.

Kayla stood up and wiped her mouth of the cum. She fired the gun again into his skull. She went to the closet and pulled out some clothes. She was in a thong. She slid a skin tight jean mini skirt on and a tight tee shirt that showed her black bra. She packed a few extra pairs of clothes. Her luck, she be attacked more later.

She took off in Steph's car and drove out to the area where she had first encountered them. She parked at the old cemetery and saw the open graves. She knew this was the place where they dwelled during the day. She got out and got her guns, she went for them.

Back in town, a zombie entered a house and found the woman all alone. She looked tempting in her pink little bikini top and pink mini skirt. She was a teacher and loved to teach the high schoolers. She was the sexiest teacher there. Donita was thirty three, skinny and had the best little ass and rack. She was a dirty blonde haired woman and wore glasses. He smiled as she bent over in to the fridge.

She owned the country home and had the week off. She decided to relax by the pool. She stood up as he advanced up behind her. She whistled with her red lips as he smiled. She turned and he was there. She dropped the bottle of wine as he grabbed her throat and tore her top off.

"NO! Stop!" She cried as he ripped her skirt off and revealed her pink thong and nice ass cheeks. "You can not do this!"

Her thong was gone as her pride got invaded and torn from her. She cried as he attacked her tight body and pounded her against the counter. Her cum gushed out around his cock as he dug deep into her teacher body.

Outside Kayla walked up and saw the zombie doing Donita. She ran in as he dropped his victims unconscious body. She ran in and aimed as he threw Donita's skirt in her face. Kayla tripped and fell as he laughed and got behind her. He held Kayla's hips and lifted her skirt. She did a flip and was on her back with her guns aimed at him. He laughed as she fired. He fell face first between her legs. Kayla sat up.

"Not so big huh?" She laughed.

Then he grabbed her hips and slid his tongue into her. Kayla struggled as he ate her out and sucked her until her cum was flowing. Kayla cried out as he tricked her, she had only hit him in the neck. He was eating the sexy girl out as her ass wiggled under his face. She aimed and fired again and again. Finally, he stopped and laid there, cum oozing out of her. Kayla stood up and fired again into his head. She staggered and fell beside Donita.

Kayla got up and left afterwards. She was too easy for them to attack. She left for the woods after a quick cleanup and repositioning of the thong. She was on a mission and nothing was going to stop her. It wasn't the first time she was a bad aim

At her house, Kelly walked into her room and sat on her bed. She had some work to get done on the internet. She was a college girl and fresh out of high school. Her parents were gone for the summer and the house was hers. She was a short haired blonde with a great little body. She had a nice ass and a nice set of b cups. She knew how to work it when she needed something.

He opened the door and walked in. He sniffed and could smell Kelly's body. He grunted and began up the stairs. He peered in as he eyed her nineteen year old body. She was wearing a tight little shirt and sweat shorts. He smiled at the hard nipples poking out and wanted her. He decided to get her outside the room. He tossed a vase over the edge of the banister. It crashed and startled Kelly. She came running out looking.

He smiled at the sight of her little ass and groaned. She turned as he grabbed her top. She screamed and broke loose of his grip. She went running down the stairs and looked back. She tripped over her own feet and landed on the stairs. He crept down at the hurt girl.

"Please go away... take what you want!" Kelly said as she laid too hurt to move.

He stepped over her and got on his knees. He smiled and ran his hands up her legs and felt her firm ass. She looked as he rubbed her pussy. He grinned, she realized, she was what he wanted. He ran his hands up her shirt to her braless tits and squeezed them till she thought they would burst. He groaned and pinched her nipples as she got aroused.

He tore her top open and smiled as they came into full view. He sucked them as he ran his hand up her shorts. He found no panties or thong, just a pussy. She moaned as he fingered her as he sucked. Kelly was turning on fast as her cum flowed. He ripped her shorts off and buried his face into her wet pussy. Kelly closed her eyes as he ate and sucked her pussy. She held him there as cum filled his mouth.

Kayla walked in and saw this she couldn't shoot or it'd go through his head and into Kelly's pussy. She waited and smoked outside.

Inside the zombie was ramming in and out of his victims sexy little body. Kelly was letting her cum flow as he had his way with her on the stairs. She was all his. Kayla stepped in and fired. The zombie grunted and shoved deep into Kelly who screamed as it went too deep. She fainted as the zombie fell dead on top of her little body. Kayla pulled him off of her and made sure she was alive.

Kayla went outside, she was finding them on by one but wanted to kill them quicker. She walked into the wood line again. She wanted to rid the town and country side of them. Alone and on a personal mission, she was doing it her way.

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