tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack Ch. 04

When Zombies Attack Ch. 04


Kayla was walking through the woods as she hunted the zombies. She was alone and being very arrogant in the mission. She stopped as she heard a noise behind her. She slowly pulled the pistol from her skirt and spun around. She looked and there wasn't anything but trees. She heard running to her left and turned with the gun out in front of her. She decided to go investigate.

She walked out towards the running and found a corn field. She looked as for them as she walked by the rows of tall corn. They were about three feet higher than her. She walked into the field, searching.

At her apartment, Tiffany put her bags of stuff down. She had been shopping all day and was tired. She walked to her room and dropped the loose fitting sun dress from her twenty nine year old body. She was now in her shiny silver bra and thong. She was a sexy tanned blonde and got what she wanted. She went to her kitchen for a drink and didn't notice the patio door was open. She went back into her room and turned on the television. She laid on the bed and watched the news.

He was in and had seen his new prize. He walked to the entrance of her room and looked in as she laid in bed, drinking her water and looking hot as hell to him. He looked down as his member twitched with the mere thought of poking her.

Tiffany got up and went to the hall. He reached out of the closet and grabbed her long, blonde hair. She cried in pain as he pulled her back into her room and tossed her to her bed. She laid on her back looking at the shadow as he reached down and tore her thong off. She cried and fought as her bra was ripped off. She was naked and vulnerable. He grunted as he held her legs open and forced it into her tight pussy.

Tiffany cried as he violated her body. He held her hips and thrust deeper than any man ever did. Her juices flowed as he over took her body. Her body betrayed her and made her start to cum. He pounded the tight pussy and realized she was out cold already. He stopped as he filled her tight body up. He looked at her nice sized tits and grinned. He was a zombie.

He began to suck them and tease her nipples, keeping her cum flowing. He decided to neck with her. Well, he sank his teeth into her neck and pulled. She awoke gasping for air as he went for more flesh. She tried to fight but her eyes closed as he ate her tanned flesh. Tiffany laid fucked and ate in her bedroom. He left for more victims, he had the taste of blood, and sex. He was craving both now.

Kayla was still walking in the field and came out on the other side after at least forty five minutes. She was soaked with sweat and realized, she was in an old cemetery. She walked around and found the open graves and coffins. The bodies were gone, this was where they had come from. She found torn clothing and a badge, she picked it up and looked at it. She put it in her pocket and saw a small shed. She went to check it out.

Kayla walked up and put her ear to the door. She didn't hear any noises and tried to open it. It was jammed so she kicked it in. She jumped back and had her pistols out expecting the zombies. She stopped and looked in, she let the sunlight in and saw a pile of bones on the floor. She heard something and spun. She saw one step out of the field, he was grinning at her. She opened fire, she didn't give him a chance to get too close to her body.

She saw another step out of the tree line and took him out. She kept walking and spun as one ran, well tried to, at her. She pulled her shotgun off her back and blasted him in the face. She turned and another, and another. She was kicking ass. Kayla realized they were coming out every which way and faster rates. She took off running, she had to get out of there before they claimed her again.

She ran down the gravel lane and saw them behind her. They were chasing her skinny, little ass as fast as they could. She got out to the main road and saw a farm house. She ran up and found the door open. She crept around and found the woman n the floor dead. She stood up and took her keys. She ran outside as the zombies came into the house. Kayla ran to the truck and got in. She fired it up and sped down the road. She ran a zombie over as she went.

Up ahead, she saw a line of them and smiled. She locked up the brakes and the truck slid to a stop. She revved the engine as they growled at her. Kayla went to hit the gas when he attacked.

She screamed as the back window shattered and he reached in. He grabbed her hair and was pulling her out of the truck. She reached for her pistols on the seat and got one. She was pulled out into the bed of the truck. Her tank top had tore off her since the glass was sharp. She laid on her back as the big zombie held her down by his foot. Kayla looked as she noticed the truck was idling at the line of zombies. She was pinned and worried.

He picked up by her throat and smiled as he eyed her black bra and tight shorts. He lifted her up and slammed her to the truck bed. Kayla cried in pain as he did it to her thin body again. She laid on her side trying to catch her breath as he smiled down at her. She fired her gun and missed. He growled and kicked her in the stomach. Kayla laid hurt and almost helpless. She tried to gather her senses as he picked her up and slammed her to the floor again. He was loving his power over her.

In the distance, two helicopters was flying in low and fast. Kayla saw them and heard the sounds of tires coming up behind her. She went to look and he stomped on her back. He looked around and reached down to her shorts and ripped them off showing her nice ass cheeks and thong. He grabbed Kayla's hips and brought her ass up and into the air. She lay almost unconscious, on her knees and not able to fight anymore. He rammed into her and began his invasion of her body.

After a few thrusts, he was loving it. He was fucking the hell out of the woman who had killed almost all his army. He looked up as the black trucks skidded to a stop and the occupants exited with machine guns and pistols. He went faster and harder making her juices flow. Kayla didn't budge as she slipped into dreamland. He continued his attack and filled her up with his vile seed.

He saw two women running and smiled. They aimed and opened fire on him. He fell backwards, riddled with bullets and dead, again. The helicopters came in and opened fire upon the ones that had lined the road. Gravel and dirt flew everywhere as they destroyed the dead army. Kayla was taken to the hospital and one of the women followed her.

The government had discovered the zombie breakout and found that Kayla was fighting a fight she could not win alone. So, they swooped in and helped the young woman. They thought they had killed all of the zombies.

The other woman was walking around the old cemetery by herself. She got to the old shed and stopped. She pulled her gun and looked around. He jumped and tackled her. The sexy agent fell to her face and felt her tight black pants getting ripped off her and then her blouse was torn open. She reach for her gun but it was too far away.

He ripped her pink thong off and forced his way into her warm body. She cried for help as he fucked her. Her bra was ripped off and he sucked her firm tits as he pounded her tight little body. She fainted as he exploded inside her body. He heard another agent and he ran into the woods.

Was this the end of these horny zombies? Apparently they missed one or maybe more. One thing for sure is they got what they wanted and loved the warm bodies they had.

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