tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack Ch. 06

When Zombies Attack Ch. 06


Teresa stood on the road looking at the now dead zombie. She looked at her crotch and noticed the jeans were dark blue, he had made her wetter than ever. She looked around and opened the trunk and pulled out a suitcase. She then dropped the soaked jeans and thong and put a fresh pair of panties on and a skirt. She heard a noise in the wooded area beside the road. She held her gun up and watched as she scanned the dark area. She ran to the front of the car and got in. She drove off.

She got to town and rolled to a slow crawl as she saw the town in dismay. Burnt bodies of the zombies and cars. She looked at a few dead bodies on the sidewalk. She pulled up to the city hall and looked, it had been burnt to the ground and was still smoking. She looked as a zombie ran into the window and began to bang. She locked the doors as they began to surround her car. She hit the gas and ran a couple over. She headed to her friend's house.

Teresa parked in the open garage and got out. She made sure to have her guns. She stood in her tight skirt, tank top and leather boots as she looked around. She went into the house and searched for her friend.

She heard a noise and went to follow it. She crept up the stairs looking for whatever it was. She was in the hall and creeping. Behind her a door slowly opened and the barrel of a gun popped out. Teresa didn't notice it. She opened her friend's bedroom door and looked in. The gun fired and hit Teresa's little ass. She screamed and fell to the floor as the volts ran through her. She laid unconscious as the two nurses walked up and smiled as the doctor walked up and smiled.

"Fresh meat for the boys." He laughed as the two women groped Teresa's breasts and ass. "Let us leave her for them, they love blondes!" He joked as they left her on the floor and took her bullets.

Teresa woke up and looked around. She sat up and held her ass. She looked at the open door and got up. She made her way to it and found her gun. She picked it up as one rushed her. She aimed and pulled the trigger, but it just clicked.

"HUH?!" She said as he tackled her and pinned her to her back.

She kicked and struggled as he grunted and put his feel on her ankles. She looked at him as he lifted his weight up and then shoved himself down and her legs were forced open. She felt her tight mini skirt rip at it's seams. She looked as her pink panties were showing. He prodded her crotch and licked his lips as he groaned.

She was in a bind and needed to think fast as she felt the cloth of her panties get forced into her body. She looked around for anything to fight with as she heard the cloth ripping slowly. She looked as she felt the hard cock slipping into her tightness. She saw her gun and reached for it. He laughed and shoved his member into her hard. Teresa arched her back as it caught her off guard. She closed her eyes as he began to pound her.

She was now getting fucked by the zombie. She tried to fight, but her body would not let her. She lacked sex and it wanted it anyway it could. The cold, hard cock was supplying it for her. She closed her eyes as her legs lifted up and let him into her body deeper. He did so and made it rougher. She was moaning and squealing as he tore her top off and teased her tits. She felt the cum begin to flow and smiled as it was released and ran out around the cock.

He grunted with every thrust into his sexy victim. He then looked and smiled as he grabbed her throat during her climax. Teresa's eyes shot open and she grabbed the arm as he choked her. Her cum was now a steady stream as he violated her. She was losing the fight as he rammed deeper and harder and tightened his grip on her throat. She was about to pass out when it happened.

She felt the rush of cold, clumpy cum as he fired inside her warm body. She felt the grip loosen a little as he got off. He took a quick break and began to do her again. She knew she had to escape or she would surely die.

She remembered she had her knife. She lifted her legs again as he pumped her hard and fast. She was still getting choked, not as hard now. She pulled the knife out as he continued his assault upon her body. She felt him shoot again and then she sank the knife into his skull. He fell limp and onto her. His cock twitched inside her pussy as he laid dead.

She crawled out from under him and stood up. She looked around the hallway and then at her torn clothes. She grabbed her knife and gun and went to the bedroom. Her friend was rich and the mayor of the forsaken town. She was also more petite in size than Teresa's D cups and nice ass. She opened the closet and slid into a pair of tight sweat pants and a tight little tank top. No bra or panties now, she had to hit the store up soon. Her top was so tight you could see her pink nipples through it. The sweats clung to her ass, hips and thighs. She even had the sexy camel toe. She kept her boots on and went to the room where they zapped her from.

She found her friend bound and gagged. She was nude and dead. They had used the woman as a sex slave for the zombies. Once she was almost dead, they had a feast. Teresa wiped away the tears and walked away. She knew her friend had a gun and grabbed it and all the ammo she could. She went out to her car and saw more zombies heading her way. She began to shoot as they began to advance upon the house. She opened the door and looked inside. It was clear, so she got in and locked the doors. She backed up over a few of them and left.

She got to the intersection and there stood the doctor and his assistants. She hit the brakes as they smiled at her. She revved the engine as he laughed. The nurses ran at her, they had guns. She floored it and aimed at them. They dove as Teresa ran down the doctor and then backed up over him. She got out as the two nurses ran over to the road kill and cried. Teresa walked up and sighed. She put a bullet in each head and got back into her car.

The zombies ate the nurses and turned the doctor. She drove away as he stood up and screamed. He then went to eat the two women who helped him. He began with their tits and worked down. The zombies now had lost a human leader and was now the zombies king.

Teresa was driving out of town when her tires blew. She skidded off the road and into a ditch. She hit the steering wheel and was dazed. She looked around as she saw steam rising from her hood and a shattered windshield. She heard a noise and her door opened. She was pulled out and laid onto her back. She sat up and saw a woman sitting beside her.

"What happened?" She asked.

"You blew a tire and wrecked your fancy car." The woman said helping her up. "I'm Jessica."

"I'm Teresa, are you okay? Have you seen these zombies out here? They are fucking us women and here you are in the open." Teresa said still dazed.

"I know, I kinda like them fucking me. Now, I brought them a treat..." She smiled and grabbed Teresa by the waist. "Your sexy blonde ass! Come on down here boys! I got us a fresh one!" She said holding a knife to Teresa's stomach.

"I am so going to kill your stupid ass." Teresa said as Jessica ran her knife up to the little top and slowly cut her top off revealing her tits.

"If you can, then do it." She said punching her in the stomach.

Teresa fell to her knees as Jessica laughed. Two zombies watched as the two women stood there. Jessica grabbed the blonde and pulled her head up. She laughed and lifted her pleated skirt and put Teresa's face into her pussy and held her there. She didn't have any panties on, just a pussy.

She laughed as Teresa struggled for air and had to suck to breath. Jessica felt the sucking and closed her eyes as the blonde sucked her clit. She held her there and was loving it. She moaned as she got wet. Then Teresa took matters into her own hands.

She pulled the thirty eight out and fired. She had the bullet go up into Jessica's body via her vagina. Jessica staggered back screaming as Teresa fired and killed her. She saw the zombies and fired. She ran to her car and grabbed her duffle bag and shotgun. She went up to the road and looked around. She had to walk for a while.

She finally came to a house and went inside. She searched every room and then sat down. She went to the kitchen and ate. She needed to rest. She locked the doors and went to the upstairs bedroom and barricaded herself in for the night. She laid down and slept.

The doctor found Jessica's dead body and smiled as he devoured it. He and a couple other zombies ate the twenty something until she was bones. They went after the one who killed him. He wanted to make her cum, then kill her blonde ass.

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