tagBDSMWhere did My Damn Key Go Pt. 01

Where did My Damn Key Go Pt. 01


I had to admit it. I had a slight problem...okay I had a pretty big problem. But now I'm going to address it once and for all. And the solution was right in the UPS man's hands as he approached my front door. I stared at him silently, keeping myself fixed on the small brown package that he held, watching him from the window of my apartment. My mind was swimming in anxiety. Is this it? Will this actually work? Does he even know what I bought? The questions kept coming like a flood, making my fingers twitch nervously. I bit my lip. And despite the deed of me buying it already, I was starting to regret my decision. Maybe this was a bad idea. What if I get caught with it on? I finally shook my head, exorcising my thoughts. I already bought the damn thing. What's done is done. What I need to focus is the moment at hand.

I peeked out the window and saw that the delivery man had already vanished from my line of sight. Several moments later, there was a knock on my door, three loud strikes by the hand. I inhaled, stood up from my couch, and moved towards to door, giving a slow relaxing exhale before I grabbed the door handle. As I opened the door, I saw the delivery man up close. He was a chubby and bearded man with a uniform that looked as if he just came from a buffet before going back to his job. Stains of ketchup and mustard were splattered all over a shirt that barely covered his bloated belly. His hair was a mess, seeping out of his hat. Tucked under his arm was the package which I eyed with both anticipation and trepidation. There was no turning back now. It was taking all I had to hold back the anxiousness. But I suppressed it. The delivery man glanced at his clipboard and then at me, giving me a double take before greeting.

"you uhm...Jared Farris?" He asked.

I nodded, quickly. "Yes. That's me."

A smiled appeared on his face. "I got something for ya." he replied. "It must be real important since you asked for express shipping. Luckily I got here just in time." the comment almost made me jump out of pure embarrassment before I recognized it as a stale joke. I stuttered for a moment before he handed me the clipboard, produced a pen from his back pocket and clicked it for me. "Just sign right at the dotted line and I'll be on my way buddy." I flashed an uneasy smile, taking the pen and placing my signature right where he wanted. Every now and then I gave him a quick glance at the man and the package as I felt his eyes feel my form. Does he know about it? Or is he just messing around? Every second that went by I could feel paranoia creep into my mind, prodding at me. I had to get out of here and fast or else I was going to have one hell of a freak out. I finished up my signature and gave him back the clipboard before he handed me my box. I felt the rough texture of the cardboard in my hand as I stared at it, not letting my eyes wandered. Silently, I examined it. I finally got it. After such a long wait, I finally got it.

"Alright! Now, you have a nice day sir." the delivery man said snapping me back to reality. I smiled back awkwardly as he left and watching him until he exited the building. But the moment he left, I dashed back into my room, slamming the door in my way and expelling my stresses. My back pressed against the wood of the door as I took a deep breath. I couldn't believe it. It finally came and it was now in my hand. And now I had a new challenge right into my hands. Below me my hands are trembling as I slid down my back to sit. My heart was beating heavily, rapidly, shouting at me to opening it up already. I was being torn in half. One part of me wanted me to rip it up and snatch the contents that it held like some kind of kid at Christmas. The other wanted me to throw it out the window and forget I even decided to buy it. But alas, the first voice was screaming louder than the ladder. I dug and pried at the tape and opened it up, reveal what was inside. My mind race, my fingers worked wildly, tearing up everything they could get on to before showing what was inside. And there it was.

In my hands was a small metal chastity device in my hands. Small gaps were all around the cage, with one hole poking at the front end. On the back was a metal ring that was connected to the smooth cock cage that could open and close by a built in hinge. I looked inside the device, feeling in the inside for how much room I had. It looked to be enough for my flaccid member. But there was one little problem. I still a tad bit stiff from this morning.

As I mention before I had a pretty pressing issue; my sex drive. Not to brag but I can be a major freak when it came to sex. And that was my problem. My libido had no off button. Day in and day out, sex was on my mind. And it's gotten to the point that it was starting to be a distraction. It didn't help that I was a bisexual guy with a nearly infinite list of fetishes under his belt. Everything from oral, exhibitionism, feet, you named it. Hell, I even I had sex at my work. Boy that was great. One day, I was feeling rather feeling frisky and it didn't take long to find another good looking stud that shared the same kind feeling. A few minutes later, I was taking my lunch break with a new acquaintance. And a few minute more allowed me to get a salty surprise from him. Boy did that perk up the rest of that day. I was ashamed at first. But deep down, I loved it. I might even do it again.

But that's all going to change now. I needed to keep my desire in check. I needed to tame myself before I start becoming insane addict that could't go one hour without having something shoved his rear to get his rocks off. And above all, I was worried what others would think of my deviancy. It's true that I got around a lot. But I always was cautious about my secret self. I made for certain that my identity was safe, that nothing could trace me to my deeds. So sadly, all my little 'adventures' were only one night stands. But it was best that way. As long as no one knew the real me, I was okay with that.

Now that I got the cage, it was time to don my denial. Grabbing the silver lock that was also in the box, I walked into the bathroom and flicked on the light. I started to undo the zipper of my pants and slipped then off before taking off my shirt. I was on the edge and rattled. As I stripped down to my bare body, second thoughts were tapping on my shoulder. My hesitation was getting worse and my eyes could help but keep themselves locked upon the chastity device, watching it as if it was some kind of wild creature, waiting to strike. I couldn't wait any longer. Just staring at the device was making me shiver all over. So it was time to do the first leap. Taking my naked member I started to push it inside the steel cage. I gasped as it grazed the edges. Sheesh it was cold. You'd figured being put inside a box would keep it warm but it was like someone put it deep in a pile of snow for a while. Inching inside I covered the entire length of my cock with it, opened the back ring to slip my male sack inside, and closed it. Now, it was time for the moment of truth. I grabbed the lock, making sure it was unlocked before feeding the iron hook through the holes in both sides of the opening ring. I took a deep breath as that other half me clawed at me. It was hard. No sex. No masturbating. No pleasure. Nothing. There was going to be no turning back once I put the final lock on. And I knew that. But my fingers still hesitate to sign the waiver. They trembled, wanting to rip the cage off, wanting to indulge one more time, wanting to feel on more orgasm before being denied one more time. Still, it had to be done. I inhaled sharply, bit my lip hard, and snap the lock close.

It was done. My male hood was now in prison, locked away in his unknown sentence, with not a single way of telling when he'll get out. I exhale slowly and placed my hands upon my head. I did. I finally did. Now the next question was how long can I survive without the need, that primal desire. Even now, I could feel my member tap and press against the bars of his cage, unable to break free. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, examining my naked form. I've always admired my feminine like body, how my slim chest and curved hips gave an aura of androgyny and my skin was soft and smooth. It was a like having some sort of super power. If I wanted I could easily pass as a male or a female with a blink of an eye. I still remember the Halloweens I spent dressing up like Jessica rabbit or sailor Moon, giving all the guys a little show as I walked by. Boy did they get a nasty surprise when they found out the truth. Even now my body hasn't changed much. But now between my legs there's a small piece of metal that housed my cock little a wild animal. I eyed it with shaky legs, still regretting my decision. But it was for the best. I didn't need any more distraction with my work life. I was going to take my self.

Not wasting anymore time, I slipped my pants and shirt on and went after my shoes, getting myself ready. Speaking of work, I had to head there soon or I was going to be late. I hunted down for my belt, weaving it through my pant loops. But each motion I made finding my things, I was reminding me the cold tap of metal, the solid bands of steel that rubbed against my legs as I moved, I was in chastity. After gathering my things, I headed out the door.

This is going to be one hell of a day...


I worked at a local bakery called the Honey acres. It was locally owned and was relatively close by to wear I worked. It only took me a 10 or 15 minute walk just to get to work. Lucky me! For the most part, it was just like average retail work, I sold bread, coffee, muffins, you name it. It was pastries galore. Most of the time it was an easy pay check. I come in, do my work (provided I don't decide on having a sexual experience during), and go home. Nothing was really stressful here until now.

The whole I was there, I was constantly reminded by the chastity device of what I've done. And it was starting to be a lot harder than I thought. The urge, the desire, the need, it was all coming back full blown. It's rather surprising how you never truly appreciate something until that certain something is locked away out of reach. This was going to be tough. And here I was at work, standing on standby, feeling the twitch between my legs. Deep breathes Jared, I told myself. Deep breathes. This was only day one. You can't chicken out just yet. Not now.

The doorbell rang throughout the store. Thank God, a well-timed distraction. But as I gaze rose up I started to spot who was coming in, regretting to have ever done so. Coming in now was a curvy young blond with hair length that reached to her shoulders. Green shining eyes, soft skin, dainty feet sheathed in black heels, and a smile made with Ruby red lips. Her voluptuous breasts bounce under her blouse with each step she took. This only made my swelling problem worse as she walked up to the counter of the store. Folding her hands right on the table top, I had no choice but to approach her, taking deep breathes. It was the only thing I could think off. I was about to greet her. But she stopped me, tilting her head for a moment before speaking.

"Do I know you?" She asked curiously, eyeing my attire and raising her scanning eyes up to my face. The question threw me off and made the hairs on my neck raise just slightly. Why is she asking that? Does she know? I quickly answer back before the awkwardness sank in.

"no, I don't believe so ma'am" I said defensively. My voice was calm and friendly. But I wanted to change the subject now. "I think you have me confused with someone else. One of my coworkers looks just like me and usually works during my shifts."

"No..." she commented. "No, I'm sure I know you from somewhere. I just can't put my finger on it..." she trailed off, kept her eyes fixed on me for a moment, and propped her head on the table. Deep inside, alarms and red lights were blaring wildly. Does she know me? Does she know about the secret me? For a moment, the script cards I had in my hand were now scattered all over the place, leaving me at a loss of words. What should I do? What should I say? My voice was stuck in my throat and I stood there like a deer in headlights as my composure was a slowly chipped away. She giggled before I could do anything and waved off the though. "It's nothing to worry about anyways. I get around town a lot. So there's bound to find a lot of familiar faces."

"well isn't that so?" I said joining in on her laughter and hiding my insecurity behind a hasty smile.

"Now. What was I going to ask?" She trailed to glance at the menu. Then she perked up and placed a finger on an item, returning her gaze back to me. "Oh yeah. Two blue berry muffins and a slice of coffee cake please." She said. I nodded began to reach over with gloved hands, fetching the items that she requested and placing them in a brown paper back. Closing it up and placed the on the counter and began to tap at the keys on the cash register. Occasionally, I'll glance at her, not helping myself to at least admire her beauty. She was...unbelievably sexy. From her face down to her legs, each second I indulge made the cage rattle just a bit louder. I almost wanted to just blow my cover here and now and just take her now. I still had a lunch break that I can call on. And the restroom had a lock on the door. If only. But I kept my mouth shut and went on to finalizing the purchase.

"8.59 ma'am" I spoke. I saw her flash a smile as he reached into her purse and produced a wallet.

"You must get a lot of customers here don't you?" She said as he took out a bill from her wallet and handed it to me.

"It sometimes gets busy" I answered as started to run the numbers in my head, returning her change to her. So only kept her pleasant manner, leaning closer to me, not letting those eyes draw away from me for one second.

"I bet you could use some time to unwind a little." I glanced down for just a second, spotting the open cleavage that was previously hidden from her blouse. "I know I would with all the traffic going in and out the store. But that's just me. I'm not the kind of gal that waits for orders all day behind of counter." She giggled with a bat of her eyelash. I knew where this was going. My mind was saying "hell yes" but I knew that was absolutely impossible at the moment. Sadly I needed to turn her down fast before it gets any awkward. With a small sigh, I leaned over the counter. An expression of boredom was on my face.

"Sorry. I'm already taken." I stated firmly. That was the usual response to back off. But she only brushed off the response, keeping her smile.

"Come on. Don't be like that." He replied

"No. Seriously. I'm taken. And I'm not interested."

She paused for a moment before speaking. "Are you sure?" She said coyly, prolonging the prodding. I narrowed my gaze, adding a bit more to the message. "Alright. Fine. I should get going anyways. And I shouldn't be distracting you from your work." She stepped away from the counter, produced a pen and a slip of paper from her purse and started to jot down something. I only rolled my eyes. She really didn't know when to quit. After writing down the message, she flipped it over and slid it to me. "In case you change your mind, here's my number. And please don't hesitate to call me." She then spin around on her heel and left, letting her hips sway, giving me just a bit more eye candy before leaving. I took a deep breath. This denial crap was already becoming a pain. Although, she was a persistent one at that. I looked down at the blank slip and for a moment, I contemplated what to do with it. I could trash it. But at the same time the image of her shined in my head, reminding me of her sexy curves and smooth skin. However, the provoking dream brought me back to reality as I heard the rattle of the cage. I had no choice. If I kept it, it would just torment me more. I picked up the slip. But my eyes then suddenly widened at the number that was written on the piece of paper.

"Looking for your key yet? 575-3697"

Instantly I panicked. Inside I felt as if all my dirty little secrets were pouring out one by one into the light. I felt exploited, naked, exposed as a closet deviant that was desperate to get laid. What the hell did she mean by "looking for your key yet??" Did she know? Was there even any way for her to know? I gripped he counter and started to take deep breathes. "Calm down" I told myself. "Take it slow. Just keep calm" I repeated those phrases. Every second that went by, my heart started to quiet down a bit. Yet it still raced. I glanced at the clock. 4:00 pm. I had three more hours before my shift ended. Then I could go home and lock myself in my own home for the night. Despite her looks, she was already putting me in a nervous wreck. Who the hell was she anyways? I had to settle down, focus on work, and keep myself cool before I start freaking out more of the customers. Once 7 rolled around, I could go home and detox. But there was a good thing about this at least; I was no longer thinking with my dick.

7'o clock couldn't come any sooner. The moment I saw my replacement, I sprinted out the door without a single care to give. Despite what the busty girl said, whether it was a bluff or not, there was still an important detail that I completely forgot about. I never saw the key in the box. I was so wrapped up in my own damn punishment, I didn't even check to see if the key came in or not. Deep inside, I was furious with myself. And that rage was fueling the power in my legs. I flew down the side walk and to my apartment. Without skipping a beat, I barged into my room, slammed the door, locked it, and scoured the entire are for the box. I found it near my sofa in the living room. Quickly I peeked inside the brown cardboard container and shouted in agony. Nothing! But that didn't stop my search. I frantically tore up the entire place, starting with the sofa, looking under everything I could lift up. The carpet was next. Then, I searched the bathroom. Every possible hiding place was getting checked at least twice. From every small nook and cranny, I searched in a wild panic. But nothing came up. There was not even anything that even remotely looks like the key. Nothing at all.

Defeated, I slumped down to the turned over couch and slammed forehead into my hands. How could I be so stupid?! I got so caught up with cutting myself off from sex that I completely forgot about the way to release myself. I looked down at my pants and stared at where the cage was at. Now what am I going to do about this, I thought. Getting bolt cutters was the first idea. But I quickly shut that one down. The mere thought of having something like that near my groin scared me half to death. Picking the lock was out of the question. And I doubt there was any way I could break it without hurting myself. I sat there, running through all my options, trying to find some way to get out of this.

...then I remembered the note. Raising my head up, I started to dig into my pocket. "Yes!" I hissed to myself as I found the piece of paper. I flipped it open and grabbed my cell phone. My fingers jabbed at the buttons hastily, praying to God that she knew where my key went. It started to ring and on the fourth ring I heard a voice.

"I was wondering when you were going to call me." The voice giggled from the phone, sending waves of anger throughout my body.

"Where the fuck is my key?" I growled back her. I was done playing around. If she knew where it was at, then she better tell me.

"I'm not telling you." She responded. Her toying and teasing nature went away. There was now a cold chill secreting from her voice. "Not with that kind of attitude that is."

"I said give it back!"

"And I'm ordering you to show me some respect." She snapped back. That statement blew a big powder keg inside as I raised the phone to my mouth and shouted.

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