tagLesbian SexWhere Do We Go From Here? Ch. 02

Where Do We Go From Here? Ch. 02


"Dude, so what was really going on?" Josh questioned again.


"You heard me."

"What do you mean, what was going on?"

"With your mother?" Josh specified as though there was no doubt.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rick answered. "What do you think was going on?"

"Looked like you two were pretty close," Josh persisted.

"Dude, you think I was doing something with my mother?"

"I don't know. Were you?"

"Seriously?" Thinking quickly, Rick asked, "If I was going to do anything with a mother, it would be yours!"

Edmund laughed and joined in. "Yeah, I'd like to get my hands on those big titties!"

Megan's were large.

"Fuck both of you!" Josh shot back.

The guys frequently teased one another about their mothers. The fact of the matter was they each admired the others' mother.

"Ever see those twins naked?" Edmund asked, joining the harassing.

Rick was glad Edmund was helping take the focus away from him.

"Wouldn't tell you if I had, you pervert. Worry about your mom's tits."

"Hers are too little."

"But she has a great ass!" Josh shot back.

"Man, I wouldn't mind having hands on your mom's tits and his mom's ass." Rick said, stirring it up, though it wasn't far from the truth.

"Hell, it would be great to have any woman!" Josh said.

"Isn't that the truth!" Rick agreed since they were all in the same boat, although he couldn't stop thinking about his mother.

"Yeah, right now I'd take any woman," Edmund concurred with a hearty laugh.

"You got that right," Josh remarked, joining the laughter.

They all enjoyed some serious belly laughs for a few minutes and then lapsed into silence to lament the fact that none of them had much luck when it came to bedding women.

* * *

In the restaurant, glasses of wine in hand, the mothers began their lunch gathering as they always did by telling what they had done since they were last together, which was Friday. No one had done anything special since their sons had been home this weekend—and Sherry hoped she sold that—and they each spoke of the weekend as though it had been any other weekend. It made Sherry smirk, and she had to quickly take a sip of wine to cover up.

When the standard question about whether anyone had heard from their husbands arose, Sherry fibbed that she had been too busy with laundry and cooking and hadn't gotten around to checking email. That elicited gasps from Megan and Sara as though their friend had done something sacrilegious.

She merely shrugged. "Why? Did I miss something?"

Sara and Megan traded smirks.

"Their tour may get extended for a month," Sara reported. "Of course, Gerald couldn't say why in an email."

"Aw, shit!" Sherry pulled out her iPhone and checked email. She quickly read the message from Chuck. It had the usual mushy sentiment about how he missed her and Rick before he dropped the bomb. His orders must have been more solid than Gerald's. The tour had been extended for 'up to one month.' "Crap!"

Her expletive caused Megan and Sara to raise their eyebrows with concern.

"Are you okay?" Megan asked.

"Another fucking month! Are you kidding me?"

"It's not like this hasn't happened before," Sara reminded, somewhat befuddled by her friend's attitude. The f-bomb was not a word they threw around much.

"I'm getting tired of it," Sherry complained. She downed her wine and held her glass in the air for more. A waiter quickly appeared and took it from her. "I have needs, you know." Even though she'd had the marvelous weekend with Rick and many more such to look forward to, she did still love and miss her husband. And sooner or later—sooner with her luck—Rick would find a nice girl his own age and he wouldn't need or want mom anymore.

"What do you mean?" This from Sara.

"Oh, come on," Sherry retorted in a tone of annoyance. "How long have the three of us been doing this? Nearly twenty years? And in all that time, we've never talked about our needs. We've never mentioned sex! We've never discussed how we cope during those long months that we have to do without it. How do you two handle it?"

Sherry caught the looks her two friends traded. She expected that after her brief tirade. It was their expressions that threw her off. She would have thought they would have shown more concern. But instead, she thought sure she was seeing some sort of guilt. "What?"

"What what?" the two said almost in unison.

"What's going on? Those are not the reactions I would have expected."

"I'm not sure I know what you mean," Sara said.

"Then let me spell it out for you," Sherry said pointedly. "What do you do to compensate for the months at a time without sex? Is that plain enough?"

Sara shot a nervous glance at Megan. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable talking about that."

"You know, the way you two keep looking at each other, it's almost as though you both know something that I don't and that you don't want to tell me. What happened? I thought the three of us were in this together? The three female musketeers we used to say; all for one, one for all. I didn't think we kept secrets!" She knew she was being hypocritical, but now was not the time to reveal her secret—if ever.

Once again, Megan and Sara exchanged glances, but these were knowing looks.

"You know," Megan said, "suddenly I'm not so hungry anymore. Why don't we go to my house? I've got a couple of nice bottles of wine I think we need to drink so we can talk more."

"Excellent idea," Sara concurred.

Sherry believed they were just stalling.

To her questioning look, Megan said, "Let's just say, that's not the kind of subject I want to discuss in a public place." She swept her hand around in a gesture of their surroundings.

Because of their close friendship, Sherry decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

* * *

Riding home in the privacy of Sara's car, Sherry wanted to press her two friends to talk now. But just as she was about to open her mouth, it occurred to her that perhaps they really were not comfortable talking about sex, particularly if as she did, they masturbated with accessories. Calming down during the drive and thinking a bit more rationally, she wasn't certain she was even comfortable discussing that. On the other hand, the three had been close friends for nearly twenty years. They'd each seen the other through many deployments, childbirth; they'd assisted each other in the raising of those sons, not to mention all of the birthdays, anniversaries, Sunday afternoon barbecues and other such events they had shared.

One would think three women that close would have discussed items of a more personal nature, particularly as all likely experienced the same maladies. But they hadn't. Sherry wondered if she was any more at fault for not raising the subject sooner herself. After all, she'd been using her sex toys for several years now. So, it wasn't as though this was a new condition to arise.

There was tension in the air, to be sure, when they entered Megan's living room and took seats on the sofas. That was a strange sensation because they had always opened their homes to each other. As Sherry had explained to Rick, they came and went without knocking and usually left doors unlocked specifically for that purpose.

Nervously, Megan set two bottles of white wine on the coffee table and poured each of them a glass. Once settled, the three merely stared at one another.

Finally, after several minutes, Sherry couldn't stand it any longer and said, as politely as she could, "Okay, so you guys use masturbation as your coping mechanism. That's nothing to be ashamed of. I'll admit that I do, too. There. See? It didn't hurt."

Clearing throat, Megan hesitantly said, "Well, there's a little more to it than that."

"What? You use toys? Dildos, vibrators? I do, too. Maybe if we could talk about it, we could all overcome this nervousness we same to have. As close as we are, we should be able to discuss it. We've never judged each other. We've always supported each other. Hell, maybe we could help each other by comparing techniques, better ways to get off—" Sherry abruptly halted because she was staring at blank faces.

"Compare techniques," Sara finally repeated. "Now there's something to—"

"You're right about one thing," Megan jumped in. "We never have judged each other. And I hope that continues."

"Of course, it will," Sherry confirmed, but then frowned. "You guys are starting to worry me. Are you having affairs? Is that why you're so hesitant?"

"An affair?" Megan repeated. "No, not really," she said slowly, but there was no conviction in her voice. "Why don't you come with us to the bedroom?"

"Okay." But Sherry's agreement was just as hesitant.

Once in the bedroom they all took a seat on the edge of the bed. "We kind of discovered this quite by accident," Megan began, as though choosing her words carefully.

"We?" Sherry interrupted. "You mean you discovered it together?"

"Yes. And it's worked for us. But you just need to keep an open mind." Megan took a deep breath. "We take care of each other."

"What does that mean?" Sherry wanted to know, still with no clue.

"It means—"

"You masturbate each other?" The thought instantly occurred to Sherry.

"It's a little more than that."

Sherry heaved a heavy sigh. "For Pete's sake, just tell me."

"Okay." Megan slid closer to Sara and engaged in a very passionate, lip-locking kiss.

Surprised, but not shocked, Sherry asked, "You're lesbians?"

They broke off the kiss. "No, we don't consider ourselves lesbians. We're still very heterosexual. We still love our husband's and look forward to them coming home on leave. This is—what were your words—how we cope."

"How long has this been going on?"

"A while."

"How did it start?"

"One weekend when you were away visiting your mother; the boys didn't come home from school, it was just the two of us. We were bored and we got drunk—not intentionally—and started tickling each other, and that led to touching, and that led to kissing, and that lead to . . . other things. When we sobered up and realized what we'd done we also realized that we liked it. So, we tried it again. This time sober. And we still liked it. It fulfilled that need you were talking about." Megan paused to let sink in.

"Does your non-judgmental rule still apply?" Sara shrewdly asked.

Of course, there was no way Sherry could pass judgment on her friends, not after what she'd done. However, what they had done did not trump Sherry's secret, and so, for now, a secret is what she and Rick would remain. But of all the things Sherry had considered to sexually satisfy herself, another woman was never one of them. She wasn't sure such a concept even appealed to her. She liked and wanted cock, not a woman's tongue. "Yes, it does still apply," she finally answered. "I can't fault either of you for that."

"For what it's worth," Sara explained, now more emboldened to speak since the cat was out of the bag, "we often talked about telling you, even bringing you in. But as you pointed out, we've never discussed sex, so we didn't know how you felt about it, and certainly not to the extent we're talking about now." She skipped a beat, and then asked, "So, what do you think?"

Sherry took a deep breath. "I'm not sure," she answered slowly, honestly. "If it works for the two of you, then have at it. But I don't know if it's for me."

"Are you content with your dildos and vibrators?" Megan asked.

"No. But it's what I have."

"They give you physical satisfaction, but how about emotional contentment?" Sara asked.

"Emotional?" Sherry wondered aloud.

"Like you get from a real person," Megan added.

"You can't really get emotion from a device, an object," Sherry noted.

"Exactly," Megan agreed. "You need more to really be fulfilled."

"And that's what the two of you get from each other?"

"Yes. But I detect the skepticism in your voice." She glanced at Sara for a second, and the two exchanged some silent signal. "Do you trust us?"

"Do I trust you?" Sherry repeated as though she didn't understand the question. "What does that have to do with this?"

"Do you trust us?"

"Well, of course, I trust you."

"Then lie down. Get comfortable," Megan instructed.


"Please. Just trust us."

They were, after all, her friends, so she complied. She had a sense of what they were up to, and while she still wasn't sure this was for her, after her wild weekend with Rick, she was still sexually charged enough to allow it, at least see what it was like.

Sara climbed onto the bed and lay on her side facing Sherry and very close. Sherry had to stifle a giggle when her friend placed a hand on her shoulder and gently started rubbing. It felt weird, to be sure. Sara didn't touch anything too personal yet. She avoided Sherry's breasts, but slid her hand tenderly down Sherry's side to her thigh and very close to her mid-section. Instinctively, Sherry reached for the hem of her dress to tug it down.

"Relax," Sara advised. She put her hand over Sherry's, rubbed it, and then held it. They interlocked fingers and moved their hands around. Sara then placed her palm below Sherry's breasts and caressed her ribs and abdomen. She was smiling the entire time. Sherry's expression was more one of apprehension.

Sara then moved her hand up to Sherry's head rubbing her face before dipping her own face down to attempt a kiss. As a natural response, Sherry kissed back, but did not let it escalate into anything longer, which was obviously Sara's intention.

"Sorry, this feels a little weird," Sherry said.

"That's okay." Sara kissed her friend's forehead while brushing her hair away from her face.

Sara attempted another kiss, received the same brief response, and then bestowed a couple of pecks on Sherry's cheek.

All the while, Megan had been sitting nearby merely watching. She and Sara exchanged glances, and as though telepathically communicating, and then they casually swapped places. Rubbing Sherry's arm, she said, "Don't be nervous." She locked fingers with Sherry and rubbed her own face and neck with Sherry's hand.

Sherry's head was turned toward her friend whose massive boobs were spilling out of her low-cut dress. In a move that really surprised Sherry, Megan inserted Sherry's middle finger into her mouth, sucking it as though it was a mini penis. Though it didn't last long, it was a prelude to another unexpected move: Megan ever so casually reached for Sherry's hand and placed it on her big, round tit. Sherry instantly sucked in her breath.

Though she had never touched another woman's breast, there was something fascinating about it, particularly such a large one. They were easily nearly the size of grapefruits, and amazingly, very round. Megan removed her palm from Sherry's, but the latter did not withdraw her hand. Instead, she actually "felt up" her friend, which was no doubt, the desired response.

"Feels good?" Megan asked in almost a whisper.

"Interesting," Sherry replied, non-committedly, but still did not stop touching. Her fingers came in contact with Megan's nipple and she rolled it between her fingers, and even rubbed the tip as she would her own if she was attempting to arouse herself. It was a unique experience to do it to another woman.

So, fixed on fondling her friend's breast was she that when Megan leaned in to kiss her, she kissed back almost absently. But she did not pull back as she had with Sara. It was not that Megan kissed better; maybe she was just more in the mood now to experience it. She didn't even resist when Megan inserted her tongue. Sherry even licked it back. In fact, Sherry was becoming unusually stimulated and tried to ignore the fact that it was at the initiative of another woman. Her mind was fighting her on this, but her nymphomania was battling back. The tongue action was almost constant now. There was definitely a gentleness that Sherry never experienced from Chuck—or Rick; as though only a woman could provide it.

As Sherry's breathing picked up, Megan took advantage and slowly slid down, rubbing her large tit, which had worked its way free from her dress, against Sherry's breast and abdomen. Sherry actually surprised herself by thrusting back when Megan mashed her boob against the former's pussy. In the process, Sherry's dress was pushed up revealing that she had no panties on.

With a knowing grin, Megan remarked, "Came prepared."

But with what they were doing, Sherry saw no need for explanation, even though the lack of undergarments was quite suggestive. Involuntarily, Sherry spread her legs a bit wider, allowing Megan's entire breast between her legs. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sara move up near Sherry's head.

Sara moved her hand tenderly up and down Megan's back and rear, ever so slightly edging her forward until Megan's mid-section was completely between Sherry's legs. When Megan started mashing her pussy against Sherry's, the latter couldn't help but reach around and pull them together harder.

Sherry had never rubbed pussies with another woman. She found the experience somewhat stimulating.

Now that she was ripe, Sara moved in for a kiss, which Sherry willingly allowed. She couldn't believe she was becoming so highly aroused from her two female friends. Meanwhile, Megan was kissing her tummy and sticking the tip of her tongue in Sherry's belly button. Sara's hand was all over Sherry's tits as Megan eased on down to Sherry's pussy.

Sherry felt as though she was on overload being attended to by two at once. She'd never had that happen either—not even with two men, although the thought of that made her juices flow even more. But once again, she noted the huge difference in a woman's mouth between her legs versus a man's. It was as though a woman was doing to her how the woman would want it done to herself, whereas a man had no frame of reference. Regardless, it was quite stimulating. And Sara kissed just as well as Megan.

Sherry's dress was now up around her waist as Megan took a moment to catch her breath. She replaced her mouth with her fingers in response to the constant pleading of Sherry's hips. Megan very tenderly spread Sherry's vaginal lips and played with her clit. Sherry marveled over her delicate touch.

Sara had worked the top of Sherry's dress down so that the entire garment was bunched around her waist. Sara took a moment to smirk over the fact that Sherry also wore no bra. Again, the latter was in such a heightened sexual state, she saw no reason to explain, particularly as Sara sucked her nipples with a level of tenderness unmatched by a man.

Sherry was moaning now as Megan's talented tongue was really getting to her. She very nearly had to gasp for breath, particularly as Sara wanted to kiss her again. But as she felt the pangs of an orgasm building, she grabbed her friend's face and pulled their mouths together. The combination of the kiss and Megan's now aggressive tongue became more than Sherry could bear. She arched her back and came in an explosive climax. It was an incredible orgasm, but Sherry's mind refused to consider it better than any she'd had with her husband—or her son.

Her two proud friends stopped and allowed her to enjoy the benefits of their labor. They were so pleased with themselves that both stood up on their knees and exchanged a passionate kiss. They switched places, and as Sara had her taste of Sherry, Megan removed her dress before easing into position. She kept her panties on. Unexpectedly, Megan bent over Sherry allowing her tit to bounce on Sherry's face. It was a well-aimed drop as her nipple aligned perfectly with Sherry's mouth. Instinctively, the latter sucked it into her mouth while she reached up to fondle the other with her hand.

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