tagIncest/TabooWhere Do We Go From Here? Ch. 04

Where Do We Go From Here? Ch. 04


"So, who fucked their mom this weekend?"

Edmund swerved the car as though avoiding something, but the question caught him off guard. They were returning to school later than usual on Sunday afternoon. "Very funny, asshole!"

"Must have been you," Rick accused.

"I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer," Edmund shot back.

"You're mighty quiet, Josh," Rick noted.

Josh knew that Rick would continue screwing with him and Edmund until one of them said something to put him in his place, so without thinking he was giving anything away, he announced, "I actually glimpsed my mom's tits."

Edmund nearly swerved again. "Details, dude."

"I was passing her room to do laundry and her door was slightly ajar, enough for me to see in. I happened to look just as she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She dropped the towel and began dressing." At least most of that was true.

"How did they look?" Edmund asked, almost drooling.

Now it was Josh's turn to have some fun with his friends. "Perfectly round! No sag. Fantastic."

"And what else," Edmund wanted to know.

"That's it," Josh answered. "She got dressed and I moved on to avoid getting caught."

"Lucky bastard," Edmund accused. "Well, since you admitted that, I got to see my mom's ass. Similar situation. Only for a second. But it was nice and round. Very shapely. That image will stick in my mind for a long time. What about you, Rick?"

"I think you guys are full of shit. I think you're just fucking with me."

"Aw, what's the matter? Didn't get to see anything?" Edmund teased.

"Fuck you."

The truth was, all three had spent the entire weekend having sex with their moms, which explained their late departure. None of them were in any hurry to return to school. No one really wanted to talk much because each was preoccupied with reliving that spectacular time. It would be a long, boring week.

* * *

Strangely, Sherry did not hear from Sara or Megan Sunday evening and all day Monday. Prior to last week, that would not necessarily have been unusual. But given their newfound "closeness" she expected some contact. However, after a weekend of almost non-stop fucking, sucking and carrying on, Sherry was thankful for the respite.

She and Rick had worn minimal clothes because those items came off frequently and anywhere the mood moved them: of course, the bedroom, but also in the shower both days, numerous times on the sofa, dining room chairs (the armless ones), the kitchen counter and even multiple locations on the floor.

Sherry finally called the girls over for coffee Tuesday morning, and while both showed up, neither was dressed for sex. "I was surprised not to hear from either of you yesterday."

"I wasn't feeling well," Sara lied. "Might have been something I ate. I'm a little better today, but I'll sit out any activity today." The truth was she had been so well and truly sexually satisfied over the weekend that nothing the girls could do would come anywhere near what she had experienced. It would be like following up the best champagne with cheap beer.

"I'm just tired," Megan advised. "Josh had a lot of homework which he needed considerable help with," was her falsehood. "I'll pass on today, also."

"Wow!" Sherry said. "We haven't been together since Thursday. I would think you two would be climbing the walls right now."

Both merely shrugged, and then Megan said, "Before you joined our little club, there were times when we did go several days without doing anything."

Sherry nodded. She was just as content not to do anything, but she didn't let on to that. What did occur to her was that she knew the reason she didn't want to; what really was theirs?

* * *

The boys shared an apartment that was typical of many college campuses. It wasn't a dormitory, but rather an actual apartment for college students. It had three individual bedrooms with locking doors so that roommates could have privacy and keep their belongings safe. They shared a common kitchen and living area.

In the privacy of his own bedroom, Edmund was having difficulty concentrating on school. The reason, of course, was his new found love for his mother. He'd had more sex last weekend than he'd had in all his life before. He couldn't wait to go home this weekend, and he didn't know if he could make it the entire week.

The fact that he'd had sex with his mother was not an issue to Edmund. They were consenting adults, they both needed it and had been there for each other when they needed it. They only real concern was that it was a questionable societal issue, and as such, must be kept quiet. Of course, it was possible that the sex had been so good that his judgment was impaired. But so what?

* * *

Sequestered in his own room, Josh was experiencing similar feelings. He couldn't get his mother's fantastic body out of his mind, and of course, the incredible sex went without saying. He was mildly concerned about the fact that she was his mother, but it was extremely difficult to let that outweigh the amazing experience.

A part of him wished he could talk about it to his friends. Not to boast about it, but rather to get their impressions. The three had grown up together and had shared many life experiences. But given their recent discussions about their mothers, he feared they would only razz him; either that, or they might really have a problem with it, despite the brazen talk.

Regardless of the implications, this was one life experience he could never or would never have passed up.

* * *

There was no other place for Rick to be so he was also alone in his room—and wondering why. Normally, in the evenings, he, Edmund and Josh would be in the living room watching television, and if there wasn't anything good on, they'd watch porn on one or the other's computer. But those two had been acting strange all week, keeping to themselves quite a bit. Both brushed it off as having a lot of school work, but they were all majoring in technology, had many of the same courses, although not always in the same class and with the same professors. However, the curriculum was all the same, so they shouldn't have any more homework than he did. And he hadn't had much lately.

He asked each if anything was the matter, but both brushed it off.

He decided to watch porn by himself. Of course, he found a good video about a guy and his mom. It made him horny for his own mother and he couldn't wait to get home this weekend. Then a brilliant idea occurred to him. He didn't know if she would go for it, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if she'd let him film their fuck sessions. Then on evenings such as this, he would relive those exciting weekends. Maybe she'd want to have some videos to keep her company all week.

It took three separate flicks to get him hot enough to jerk off, and then only after thinking of his mom.

* * *

Megan felt bad about having to put Sherry off again on Wednesday, even though she could feel the effects of the past weekend beginning to wear off. After all, she and Sara had worked hard to finally get Sherry to join them in bed, and now that she was more than willing, Megan was not. Sara claimed to still not be feeling well.

However, between thoughts of her weekend with her son and the previous week with Sara and Sherry, by Thursday Megan was ready again. Now, that she'd had time to come down from her sexual high and think rationally, she was able to put in perspective the satisfaction she received from the girls and from her son. With Sara and Sherry, orgasms were powerful, but not as intense as they were with Josh. Both were quite satisfying, and it occurred to her that it had been so long since she'd climaxed from a cock that to have had that element return, and then so rapt, it masked the relaxing pleasure she received from the girls.

With Josh returning home on Friday and the prospect of another highly engaged weekend, it would be nice to start with the tender loving Sara and Sherry would provide. She called and invited them for drinks Thursday afternoon.

* * *

Sara arrived first, so she and Megan sat on the sofa and waited. They were both dressed in short dresses. A bottle of white wine chilled on the coffee table.

"Feeling better?" Megan asked.

"Yeah, all better," Sara answered. "Just in time for the weekend and Edmund." She made it sound like a chore, but she really couldn't wait. However, she'd also had thoughts similar to Megan's about her "close" relationship with the girls. "Sorry, I messed up our week. You and Sherry could have gotten together."

Megan shrugged it off. "It was just as well. Gave me a chance to get caught up on housework and things I didn't get to last week and over the weekend. Although, I got the sense Sherry was a little miffed. I wonder where she is."

"Yes, it occurred to me that we finally got her to join us and when she really wanted to, we didn't."

"Well, that's the way it goes sometimes. Besides, it keeps it from getting out of hand." But with Sara sitting close beside her, Megan actually thought she was becoming aroused. "Well, I don't know what's taking Sherry so long. We might just have to start without her. Some wine?"

"Actually, I'd like some of this." Sara was also becoming somewhat stimulated being in such close proximity to Megan. She turned toward her friend and they both knew what Sara was talking about. Their lips came together.

Sara let her hand drop to Megan's lap and the latter placed her hand on the former's shoulder. The kiss quickly escalated to a French kiss. One hand of each found a breast of the other. Megan's hand dropped to Sara's leg, pushing up her hem. Sara's legs automatically spread, opening the way for Megan's hand to move. Sara's hand did the same to Megan, but they only rested their hands on each other's pussies as they continued to taste each other's lips.

But it was difficult not to let fingers dance around—

"Hey, don't start without me!"

"We got tired of waiting. Where have you been?" Megan asked.

"Sorry. Just as I was leaving my mother called. Had to talk for a couple minutes."

"Well, come sit here between us so you don't feel left out," Megan said, sliding over and patting the space between her and Sara.

"I was beginning to think we weren't going to get together again," Sherry remarked. "Thought maybe I had done something to offend you two."

The other two women both chuckled.

"Sometimes it happens," Sara explained. "We have had weeks where we don't get together very often. You were worried last week about this getting out of hand. Well, that's how we prevent that."

"Touché," Sherry conceded.

"And I thought we should get some time in before the boys come home tomorrow," Megan added.

"That was wise," Sherry agreed happily, putting her arms around both of her friends. She then turned to kiss Sara. It was soft and slow with a lot of tongue. It was a girl kiss, quite different from Rick, even with tongue. After a minute, she stopped.

"That was good," Sara commented, also thinking how different it was from Edmund.

Sherry then turned to Megan, whose lips were eagerly pursed and ready.

Megan's hand found its way onto and up Sherry's leg, while Sara had a hand on Sherry's breast. Sara slid the strap from Sherry's dress off her shoulder, replacing it with her lips. When Megan and Sherry stopped kissing, Sara used the moment to pull Sherry's dress down, exposing her breasts.

The women on either side each latched lips onto one of Sherry's nipples. That was one thing Rick couldn't do, Sherry thought wryly. Having both tits sucked at the same time was heavenly. Megan stopped and applied her lips back to Sherry's. Her hand went down between Sherry's legs, and before long, her dress was up around her waist. A moment later, they were pulling her panties off.

As though orchestrated, Megan and Sara spread her legs and took turns licking her pussy. It was interesting that theirs were practiced tongues, whereas by comparison, Rick's were inexperienced. In a strange twist, they fingered her wet vagina, and with coated digits, held them up to her mouth for her to lick off. It was unusual and erotic.

After a few minutes of this, Sherry pushed Megan to stand and pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. Sherry sucked her nipple, while Sara stood and applied her lips to Megan's. Sherry's hand latched on to Megan's dress, pulling it down over her hips. Megan stepped out of it, revealing a thong she was wearing. Of course, that was instantly removed also.

Sherry then stood and removed her dress completely. Sara was doing likewise. They pushed Megan back down on the sofa, spread her legs, and Sara dove on her muff. Megan came to the same realization as Sherry, noticing the experience levels between Sara and Josh. Sherry sucked her nipples and kissed her. She also kept an eye on Sara and was amazed at her friend's skill in cunnilingus. She used her tongue as an instrument. It occurred to Sherry that Sara may have had more experience than she let on. She had Megan whimpering.

Sara and Sherry swapped places, but the latter didn't think she could offer the same skill. Megan's continued moaning offered disagreement. Sherry attempted to copy what she'd seen Sara do.

After a few minutes, Megan got up and let Sara sit for her turn. Megan went down on her friend. Sara and Sherry took turns sucking each other's nipples. Sherry also studied Megan's technique and determined that she was as adept as Sara. Sara's vocalizations signified her approval.

The three women paused to sip wine for a couple of minutes.

When they returned to action, they laid Sherry down on the sofa. Megan went down on her pussy while Sara squatted over Sherry's face. Sara and Megan were being unusually gentle and Sherry wondered why. Still, she copied their pace. Sherry used tongue and fingers on Sara as she felt Megan doing the same on her.

As Sara knelt on the floor to suck Sherry's nipples, Sherry became curious why this was not escalating. Though there were moans and cries of pleasure, none of them were becoming overly aroused. Certainly, none of them were on the verge of an orgasm. It was almost as though they were just going through the motions with no expectations of achieving any more. It was quite perplexing.

Sherry stopped and sat up. "Are the two of you not in the mood today?"

"What do you mean?" Sara asked.

"You just don't seem interested in doing this. Given the way this week has gone, I wonder if you've been getting together without me."

"No, no, of course, not," Megan said in denial. But the expression on hers and Sara's faces told a different story.

"Well, something is going on," Sherry accused. "What?"

"There's nothing going on," Sara emphasized. "I'm into it. I didn't get any sense that either of you weren't."

"Are either or both of you or maybe getting it from somewhere else?" Sherry asked, rising to dress.

"Sherry, don't be ridiculous," Sara pleaded. "Where are you going?"

"Let me know when you're ready to talk," Sherry shot back.

"What the hell!"

* * *

"Dudes," Edmund said as the three gathered in their living room having returned from the day's classes. "How does your day look tomorrow?"

"What do you mean?" Rick wanted to know.

"Any important classes or anything else going on?"

"I don't think so."

"Me either," Josh advised. "Why?"

"Mind if we head home tonight?" Edmund hesitantly asked, visions of his naked mother dancing in his head.

Thinking of what awaited him at home, Josh eagerly answered, "Sounds good to me."

Rick had no problem with it either, but given his friends' unusual behavior during the week, and now this eagerness to go home early aroused his suspicions. "I guess that's okay," he casually answered. "Any particular reason why?"

"Uh, uh, no, not really," Edmund stammered. "Just . . . tired of being here."

"Anxious to see your mom's ass again?" Rick teased.

Shaking his head, Edmund threw it back. "Yeah, that's it."

Josh was snickering.

"You too?" Rick said. "Can't wait to see those tits?"

"Grow up," Josh reprimanded.

"I don't know," Rick said. "How long we been doing this? I can't remember you guys ever wanting to go home early. Ever since we've been joking about our mothers, you two have been acting strange."

"You finished?" Josh challenged. "Because it's your turn to drive."

Obviously, Rick had gone too far because his friends were silent the entire trip home. When they pulled up in front of Edmund's, it was surprisingly dark. A glance down the street showed Rick's to be likewise unlit. Yet the lights burned brightly at Josh's. "Seems as though they might all be there," Rick noted.

"Yes, it does," Edmund agreed. "Let's surprise them."

They entered from the back.

It was Josh who said, "What the hell?"

* * *

Sherry wasn't sure who was in the more compromising position, but as they were all stalk naked, it probably didn't matter; they were all on equal ground. She finished dressing as Megan and Sara scrambled to jump into their clothes. She kept a keen eye on the boys while they haphazardly dressed and curiously noticed that none of their sons appeared shocked or appalled by what they saw. On the contrary, they seemed in awe and excited by it. She could understand the reaction from Rick because of what they had shared and what he knew of her sexual appetite. But the real surprise was seeing the exact same expressions on the faces of Josh and Edmund.

A sidelong glance at her friends was actually almost comical. Sherry decided that someone needed to say something and it seemed that she was the only one with the presence of mind to do so. "What brings you boys home so early?" she asked in understated fashion.

A stunned Edmund mumbled, "Nothing much going on tomorrow. Thought we'd just get a jump on the weekend." He could barely complete the thought long enough to finish the sentence while staring at the three beautiful women in skimpy dresses, knowing they had nothing on underneath. And then there was Josh's mom, whose hard nipples on those big tits looked like they would rip right through the material. "What's going on here?"

"Oh, I think you can figure that out," Sherry responded. "But you should probably let your mothers explain it to each of you. Come on, Rick." He dutifully followed her out.

* * *

As they walked home briskly, Sherry said, "Did that shock you?"

"Not so much," Rick answered, trying to keep pace. "How long have you and the ladies been doing the lesbian thing?"

"For me, it started the Sunday after you and I started doing our thing. We got together that afternoon, they asked if I'd checked email and I said that I hadn't gotten around to it. They said I should. There was one from your dad saying his tour had been extended a month. Anyway, it led to a discussion about sexual needs and why we never discussed sex and how we coped with our husbands gone so much. Turns out they had talked about it and got drunk one weekend when I was away and started doing each other. They said they were afraid to approach me about it because they didn't know how I felt about sex, but because of this conversation, now they did. They tried to seduce me and I tried to resist. The thought of doing it with women was not appealing, particularly after the splendid weekend you and I had just had.

"I finally gave in and we got together a few times last week. Still wasn't as good as sex with you, but it was better than my dildos, so . . ." Sherry shrugged. She stopped walking and looked at her son. "What are you thinking?"

"So, are you and I still—"

"Why do you think I was so anxious to leave just now?"

It was Rick's turn to shrug. "Guess it's something for you to do during the week. Wish I could be a fly on the wall! Seeing all of you naked was hot!"

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