tagNon-EroticWhere Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Edited By LadyShianne, Thanks S~)

"Spittin' sand again Sam?" Asked Sergeant Stein of the 103rd Brigade. His humor seem to lighten the men's mood. Standing behind an armored vehicle while his men burrowed deeper behind the truck and dunes. His barrel chuckle eased the tension till more bullets ricochet off the hood of the truck again.

"Yea Sergeant, just can't seem to get use to the grit," the soldier replied with a half hearted laugh. Spitting again to the side of the truck's wheel. His small lanky frame pressed against the rear tire as more shots rang out in the distant. The faint whistle of passing bullets could be heard until the sound of return fire came from the dunes.

"Damn those turban heads, don't they know we're here to help them?" Another soldier yelled out as he flattened to the ground and fired his rifle under the vehicle's frame. The sound of metal being pierced by bullets rang out from the other side of the truck.

"Arg," a voice screamed out behind them as a soldier caught a bullet in his shoulder. "Medic," someone yelled. A loud 'Boom,' come from the enemy lines as mortars were being fired in rounds.

This company of men were holding a bridge badly needed by both sides for transport across the river. They had been seesawing back and forth for control of it for days. Neither the enemy or the Allies could keep it secure for very long. Without the much needed reinforcements they were barely holding position.

The wide river raged to strong for an embankment crossing. So the bridge was a very strategic movement to gain control of access to the highway that led them to their objective, the city.

"Get me SAC on the line," shouted the Sergeant. The communications officer come running bent over and carrying his two-way radio. Churning the generator and patching through.

"Here Sir," the radioman said handing him the microphone.

"Where in the Hell are those Black Hawks? I need them now." The large man yelled as more bullets bounced off the truck's sandstone camouflage body. "Good, cause we got sand trapped. Tell them to step on it." Sergeant Stein handed the microphone back to the radioman.

"Awww," cried out as another soldier took a hit. "Medic," a yell came from far off. The company of men was pinned down at the edge of the river off the bridge just slightly. They were slowly being picked off by the growing number of enemy.

"God damn it, how come they get reinforcements and we can't?" Sam asked while settling in behind the truck more. Sam Tyson was from Huntsville, Texas. Just turned 20 and joined the army to take advantage of their college program and found himself smack dab in the middle of a war.

"Just make sure of your shot, one shot one kill gentlemen. No telling when we'll get supplies and ammo again." The Sergeant yelled out over the continuous gun fire. Looking around and checking his ground zero for terrain advantage again. "Jasper what the fuck are you doing boy?" The Sergeant yelled out as he saw one of his men on their knees behind a sand dune.

"Gotta pee Sergeant," he yelled back as he zipped up his fly and reached down to pick up his rifle. He headed back over the dune running low when the sound of flesh splattering came from his chest. He stood there a moment and looked at the sergeant. Then fell face first in the sand.

"Medic," the Sergeant yelled as he ran to the young man without fear of being shot. He dragged the small framed soldier behind the truck and pulled his head up a bit and slung his helmet off of him.

"I had to....p..." The young soldier said. His last words as life slipped out of him. The blood from his chest poured out almost black from his battle fatigues.

"God damn it." The Sergeant yelled out as the Medic got there and the Sergeant shook his head back and forth. Signaling he was to late. The man lay there limp and the Sergeant laid him to the sand as more bullets rang out off the truck's cab. The Medic checked for a pulse then hurried off to aid another.

"Give 'em a round for Jasper." The Sergeant yelled out and the remaining soldiers all returned fire at the same time. A tear whelped up in the Sergeant's eye as he scurried to the truck and settled in next to Sam.

Just then the deafening sound of choppers soared over the dunes and a folly of cheers rang out from the men. The sand whipped and stung as they passed over head in formation. The sudden sound of rockets zoomed from the Black Hawks, then the deafening sound of explosions drowned out the cheers of the soldiers. Most of the men were sticking their heads up and watching the devastation to the opposite bank.

Black smoke started to fill the sky as the enemy was being pelted with rockets and machine gun fire from the choppers attacks. The men started to gather around the truck and some were even standing upright now, watching the explosions and fire on the other side of the river.

"Woohoo," and "All rights," cheered the small company of soldiers. The Seargent couldn't take his eyes off Jasper who lay there in the sand.

"If he had just held it five more minutes," he thought. He stood up to see the fire works that the Black Hawks were displaying on the banks of the river and the dunes across from them. The smoke was making it hard to tell exactly what was being hit but the sounds of explosions kept ringing out.

"Give them Hell you over grown locust," somebody yelled out to the choppers.

Finally the Black Hawk choppers started slowly one by one leaving the vicinity. The sounds of the their rotary blades were disappearing as the dunes swallowed them up. The large black helicopters made a wide circle of the area then left.

"I want a formation along that bridge and for God sake keep your fucking heads down," The Sergeant ordered. "Check your rifles for sand and you better borrow ammo from another if your low." The men all dispersed and Sam began to run around the truck when the Sergeant halted him by grabbing his shoulder. "Your taking Jasper's place. Stay with the truck," he ordered.

"Yes, Sir," the young man replied.

Sam held his position and rifled his firearm against the truck's bed. Wide eye'd and alert he scanned the enemies side of the river. Watching for anyone who might be running from the unbreathable burning diesel.

"Looks like we won Sergeant," Sam yelled out smiling.

"No body wins in war son," the Sergeant said as he looked back at Jasper laying in the sand behind them. Sam looked too and his smile slowly sank.

Sam nodded in understanding and turned back to watch for movement. Sergeant Stein saw the young soldier's frown and troubled brow. Walked up a bit closer and put his hand on his shoulder.

"But were Americans and we go, Where Eagles Dare," The Sergeant said kindly and proud. Sam's smile rose again slight then looking back at Jasper his lips curled back down.

A few rifle rounds sounded out from the other side of the river and all heads sank quickly. The soldiers were back to finding a suitable blockade from the enemies fire.

"It's not over yet," Sergeant Stein yelled out. "Hold your fire till you see the white of their eyes." The smoke across the river from the Black Hawks invasion made it impossible to see anything. But the sound of gun fire let them know there was still resistance.

A few more ricocheted bullets off the truck's hood reminded them that the truck was the enemies main target. Sam and Sergeant Stein ducked down and looked at each other as more bullets embedded in the trucks frame. The sound was deafening as the truck exploded.

The fuel tank had been hit just right. The military motor pool places a safe guard of metal to prevent such an explosion but if hit just right the truck can't keep from blowing up. Like a lottery ticket, you just never know when it'll get a ricochet to set it off.

Sam and Sergeant Stein lay on the dunes face down. A group of soldiers ran to their aid, pulling them from the blazing fire that consumed the trucks frame. The intense heat was hard to get close to but they managed to drag them further from the inferno.

"Medic, medic over here," cried out a soldier that held Sam. Checking to see if the young man was still breathing or not. Sam stirred a movement in his foot and groaned. A few more rounds were fired from both sides as the battle for the bridge was clearly not over.

The medic ran to Sam's side and checked his pulse then went to the Sergeant. Sam's eyes opened about the time a soldier gave the negative head nod for the Sergeant wasn't breathing. The medic quickly went back to Sam and began treating his wounds.

"Looks pretty bad, but I think you'll make," the medic said with a comforting smile. Sam began to smile back as the pain began to take hold. The medic cut his clothes from his wounds and started doctoring him quickly as more gun fire sounded out.

"That's an awful expensive bridge," Sam said as a tear whelped up while looking at his Sergeant face down in the dirt then looking just beyond that at Jaspers body bag that bulged.

The medic quickly glanced to see what he was looking at then turned back to finish his bandaging. "Yeah son, your so right." The medic replied. "Well, hey, you got a ticket home," he said with a half smile. "You gotta girl back home son?" The medic asked trying to keep Sam's mind focussed.

"Yes, sir," Sam smiled. "I sure do."

"You'll be seeing her soon," The medic replied while finishing up. Sam slipped off into a deep sleep from the shot administered to him.

That evening reinforcements and supplies finally came. Loaded up the wounded and convoyed away. Sam's eyes opened as the truck was making its way over the dunes. Catching one last glimpse of the bridge as he was being taken to the nearest M. A. S. H. unit.

"There will be many bridges I will cross in my life. But that bridge there I will remember forever. A place in time 'Where Eagles Dared.'" Sam said to himself as he faded off somewhere into the desert.

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