tagIncest/TabooWhere Love is Found

Where Love is Found


"No man is an island!" The words echoed in my head as I lay with my back to the one person who had helped me make our love little more than an island to hide in this vast ocean of humanity. I had taken her the night before, and shared my moans with her, my lust with her, and my words of love with her.. As I kicked myself in the ass with one side of my mind, the other softly pointed out that I did, indeed, love this girl more than anything. Problem was, the girl sleeping so peacefully by my side was my daughter.

I looked at the door as I took a deep breath, expecting the police to break in any second, guns blazing and journalists packing in behind the police to snap pictures of me, the most sinful father of all time.

I staggered out of the bedroom, sleep still clouding my mind. Two doors to the left and I was in the safety of the bathroom. For a moment I didn't know if I should be sick or scream out my joy at the top of my lungs. Yes. Life can suck at times.

"Daddy!" my daughter, Robin, had shouted, the day before, when I had come out of the bathroom totally naked. She was supposed to be at cheer-leading practice, not here in the hallway.

Coming to a screeching halt, I back stepped in panic, unable to say a word. My wet feet hit the tile floor and over I went onto my back.

"God," Robin now laughed from the door, "you looked so crazy. You okay?"

"I'm sorry, babe," I moaned, trying to figure out what to cover up with.

"For what?" She giggled, her eyes moving over my body. "I think you look pretty nice... Well, for an old guy, anyway."

"Go," I insisted, "let me get some clothes on."

"Seems kinda late for that," she laughed, reaching her hand down to me. "Come on, let me help you."

Getting to my feet, I hoped Robin would move out of the way for me to make my way to my room in silent shame.

"You look pretty good naked, Dad," She giggled at my plight. "Tammy said you would."

"Robin!" I hissed. "What is wrong with you? Damn, here I am naked and you think it's cool. What gives?" I glared a her as her eyes moved quickly down to look at mister Twinkie, then back to mine.

"I've never seen a man naked before," she replied, her eyes moving down to my cock and back up to my eyes. "Why shouldn't it be you?"

My eyes glanced down to her tits, hidden under a too thick sweater, then back to hers. "I don't think this is right, babe."

"Fuck what is, or isn't right!" She growled angrily. "It's just you and me. Who the fuck cares about us but us?"

She had a point to a certain degree. Her mother had ran off and left us for some bozo she had met on the Internet two years before, leaving Robin and I to fend for ourselves, which we quickly managed due to my nice income from my home import business.

"But... But, babe, this is different."

"So, you're naked. So what. What is it you think I feel for you?"

"I hope you love me."

"In more ways than you can imagine. Why do you think I snuck home so early for? I know you like to run around naked when I have practice."

"How do you know that?"

"Maybe it isn't the first time I snuck home. Ever hear of a ‘peeping Robin’?" She giggled, looking down for a lot longer.

"Robin, I need to get some clothes on," I tried to insist.

"No. Like I said, it's a bit late now. Anyway, I think it's me who needs to take some off." She pulled the sweater off, tossed it to the wet tile floor and looked at me as she reached behind her and easily undid the snaps of her bra.

I fucking hate bra snaps. Damn things have to be the invention of the devil. I have listened to too many men, everyone as hammer-handed as I, tell of fighting tooth and nail with the demented metal or plastic things, only to have the female smile, reach back and instantly have heaven's doors open.

With the bra off my mouth dropped open, eighteen-year- old tits have no need for a bra. And the government looks for an anti-gravity device, I thought to myself, well, they were looking in all the wrong spots from what was poking up proudly in front of me.

"Robin," I gasped, now unsure of myself. "What are you doing?"

"You," she replied, seeing my eyes sucking at her nipples as I vainly wondered where I could put a second "escape" door in the bathroom. "Like?" She asked with a gleam in her eyes.

"Yes, pretty nice," I replied as my mouth going dry, sounding more like Herman Munster on crack than the stern father I should have been.

"Well, I see he likes me," she smiled and looked down at my cock.

"Robin, we need to talk," I said, more suggesting than really thinking. Hell, at least it was a way of getting her away so I could get Mister Twinkie under control.

"Yes, I agree," she replied, reaching behind her for a moment before the short skirt fell to the floor, followed by her panties. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Ahh, Ummm, well... Ahh-," I stammered, fighting a loosing battle to take a full look at her body.

"Come on, old man, I'm sure I can come up with a subject to talk about," she giggled loudly, reaching out and taking my hand.

As she led me down the hall to my bedroom, my mind could see it clearly: The young NAKED girl leading her NAKED father to HIS bedroom as the "DUNCE" cap drug against the ceiling above. Dunce cap or not, Robin sure had a sweet ass.

"Sit down," she said, nodding towards the bed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to look at the plush, blue carpet, but all my eyes could do was look at her.

"Now, listen to me," she said softly. "I have wanted you ever since that bitch left us and I caught you crying. You can call it ‘hormone’s or whatever the hell you want to call it, but I fell in love with you that day and it is still growing."

"But, this isn't right, Babe."

"To hell with all that stuff. Who was it standing beside me when I needed someone? Was it ever her? Fuck no! You're the one who was there, and you're the one who tried to comfort me about her leaving us, and I knew you were dying inside. Right? Wrong? Is what she did right?"

"No Hon, but we just can't..."

"You're wrong! We go out and bomb people, kill them for some fucked up idea and they call this wrong? I love you and that is all that matters to me, not some God-damned rule book that says I have to do this and that. Where has it got us by playing by the rules?"

That was about the end of my feeble resistance. I reach out and pulled her to my side, and, as she laid her head against my shoulder, I kissed her softly on her silky, smooth, jet black hair. "I love you, daddy, and I never want to lose you to another woman. Understand?"

"Get in bed," I croaked out as Kermit the frog invaded my voice. "I'll go lock the doors and turn out the lights."

By the time I got back, Robin had lit two small candles and placed them on the night stands on either side of the bed. God, she look so beautiful in the candlelight as she smiled up to me. It was at this instant in my life that I started to understand something I had never been able to put my finger on, something I had fought with every ounce of strength that I could muster, that was that females loved romance.

It would have been so easy if she had grabbed my cock, shoved it down her mouth and given me the wildest blow job ever. It wasn't to be that way as we lay in bed, me getting use to being naked, except for the "DUNCE" cap. We talked and giggled and laughed loudly as we opened up to the each other's thoughts.

Soon I was very content and feeling at ease being naked beside her. I had found someone who wanted to hear about me and, in the future, would spend whole nights listening to the stories of my childhood that I had never told anyone. Many nights, especially when she was on her period, we'd cuddle and sip a fine wine, and tell each other of our dreams. One day I would awaken and find her the woman in my heart but, this night, I was tortured by fear and guilt, but no longer to such a degree that I couldn't look admiringly at her body.

"What brought all this on, Hon?" I asked, turning onto my left side, and rubbing my fingers over her belly.

"Well, you know that debate I was so worried about? I had to take the side of free love and things like that. When I sat down to try to come up with something to hinge my argument on I could only think that love should be enjoyed where one finds it," She turned to me with her soft eyes all aglow, her hand resting gently on mine. "This is where I have found it."

"You're quite a girl," I moaned, bending over and kissing her right nipple. "Quite a girl."

"And you're not so bad for an old man, either."

The talk was over, I had now felt her yielding skin. I had felt the warmth of her body as my lips kissed and sucked at the two fabulously taut nipples, and my hand roamed over her belly, working its way to the top of her pubic hair.

"You shave?" I questioned, finding her pubic hair ending abruptly on each side.

"I'm a cheerleader," she giggled, "most shave off a lot more than that."

"You show that much?"

"I doubt it, but why take the chance if I do?"

Sliding up beside her, our lips met for the first desperate kiss of need and want. Her lips felt warm against mine as her moan slipped from her mouth into mine. My hand was now deeper between her thighs, playing along the inside of her left thigh. With but a gentle nudge of my hand, she opened them still further as my heartbeat now seemed to echo deep in my brain.

Her neck was as if out of the wildest dream books a man could have. As my lips and tongue roamed up and down between her ear and chin, she put her head back, moaning softly as she lifted her hips up.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, not even as my lips pulled me deeper and deeper into her spell. Her moans were tearing me apart as my fingers found the wetness of her slit, sliding in slightly as I explored this child, my daughter, who was now so much more like a woman.

Her hand reach out, taking a gentle hold on my cock as I now moaned out. Her hand ran up and down the now solid shaft, creating a wildfire of lust in me as our lips met again only, this time, there was a wild abandonment as our tongues clashed in lusty play.

"God, I want you," Robin moaned out as her grasp on my cock increased.

"Honey, if you don't stop doing that, you'll have me all over your legs," I replied, pulling my hips back as I slid my body down, taking her left nipple in deep as my mouth came to it.

It seemed like forever that I worshipped her breasts. So firm, so tight, so ungodly perfect for what I was doing. Eraser-like nipples pushing back on my tongue as I played over, around and on top of their firm delight.

Slowly I kissed my way downward, Robin's moans becoming more and more wanton as she realized where they were headed. By the time I was teasing at the top of her pussy hair she was slowly moving her hips up and down. Here was a girl primed for her first time of being eaten out.

"Oh, MY GOD!" She howled as my lips laid their first kiss on her slit.. "Don't stop. Please, don't fucking stop."

I had no intentions of stopping as my fingers parted her pussy lips and my tongue darted in, quickly finding her swollen clit in a heartbeat.

There was no holding her back now as she bucked up to my tongue licking at the one place she had never thought a tongue would be. She howled, she gasped and she carried on until I thought my neck was going to be broken from all the violent moves she was throwing at me. I fought to keep my tongue playing over her clit until, with a soft sucking, I pulled it as deep into my mouth as it would go.

She sucked in a deep breath, yelped as she thrust her hips up and held them high off the bed as she started to tremble. "God. Oh, God," she hissed as her hands slapped at the quilts. "I love you, daddy."

Three times I got her off, the last time using my hands on her delicious ass to pull her even deeper into my lips. She bucked, climbing higher and higher, quicker and quicker until, each time more demented than the time before, she let go of her mind until, with one mighty, last animal-like groan she had her first climax, something she would tell me of countless times over the next few days.

"Yes," she moaned as I slid between her legs, spreading her open for this last act that, until this night, had seemed so very forbidden.

It took me a few hammer-fisted tries to get lined up with her, but, as my lips again kissed at her tits, I felt my cock slowly entering her tight love canal. God, she was tight, I could feel her tightness clawing at my hardness as if to punish me for the act I was now committing.

My cock touched her virginity. She gasped and wrapped her legs around my back as her fingers dug deep into the quilts. I felt as if my cock was going to be bent in two as I slowly applied pressure to her hymen, her gasps giving me the view of her tits rising and falling with each deep breath. But, what got to me was the look in her eyes as she looked into mine for an instant before she closed hers and started pulling me into her with her legs.

I was groaning now as she took total control. She worked at me until, with a deep groan, she opened her mouth and exhaled loudly as I slid the rest of the way into her young, hot pussy.

I am not the superman you read in the stories. I didn't "bang" her until she couldn't take any more. Frankly, if I lasted two minutes in her wet tightness I was lucky. I was now the one screaming for her to not stop. I was now the one slashing and throwing my hips at her until, with a loud pant I felt my first load of semen explode deep between her now trembling legs.. Four times I felt it. Four times I screamed "holy hell!" as I emptied my cock, my body, and my very spirit into her, then collapsed on her chest as I tried to regain my breath.

"You going to make it?" She taunted at me as I tried to breath as fast as my heart was beating.

"You okay?" I managed to speak half coherently.

"Well, I really doubt if I could run the hundred yard race right now," she giggled, "but it doesn't seem to hurt much, except for my leg muscles."

"Are you happy?" I asked gently as my lips brushed hers and my fingertips brushed her hair from her face.

"I am in love," she cooed, "I am happy."

Happy and in love. Father and daughter reaching out for something they had never known till that candle lit night. Father and daughter, now lovers, laying in bed as they giggled, whispered and talked to the other like they had never talked to anyone else before. Father and daughter, now on their own adventure of exploring life as they deemed necessary. The two, laying in the flickering light, doing what they would do on countless nights yet to come: Lay there and talk openly to the one they loved from beyond forbidden sins. Robin and I, lovers of love, communicating as few will ever know.

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