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Where No One Has Gone Before


The following story is an erotic fictional work. Relating to the crew of a galaxy-class starship U.S.S Enterprise 1701 D. Whose crew are seeking peaceful sexual exploration throughout the galaxy: which include characters copyrighted by Paramount. The story is intended for non-commercial enjoyment of adult mature readers. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.


Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise
William Riker, Commander, First Officer
Data, Lieutenant Commander (Android)
Doctor Beverly Crusher, Senior Medical Officer
Deanna Troi, Ships Counselor (Betazoid Empath)
Tasha Yar, Senior Security officer
Lwaxana Troi, Deanna Troi's Mother (Also an Empath)
Wesley Crusher, Ensign (Beverly Crushers Son)

Chapter one

Captain Picard was getting the blowjob of his life, Doctor Crusher certainly knew her anatomy she was squeezing his balls with one hand and caressing his arse with the other; exciting him with her fingers while her mouth did incredible things to his cock. Picard felt his balls swell in her hand as Beverley brought him quickly and expertly to the very edge. His hands stroked her hair, petted her like a dog, as her pretty redhead bobbed back and forth on his cock.

"Bend over the console Beverley time to get that hot cunt of yours fucked the way you deserve!"

Doctor crusher stood up, turning around she braced herself against the console Picard positioned himself behind her. Spreading her legs she bent as far over as she could her firm arse in the air.

"Fuck me, Jean-Luc; fuck my cunt like a dog; I feel so deliciously dirty being fucked like this?"

Picard spread her arse cheeks and pressed the tip of his cock into the pouting lips of her cunt. She was extremely wet, so wet that some of her juices were trickling down the insides of her thighs. Picard thrust forwards feeling his cock head penetrate her juicy cunt. He looked down at his thrusting cock between her creamy white arse cheeks. Glistening her with her copious wetness. Picard thrust himself inside, pushing her forward over the console with the sheer power of his thrust. His cock disappeared into her well-lubricated cunt.

"Shit, fuck me Jean-Luc!"

Picard grabbed her small waist with his huge hands, encircling it pushing his hips forward with all his might, whilst pulling her back at the same time. Doctor crusher's upper body bent forward over the console. Her large breasts hit several buttons on the console, quite by accident, one of which was the intercom, which clicked on throughout the ship. The whole ship was now filled with the voices of Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher in the throes of their sexual release.

In the quarters he shared with his mother, Doctor Beverly Crusher, Ensign Wesley Crusher, picked out the sounds of a woman's voice, he listened carefully as there was something familiar about that voice.

"Jean-Luc fuck my cunt harder, squeeze my tits..."


There was something strange in the tone of her voice, but it was definitely his mother. Other sounds drifted to his ears, the wet slapping of flesh against flesh and slow guttural moans. Wesley's cock began to stiffen as he realised what it was. Although in his late teens he only had a few hot necking sessions with his girlfriend Robin Lefler, an ensign in engineering. Wesley had never had the courage to fuck her. It didn't take much imagination to realise what those sounds were.

"Fuck me, it's mum, the Captain's fucking my mother and she's really enjoying it!"

As the lewd sounds invaded his mind he couldn't help but visualise both the captain and his mother naked in the act of fucking: he saw in his mind the Captain's rock hard cock piercing her juicy wet cunt: the very hole which spewed him into this world.

The image of his mum and Captain excited him immensely, his cock was rock hard opening his uniform he reached for it instinctively, and as he jerked off he moved over to the bed lying on it he listened to the wet squishing sounds of the Captain's cock reaming his mother's cunt. Her breathless squeals of orgasmic pleasure.

Beverley had felt a little pain at first, the Captain's cock was much bigger than she'd imagined. After all she had not been fucked since her husband, Jack, had been killed on duty. However, now that Picard had penetrated her so deeply the pain had quickly faded her cunt was gripping his cock tightly, it felt utterly fantastic. The back and forth motion of his hips, caused Picard's cock to drag deliciously over her throbbing clit, she looked over the console back down between her legs at Picard's cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Beverley began to grind her arse against him, pushing herself back onto his cock, with her arse held high in the air. Picard pumped his hips back and forth in a steady slow rhythm, causing the whole length of his cock to slide through her tight clinging cunt lips.

Picard couldn't see it, but her face was contorted into a mask of pure lust, she was definitely the best fuck he'd had in a long time. Her large round breasts were bouncing back and forth from the constant movement of his hips. Picard let go of her hips reaching up he squeezed her tits feeling the nipples large and firm under his fingers.

"Cum on my hot fucking cock!"

Yelled Picard as Beverley turned to look up at him she yelled back at him in turn,

"Oh Jean-Luc, I'm cumming, fuck faster, fuck harder!"

Her body was on fire as her first orgasm ripped through her cunt. Picard was squeezing her exquisitely sensitive nipples as she peaked to orgasm. Picard had never seen a woman cum so hard before. Beverly's back was arched her head thrown back, her mouth was open as lewd, guttural cries emanated from her. Her stomach was rippling and she was shaking from head to toe, her cunt clutched and squeezed his cock in a vice like grip. When her orgasm subsided Picard pulled out until just his cockhead was inside her cunt; he then pushed back inside her again rocking the whole of her body. This repeated withdrawal and re-entry brought Beverley to at least five orgasms that she could remember. By now Picard could feel his own orgasm bubbling through his cock, spewing his seed into her writhing quivering cunt.

Down in his cabin, Wesley was lying on his bed engrossed in the lurid sounds of hot energetic fucking emanating from the intercom. But it was his mother's cries of shameless wanton lust that seemed to affect him most. His thoughts wandered back to the times that he had secretly watched his mother washing herself in the shower, or, when she thought she was alone, masturbating. He wished he too were up in the Captains place fucking his beautiful naked horny mother, instead of lying on his bed alone tossing himself off. Wesley thought he was well endowed and he couldn't wait to show his cock to her. He imagined how he would fuck his mother, in the mouth up the arse in her cunt, he would tit fuck her watching how his cum would spew onto her face. His mother's orgasmic screams were the signal; moaning out loud as his fist, almost a blur moved up and down the length of his cock, causing him to climax.

"Oh, mum I want to fuck you so bad!"

On the bridge, were the real fucking was reaching a climax Beverley was crying out loud, urging Picard to fuck harder. Beverley pushed her cunt back harder against Picard's powerful penetrating thrusts and arched her back as she orgasmed. Sated, Picard and Beverley slumped to the floor as his softening cock slipped from her quivering cunt, both breathing heavily. Captain Picard's composure was returning; he looked about his ready room, Beverley who was moaning softly at his feet smiling up at him. Standing Beverley picked up her clothes, dressing she turned to the Captain,

"Good night Jean-Luc."

Turning she left the room.

Chapter two

Early next morning, Wesley woke naked, sweaty with a huge erection. His hand closed around his throbbing cock. Was it a dream or did it really happen. He wasn't sure all he knew was that he still had feelings of lust towards his mother. He began to rub his fingers up and down the length of his cock pulling back the sheets he watched the pre-cum ooze out of his piss hole. He rubbed it over the flared tip of his cock as began to masturbate; he enjoyed masturbating first thing in the morning as it set him up for the rigors of the day.

As he wanked he closed his eyes and fascinated about his mother's naked body. Her tits; his mouth around her nipples sucking deeply; her red haired cunt filled with the Captain Picard's cum oozing out of her; finally her puckered brown arse, the thought of Picard fucking that tight hole made his cock jump in his fist. He wondered what it would feel like to have his throbbing cock penetrate his mother's bowels, what the sensations would be like inside her, would it be tight, hot, have the same hold as her cunt. What he wouldn't give to fuck his mum's arsehole.

"Uh Gh... fuck...oh..."

Wesley hadn't realised he was moaning so loudly. When the spasms of his orgasm had died and the last jet of cum squirted from his throbbing cock; he realised that there was a presence in his room; he blinked, then rubbing his eyes in disbelief; standing in his room was his mother, stark naked.

Beverley had woken up remembering how Picard's cock slid easily in and out of her cunt to night before. She lay in bed masturbating, as her fingers probed deeply into her slippery cunt. What she needed was a huge cock, like Picard's probing her inner recesses. She reached out to the drawer of her bedside bureau; opening the drawer she fished around for her vibrator. It was then that she heard Wesley moaning from the other room; she was drawn to the noise like a bee to a flower.

The interconnecting doors swished open, then, swished closed behind her, as she entered his room. She gasped her eyes wild with excitement. Wesley was lying naked on the bed wanking; her hand dropped to her cunt once more as she watched Wesley wanking. Looking at his body, those muscles, that cock, she watched as his fist slipped easily up and down his glistening shaft. The way he held his balls as he orgasmed, until finally his cum spurted through the air. She knew Wesley was handsome and probably masturbated, but this was the first time she had actually caught him doing it. The sight of him lying stretched out naked on his bed tossing himself off really turned her on. She had to toss him off, to feel his orgasm ripple through her fingers as his load shot into the air.

She stood trembling as she watched Wesley milk the last of his cum out of his cock. Standing stiffly in its fully erect state, his cock was easily as big as Picard's, or bigger. Amused Beverley didn't realise she had been living so near such a cock. A vision of her son, fucking, sucking and chewing on her clitoris, drinking her delectable nectar, arse fucking her, then as he tired she would rest his head against her breasts, suckling her nipples as he did when he was a baby. With these visions in her mind she went over to his bed.

Wesley watched his naked mother moved towards him. Her tits bounced as she walked, then climbing onto the bed, her eyes staring hungrily at his cock. He gazed wide-eyed at his mother's naked body. Beverley noticed his hungry stare alternating between her breasts and cunt. She positioned her body openly so that he would get a better look. Wesley's tentative gaze caused Beverley's cunt to spasm. Reaching out she shamelessly wrapped her fingers around her son's throbbing cock.

"Oh, yes oh yes mum!"

"I watched you wanking Wes. It made me so randy, you masturbate a lot don't you son: I know it is only natural for young men to fantasise a lot and relieve themselves in this manner. You haven't shagged Robin yet, have you?"

"I guess...n... no."

"You'd like to, wouldn't you I bet that's what you think of when you slide your fist up and down this big stiff cock, isn't it Wes?"

Wesley didn't answer, trembling slightly with lust filled eyes, ogling his Mum's naked body. She felt her son's cock begin to jerk and twitch obscenely in her grasp, Beverly's cunt began to drool uncontrollably.

"Do you think about me too, fantasise about fucking me whilst you wank: you'd love to fuck me wouldn't you: to sink your beautiful big prick into your mothers drooling pink cunt. I can't wait to feel you inside me."

Wesley could only nod. Excited by the presence of his mother, sitting naked on his bed, talking obscenely to him, her hand stroking firmly up and down his cock. His mothers drooling hairy cunt, winking lewdly at him, beckoning him to use her shamelessly, wantonly all he had to do was reaching out and touch it.

Wesley hit the roof: as Beverley stroked his prick a little faster, staring at the large flared head, the dilating piss hole in the tip, which winked at her every time her fist reached the top of his shaft. His cock was calling to her, pulling her head ever closer to that appendage. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in, just like sucking on Asparagus she thought.

"Yes, oh yes, suck it mum suck my prick all the way down your hot fucking throat!"

Suddenly and without warning Beverley removed his cock from her mouth. Curling her fingers around the shaft, pumping up and down very hard. Wesley moaned and fucked his cock up into her hand eagerly as she watched his purple cockhead swell in front of her oozing streams of thin pre-cum.

"Oh, mum put it back in your mouth!"

As he attempted to grab her head and push it back on to his cock.

"Oh Wes, your cock is leaking. Your balls must still be awfully full you really do need your mum to suck your cock!"

"Please mum Oh yeah...!"

"Oh Wesley..."

Her words trailed off as she lowered her head back over his cock, thrusting out her tongue, wantonly lapping up the pre-cum from his piss hole. Making her cunt crawl with lust as she wished he would hurry up and shoot his proper ejaculate, that opaque cream, like a weak salty porridge she loved to drink.

"Oh mum that feels so good, oh shit, you're really sucking my fucking cock, fuck this is so much better than wanking."

Wesley gazed at her excited by the obscene spectacle of his mother slurping hungrily on his hard cock buried deep within her throat. She began to bob her head up and down sucking her son off like a pro. He couldn't wait to get this sex-crazed woman to let him fuck her dripping wet cunt.

Beverley moaned as Wesley's cock collided with the back of her throat, pushing ever deeper with each thrust. Her tongue pushing his cock to the roof of her mouth, making it as tight for him as possible. She let her emotions soar as she knelt between his legs letting him fuck her mouth as hard and as fast as he could. She inserted her fingers deep into her cunt. Wesley looked down between his mothers bouncing tits and gazed with excitement as she shamelessly thrust her fingers in and out of her drooling cunt.

"Oh yeah, do it to yourself mum!"

Shouted Wesley watching intently as his mother masturbated, his cock still pumping into her mouth strong and hard. She wanted her son to stick his cock into her cunt and fuck her. Wesley was teasing her and she knew it. Soon she was shoving her whole fist into her tightly stretched cunt, trying to stimulate a huge fucking cock. He had hold of her head in his hands fucking her mouth hard, her lush white tits, their painful aureoles and nipples, rubbing provocatively against his body.

Wesley grunted as his cock slammed brutally in and out of his mother's mouth. His mother was giving him his first ever blowjob. He was in ecstasy as long she didn't stop sucking his cock.

"Oh mum it's going in all the way. Yeah, you gorgeous fucking whore, suck it hard."

Beverley gazed up at him with the look of wanton lust. If anyone else had spoken to her like that she would have felt degraded and dirty, but this time she felt her cunt tingle with carnal excitement. Her fist was completely buried in the frothy squirming hole between her legs, the thought of her son's hot creamy cum squirting into her mouth caused her to moan whimpering sounds around the shaft fucking her mouth. Her hand was a blur as he reamed in and out of her cunt: she came hard biting her son's cock as she lost control letting her teeth graze up and down his thrusting shaft.

"Shit mum... that almost made me cum!"

Suddenly Beverley realised how close he was to blowing his wad. It made her cunt quiver in anticipation as she dragged her teeth along his shaft again, this time on purpose. Wesley cried out, fucking his mother's face with deeper strong thrusts. He held her head in a vice like grip; she knew he wouldn't let her go until his cock had released his molten load into her mouth. Until then: the inevitable: male explosion: the anticipation was multi-orgasmic.

She heard him give a strangled yelp,

"Mum, here it fucking comes: get ready, get ready to take it all mum... yes, you gorgeous cock sucking whoring cunt!"

Beverley swallowed every drop: she enjoyed consuming Wesley's cum. Her cunt twitched and bubbled with an uncontrollable urges a she savoured the exquisitely masculine taste. She made a mental note of giving him a blowjob again at the first chance she got.

"Oh, oh, yeah mum... that was fucking fantastic!"

Screamed Wesley.

His flaccid cock slipped from her mouth. Pulling his naked mother on top of him he kissed her long and passionately. Wesley enjoyed the taste of his cum on his mother's lips and thrust is tongue deep into her mouth to get more. Beverley continued to fondle and stimulate his cock. She wanted him hard again as soon as possible so that he could really fuck her: her cunt was aching to be serviced again.

"I want you to fuck my cunt, darling; oh yes do it, screw me, use me, fill your mums cunt with your hard cock, show me how good you are."

The realisation that he was only seconds away from fucking his mother's cunt brought Wesley to full erection. With a single lunge he rammed his cock to the hilt inside his mother's juicy wet snatch. Beverley squealed like a stuck pig as her son's cock knifed into her cunt. She began thrusting his hips up and down hanging on to Wesley strong shoulders whimpering with delight as he fucked her.

"That's it sweetheart fuck me good and hard!"

Beverley rode her son's deep penetrating cock with wails of pleasure, her tits squashed into his muscular chest as he thrust his cock into her slippery cunt, like a steam hammer. She adored his rough, fast fucking, knowing that Wesley didn't care if he came. As, in a matter of minutes he would be ready to fuck her again. She closed her eyes savouring the pleasures of his cock, as he filled her cunt. He was fucking her to the very brink of orgasm. It was a hard quick fuck, both were so turned on; they climaxed within minutes. Beverley came first, her incredibly juicy cunt contracting around Wesley's cock with such intensity that he climaxed almost with her.

"Ugh, yeah... oh Wesley... stop... oh, fuck me... I'm cumming... oh…ugh… ah…"

"Ahgh shit... your fucking cunt feels so tight mum... I'm cumming…cumming...cum…ahgh..."

Beverley sobbed with ecstasy as her son's cock twitched and jerked, pumping blast after blast of boiling cum deep into her orgasmic cunt. She wanted her son to fuck her again and again: she wanted him to do all sorts of depraved things to her, the more depraved better, anything he didn't know about sex she was going to teach him.

She bent down and tongue kissed him passionately, his cock still throbbing as hard as ever inside the clasping wetness of her cunt. Wesley kissed her back and it seemed like a long time before she reluctantly pulled away.

"You make me so dammed hot darling. Sweetheart do you want to fuck you mother again?"

"Shit mum; do I ever!"

Beverley hugged her handsome son tightly covering his neck, cheeks, and lips with fervent hard kisses, her cunt itching with the expectation of deliciously exhausting fucking. She sucked their mingled juices from his rock hard cock, moaning as his fingers found her soppy wet opening. It wasn't long before she was climbing the walls of lust again. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, opening her glistening pink cunt with both hands.

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