tagLoving WivesWhere the Fuck is She?

Where the Fuck is She?


Where the fuck was she?

It was after nine and Diane said she would be home at around five so we could go and get our Christmas shopping. I tried her mobile again, it went straight to answer phone, there was no point in leaving another message, and if she had listened to any of the others she would know how angry I was.

Diane was out on her company's Christmas lunch. She hadn't been working there long, about four months, it was a swanky accountants based at offices in Birmingham's city centre. She had told me that the company had booked lunch for them at a restaurant, they were finishing work at noon then going for the meal, she was supposed to be coming home straight after the meal.

I sent her another text; I don't know if I was more worried about if something had happened to her or angry that she had ruined our shopping trip.

My phone bleeped, finally a reply, it was from Diane. "Having trouble getting a taxi, see you later."

So I was partly to blame, she had wanted to drive as she normally does, but I had dropped her in in the morning so she could have a glass of wine with the meal and not have to worry about driving home. At least she was okay.

The time dragged on it was now nearly midnight when I saw the headlights slow down outside our house. We have a bay window in the lounge in which our Christmas tree sits nicely; we don't draw the curtains while the tree is up. Around it I could see the taxi door opening and Diane emerging, I could tell she was a little drunk, there was someone else in the car and she leant back in. I looked at her shapely bare legs in her high heels and noticed that her knee length skirt rode up a little. I couldn't see inside the car it was too dark, she shut the door and then waved as the taxi rolled out of sight.

I heard her fumbling with her keys; I wasn't going to unlock the door I was too pissed off with her for that. Finally she managed stumble in. Her heels clicked across the floor and she came into our lounge and collapsed onto the sofa. Her face was flushed.

"What's up with you?" she asked

"What's up with me? It's fucking midnight and you just roll in; had you forgotten we were supposed to be going shopping? I was expecting you eight hours ago. Where the fuck have you been?" I ranted at her.

Too drunk to realise how mad I was she replied. "I was having a good time, get me a glass of water I must tell you about Avril."

I didn't even know who Avril was, I trudged into the kitchen poured her a glass of water thinking to myself that I might get a fuck, our sex life was virtually non-existent but we normally had sex when she had been drinking.

Passing her the water I looked at her bare legs curled under her, she had kicked her heels off, her black skirt was tight above her knees and she was wearing a green blouse with small black jacket. Standing above her I could just glimpse the top of breasts through the open top buttons of her blouse.

"Who was that in the taxi?" I asked

"Oh just one of the girls." She replied matter of factually. "Any way I must tell you about Avril she was so drunk she was all over two of the lads from the second floor. That can only be in their early twenties and she is at least ten years older than me." Diane is thirty three. "She was dancing with them in the club and then started kissing them in front of everyone. She left with one of them around nine."

"Hang on what club? You were going to a restaurant."

"Well; we went to the club after the restaurant you didn't expect us to stay in a restaurant all day did you?"

"No I didn't, I expected you home," my temper rising again, "we had made plans."

"Don't start shouting, I was enjoying myself, it's not very often I get to go anywhere." She leant forward and placed the glass on the floor. "I should have stayed out later, I could have done, they didn't want me to leave" she spat those words at me. "I'm going to bed."

Picking up her shoes she left the room, I watched her. She was only four foot eleven tall, a little over weight, her dark shoulder length hair was all tousled at the back. I heard her slip on the stairs and giggle. Although she had shouted at me she was still in a good mood. I might still get sex it would be something to take from a wasted night.

I listened to her in the bathroom, heard the toilet flush and the taps running. I poured her another glass of water and made my way upstairs, lingering on the top stair I waited, I wanted it to seem like perfect timing. The bathroom door opened and I stepped up the last step.

"I brought you some more water." She had removed her jacket and her blouse was open revealing her green corset top beneath. "I am sorry I shouldn't have shouted." I said "I was just worried where you were"

I kissed the top of her head as she brushed passed me grabbing the water. "I'm tired" she said.

I followed her into the bedroom, kicking off my shoes I watched her take off her blouse and unzip her skirt. As she pulled it down I noticed the suspenders on her corset, then the lace of her matching green panties caressing her shapely arse. I continued to get undressed as I watched her undoing the fastenings on the front of her corset. Her breasts spilled into view as she removed it, they were still quite firm with wide pale nipples.

Normally she wears a night shirt but whenever she has been drinking she normally just climbs into bed in her knickers, tonight was no exception. In bed she lay on her side facing away from me. I slid in beside her spooning my body into hers.

"I'm sorry" I said "don't be angry: tell me about Avril." I placed my hand on the material of her knickers on her hip. "Go on tell me I know you want to."

She sighed "Well she just got very drunk. She was dancing with these two lads, she was sandwiched between the two of them on the dance floor, they were both grinding against her their hands all over her, then the one behind her started kissing her neck. It wasn't long before she was kissing both of them. She didn't care who saw her. She is married you know?"

"You said she left with one of them: she couldn't take him back to her place?"

"No quite a few of the lads had booked rooms in town, I expect they went there."

I stroked her hip. She was talking to me, I might still get sex tonight.

"One of the blokes out of my office asked me to go to his room."

Where did that come from?

"Say that again."

"Daryl asked me to go to his room with him."

My mind started racing I had always fantasied about watching her with other men.

"Who the hell is Daryl?" My cock stiffening in my pants.

"He is just in our office."

"What happened? What did you say? What did you do?" I wanted to sound angry but I was too excited.

"I just kissed him and told him to go home to his wife."

She kissed him. She said she had kissed him, not just told him to go home to his wife, but she had kissed him. "Tell me what happened."

"We were just standing at the bar, he was buying me a drink, and he just asked if I wanted to go to his hotel room."

"What! Out of the blue he just asked you, something must have happened before?"

"Well he had had a couple of dances and we had sat talking and drinking, he brought me quite a few drinks."

"And he just asked you? Nothing led up to him asking, he just asked?" I wanted all the details but I didn't want her to know how much imaging her kissing someone else was turning me on.

"He did feel my arse when we were dancing"

I moved my hand from her hip down between the two of us and placed it on her backside. Moving it gently I asked "Did he do it like this?"

"No, he was rougher he squeezed it and pinched me."

He had mauled my wife's arse. I squeezed it hard. "Like this?" I asked. She pushed herself back into me, I slid my hand beneath her and cupped her breast, stroking her nipple with my finger it was already stiff.

"Yes hard like that, he said I had a cute arse." She wriggled more. "He asked me to go to his room, I asked what for, and he said he wanted to fuck me."

I moved my hand around in front of her, I slipped it inside her panties and felt her pubic hair against my fingers, she kept her legs firmly clasped together. My cock had never felt so stiff; my wife had just told me that another man had asked her to go to his hotel room to fuck. I pressed her more. "So did he just ask you once?"

"No he kept asking, in the end I told him if he didn't stop then I would come home."

"So you stayed with him after he had asked you?" I tried to push a finger between her legs but she just clenched, I rolled her nipple between the fingers of my other hand.

"He was buying champagne, he was only flirting."

"When did you kiss him?"

"I told him I was tired and was going home, he came outside with me to see I found a taxi, it was very busy and very cold. I put my arm around him as we stood in the cold. He kept feeling my bum, I told him to stop. He kept asking me to go to his room with him. When I got to the front of the taxi rank he asked me again. I told him he should go home to his wife and I kissed him."

I raised my head above hers. "Show me how you kissed him." I was expecting her to kiss my cheek, instead she turned her head and kissed my lips, and opening her lips she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Had my wife really tongue kissed one of her colleagues? I felt her legs part slightly and I moved my hand between her legs. A warm wetness greeted me. My finger brushed through her pubic hair pushing into her wet cunt. "You wanted him to fuck you, didn't you?"

Breathing deeply "Yes" she replied. Her legs opening wide allowing me to push two fingers into her.

"Yes what?" I kissed her neck.

"Yes I wanted him to fuck me; I wish he was fucking me now." Three fingers inside her I had never felt her so wet. "Come on get your cock inside me."

Rolling on to her back she removed her knickers and spread her legs. I climbed between them pushing my hard prick into her wet pussy. "He fucked you didn't he?" I said thrusting into her.

"No." She pushed back at me.

"Yes he did you slut." Slamming into her.

"No he didn't." Her nails dug into my back.

"Tell me how he fucked you."

"He didn't, he didn't." She was getting breathless; I knew she was nearing a climax. I stopped thrusting and lay on top of her my cock right inside her.

"Tell me about him fucking you." I bent my head and bit her breasts gently.

"Just fuck me." I bit her nipple her back arched.

"Tell me a story while I fuck you. Tell me what you did."

Her voice really low whispering so I could just hear. "I went to his hotel. We got in the lift and we kissed, he has feeling my arse pulling my skirt up as his tongue licked mine." I started to move my hips pushing my cock in and out of her. "In the room he pushed me straight down onto the bed his hands were groping my tits as we kissed. He pulled my skirt up and spread my legs, his fingers ripped the crotch of my tights, he pushed my knickers to one side and started licking my cunt"

I had to really concentrate, pacing myself; I did not want to come yet. "Did he lick it like I do?"

"No he was dirtier. He was rough shoving his fingers in me, spitting on my cunt, he licked my arse." Something I had always wanted to do but she had never let me. "He rubbed his fingers over my arse hole." She shook as she said those words, an orgasm coursing through her body. I felt her juices flowing around my cock. I moved my hand underneath her, my finger searching for her tight little bum hole, as I ran my finger over it she murmured "No." And pulled my hand away. Her legs wrapped around me tight pulling my body into hers. I rolled backwards taking her with me so we lay on our sides facing each other. My left hand was now free to grab here arse cheeks, kneading, squeezing, and pinching.

I kissed her hard our tongues dancing together. With my tongue in her mouth she couldn't say no as my middle finger nuzzled into her puckered anus. Parting our lips I asked "What happened next?"

Still with finger gently probing her ring piece she started again. "He stood up; I reached and quickly undid his belt pushing his trousers and boxers down together. His prick stood straight out, it was long and thick, longer and thicker than you." Was there any need for that remark? "I kissed his cock, licking around the head and down his shaft, I licked his balls before taking his knob in my mouth and sucking it."

"Show me how you sucked him." In thirteen years of marriage she had sucked my cock eight times, sad when you can remember them all. Trying to pull away I muttered "Suck me like you sucked him"

"No." was her reply "You know I hate sucking your cock."

"Please suck my cock." I pleaded feeling it throb inside her.

"No and if you don't stop it I won't tell you what else happened."

I squeezed her breasts "Go on tell me."

"I pulled him on to the bed and got between his legs, I worshipped his prick and balls with my mouth, licking, kissing, and sucking. Staring straight into his eyes as I got as much as I could in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and shoved my head down, forcing his cock into my mouth." My pace quickened, my hands pulling her nipples. "I then stood above him on the bed and removed my blouse lifting my tits out of my corset. I took my skirt off. I stood above him my tights ripped open I pulled my knickers out of the way and sat on his thick shaft. I pushed my tits in his face; he kissed and bit at them."

She closed her eyes as if remembering. "I sat right down on him, his engorged cock going so deep inside me; I rocked back and forth on it. Rubbing my clit on him. I came on his cock and collapsed down on him. He pulled me by my hair onto my back, his cock still in me." Once again she locked her legs around me pulling me over so she was on her back with me between her legs. Her hands grasped her tits and pulled her nipples as I started to fuck her. One hand snaked down to her clit. "He pulled his cock out and took off my ripped tights and panties. I spread my legs as wide as I could so he would stick that fat fuck stick back inside me. He started to really pond my pussy"

"Fuck me Daryl."

Then louder "Fuck me Daryl."

The third time she said it is when I came adding my spunk to all her juices in her wet snatch.

Still frigging her clit this time she shouted "Fuck me Daryl."

I pulled out watching my sperm leak from her pink slit. Two of her fingers dipped inside her emerging slick with our juices, they busily worked on her clit.

"Harder Daryl, harder. Yes. Yes. That's it. Fuck me Daryl fuck me." Her fingers a blur over her wet hairy cunt. "Yes Daryl yes." Her back arched as her orgasm gripped her. Clinching her legs together with her hand still between them she shuddered. Her eyes still shut tight a broad smile on her red face.

I leant down and kissed her. "That was wonderful." I whispered.

She rolled over. "Thanks Daryl."

"He fucked you didn't he?"

"It was just a story; go to sleep."

I rolled on my side and clutched my pillow. Some story, but she was wearing tights this morning.

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