tagLesbian SexWhere The Women Are Ch. 02

Where The Women Are Ch. 02


[Disclaimer: None of the names mentioned herein are those of real people. The events described are fictionalized experiences and extrapolated fantasies from my college days. Additionally, I do not in any way intend to imply that the scenarios described are typical of what occurs at a women's college. They are simply typical of me.]


During my last two years at college, my favorite sports to participate in were fencing and wenching. The former is quite rare, and the latter even more so, for a woman. But I was at a women's college, and at such establishments, women are encouraged to believe that anything is within their grasp. In my case, it was fencing foils and girls. Fencing because it was like a fast game of chess, and girls, because they were soft and warm and smelled good. One day, not long after my first night with Pilar, those two sports came together very well.

Once a week I stayed late after practice and worked with my instructor on fencing left-handed. I was an adequate fencer right-handed, and only marginally better left-handed, which is my natural hand. But there are few lefty collegiate fencers, and so I was useful in competition mainly because most people found it unnerving to cross foils with someone facing the same direction, rather than mirror-opposite. And facing me could be rather discouraging, especially since one never knew which hand I would fence with. But being left-handed worked against me, as well: I had only faced one other lefty, and lost, and so my instuctor and I worked once a week on improving both our skills as left-vs-left fencers.

Usually, by the time we paired off, my thighs were trembling from two hours of lunging and I was dripping sweat under my mask and padding. This day it was particularly warm in the gym and about 30 minutes into our extended practice I bowed, excused myself, and headed for the locker room. As expected, it was deserted. I immediately stripped down, turning my padded coat inside-out to air it, and draped it on the edge of the locker door. The air was warm and humid from the showers, and I could feel the sweat trickling down my back and between my breasts. Anxious to clean off and cool down, I grabbed my towel and the tubes of shampoo, conditioner, and body gel and stepped into the shower room.

It was very warm and steamy in there, as a few shower heads had been left running at the far end of the room. I found it extremely wasteful and that made me cross. I had walked toward the one closest to me and reached out to turn it off when I heard a long, low moaning. My heart leapt in my chest and my eyes stared into the steam, seeking the source of the sound. I couldn't see anything, so I stepped into the stream of water. It was almost too hot as it pummelled my right breast and shoulder, sheeting over my torso and down my legs. My straining eyes made out two figures, one of which was pressed against the wall. Unthinkingly, I stepped forward, concerned that someone was injured or being assaulted, and another moan rolled over me, followed by an obviously pleasured gasp.

'Ahhh,' I thought to myself, 'Good for them.'

I turned toward the shower fixture, my fingers fumbling to stop the wasteful flow of water. I made certain that my presence was known as I moved to the farthest showerhead and commenced bathing. I would have left, giving them privacy, but seeing as I was already wet, I decided I might as well finish cleaning up. I squeezed some body gel into my hands and started soaping myself, paying close attention to the places where sweat tended to collect on me: under my arms, beneath my breasts, between my buttocks. My hands flowed over my skin, accompanied by the erotic, symphonic sounds of the two women. I was feeling flushed and warm. My mouth was watering and my nipples were hard. I turned down the water tempurature and slipped my hand between my legs, clearing away the slippery signs of my own arousal, and giving my clit a few good flicks at the same time. I wondered if Pilar would be waiting for me in my room that afternoon, as she was sometimes at loose ends on Thursdays.

I went to work on my hair, pulling the elastic band off and unplaiting it. Elbow-length it was, and when I fenced I wore it in a neat braid, but during practice the fencing mask always made me sweat profusely, so I had to wash my hair. One of the tricks of keeping long hair healthy despite almost daily washing is frequent conditioning. After I wet it I worked conditioner into the bottom half, then soaped up my scalp, giving it a nice massage that made me tingle.

I rinsed the soap and conditioner out of my hair and as I turned around, my eyes swept the corner where the women were. The steam had thinned enough that I recognized them: a tall, leggy redhead named Erin and a smaller, voluptous latina named Sophia, a couple known by some on campus as Erinna and Sappho. It was Erin who was pressed against the tiled wall, and her expression riveted me. She looked angelic, transcendant. Her pale skin glowed, suffused with a rosy blush. Her neck was arched, her eyes closed, and her mouth, one of those enviable rose-bud mouths, was open, just begging to be kissed. Sophia's darker skin created a lovely contrast. Her body was wet and glistening, back muscles shifting, her body rocking with her efforts to please Erin. Her back was to me, her luscious ass pointed my way as she leaned forward to tease Erin's breasts with her mouth. I could see her vulva there between her legs, dark and mysterious with its occasional flash of pink, winking teasingly at me.

Sounds came from Erin's open mouth, ecstatic, glorious sounds, and at one point her eyes opened wide. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. I thought it a rather inviting smile, but I figured I was mistaken. I continued my turn into the spray of the shower when I saw her hand lift from her lover's shoulder and signal to me, 'Come here.'

A man would not have hesitated, I know. Certainly, Drew hadn't the few times Pilar or I had given him the come-hither gesture with a crooked finger, inviting him to step over the line from spectator to participant. But I had heard through the grapevine how possessive Sophia was of Erin, and I had no desire whatsoever to provoke one of Sophia's legendary jealous rages. So I raised my eyebrows and pointed at Sophia, my expression doubtful. Erin grinned and leaned forward. I saw her take her lover's earlobe into her mouth, then whisper something. Sophia looked over her shoulder at me. It was an intense glance, her large black eyes studying me, running over my body, noting the hand cupping my breast. I felt a blush run up under my skin, staining my neck and cheeks with colour and heat. I could almost hear her thinking, 'Dilettante,' which was one of the terms we used to describe women who liked to play with other women, but were enthusiastically and unapologetically hetero. In otherwords, she understood that I was no threat. In fact, I realized, recognizing that predatory gaze, she probably considered me 'fresh meat.'

She nodded to me and cocked her head in invitation. No further thought needed. I reached out a hand and turned off the shower, then walked slowly toward them. Sophia had already turned back to Erin, her full mouth pressed against the redhead's pale neck. I slipped up behind her, fully under the running water. It sluiced down over my breasts and belly as I pressed the bare skin of my mound against her ass, running my hands up her sides and back down again, pressing my palms into the tops of her thighs. Luscious. I squeezed. God, she was rounded and firm, with just the right give under the skin, like a piece of perfectly ripe fruit. My mouth watered. Without thinking, I sank my teeth into Sophia's shoulder, flicking my tongue across the wet skin. She moaned and leaned back against me for a moment, then focussed again on Erin. She slipped an arm around the other woman's neck and kissed her deeply. Erin's lashes were dark against her pale cheeks as she kissed Sophia back, and then a moan erupted from her as Sophia's hand began moving faster between her thighs.

It was amazing to be so close to two women making love, to see and hear and feel the way their bodies expressed their need for each other. As sure as Sophia's fingers were inside Erin, I wanted mine inside Sophia. I wanted to feel that tight, taut slipperiness, I wanted to know how hot it made her, pleasuring Erin. My arm around her, I slid my hand forward, up between her thighs, brushing my fingers along the bushy cleft, teasing her lips apart. I pressed two fingers between her lips and found the wetness I anticipated. Deeper, downward, my fingers teasing the opening there. Up, up, almost to her clit, and down again, my fingers sliding a little further, hinting at entering her, but stopping short. She thrust herself against me and moaned, but I slid my hand up again, this time seeking her clit.

I found it, a fleshy nub, well-hooded, a lot like mine, but smaller. I felt momentarily disappointed. My recent intimate introduction to other women's anatomy had me marvelling at the seemingly infinite variety, and yet, feeling a bit out of place. Pilar had exclaimed over the size of my clit inbetween sucking it and scraping it between her teeth: "My god, its bigger than a nipple!" Melody and Serena had been quite envious, "I bet no one has ever had a hard time finding your clit." Word had gotten around and as I was beginning to feel a bit self-conscious; I kept hoping to come across another woman similarly endowed. As for Sophia, well, my fingers found her sizable clit unerringly, and I rolled it between them, making her hips buck. I rubbed my pussy against her ass as she danced in the water with me, my head tilted back, my legs spread shoulder-width apart, my eyes closed to better enjoy the sensations pulsing along my nerve-endings.

At some point the sounds coming from Erin compelled me to look at her. She was slumped against the tile wall, her hips bouncing against Sophia's hand. She had one of her long, slender hands wrapped around the other woman's dark hair, and was sucking on her neck just below her ear. Her eyes met mine and she reached her hand out, pulling me forward for a kiss.

Warm water ran over our heads as our lips met, plastering our hair in our faces. Our tongues touched, and then she came in my mouth. There is no other way to describe it. Breath exploded from her and filled my lungs. She sucked my tongue and my breath from me and whimpered and moaned, her body frozen in mid-sway. Sophia's torso rocked as she pumped her fingers into Erin, her hips flaring against my groin, making my fingers slip and slide along her clit.

When her orgasm ended, Erin wrapped her arms around Sophia's neck and kissed her. I'd never seen two people kiss like that, never experienced it just inches away. It was beautiful and primal, radiating pleaure and gratitude and love and lust. Sophia's pussy clenched around my fingers as Erin kissed her, and I slipped them out, feeling like an invader. But Sophia whimpered as I pulled my fingers out of her, and breaking her kiss with Erin, said "Don't stop."

Erin leaned back against the wall and pulled the latina to her. She smiled at me and resumed kissing Sophia. I took a step forward and ran my hand down over Sophia's ass. My fingers entered her from behind, pushing through that pouty, fleshy vulva into intense, slick warmth. The steamy air smelled of soap and sex. Hot water pounded my back, flowing between the cheeks of my ass as I leaned forward a bit to sink my fingers deeper into her. I rested my forehead against her shoulder and closed my eyes, revelling in the feeling of her around my fingers. Such an amazing feeling, being inside a woman.

Slowly, I began moving my fingers in and out of her. She gasped and jolted, her muscles clenching around me, and then I realized that Erin was playing with her clit at the same time as I was fucking her with my fingers. It was such a rush. It sent this frisson of excitement through me, the knowledge that we were pleasuring her together, driving her to moan and writhe as we manipulated her, our hands just inches apart. Erin took a step away from the wall and Sophia jammed her feet against it, wrapping her arms against Erin's neck and leaning back against me for support. I wrapped an arm around her ribs and Erin slipped her hand between mine and Sophia's bodies, cupping her ass. Together, we held her up, supporting Sophia as she went limp between us, surrendering to what must have been an intensely pleasurable experience. She panted and thrashed as we stepped up the pace, my fingers sliding faster and pushing deeper, Erin's fingers dancing on her clit.

I buried my face in Sophia's hair, soft and dark and smelling of herbs. I kissed the back of her neck, letting my lips trail across her skin. She shivered, and I could feel her flesh pebble under my tongue as I nibbled and sucked. After a few minutes, a series of urgent cries erupted from her, deep and throaty, and I felt her tightening up on my fingers. Yes. Close, so close. I leaned down a little further and the extra leverage allowed me to slide both of my fingers in and out of her fully. She was so wet that I could feel her juices collecting between my fingers and in the palm of my hand, slick and slightly viscous, and oh so hot. On the upstroke I added a third finger, pressing upwards forcefully, and she went rigid, gasping and making "oh oh oh" sounds as her hips snapped to meet my driving fingers.

Erin murmured to her, pressing her rosebud mouth to Sophia's face in little kisses. "Come for me, sweetie," she urged in a breathy baby-girl voice. "Come on Kay's fingers, drench them with your juices so I can suck them clean..."

I felt surprised that Erin knew my name. How interesting. I wondered how I'd ended up on her radar seeing as I tended to keep such a low profile, and we had few, if any, friends in common. I was also surprised by the dirty-talk. It was so intimate, so intimate a subject, that I was surprised that she would say such things in my presence. But then, I was sliding my fingers in and out of her girlfriend's pussy, my mouth pressed to the back of her neck. Hard to get more intimate than that.

I slipped my other hand up Sophia's ribcage to her left breast. I cupped it in my hand and rolled the dark nipple between thumb and forefinger. Sophia gasped and bucked. Erin slid her hand up Sophia's back, her fingers brushing my skin. Then with a swift, sweeping movement not unlike that of an extravagant guitarist, she raked her fingernails down the woman's back, shoulder to ass. Sophia sucked in her breath and arched. She cried out, and it was a sound of pain and release. She bounced in my arms, sliding onto her knees, bringing me and Erin down with her. I kept my fingers inside her, nice and deep, and made short deep pushes as the orgasm rocked her. I could feel her hot, wet pussy clenching on my fingers, and it felt like she was pushing and sucking at them at same time.

'Fucking fantastic!' I thought as she jerked and writhed between us, making the most erotic sounds I'd ever heard. Erin grabbed her by the hair and kissed her, a wild, almost violent kiss that made Sophia whimper. A final push and I stilled my movements, pressing the heel of my hand against her perineum, resting my arm between the cheeks of her ass. Which was still in motion. She rocked and twitched and moaned and gasped through a multiple orgasm. I stroked her nipple lightly and let my tongue trail along her shoulder, enjoying the taste of salt that had sprung up on her skin. Delicious.

When she went completely limp, leaning against me, I slowly, ever so slowly, slid my fingers from inside her. I knew from personal experience how unpleasant a too swift withdrawal could be, and I wanted to spare her that. I slipped both arms around her and hugged her to me, pressing my face against her hair and smiling. I met Erin's glance and she grinned at me, her green eyes sparkling. She radiated sexual energy.

'Oh, this one's not done,' I thought to myself, just as she picked my hand up from Sophia's chest and leaned forward. She made good on her promise, sucking my fingers clean of Sophia's juices. She even licked my palm. The feel of her tongue on my skin made me shiver. It made my nipples harden and my vaginal muscles tighten. I could not help myself, I pressed my body against Sophia's back and moaned.

Erin looked at Sophia. There was some non-verbal exchange between them, something I could not read because I could only see Erin's face. Whatever it was, they seemed to come to an agreement, and after a heartbeat or two Sophia turned in my arms and kissed me.

And oh, what a kiss! She was the first person to kiss me with the same attentiveness that I kiss. She put everything into it, as if nothing existed in the universe but our mouths. Her tongue slid against mine and I felt its sweep through my entire body. Her teeth nipped my bottom lip and I felt as though she was biting into me, savoring me with her mouth like she would a delicacy tasted for the first time. She moaned, and the vibration of her breath in my mouth and on my lips made me tingle, sending waves of gooseflesh coursing over me.

I was so wrapped up in the sensation of kissing her that I'd forgotten about Erin. Sophia pressed me backwards and Erin guided me by the shoulders onto the tiled floor. It was warm and wet with the water still pouring from the shower fixtures. 'Wasteful,' and 'The joys of steam boilers', I thought at the same time, bothered by the wastefulness, yet grateful that the water would not run suddenly cold on us, ruining the mood.

I raised my knees, pressing my low back against the floor. Sophia hovered over me, her hands resting on my shoulders. She leaned down to kiss me again, her hair falling around us like a dark curtain. I raised a hand to fondle her breast, caressing its fullness, enjoying the way her skin pebbled under my fingertips.

I felt a hand run down my belly, and then another one joined it. The hands ran up my the tops of my thighs and then down the insides, a soft, tantalizing touch. Without conscious thought, I allowed my thighs to fall farther apart. The hands drifted back up along the undersides of my thighs, then gripped the backs of my knees, pulling my thighs even farther apart.

I resisted at first, but then allowed the liberty, and heard a voice murmuring, "That's it, yes. That's it, just relax."

Erin's voice. Erin's breath puffing against the sensitive skin of my mound, soft and smooth from my Wednesday evening bath ritual. Fingers caressed my inner thighs again, sliding downward, then ran ever so lightly along my vulva, teasing the outer lips. I felt her shifting against me and then the heat of her breath, so close. When I realized her intentions, something in me tensed up. I wasn't sure I wanted her to go down on me. It was something so personal, so intimate, and in my book, such an act of love--that I wasn't sure I wanted to experience that level of intimacy with her.

Sophia distracted me very effectively by releasing my lips from her kiss and moving to take my nipple in her mouth. God! My back arched and I let out a low moan. The curse of sensitive nipples: stimulate them the right way, and it drives all thought from my mind. She made an appreciative noise at the back of her throat and brought her hand up to tease my other nipple.

At the same time, Erin pressed her mouth to me. Surprised, my hips bounced, lifting up toward her face. Her nose brushed my clit, my hard, prominent clit, and I gasped. I felt, more than heard, her chuckle, and a moment later she was nibbling on my inner labia, her thumbs pressing into my flesh, opening me. Two fingers slid into me, easily, so easily, because I was so aroused. Erin sucked my clit into her mouth and moaned, the vibration sending shockwaves through me. She milked it as Sophia did my nipple, sucking, licking, nibbling. It was decadent, being made love to by these women, and I trembled convulsively against the tile floor, on the verge of over-stimulation. But they were good, those two. They brought me to the edge of my senses and held me there, trembling, gasping, flinching.

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