tagInterracial LoveWherever I Go, She Go Ch. 04

Wherever I Go, She Go Ch. 04


Thank you for reading, and I'm really glad you guys like this! For those who claim I am "copying off of Soular's story" remind yourself that my story has barely started, and it's not even close to completed. Since you don't have any idea what I'm planning on going with this story, I'd advised that you keep your negative, untrue, thoughts to yourself. Anyway, enjoy this chapter!


6 hours later, the group landed in LAX, greeted by a hotel manager and a bell hop. "Good evening Mr. DeMarca," the man grinned wide, and shook Alex's hand.

"Yes, it is," Alex replied, pulling Nikki closer to him. He'd just caught the bell hop staring at her a bit longer then he should have, so Alex wanted to make it clear who she belonged to. "How are you, my friend?" Alex asked with a straight face and menacing eyes. The man was now timid, barely making eye contact with Alex or Nikki.

"O—okay..." the answer came out softly, which made Nikki want to slap Alex. She didn't need him defending her. She could do it her damn self.

Mya glanced at Nikki, who looked back at her with a threatening stare. Fuck your best friend! Mya shrugged, not really caring either way. She'd pretty much proven her point that there was more to why Alex wanted Nikki around, and all she had left was to find out why Nikki stuck around. "So are we leaving?"

The balding man pushed his glasses up and nodded quickly. "Yes, of course. Right this way," he lead the group through the large airport, talking the whole time. Nikki looked around, and couldn't help but notice that everyone was looking at them. Like they were movie stars or something equally interesting.

"My cousin Vinny," Alex whispered in Nikki's ears, when they reached airport pick-up.

"The movie?" Nikki asked, scrunching her nose up. That wasnt exactly on her top five favorite move list.

Alex laughed inside, and bit his lip to keep it from escaping. "No, my cousin Vinny lives here, in California. The reason why those people were staring was because they know we're related."

Nikki nodded, feeling extremely dumb. But how the hell was she supposed to know? "So are we like, visiting him?"

"No, we're making sure he doesn't fuck this up." Mya answered, pouring Nikki a glass of champagne.

"Fuck what up?" Nikki inquired, taking a sip. Shit this is good! She thought, staring at the glass as if what made it so good would magically appear.

"Fuck up the new restaurant he's been begging Alex to open since last year." Cyrus answered, before downing his own glass.

Mya smiled a little at the confused look on Nikki's face. "Cousin Vinny is somewhat of a dipshit. He focuses more on the honeys then he does the money."

Nikki nodded, making it known that she got it. She turned to look out the tainted window of the limo all of them were sharing. Nikki actually thought it funny that they all traveled in a group. In most mob movies she'd seen, they usually separated, as to not have them all die at the same time or something. "How long are we staying again?"

"A week," Alex finally spoke up, after being silent for most of the conversation. He was looking out the window as well, his grey eyes seeming like they were deep in thought. Nikki looked at Mya, who was sitting to the right of her. Mya shook her head, indicating that she'd explain anything later on. Nikki nodded, and tried to cuddle up closer to Alex, but he remained cold and hard to her touch making Nikki feel a little uneasy. She couldn't really understand how bad this Vinny character could be.


"Cugino!" Vinny shouted obnoxiously, grinning like a mad man. Alex smiled warmly, and took Vinny in for a hug. "How have you been doing since the last time you came here?"

While Alex and Vinny made small talk, Nikki looked around the hotel they chose to meet in. It was beyond elegant, and more over the top then anything. Large ceilings with beautiful paintings on them, round tables with carbon copies of well-known sculptures, as well as the most famous Italian paintings lining the walls. If Nikki didn't know any better, she'd think that she was in an art museum then a hotel.

"Beautiful, no?" Vinny commented, taking Nikki's hand to kiss it. Nikki looked down at him, and took in a breath. He was just as, if not more gorgeous then Alex. He and Alex appeared to be exact opposites. Where Alex's hair was a chestnut brown, Vinny's was golden and unkempt, making him appear to be a school boy. His eyes were a dark brown, but seemed fiery and filled with thousands of story on how those eyes got him out of trouble. He had a sneaky smile like Alex's though, the kind of smile where you couldn't tell whether or not they were laughing at you, or with you.

"Yes," Nikki answered, after a second of not breathing. "Very beautiful."

Alex glared at Vinny. This was one of the many reasons on why he didn't want to bring Nikki with him. He knew Vinny was going to try and charm her and maker one of his little Bellezze and that was the last thing Alex wanted. Those girls usually ended up on the corners, trying hard to maintain a lifestyle that Vinny introduced, and kicked them out of.

"So where will we be dining tonight?" Vinny asked, as the group made their way to the back of the hotel.

"Why not your house?" Mya suggested, running her fingers through her hair. Nikki turned to look at her, but she just shrugged. "We always go to your house.

Vinny's eyes narrowed and he looked at Alex. "I thought Alex made it clear we were not to repeat last times incident."

Mya shrugged once more. "Did you fire that maid?" Vinny nodded. "Then last time incident won't be repeated, now will it?"

With that she grabbed Nikki's hand, and the girls lead the way to the parking lot.

"I see Mya's still the same," Vinny informed Alex, as they leisurely fallowed the girls.

Alex nodded slowly. "Yep. She's got the same attitude she's always had. I don't think she'll ever change."

"And what about the new girl?"

Alex stopped. Vinny was never one to hold his tongue, a quality the two had shared. "Don't worry about her. She's my situation."

Vinny smiled, realizing he hit some sort of button with his cousin. "Situation? What kind of situation?"

"The kind where if you don't shut the fuck up you can expect my fist in your mouth."

"Touchy..." Vinny laughed, nudging one of his boys as they approached his BMW, where the girls had stopped.

Alex just reached over and grabbed Nikki, pulling her toward his car, a matching BMW that he kept in California every time he visited. "Felicità?"

Nikki's eyes narrowed at the unfamiliar word she heard. She hated when Alex spoke in Italian, and more often the not felt he did it on purpose to piss her off.

"Sure, why not?" Vinny replied, nodding as he opened the driver's door of his car.


Felicità ended up being an amazing underground Italian restaurant, with a name that matched its food, "Happiness".

"Oh my God this is so freaking good!" Nikki moaned, taking another bite of a noodle concoction that sent her to heaven and back.

Vinny nodded and gave her a wide smile. "I'm glad you like it. The owner is an old family friend," he looked at Alex, who seemed to get more tense and pissed off each time Nikki shared look with Vinny.

"Alex relax..." Mya whispered in his ear, touching his knee while she did so. Alex eased a little, so Mya removed her hand.

She never exactly understood why Alex ever came to California, or why Alex even decided to ask Nikki to come. He knew what an ass Vinny was, and that Vinny would do anything to get under his skin. Even when they were kids, everything between the two was like a competition. There had even been a time when Mya had been some sort of prize, and that little episode resulted in Mya not talking to either for weeks.

"So what's this restaurant business about?" Nikki asked, trying to break the uncomfortable silence that fell upon the group for some odd reason.

Alex smiled a little, seeing through Nikki's attempt at small talk. "Well I wanted to open up somewhat of a sequel to Nancy's."

Nikki couldn't help but giggle at the name of her previous occupation. Alex grinned along with her, and rested his hand on her knee while she covered her mouth and tried to recover herself. "Oh, um, that sounds lovely. What were you gonna call it?"

Vinny tapped his fingers on the table in irritation. He didn't really like how Alex and Nikki were sharing things, things he wasn't a part of. "Well I suppose we should keep the 'N' female name going...so what about Nikki's?"

Nikki blushed at Vinny's obvious flirting. God how is it possible that they're just cousins and not brothers? She looked at Mya who rolled her eyes and picked up her fork. She turned toward Alex next, who was gritting his teeth. It'd probably be best to not give in. "That'd be...original I suppose."

Vinny smiled widely, and grabbed her hand. "I thought the same thing when I saw you." Nikki couldn't help but giggle at the statement in all its corniness. She returned her attention to her food, so she didn't notice the death glare the cousins shared over the table.

The games had begun.

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