Which Witch?


As soon as it was obvious that I had ejaculated June relieved the pressure over my face and climbed off. She was followed by all the other women of the coven who briefly wiped their clefts over my face -- except my sister Chloe. She was still holding my feet as the others sat on my face. Finally Helen moved back up my body to gently slide her cleft up my face as she climbed off.

"Thank you, Graham," Helen said quietly. "You can get off now."

Much louder so everyone could hear she said "The ritual is finished."

"No it isn't!" A male voice shouted from the darkness.

Ralph appeared holding a short sword. As he approached Chloe thrust the sheathed claymore into my hands.

"That was a pathetic shortening of what you should do," Ralph said loudly, "Melanie should have led you. Graham as the sacrifice is a sign of Helen's deceit..."

He poked at me with his sword. I was very aware that I was naked and he was fully clothed. I batted away his sword with the sheathed claymore. He thrust again. I was annoyed. I wouldn't have been here if Ralph hadn't been reluctant. I swung the claymore violently, knocking Ralph sprawling. He dropped his sword as he tried to stop his fall. Melanie grabbed it.

"Melanie should lead...," Ralph shouted.

"Shut up, Ralph!" Melanie interrupted, standing between his prone body and me. I put the claymore down by the altar. As he tried to get up, Melanie's foot pushed him down again. She pointed his sword at his chest.

"What is this about? Do you know, Melanie?" Helen asked with a hint of menace in her voice.

"Yes, Helen, I know." Melanie said. "Keep quiet Ralph!"

That was an order. Melanie was pressing her foot on Ralph's throat. The short sword was still threatening him.

"I'm sorry, Helen and all of you. I met Ralph through online dating. Although I knew he was married to you I believed him when he said me he was divorcing you -- until tonight. We were making love in his car earlier. After we'd fucked he told me you were having affairs with your boss Simon and with Graham. I knew that wasn't true. I've met Simon and his wife many times. Simon loves his wife. As for Graham? He's a friend to all of us. I knew he had been your boyfriend years ago but that it was over. Graham's too much of a nice person to have an affair with a married friend. I didn't have time before the ceremony started to challenge Ralph's lies. As you know I only just made it in time. But now? Now I know what Ralph is."

Melanie's foot pressed harder on Ralph's throat. He was choking until she eased the pressure.

"Ralph is a liar and a cheat..."

Ralph tried to protest. Melanie pushed the sword point to dent his skin. She jabbed it at him repeatedly to emphasise her words.

"He wasn't as hurt as he said he was. He didn't need a wheelchair. He was faking his injuries. He pretended to be jealous of Graham so that he could claim Helen was cheating -- and get the divorce he wanted so he could fuck me, as he has been for months, the lying bastard."

Ralph struggled under Melanie's foot and sword point. The moonlight made a small trickle of blood just visible on his chest as a black streak.

"He was cheating with me too," June said, "until I found that he was fucking Melanie whenever he wasn't with me."

"And neither of you told me?" Helen asked.

"We thought..." Melanie and June spoke together.

"We thought you knew," Melanie finished. "Ralph said... Oh fuck! It doesn't matter what Ralph said. He was lying to all three of us."

"What do we do now?" June asked.

"We have a bloodied sacrifice lying on the ground," Helen said. "Grab him and bring him to the altar."

Ralph struggled but couldn't resist thirteen women. Helen directed them to strip him before tying him with his clothing, ripped into strips with his sword. Helen retrieved her panties from her discarded clothing before forcing them into Ralph's mouth. June used her pantyhose to gag Ralph, yanking the knots cruelly tight. Ralph's keys fell to the ground from the wreck of his trousers. Helen picked them up and removed the house key. She dropped the remaining car keys. Melanie picked them up. She forced the key ring down his flaccid prick to the base.

"Thank you Melanie," Helen said quietly.

She put her face above Ralph's.

"You'll need those keys, Ralph. You can sleep in your car tonight instead of dogging."

Ralph struggled helplessly in his bonds. Helen watched him pitilessly. The other women stood back in a circle around the altar as they had been at the start of the ritual. Helen retrieved Ralph's sword that Melanie had left on the ground. She raised the sword high above the altar.

"Goddess! Accept this sacrifice!"

We thought, we all thought, that Helen would go too far. She brought the sword down in an arc at the head of the stone altar. It missed Ralph's head by at least a foot but she had turned it sideways before impact. The sword broke on the stone in a shower of sparks.

"As this sword is broken, so is our marriage." Helen said clearly. "As this sword is broken, so is your honour. As this sword is broken, so is your manhood. Goddess! Send him coldness and uselessness so that his manly organ will never betray another woman. It is done!"

Helen turned away from the altar. She staggered and I caught her.

"Get me away from here, Graham, please?" Helen asked in a whisper.

I held her in a tight hug. I was well aware that I had a naked woman in my arms. The other women dressed themselves.


Chloe brought my sports bag and Helen's clothes.

"Get dressed, you two," Chloe ordered. "Tonight is not the night to stay naked."

I had to help Helen get dressed because her hands were shaking. I picked up the claymore and slung it before wrapping my cloak around Helen.

"When you're gone I'll cut Ralph free," Chloe said. "Take her home, Graham."

Chloe didn't specify which home. I took Helen to my house and put her to bed, fully dressed, in the spare room. From the time Helen had said 'It is done!' and the plea to me at the altar she didn't say a word. She was in a state of shock, almost unaware of where she was or what was happening.


I brought her a mug of coffee in the morning. She was still in a confused state.

"Did it really happen, Graham?"

I nodded. Helen burst into tears. I had to grab the mug and put it down before hugging her as she sobbed against my shoulder.


Over the next few weeks Helen and Ralph worked out their formal legal separation before the divorce proceedings started. Chloe and I helped Helen as much as we could, if only as people she could talk to about her hurt and betrayal.

The Winter Solstice was the next scheduled ritual at the Tor. I had been chosen by the coven to replace Ralph. Before I agreed I insisted that they changed their procedures to be sky-clad only in summer. At the Solstice we were warmly dressed and all thirteen regular witch members were present. They were wearing floor length full skirts but were naked underneath.

That night I understood what Ralph had meant by 'a pathetic shortening' of the ritual. Helen took a cord made from hair from all thirteen witches and tied it tightly around my prick under the condom. I couldn't ejaculate as, one by one, all thirteen witches mounted me. The others held me down on the altar. Each witch started by smothering me with her lower lips before moving down to impale herself on my erection. The condom was changed after every witch. Melanie and June totally deprived me of breath under the bodies. Both of them pounded up and down on me until the constriction of the cord was really painful.

At the end of the coupling Helen repeated the invocation with the sword. Melanie held my erection as Helen's cleft covered its tip. Just before Helen slid down my shaft June cut the hair cord with a ceremonial dagger. The cord would be preserved for future rituals as it was a symbol of the strength of the assembled coven and a talisman for fertility spells. By the time Helen had successfully brought me to ejaculation I was almost unconscious.

Despite her activities as leader of her coven it took at least six months before Helen was showing signs of being her normal self. The members of her coven had helped too. Melanie and June felt as betrayed by Ralph as Helen had been. Ralph had moved temporarily to a rented flat in another town. Their house would have to be sold and the proceeds divided between them. It would raise enough for each to buy a smaller house or flat with a mortgage.

I was left with a problem. Helen was recovering. She, Melanie and June had been badly hurt by Ralph. They saw me as the wizard who had helped them, and all three wanted more from me. From time to time I was invited to Melanie or June's houses for a night as the plaything of three witches. Although I enjoyed these sessions I knew they were using me. If I chose one witch, two would be disappointed. I needed time. I knew what life with Helen might be like, or had she changed? Melanie and June? Melanie had handled Ralph very effectively. Would I have Melanie's foot on my throat? June? June seemed as ruthless as the other two. All three of them wanted to dominate me. One? I might be able to resist. Three? They decide what role I should play.

I'd like one as a particular friend and possible wife, but which one? How would the others react?

Which witch should I choose? Or -- more likely - which witch will win the right to choose me? Which witch will claim me?

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