tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhile He Was Sleeping

While He Was Sleeping


Jim Davis had not been having a good day. An trip to the dentist had left him in considerable pain. On the positive side, the dentist had prescribed a healthy dose of pain meds, and Jim had taken the max, with the sole intent of sleeping away the afternoon in a medicated fog at the pool behind his home.

As he pulled into his driveway he realized there would be a hitch to his plan, his daughter Alexius was home. She was spending the summer at home before going back to college, but he thought she'd be at work. He changed into his swimsuit and walked out onto the patio, where he saw his daughter and another girl catching rays by the pool. He didn't recognize the other girl, she was holding what appeared to be an anatomy textbook.

"Hey, I thought you had to work," he mumbled out through achy teeth.

Alexius couldn't help but laugh. "No, they are going to call me if they need me," she said. "Sounds like the dentist did a good job."

"Smashing," Jim replied. "Who is your friend?"

"You remember Kelly Simmons," she chided. "We went to high school together, now she's in pre-med at State."

Jim looked carefully at the girl, trying to remember, but the only Kelly he could remember was a shy nerdy kid who was overweight and had acne. This girl was long, lean and stunningly attractive. She smiled and put on some black rimmed glasses and suddenly Jim realized it was the same girl, all grown up. He had a quick flashback to a few years ago when he had overheard Alexius and her friends laughing about how Kelly was the class valedictorian but was so naive about boys that she asked Alexius to draw a picture of a penis.

"Right, Kelly, the ah..smart girl," he fumbled out in his drug-addled state. "You've really...ah...gotten older!"

Her smile got bigger and she blushed. "I guess I will take that as a compliment," she said shyly.

A few moments had passed before Jim realized he was nodding and gawking like an idiot. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I've taken some Vicodin for my tooth pain and I can't think straight. I'm just going to collapse on a chair and pass out."

The girls laughed. "How 'bout a Margarita?" Alexius asked.

Jim wasn't to thrilled at the thought of a cold drink on his aching tooth. "I think I'll just have a shot of Tequila," he mumbled.

A few Tequila shots and another few Vicodin later, Jim had skipped right past being seriously wasted and had landed somewhere north of bulletproof. Sitting in the warm sun, he felt like his body had melted into his chair, and he had to make a conscious effort not to stare in any direction for too long, especially toward Kelly. His face had settled into a permanent look of happy bemusement, and he was heading for an epic afternoon nap when Alexius got the call she was dreading from work.

"Ah, they need me to go in to work for a few hours," she said. "Kelly why don't you stay here until I get done and we can go out later?"

Kelly gave a grin and a thumbs up.

"Dad, you going to be ok?" Alexius asked.

Jim looked at her for a few moments before he realized she had asked him a question. He was really plowed. "Yeah, I think I'm going to go inside and take a power nap," he said.

"Uh oh, you remember last time you fell asleep after taking that Vicodin stuff, you were so out of it I could not wake you up," she said. "You slept through the fire alarm."

Jim rose slowly to his feet. "As long as my teeth don't hurt," he said, being careful to keep his balance.

"Kelly, if the house catches on fire be sure to wake him up," Alexius laughed. "You might want to check on him."

In his stupor, Jim wasn't sure about anything, but it seemed like when Alexius told Kelly to "check on him," he saw Kelly put on her glasses and give him the once over.

He shook off the thought as he staggered to his bedroom. Sure, he was still in good shape, but he was pushing 40 and old enough to be her father. Besides, he had sworn off sex for the past year, after his wife had taken off with a neighbor and gone to Vegas.

He had just enough clarity of mind to stagger into his room, throw on a pair of boxers and collapse on the bed, pulling a sheet up to his waist. He heard Kelly's car backing out and then he drifted off.

Vicodin had a tendency to give him very vivid dreams though, and soon Jim found himself back in the chair beside the pool. Kelly was there, in her bright red bikini, coming out of the pool wet and dripping, then walking towards him in an exact re-creation of the scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, complete with the Cars tune blaring in the background. In fact, Kelly looked quite a bit like Phoebe Cates, except that she was inexplicably wearing glasses. As she came near to him, she reached up and popped the front clasp on her bikini top, and Jim suddenly woke up. Dammit.

He had come out of the dream but was still in a half asleep mode, and he allowed his lucid dream to continue just a bit. Normally he would be reserved about having fantasies with his daughter's friend, but it wasn't his fault if she had invaded his dream. He could also blame the pain meds.

In his state of partial consciousness, Jim suddenly heard a slight noise over near the door, but he was too groggy to open his eyes. He couldn't be sure but he thought he heard the bedroom door come open. He sensed someone coming in but he was still out of it, even when he heard Kelly whispering to him.

"Mr. Davis?" she said hesitatingly. Then again, a bit louder, "Mr. Davis?"

He wasn't even coherent enough to really know why, but for some reason he just laid there and didn't answer or move. Somehow he figured she was just telling him she was leaving or something and she would just go. But then she called out twice more, louder each time, coming all the way over beside the bed. Then he felt her poke him in the leg with a finger, lightly at first and then harder, then we he still didn't respond he felt her lightly shaking his knee back and forth.

Despite his drunken state, Jim suddenly became aware that Kelly was not trying to wake him up. Kelly was trying to see IF he would wake up.

Jim was still mulling through the options of what the heck she was doing when something happened that changed everything. He felt the sheet being slowly pulled down to just above his knees, leaving him exposed except for the gray cotton boxers he was wearing. Jim came to the sudden and unexpected discovery that Kelly, thinking he was completely passed out, had come into the room with the sole intent of checking him out. He was also acutely aware that his recent dream had left him with partially erect, and he had no idea if he was poking out of his shorts.

He felt his heart beat faster and his mind began to reel. If he woke up now she would probably realize he had been awake before, it would be embarrassing for both of them. But if he continued to feign sleep, what would happen next?

He didn't have long to think about that, after just a few moments he sensed a very light, very ginger touch on the front of his boxers. His stomach dropped as he realized Kelly was pulling open the flap on the front of his boxers, likely to get a better look at his goods.

This is crazy, he thought, he needed to figure out a way to stop this now. Then his imagination took hold, and he had a vision of Kelly on her knees beside the bed, dressed in her sexy red bikini, her hand opening up the flap of his boxers and her curious eyes taking him in. The vision was incredibly erotic, and he immediately rationalized his situation - she was the instigator, he was completely innocent, passed out. As long as he continued to be "asleep" he was not doing anything "wrong".

What he was doing was becoming more aroused. The thought of Kelly's attention to his manhood had caused his manhood to slowly become prouder. He was fighting a losing battle with a growing erection.

All of Jim's attention was focused on trying to feel what Kelly would do next. She was moving very quietly, and touching his boxers very lightly, to make sure he didn't wake up. Judging by the lack of restraint and the feeling of cool air, he arrived at the conclusion that she had managed to work his cock into a position where it was fully exposed through the front flap. In fact, it even felt like she had gotten his balls out of the flap too.

Jim lay quietly content in his role of the male specimen on display. Several moments of silence went by, and he began to wonder if Kelly had left the room. He carefully, gradually open his eyes to a squint, just enough to see what was happening but without appearing to wake up. What he saw was a lot like his previous vision. Kelly was indeed kneeling on the side of the bed, dressed in her red bikini. The only difference was that she was wearing her glasses, and examining his manhood very carefully. She was so into the examination that he was able to open his eyes just a bit more, and get another view from the wall mirror. For a long time, he laid there watching her look at him. The way she was looking at him, Jim couldn't help but wonder if this was the first time she'd ever seen a man naked.

Then she slowly adjusted her position, and her hand came up in front of her. Jim's heart skipped again as he realized what was happening. She was reaching out to touch him.

He closed his eyes and braced himself for the contact. He knew she was going to touch his cock, but he had no idea where. He had to consciously maintain his breathing pattern to continue the illusion that he was sleeping. What he really wanted to do was hold his breath.

Then he felt it, the soft, delicate touch near the middle of his cock, touching him carefully and lightly so as not to wake him. It took everything he had to not react, but as her fingertips continued her examination he could feel his cock becoming steel hard. He was doing a good job pretending to be asleep, as she became more bold with her touch. Her warm, probing fingertips slid up and down his cock, and then lightly stroked his balls, then moved back up to the tip. He could tell that she had picked up some lubrication at the tip of his cock, because now her fingers slid easily over him. He felt her hand move away, and through squinted eyes he watched her taste the pre-cum on her fingers.

As erotic as the whole thing was for him, it almost seemed like a science experiment to Kelly. He felt her hands once again, gingerly working the top snap on his boxers, and with a deft pull she had his boxers wide open, his cock free to reach for the ceiling.

He felt her fingertips on him again, very softly touching him and stroking up and down, feeling his growing hardness. This time he couldn't help it, his cock twitched strongly from the touch, and he felt her hand jerk back. He carefully kept his breathing under control, kept his eyes closed and sighed softly to continue the illusion that he was sleeping.

Several moments went by and Jim was starting to think he had lost his voyeur, when suddenly he felt someone carefully easing onto the bed. He felt her slide up beside him, and the feeling of her hair on his thigh made him realize she had moved in for an even closer look at his cock. He couldn't be sure, but he thought he could feel her warm breath on his loins.

When he squinted his eyes open he saw her curled up beside him, her face poised just inches from his rock hard cock. She was so focused on his cock that he was able to open his eyes and look at her. She looked incredibly sexy, curled up on the bed in nothing but her bikini, studiously looking at his anatomy. He nearly lost his breathing pattern when he saw her absentmindedly lick her lips, and when he saw her mouth moving even closer to him he closed his eyes and felt his brain reeling.

When her lips lightly brushed his cock it was like a lightning bolt went through him, and he couldn't stop himself from letting out a soft moan. He felt her tense up on the bed, waiting to see if he would awaken, but he got himself under control and steadied his breathing again. Her mouth came down and touched him again, lightly, just a taste by a curious young girl. The lips gave way to her tongue, so soft and silky he almost couldn't feel it, but gradually, as she became confident he wasn't going to wake up, she became more bold. Her warm mouth moved carefully and slowly from one side of his cock to the other, testing his taste and texture. When Jim felt her tongue gently caressing the top of his cock, he felt a wave building up inside him, and when her fingers joined in by lightly stroking his balls, he was all to willing to complete Kelly's little science experiment. His cock jumped and throbbed with his coming orgasm, and he imagined that Kelly caught the first shot on her lips. Unfortunately he felt her pull away, so he was left having an explosive orgasm with no contact. He ached to grab her hand and put it back on his cock, but he resigned himself to laying back and enjoying the soft release.

Quiet moments passed by slowly as Jim's cock slowly softened, and then he felt the bed adjusting as Kelly slipped off. She went into the bathroom and came out a few seconds later with some tissue. She eased back onto the bed and carefully cleaned up the mess on Jim's stomach. He sensed her getting up off the bed and it was quiet for a moment, just him and his drug-addled thoughts, trying to figure out if it had really happened or if it was just a dream.

Ending One

Jim began opening up his eyes, but suddenly realized Kelly was still in the room, standing at the foot of the bed looking down on him. One hand was lightly touching her breast and the other was dug down into her bikini bottoms, and her head was back and her eyes were closed. He watched her through squinted eyes a stunning beauty in a hot red bikini, masturbating at the foot of his bed, while looking at him naked. The hand in her bikini began to move with more speed and passion, and as her body began to writhe more and more Jim realized she was nearing orgasm, and as she let out a soft moan he saw her eyes open, and then her mouth fell open in shock.

Jim could tell something had alarmed her, and he closed his squinted eyes shut and held his breath. He sensed that somehow she had seen something that had alerted her that he was awake. When he opened his eyes again she was gone.

As he raised up on his elbows to look around the room, he suddenly realized what had tipped her off that he was awake. Poking out with new found energy was a fresh erection, a proud indicator that he had been watching her.

Jim eased his reeling head back down onto the bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking about what had happened. If Kelly's goal had been to learn about male anatomy, it was probably best that she knew he had been awake. He might be able to sleep through a fire alarm, but there was no way a man would sleep through a hot girl in a bikini playing with his cock.

Even if his teeth hurt.

Ending Two

Jim began opening up his eyes, but suddenly realized Kelly was still in the room, standing at the foot of the bed looking down on him. Two things immediately came to his attention: one, she was smiling at him. And two, she was naked.

"You don't really think I thought you were asleep do you," she said softly. "Even I'm not naive enough to think that."

Jim let his eyes come fully open. "I...uh...the drugs have me really groggy," he stammered.

"It appears to me that you have awakened quite well," she replied, looking down at his cock.

Jim glanced down and saw that he was rock hard once again. Before he could formulate a response, Kelly lowered herself onto the bed, hands first, then crawling above him on hands and knees until she had fully straddled him. She was far more stunning naked than he had even imagined in his dreams, and as she lowered herself slowly onto his cock, he was sure he had to be dreaming again. She pulled her legs in tight against him, eased down all the way onto him, and her warm wetness was a perfect fit. She sighed deeply, put her hands into her luscious black hair and whispered softly to him.

"I'm going to make you forget all about that tooth ache."

Let me know which you like best!

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EndING choice.....

I liked the second ending, but the story could have continued for a couple more pages showing her about sex.

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